Team Beard Gang! Larry Madowo’s new look leaves Kenyan women going gaga (Photos)

NTV’s Larry Madowo, who is known for his flamboyant lifestyle seems to have already set resolutions for this year and one of them is resisting the barber.

Larry Madowo

The media personality, who is loved and hated by many, has decided to join beard gang group the likes of Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, radio king Shaffie Weru, Moji Shortbaba among others and women are going crazy.

Larry Madowo’s new look has left many talking thanks to his well-coiffed facial hair.

Larry Madowo

Women on social media are going nuts over Larry Madowo and here are some of the mixed reacrinons;

Denno_ace_hood: The beard man.,..on fleek

Ruthmariakenya: @larrymadowo you look awesome with those beards…

Soni_linda: Look who joined the beard gang cult movement. 😁 @larrymadowo

Edyth: I like the beard..don’t shave Larry

Akumuayieko: Loving the beard😍🤭

Peris Ngugi: whoever told you that you look good with beard lied to look like a thenge

Sheilamaci: Chest and beards🔥

Ogweno Whitney: Keep those beards .. you look cool in them

Kymsuleiman: You now look matured

Zipporah Mwangi: He looks better in beards.  I love his new look

Dodzweit: Love your new look

Yobrah: Kuna slay queen amekuchocha

Waynestimothy: Lovely look na izo ndevu

Essy: The beard looks really good on you🔥

Becky: Crushing on the beard game

Julliecynthia: Naona unakuwa Shaffie Weru. Mandevu na kichwa safi

Perrymuchiri: The New Look is Dope 💯😍 @larrymadowo

Tommore: Sasa tafuta bibi

mama_handsome_boy: Now you look like a MAN

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‘I’m Single Because I’ve Never Found Someone Who Can Put Up With Me’ Larry Madowo Fan Forces Him To Admit

Larry Madowo has become a household name in Kenya. The journalist has however kept his love life at a low key. He’s never been seen flaunting a woman or rather confessing his emotions to “the love of his life”.

With a lot of city women pleading for his love on social media, Madowo has shown no interest… At all!

Well, a female fan has come out to ask him this:

rotichnehemiah: “I am single bacause I have never found someone who matches me or who can put up with me ” Quote @larrymadowo

What many people don’t know is that Madowo’s dream was to become a priest. A missionary priest for that matter:

Growing up, I wanted to be a priest, I went to a catholic seminary, st gabriel seminary in Kisumu. I was an alter boy. It was my ambition.When I was in high school, I wanted to be a missionary priest coz i love travelling. I used to correspond with consolata missionary but when I reached form four, i wasn’t sure about that. So i stopped corresponding with them.” Larry told Jeff Koinange on the JKL show

larry madowo

He changed his dreams and started looking forward to becoming a lawyer. A dream, that never came to pass.

One thing is for certain though, Madowo is one of the most sought-after media personalities in Kenya and his life experiences is a clear indication of grass-to-grace.

Let’s just say his vocation is to be a ‘single’ man.

Check out how fans have been commenting on his single ‘love life.’

Zak Mjajyz: You attend like 100 weddings in a year na hujawai pata mtu.. Kwani we ni tent?

Omondi Moses: Larry please stop swelling our head pile u r are letting us down, u r behaving like my Luyha watchman friend who normally post pictures of himself guarding different high class banks like Barclays, KCB, Standard chartered, CBK but hana ata ka m-shwari account. Just get a single mother of four pls amend ur life

Prince Jerry: Ee mwenyezi mungu, twakuomba siku ya leo ya kwamba ufungulie huyu kaka yetu macho ya ndani ili aweze kuonekaniwa na msaidizi na mpenzi wake…naomba nkiamini kwa jina lako takatifu Amina…and we say Amen…

Vicky Odhiambo Mbetu: Larry,i understand you bro… the picture you have with ladies are so loaded in your gullery that choosing makes your fore-head hairs disapper in athin space of air… you’re like sijui nichukuwe Amina…aaaa hapana.You think those ladies you take photos with smile becoz they are happy… no no no,you’re wrong about that at the back of their mind they be like… “na huyu ni nini na yeye anaoa lini haoni zilizopendwa”

Wabucha Wa Githinji: Sasa unatumia kizungu mingi tusijue ni harusi? Just keep taking selfies at other peoples weddings na hauoi, utajua watoto hawanunuliwi muthurwa.

