Find Out Why J-Lo Has Been Sued For Tarnishing Women’s Name In Morocco

J-Lo performed in Morocco on May 29 at the Mawazine World Rhythms International Music Festival and the raunchy dancing has now landed the sexy songstress a lawsuit.

The singer famous for her big ‘booty’ delivered a too raunchy performance for Moroccans featuring sexy dancing, skimpy outfits and an inappropriate emphasis on her behind as well as her dancers’ behinds.

J-Lo on stage in Morocco
J-Lo on stage in Morocco

According to gossip website TMZ, J-Lo and the promoter are being sued because the raunchy performance had no business airing on Moroccan TV. An education group stating that Lopez disturbed public order and tarnished women’s honor and respect is behind the lawsuit.

If found guilty J.Lo faces 1 month to 2 years jail time. She has previously performed in Morocco but none of her shows have appeared on TV.

Beyonce sued over Grammy-nominated Drunk In Love

Beyonce is facing legal action from a Hungarian folk singer over allegations her vocals were illegally sampled on the superstar’s Grammy-nominated Drunk In Love hit.

Monika Miczura Juhasz, known professionally as Mitsou, has lodged papers in a New York court, claiming audio of her performing a traditional Roma folk song she learned from her grandmother, called Bajba, Bajba Pelem, back in 1995 was taken and “digitally manipulated without her permission” and used during the production of Drunk In Love, which features the hitmaker’s husband, Jay Z.

The court documents state: “In the video, Mitsou’s solo vocal introduction follows 57 seconds of a cinematic, intimate scene of beach at night.

“Following Mitsou’s stirring featured solo vocal introduction, Mitsou’s voice continues to sing as Beyonce begins to sing.”

The plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages and demanding the track be banned from the airwaves unless her vocals are removed from the song.


Converse is ready to walk all over rivals

Worn by millions all over the world, the Converse sneaker is a slice of Americana beloved by everyone, from schoolboys to rap stars.

But popularity has a dark side. Converse is complaining that more than two dozen companies are knocking off imitations of its legendary Chuck Taylor shoe. And it’s had enough. On Tuesday the Nike subsidiary filed lawsuits against 31 companies for infringement of copyright.

Among the defendants are Wal-Mart, Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch. Of the 31 companies, four are Chinese, two Canadian, one Australian, one Italian and one Japanese. Converse is also demanding that the International Trade Commission bans imports, distribution, sale and use of fake Converse footwear in the US.

“We welcome fair competition but we do not believe companies have a right to copy the Chuck’s trademarked look,” said Jim Calhoun, president and CEO of Converse.

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