7 recommended ways to whiten white clothes again

White clothes are sensitive to handle when it comes to laundry. Whitening clothes also requires much attention to avoid cases of stains and discoloration happening.

Here are some of the tips to follow in maintaining the white color of garments.

Tokeo la picha la whitening white garments

They include

Dry in low temperatures

Strong heat can have a great effect as it leaves the white clothes with some other cream or yellow color. Hang them in a shade or cool temperatures to prevent them being hit by the strong sun rays.

The laundry hacks everyone needs to know


Sorting is the number one process before embarking on the laundry process. White garments should be separated fro other colored clothes because they can easily access the color. More especially the fading clothes can easily stain the garments.


This should not be put directly to the garment but mixed with water. This is the best whitening method that gives the fabric a cool blueish color. The blue helps to distract any stain on the garment hence maintaining its clear look

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Hydrogen peroxide

This can help in removing all sorts of stains from your garment. It also helps to brighten the garments most favorably without any damage.

Baking soda

Baking soda mixed with water can be the best remedy for home made whitening agent. You can soak the clothes in the mixture for some time before washing them to clear off any dirt ad stains. It can be used both in hand washing and in laundry machines

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Lemon juice 

Lemon juice is one of the natural sources of whitening. Mix it with clean warm water and soak the garments for sometime before finishing the cleaning process. It whitens the yellow garments to their original white color.

Boil in hot water

This is the perfect way of whitening clothes as no chemicals are required. Soak the clothes in boiled hot water before cleaning them. You can add lemon juice to the boiled water to make it more effective.

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‘I wash my wife’s underwear’ husband of seven years admits


Today let’s talk about something many Africans consider taboo – men washing women’s underwear.

Fellas, would you wash your wife’s inner wear and do it religiously without complaining?

A man on Classic 105, described how his wife is a working women who is overworked and exhausted.

He has taken it upon himself to do the bulk of house chores and childcare.

I work and my wife works as well, we’ve been married for seven years, and sometimes our schedules are different.

While the majority of men choose to sit back and relax after work hours at home, he says

So what happens is if I’m leaving later than her or not going to work at all, I do the housework, like laundry. I look after the kids, even change diapers, I do everything, all the house chores, we don’t hire nannys.

Cleaning floor using rag
Cleaning floor using rag

He is so thoughtful about equality in his home that he washes her underwear.

I even clean her inner wear, and even when she wakes up late and I find she had soaked her inner wear in a bucket and forgot to scrub them, I will take them outside to the line and put them, I even iron.

Fellas, would you ever? Leave us your confessions of the sweet things you do for  your wife to make things much easier at home.

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The laundry hacks everyone needs to know

From how to iron shirts like a pro to the ingenious trick to remove red wine stains, here are the laundry hacks everyone needs to know.

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Don’t panic when this happens, instead get a damp cotton cloth and dab it on the stain to remove any excess. Then stretch the item taut over a bowl with the stain in the middle and secure with an elastic band. Pour salt over the offending area and leave for five minutes before carefully pouring boiling water on it from a height of about 20cm (this will flush it out). Then wash on as hot a cycle as the fabric can take and it’ll be gone.

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Fix your shrinking disasters by adding the item to a bowl full of warm water containing a capful of baby shampoo or adult conditioner to relax the fibres. After about five minutes, take it out, roll it up in a towel and squeeze to remove as much water as possible. Lay on another dry towel and gently stretch back to the original shape. Leave to dry and it’ll be ready to wear again.


Getting out the ironing board is a faff, especially for just one item. So switch on your hair straighteners and use them instead.


After a few uses, towels often start feeling rough. It’s caused by a build-up of detergent, so cut down on the amount of washing powder you use and don’t add fabric softener. Instead, half a cup of white vinegar in the final rinse will strip away any detergent, leaving them beautifully soft. Fluff them up further by sticking a clean tennis ball in the tumble drier.

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Get your whites back to their best by bringing a pan full of water containing sliced lemons to the boil, taking it off the heat then popping in the clothes you want brightened. Leave soaking for an hour while the citric acid in the fruit lightens the material then wash like normal for brilliant whites. Drying in direct sunlight will also help as it naturally bleaches fabric.

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