‘He prayed so passionately and even blessed the dead’ Jamal Gaddafi’s friend reveals his last actions before his gruesome death

David Alliwah and his Vioja Mahakamani counterparts are still in shock after the death of the shows Judge Jamal Nassul.

Jamal died after his girlfriend Grace Namu stabbed him in Mlolongo, Machakos, last week.

Alliwah, who plays the role of a prosecutor in the show, told Word Is yesterday Jamal saw his death coming.

“After the last segment, Jamal said a very long prayer for us, which was unlike him. I asked the audience to stand up and requested Jamal because he was Muslim. He prayed so passionately and even blessed the dead. He then told me to make sure we keep in contact.

I have worked with him since 2016 and our friendship was very close, more like a brother to me. We created a team together because my role and his role were similar. Although we had to appear as judge and prosecutor, we had good unity.”

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Jamal Nassul and David Alliwah
Jamal Nassul and David Alliwah

Alliwah also recounted a day Jamal came to looking agitated.

“Last week during our last shoot, Jamal was very disturbed. I remember his phone was cracked and he told me it was a quarrel with his ‘wife’ because someone had called Jamal at night, so she smashed the phone. I was so close to him and everything that happened in his life,” he said.

Namu, the suspect in the murder, was arrested on Wednesday last week.

“She was not a side chick. Jamal had introduced her to many of us and we knew she was his wife. It was not someone who was intruding in his life,” Alliwah said.

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Fellow actor Julius Masaai, alias Ole Tipis, said

 “We have something called blend in the show, and I have blended well with Jamal; he was like a brother. We could fight and laugh. I could feel bad and hit him but then we would laugh. The show has lost the driver.”

King Kaka, who also features in the programme, said Jamal was a happy person and he will be missed.

“We shared a lot with him and Jamal was always happy for the one year we worked together,”

Jamal was the nephew of veteran radio presenter Leonard Mambo Mbotela, who broke the news of his death.

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Take five with Broadcasting Veteran Leonard Mambo Mbotela

The name Leonard Mambo Mbotela is synonymous with the phrase ‘Je Huu ni Ungwana?’, which is the title to one of the longest running radio programs in Kenya. The man is a TV host, writer, newsreader, sports commentator, musician, veteran broadcaster as well as a big Arsenal and AFC Leopards supporter.  On Friday, he dropped by the Classic 105 studios to say hello to Maina Kageni and we got a chance to ask him five random questions.

Q. If you weren’t a broadcaster or musician what would you have been?

A. I would have been a teacher.

Q. What is your opinion on women shaming irresponsible fathers on the ‘Dead Beat Kenya’ facebook page?

A. I think people should not put out their affairs in public because a relationship is between two people and whatever issues the couple faces should be sorted out amicably. In this setup you will find very many ladies taking advantage of men.

Q. Couples in Nairobi are swapping their spouses would you swap a spouse?

A. People seriously swap spouses in Nairobi? I thought it was just a thing of the West? It is immoral. In Europe it is the order of the day. I cannot allow swinging or swapping or whatever they call it.

Q. When you are not recording for your show what are you doing during your free time? 

A. I play for Mangelepa band and perform with other Congolese musicians every Friday and Saturday.

Q. What are your favorite songs of all time?

A. I love Rhumba especially lingala, old music performed by the likes of Fadhili Williams, Fundi Konde. I also enjoy religious music like the Barua song from Bahati. Rose Muhando and Christina Shusho are also great musicians.