Gaddafi Were: You are busy congratulating and attending people’s nuptials… When shall we attend yours? Men’s menopause is knocking at your door

Chirchir McCassey: Larry utaishi ukismile kwa nuptials😩😩 (whatever that is) za watu,.weka yako Ata we upewe smile,sssshh by the way, my sister did KCPE n got 437 less ndo afike 500,.she is good for you,.dowry utalipa Tu in monthly installments,.

D’isutza Eph: Nah’m Buda yaani ulisema ubachelor tano tena hata waende supreme court umeresist kuoa

Antony Anto: I am told she belongs to someone else but stealing is allowed here. I mean she has come to you come to her too

Cherono Marindany: Larry Madowo let me save you the torture of cyber bullying si unioe hii story iishe

Happiness B Bethsheba: Na ivi Larry haunanga feelings..unawagusagusa lkn wapi..ama ni mistari hauna .. atleast enda na uyo achana na story ya trend ala!

Mohammed TheBishop: Larry unatuangusha sisi kama wanaume.. Wewe kila wakati nikuwekwe friendzone hakuna demu anaeza kunoki? Kwani ulifanyia nini Mungu??

Muriithi Ngari: A man who hangs around a beautiful girl and says nothing end up fetching water at her wedding

Coolbrown Ashley: Luo Bae When shall people attend yours and congratulate you? Wiye bith ni, You always hangs around with beautiful ladies, kwani ni mafeelings haunanga? Ama you don’t function? Gileke machalo mar Murkomen

Belinda Jeruto: If you look keenly utaona every couple have their matching colors for example, Larry na wake have put on orange, the nuptial ones have white while the other couple has blue/navy blue. Tunataka nuptials yako na Victoria sasa😏😏😏

Shikhu Thumbi: Just keep wishing people all happiness but your not in that happiness…it like a priest who preaches but is not even born again..haiyae

Solomon Naftaly: You can’t be serious congratulating Pals on their nuptials, when will pals congratulate you on your spousal?… Bure kabisha

Joseph Kariuk: Nigga you gonna end up being the transport manager at Victoria wedding ….people from siaya we smooth n swift wewe ni mwitu

Franck Musundi: Larry have you become a tent to attend more than 50 weddings a year?? God is watching you at close range.

Larry Madowo Talks Losing Parents At A Young Age And Why He Decided To Focus On Covering Politics

Larry Madowo is among the most celebrated news anchors in the country. His debut in the industry gave him a chance to showcase what he’s really good at and over the years, he’s proven that he is one to look out for as he believes in doing all you can to stand out in your work.


Just like everyone, Larry has also had his fair share of struggles. During an interview with CNN African Voices, Larry revealed that life was tough after he lost his parents when he was just 14-years-old. But with everything that he went through, the experience has made him appreciate the small things in life

“When you grow up with almost no privilege at all, you learn to appreciate the small things. There are small miracles happening every day and we’re living through this in Africa,” he narrated.


Larry recently left the much celebrated show, The Trend, which celebrated artistes, artists, women and men making major moves and over the years it became the most watched show in the country.

As time went by, Madowo explains that, “More and more people started watching and it became the most imitated show on TV and the most commercially successful. It brought Kenyan arts and culture into the mainstream, onto prime time, which had not been done before.”


So why exactly did he decide to leave the entertainment show to cover politics? “I want to be involved in the development of my country and my continent, and part of that is political journalism, being able to cover the difficult stories and ask the hard questions.”

More Larry Madowo Stories

Larry Madowo gets nostalgic reminiscing his first hustle after high school

When one is fresh out of high school and then college, there are high expectations from family and friends that you will land a white collar job, and everything will be successful from there.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our dreams that we forget the reality that is likely to slap us in the face. Namely unemployment.

Sadly, this is not always the case, as many Kenyan graduates have to tarmack in search of that dream job.

NTV’s Larry Madowo is one of those who had a hard time getting a job. So he resorted to making ends meet like so many other jobless Kenyans.

The controversial media personality is not known to shy off from putting his point across, and often gets dragged for his comments.

Here’s what you need to know about his first real hustle after high school. He took to his social media to reveal what he did.


My first job straight out of high school was selling tea and mandazi at Gikomba. A few weeks ago, I took a CNN crew back there. The profile airs around the world 7 times from Friday to Tuesday


Not what you imagined right. He also shared these pictures with the media house crews.

larry madowo tea 4

larry madowo tea 3

larry madow tea 2

larry madowo selling tea

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Congratulations: The Reason Amina Abdi Was Selected As The Host Of NTV’s The Trend

Amina Abdi is one lady who has proved she can do right about anything. She’s the true definition of a hustler. She sees an opportunity and grabs it with both hands.

