Lava Lava denies WCB exit

Tanzanian singer Lava Lava who is signed under Diamond Platnumz’s WCB  has denied that the label wants him out.
Talking to LilOmmy, the singer denied the rumours that he is not making money for the label.
“There is no truth in that. People just talk. Diamond is a businessman and he knows the ups and downs of the business. The management may not share with fans what they are planning for an artiste that’s why people keep on talking.”
He admitted that last year was not good for him in terms of the music business
“2019 wasn’t really good for me music-wise. I have to accept that my business was down. I didn’t release songs back to back and I was following up on family issues. I had family responsibilities.”

He went on decline that he is planning to follow Harmonize’s step by having his own Record Label “Bite Gang”.

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Hit and dump? WCB artiste Lava Lava denies impregnating girlfriend

WCB artiste Lava Lava has rejected claims he impregnated his long-time girlfriend, Flavianna.

She insists that she has been dating the Tanzanian star for eight months after they met at an event.

The lass, who is 23-years-old, told Dizzim that the star would often send the night at her house while they were in a relationship:

“I was in a relationship with Lava Lava, we have seen each other for eight months. He used to come to my place and sleep. I also used to go to his place.”

She spilled the beans.

“I have his pregnancy.We had s3x without protection because we trusted each other.”

Lava Lava WCB

After getting pregnant, Flavianna says the WCB artiste refused to pick her calls and has since blocked her.

“From that day, I used to call him and he wasn’t picking my calls. I call him and his phone is always busy.”


“I just want us to come together and talk just like we came together in bed.He is a man with many women but he told me he would introduce me to his family. I want to tell him to just behave like a man.”

 Lava Lava WCB

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When asked about this issue by Bongo 5, Lava appeared to be angry and defensive saying he was not ready to speak about the issue.

“Siko tayari kuzungumzia mambo ya huyu msichana. Hainihusus kabisa.”

Lava Lava WCB

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