STRENGTH AND STAMINA! You Have To See Larry Asego’s Weight Lifting Skills At The Gym (VIDEO)

Larry Asego is one of the most celebrated radio personalities in Kenya and he’s not all about the voice, he has a lot of other thing going on in his life outside the studio.

The funny guy is known for his humorous stories and comments on his rush hour show with his partner in crime Nick Odhiambo.

Together, they make the best duo in their Nick, Larry and Friends show to boost your mood after a long day at work with great music that is accompanied by hilarious jokes and in case you’ve never tuned in, you’re missing out on a lot.


Other than spending his time entertaining listeners on Larry, Nick, and Friends, Larry Asego is also a professional photographer who loves taking photos of nature and animals, documenting them on his profile and social media.

Perfect Dose of Laughter! Nick Odhiambo And Larry Asego Dedicate This Sweet, Love Song To Single Ladies (Audio)

The other thing that Larry Asego is really addicted to is working out to keep fit and it’s not the easy kind of push ups and squats.

They say no pain no gain, and Larry Asego truly embodies this and at the end of the day you can see the results.


So now, Larry Asego has set an April target to achieve his fitness goal, and he’s hit the ground running, no pun intended.

DON’T EVER MESS WITH HIM! Larry Asego Shows Off His Incredible KickBoxing Skills (Video)

He recently shared a video lifting weights, showing off his toned legs and bulky arms, with a caption that simply read; “April target on course.”

Check out the video below as Larry Asego shows his weight lifting skills.



Prepare To Crack Your Ribs! Here’s Why People In Kayole Don’t Need To Use Pillows, According To Nick Odhiambo (AUDIO)

Nick Odhiambo and Larry Asego are always full of surprises when it comes to their show Larry, Nick and Friends, but the best part is the fact that they will find a way to bring humor.

The two top radio presenters have a way to make any topic or conversation funny and this time, they decided to talk about ladies who have a lot of pillows on their bed.

Honestly, ladies like to accessorize their beds with a lot of pillows and even sofa sets for comfort and also because they add a touch of glamor and elegance more so in a big bed.

Larry Asego and Nick Odhiambo don’t understand how women have close to 12 pillows in one bed.


But according to Nick, this only happenshows to women who live in posh surbarbs because they have plenty of rooms and big beds that can fit a number of pillows but this cannot happen to people leaving in ghettos like Kayole.

Nick Odhiambo clarified in the hilarious audio why a man in Kayole would never buy a pillow, leave alone buy 12 pillows for a bed or sofa.

He jokingly said that guys in Kayole would not waste money to buy a pillow since they can use old newspapers to lie on or use a car tyre to sleep on. Oh, men, it’s just too hilarious.

This one will definitely make you laugh out loud even on a bad day.

TOO HILARIOUS! Larry Asego and Nick Odhiambo Make Fun Of Nonsensical Old School Kenyan Songs (Audio)

Kenyan music has over the years improved in terms of the fan base, and popularity.

In the last couple of years, some of the local artistes have propelled the industry to whole new levels, with the likes of Sauti Sol, Victoria Kimani, Eric Wainaina and Stella Mwangi, just to mention a few.

But before musicians such as Octopizzo and Elani, there were other old school artistes, some of whom are still in the game and going, while others just faded into oblivion, and sadly, others left us soon.

Let’s Take A Journey Through Kenya’s History With These Iconic Love Songs

Back in the 80s and 90s, the Kenyan music industry was well represented by the likes of Kalamashaka, legendary singer E-sir, K-Rupt, Them Mushrooms, Fundi Konde, Mercy Myra, Nameless, Wahu, Jua Cali, Nazizi, Wyre, Les Wanyika and Nameless and others.


Most of these musicians were renowned artistes, and some of them like Nameless, Wahu and Jua Cali are still in the game but according to Nick Odhiambo and Larry Asego, there are those kinds of artistes who used to sing Kenyan songs that just didn’t make sense.