It’s been months since Larry Madowo left The Trend. After he left, the show was hosted by different people including Ciru Muriuki.

amina 1

But on Friday, they finally unveiled the new host of the popular TV show. Amina Abdi is the new host and this came as a surprise as many thought they would choose from the crew who had been doing the show after Larry left.

According to NTV’s Head of TV, Amina Abdi is exactly what the show needs.


When he was asked why they chose Amina, he said, “Amina presents a new fresh air of breath in the entertainment and she has a 360 degree understanding of the entertainment industry. She is the new face of entertainment, from TV, radio to emceeing and that is what NTV was looking for.”

He continued, “We wanted her to feel welcome and that is why we unveiled her at a concert and not at our studios, but from next week she will be hosting the show right here in the studios.”

Kenyans debate if NTV’s Larry Madowo should settle down

It seems Kenyans are tired of waiting to see Larry Madowo’s wife and probably kids. They want to see the multi-talented media personality happy and for that reason they can’t stop pressuring him to marry.

So, Larry Madowo recently introduced one of the most special women in his life, his first employer Lorna to his fans.

“Lorna Nyatome gave me my first paid job in media when I was just 19. She hired me as a writer for a now-defunct tech magazine called E1. I was objectively terrible but she had faith in me & saw potential. I’m forever grateful to her for getting me started in journalism that early,” he tweeted accompanied by the photo below.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo with Lorna Nyatome

That gig cemented my love for technology, taught me how to write and reaffirmed my career choice. Even though I went on to cover business news, politics and pop culture, tech has always been my first love.

“The moral of this story is that you need to start now, with what you have and what you already know. As a 19-year-old first year student in college, I didn’t have much writing skills but I knew I wanted to make a career in journalism. When I went for the interview that got me hired at KTN, I had nothing but those writing samples from jobs like this. Linus Kaikai, Farida Karoney and the management then hired me purely on the strength of my writing.

Don’t wait until you get your diploma, degree or professional certification. Start looking for opportunities in your chosen field now!’ he added.

Well. some of his fans praised him for being a great journalist while others were more preoccupied with trolling him specifically asking him to marry before it’s too late.

Check out the comments

Calvo: Tell her to get you a wife bro… ikuodo wiwa bana…

Bonnie: She should start you getting a lady to marry ,seems u have a problem with starting

John Snow: She looks young. Awww. Marry her

Lyeyah Jontez: But she looks young . Pesa ni nzuri I say!!! Meanwhile rudisha mkono Larry! Even if it means marrying wanjiru, njeri, wanjiku!! Your welcome!!! Nyumba ya Mumbi no ngombe na muratina withiire na minji!!

Emmaculate: Larry hii ni swali tu.. ulipata hio job afta form four tu ama ukiwa first yr? Coz sisi wengine at 19 tuko mafresher.. anyway congrats you are the best.

Omamo: Lorna nyatome we need to talk this boy hataki kuowa and you gave hem a job

CJ Kwach: Larry as a token of appreciation Mary her daughter. Rudisha mkono Larry.
Kirwa: I want to know how many have you assisted to grow, how many have you fought for to get a job in media industry??? That’s the best you can pay to Lorna Nyatome nothing else

Mutahi Joseph: Return the favour! give someone a job! I have a cousin who can’t find a husband. zero ‘wifable’ qualifications just like you at 19, but look what you became. Rudisha mkono Larry, anakaa nyumbani anazaa tu kila mwaka

Gloria: A lady pick you, Larry, time to pick me interested in reporter job but a place can access to report is at my home talking to pictures on the wall

Giddy: I’ve read the whole of your story be4, you indeed an inspiration to many with similar humble beginnings

Is Amina Abdi Replacing Larry Madowo On The Trend?

Media personality Amina Abdi recently revealed that she was leaving K24. Mpasho has heard whispers that she is headed over to Nation Centre to replace NTV’s Larry Madowo on the Trend.

It wasn’t a coincidence that she exited the Kijabe Street based media house at a time when the Trend producers informed viewers that they will be having a special announcement concerning the next host of the show.

Last week, Amina informed fans and kept them waiting to see where she was going for greener pastures.

“I have been with K24 Alfajiri for the last two years and its been amazing, check out my page for more information on where I’m headed next! 💕”

She added;

“It’s been a good run k24tv thanks to my wonderful bosses!”

Amina is one of the famous media personalities in Kenya who wears many hats and for sure, this girl can hustle…Read hard

He’s Loyal: Willis Raburu Will Not Be Leaving Citizen TV Anytime Soon

It had been rumoured that Willis Raburu had left Citizen TV to replace Larry Madowo on The Trend. Well, it seems he will not be leaving the media house anytime soon.

Willis Raburu2

Reports doing round, state that Willis was about to leave the media house when he was given an offer he couldn’t resist. It’s also reported that he had been offered a really good number to join Nation Media Group, but that won’t be happening anytime soon, unless they decide to pay him more than what he has been offered at Citizen.

Blessed Family! Meet Willis Raburu’s Young Looking Father-In-Law (PHOTO)

The amount that he will be paid is not known, but from the look of things, it must be a really juicy deal for him to grab it so fast with open arms.

Willis Raburu1

Willis has made a name for himself ever since he joined the media world. His show 10 Over 10 that he hosts alongside Joey Muthengi, has taken the entertainment industry by storm. A while back it was ranked among the most watched TV shows in the country.

‘Going To Church Doesn’t Make You Humble’ Larry Madowo Advices Critics

Renowned media personality Larry Madowo is not mincing his words with Kenyans who praise wrong doers and troll innocent Kenyans online without even flinching.

According to Larry, most Kenyans praise evil provided they have something to gain from it, adding that Kenyans obsession with going to church makes them over look the vices going on in society.


“You might steal billions of shillings from poor taxpayers but as long as you serve in church on Sunday, all is forgiven.The clergy will embrace you and the congregation will applaud when you arrive because they secretly aspire to be like you: fabulously wealthy yet still seemingly available enough to mix with the rat-faced poor people at social functions.”

Larry (below) who announced his resignation from hosting The Trend which airs on NTV argues that modesty is long gone and people who ‘perform’ humility are the ones most popular with the masses.


He adds “Kenyans don’t really expect you to walk the talk, they just want you to pretend when you’re likely to be seen or photographed and they will be fine. They will extol your virtues to anyone who cares to listen and fill your stage-managed social posts with plenty of love.”

Although famous now, Larry admits that its not been easy getting to be where he is “For a child who had major self-esteem issues, I sometimes struggle to figure out how I ended up in a highly visible, public-facing role. I don’t know how I built enough confidence over the last decade-and-a half to end up here but it saved my life. It is only after I put in all that work that I discovered that Kenyans don’t appreciate confidence because it challenges them and makes them uncomfortable. We prefer to be deferential to the point of weakness so that we’re not considered arrogant. ”

Larry goes ahead to point out that politicians are the biggest culprits in faking humility whenever it suits them. Moreover false humility is valued in Kenya more than honesty or integrity and this goes to show how shallow we are as a people.

Kenyan Politicians attending a fund-raiser

He concludes by saying  that Kenyans prefer sugarcoating issues rather than facing the truth thus living in mortal fear of anyone who is unguarded in their speech, who isn’t afraid to step on toes with unpopular opinions and who speaks their truth boldly.


Mapenzi Tam! After Shutting Down Rumours That She’s DATING Larry Madowo, Ciru Muriuki Shares Another Sweet Moment With Her Man

Did you at some point think that this celebrated media personality was dating Ciru Muriuki?

Well, you are not the only one because there have been persistent rumors in the last couple of days that have forced the now TV presenter to address the allegations.

Larry Madowo is known for his popular NTV show The Trend, which has grown tremendously in the last couple of years, but he doesn’t run it alone.


He often times co-hosts with other media personalities and comedians who give the talk show a different touch.

One of the co-hosts who features regularly happens to be Ciru Muriuki. Others include comedian Butita, Anita Nderu, and at times radio host Njambi.

Angela Wanjiru Muriuki aka Ciru has now made a name for herself on TV. Recently, she shared a silhouette photo of a man, which most people assumed to be Larry Madowo, after the rumours started swirling around.


Ciru then went on to clarify she and Larry were just friends and that she has a man in her life, and even shared a photo of them together. Now, days after doing that, she seems to be more comfortable sharing photos of them together.

Larry Ain’t Bae! Ciru Muriuki Clears The Air On Dating Larry Madowo

The outspoken presenter posted a photo with her love, as they hang out with a friend this past weekend watching the Kenya Vs Germany Rugby game, with a caption that made it clear that she has just one man;

“Who’s watching Kenya vs Germany? Come say hello! #simbanimoja🏈🇰🇪”

Here are some of the photos of Ciru and her bae.