During their evening show Larry, Nick and Friends, the duo made fun of artistes who drop songs that don’t even have a meaningful message or sensible lyrics.

One of the Kenyan songs the presenters made a fun of was Manyake, which was sung by one hit-maker Circuit and Joel, as the funny guys said that he was suited to be chairman of National Cereals and Produce Board other than a singer.

This two are too hilarious. Listen to the rib-cracking audio below as they make fun of the songs.





A sneak peek into Larry Asego’s photography skills

Classic 105’s Larry Asego, is among 43 photographers who have been nominated as finalists for the 2015 Canon Kenya Photography Awards.

Larry has been nominated for four categories including daily life, news, sports and portraiture.

The 43 were nominated after a judging process by four judges in the photography industry, led by British photographer Gary Knight.

Here are some of Larry’s photos.PhotoGrid_1430287687382PhotoGrid_1430287513527



 Images courtesy of Asegopix

4 successful Kenyan male media personalities

Success comes from hard work, patience, commitment, determination and other things. Most successful people do what others are afraid to do and go the extra mile to get what they want.

Here is  a list of some of the successful men in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

larry mado
– Larry Madowo – Image from

Larry Madowo is a broadcast journalist, writer, blogger, and describes himself as a technology evangelist.

He is currently Online and Technology Editor and News Anchor at NTV Kenya.  He hosts a popular Friday night show #theTrend and NTV Weekend Edition.

His journey to success started at his home Siaya Barding village, he wanted to become a priest initially, then later a lawyer. But he ended up a journalist instead.

At one time, he had to work as a sales man in a supermarket to help pay for his education.

After high school he joined Daystar University after which he joined KTN and worked for 3 years before he moved to NTV where he is currently.

Dj Adrian – Image from Zuqka

Adrian Wasika DJ Adrian began deejaying as a hobby in 1996 waiting his turn on the turntables when his deejay friend and business partner Pinye was playing.

A good friend of his had bought turn tables but then went out of the country for studies and entrusted his equipment with him. Adrian then used the opportunity to better his skills and start off what would be a budding career.

He started off playing at house parties for friends, birthdays and at local clubs and slowly built a reputation for himself. He later joined Capital FM in 2001 after winning a contest and landed his own show.

He is one of the most accomplished entertainers in Kenya with a career spanning over 13 years. He also owns a DJ academy that nurtures new  talent. He still has six shows on Capital FM

Jalango – Image from

Mzee Jalang’o Mwenyewe – Born Felix Odiwour but commonly known to the masses as Jalang’o is one man who is the perfect example of success from rags to riches. Born and raised in Kisumu, Jalang’o had his early primary education up until class 8, after which he dropped out due to lack of school fees.

If you have ever attended any of the events where he is the MC or seen interviews he has done, he acknowledges his humble beginnings and says that he is a graduate from the school of hard knocks. He has lived in various slums and has trecked to Nairobi’s industrial area to seek employment.

He fell in love with acting and would often visit the Kenya National Theatre to try out various roles. It is here that his talent was discovered and together with his friend Kazungu Matano were handed roles on Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula.

His comic side seemed to open doors for him as he was later involved in various TV ads. With no college or university degree Jalang’o has become one of the highest paid MC /Event organisers in Kenya and is currently the C.E.O of Arena Media. He also hosts the show Jalango with the money on KTN.

Maina photo

Maina Kageni the king of radio has a career spanning over ten years. His first brush with the media life was while he was still a student at Laiser Hill Academy where he was called by Catherine Kasavuli to do a screen test for KTN. He didn’t get the opportunity to work on TV but lady luck seemed to be on his side.

His career on radio started off at Capital Fm in the late 90’s where he worked for three months.  He then moved on to Nation FM in 2000 where he worked for a year and a half before joining Kiss FM.

He then later moved on to Classic 105 where he still is years on. Besides radio he is an MC and  business man with interests in real estate.