Larry Ain’t Bae! Ciru Muriuki Clears The Air On Dating Larry Madowo

Radio and Tv personality Angela Wanjiru Muriuki aka ”Ciru” has dispersed rumours that she is dating Larry Madowo.

Larry, host of the TV show the Trend is known for his jet setting ways and it’s very evident how his lavish lifestyle has  earned him a large following in  the entertainment industry.



Larry and Ciru are co-presenters of NTV’s  “The Trend Trending Talkers” dubbed TTT. The two have such chemistry on the show that it’s been rumoured they are dating, but none of them has taken the time to respond to such allegations, well until now.

There is constant speculation as to whom Larry Madowo is dating resulting in social media attacking him regarding his love life. During a recent tripe to Germany, he posted a picture of him and Edith Kimani having  lunch and fans dag in.

  • c_wanyagahYall should quit playing and date already
  • the_ndichuHonestly if there is one man I wud get married to anytime..its you @larrymadowo ..and you Vicky..YOU ARE PRETTY.. Aaauuuu

So anyway back to Larry and Ciru.


Ciru too has constantly been asked by her fans regarding their relationship status.

Ciru prefers to keep her love life away from the limelight but this time she introduced her bae because people wouldn’t stop with the rumors. She put up several photos with the caption below, hoping to put an end to it.

ciru twitter

She went ahead and shared  photos  of her and the boyfriend having a good time.



So now that we know she is in a relationship, the question is; Is Larry single? Asking for a friend.










SAD! Janet Kanini’s Mum Found Out She Died Through A Stranger, Larry Madowo Reveals In Tribute

Social media has changed how news is consumed.

NTV’s Larry Madowo reveals in a tribute published in the Standard that Janet Kanini-Ikua’s mother found out about her death from a stranger who called to offer condolences.

He wrote, “Dr Margaret Muiva was on her way back to Nairobi when someone called to condole with her about the death of her daughter. It should have been a cruel April Fools’ Day prank but it wasn’t. My friend Janet Kanini-Ikua, 39, signed off from the world for the last time yesterday morning. She is survived by her husband George and her two children Pedro, 6, and Jasmine, 4. The former NTV presenter had battled stage four lung cancer bravely and publicly until she went into remission.”

Larry who was very close to Janet says that during one of his visits to the  bubbly TV icon, “she was holding court even in her bed, joking and keeping everyone at ease to cover for the awkward silences.”

Beside Larry, other media personalities are gutted by the news.

Comedian Churchill wrote, “Kenya mourns the lose of a great soul. Kenya mourns the lose of a great soul #ChurchillShow pays tribute to Janet Kanini Ikua. We all loved you but God’s will be done. Rest well Janet.”

Grace Msalame wrote, “Oh Janet Kanini Ikua I remember this night like it was yesterday… What an honour it was to share this moment with you at last years Top 40 Under 40 Dinner! I remember my Mom being so excited to meet you & catching up with you & Ikua was a delight! You were so happy & that is what I remember❤ The ever warm & positive Janet🙏🏾from back in the day both of us starting off our Media careers at KTN with you hosting Out & About & I at the time ArtScene. We then connected later in life just pre Mommy season & after where both you & George would even give me relationship advise & check in on me & my girls🙏🏾
What a BEAUTIFUL human being you were Janet, Strong warrior who not only touched my life! but the lives of so many people- teaching us to always have a fighting spirit until our last breath.
Beautiful life lessons you’ve passed on to your two Beautiful Children… George I’m always & forever here for you all❤ RIP Jane.”

Gloria Muliro wrote, “Gone too Soon! Heaven has called back an angel. With inspiration and motivation you brought to us through your survival stages in #Cancer. You have taught us that nothing can come along the path we take with our Lord.You will be remembered now and many days to come. We will miss you. On Behalf of #TeamGloriaMuliro and myself, we send our condolences to the family and friends of one of our own Janet Kanini Ikua who has passed on. R.I.P #Wewillsinginheaven.”

Bishop Allan Kiuna wrote, “My heart mourns this beautiful soul, Janet Kanini Ikua , who touched many lives through life’s journey ! She exemplified incredible grace and strength during her battle with cancer. My hearts goes out to her entire family in their hour of grief and promise to pray for them. We will miss you Janet!”

DJ Mo added,”My former workmate at NTV and friend Janet Kanini Ikua has left us. 😢
May you Rest in Peace Janet. We will miss you. Your bubbly, lively soul full of smiles.. This is so sad. 😢😔.”

Check Out Celebrities Who’ve Had An Epic Fail On April FOOL’S Day

1st of April, is referred to as the Fool’s day. One day in the year when people don’t take themselves too seriously.

A day that most of us feel the freedom to lie.

Well, this day has brought about too much drama.

It is true that not all lies perform as expected. Here is a compiled list of April Fool’s day lies that have terribly failed;

Larry Madowo

This is so far the most failed fool’s day prank. Larry, NTV’s anchor posted a video this morning fooling people that he was off TV for a political post in his home town Alego-Usonga in Siaya County. Just the other day, Larry publicly confessed he would never run for any political post. He has quit a poor memory, huh! From the way the lad was talking everbody knew it was a hoax. Maybe next time he will learn form experts.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm running for MP in my home constituency of Alego-Usonga in Siaya county

A post shared by Larry Madowo (@larrymadowo) on

Kalekye Mumo

Former Kiss Fm Presenter Kalekye Mumo this morning posted photos of baby stuff like baby powder, which she seemed to be shopping for. Most of us would be happy if she was expectant but this is definately a hoax. Just the other day, her stomach was flat and now this? Yes, I understand you can’t see a month old pregnancy but I thought people buy baby kids stuff a few months to birth?

Here is what Kalekye posted;

“kalekyemumo: So excited about this new phase of my life… already shopping like a crazy person. #NewBeginnings”

From Julie Gichuru to Kirigo Ngarua, Can You Rumba Like The Girls In This Dance Video? Asks Maina Kageni

Nyota Ndogo

After her wedding photos back fired, her April fools prank has also done the same to this Watu Na Viatu hit maker. Nyota surprised many with the news she broke that she and her mzungu husband have divorced. What happened next made her immediately delete her post. Fans were all on her case.

This is what she wrote;

Sometimes life is very unfair. Have tried my best but it’s wasn’t meant for me. Feeling confused coz am divorced. God help.”

Coast-based singer Nyota Ndogo has a really good tip for staying young that we could actually use

Darshan Chandaria

He is the CEO of Chandaria group. He posted that is starring in a movie together with the famous James Bond. As we wait for the never to come movies. See what he wrote;


“This Song Will Finish Me One Day” Maina Kageni Confesses How This Bongo Song Drives Him Absolutely Bananas! (AUDIO)

Njambi Koikai

They call her fire mama. Njambi Koikai has just fooled fans thats she and Classic 105’s Maina Kageni are an item. If it were real, they would definitely make the perfect match;

Njambi wrote;

 “Si wengi wanatutakia mazuri lol… look at those guys behind us. Anyway, He who finds a wife, finds a good thing. He put a ring on it. Yeah no one expected it. Love is real.”

Before The Fame! You Won’t Believe How NTV News Anchor Larry Madowo Looked As a Child (Photo)

Larry Omondi Madowo is one of the most popular media personalities in Kenya.

The NTV news anchor and The Trend host is a real go-getter and his work speaks for itself, be it technology, current affairs or entertainment. He’s also a writer, social media guru, radio presenter and also a stylist.

The 29-year-old recently celebrated his birthday and dedicated a touching birthday message to himself, where he reminisced on his early childhood and how he dropped out from Daystar University because he didn’t ‘fit in’:

I got my first job on TV when I was just 20, a wide-eyed, skinny village boy with big city dreams who had just dropped out from Daystar because my accent had not caught up. On this my birthday it has hit me how little I have achieved in the years since: I remain unmarried and keep no small animals. Growing up in front of the camera contained all the excitement of a root canal without the motivation of a pretty dentist. I was taken apart for being too skinny, too dumb, too ugly, too basic to be worthy of the high office of reading aloud on television. But I rambled on, thanks to an abundance of wine and good humour. Seeing as I am severely lacking in the skills or talents department, I stuck around and somehow managed to fail up to a moderately acceptable career in broadcast. Now with 30 dangerously close, the internet still disapproves of how I look, how I sound; even how I breathe. Mercifully, I’m old enough not to care. After all, we live in a world where anyone can grow up to become anything, including a failure. Those types usually lurk in online comment sections, compensating for their disillusionment with life by attacking others. Here’s to judgement by strangers, here’s to wanderlust, here’s to unmerited favour and blessings, here’s to living the dream. Next time, please send money instead but thanks for all the birthday wishes #TBT

Well, in regards to how far Larry Madowo has come, I came across a very interesting photo of him back in Karapul Primary School. The Daystar University graduate hasn’t changed much and still had the same petite body frame.

Check out the old photo of Larry Madowo with school mates back in primary school below.