6 Kenyan male celebrities you didn’t know could definitely cook like this

Their Instagram will inspire you to cook more.

I heard it said on these streets that a man who can cook and cook for a chick can be assured she will give it to him good..if you know what I mean. Is it true girls?

Don’t believe there are Kenyan men who can throw it down? I proof they can cook, check out the results of their effort in the kitchen.

  1. Tedd Josiah


Music producer Ted Josiah  and his daughter Jay are an absolute delight to watch on social media. their bond is something alot of men don’t have with their children. Besides this he is a cook.From his photos he makes a mean breakfast, and enjoys it to the fullest.

2. Collins Injera

Kenya 7s Collins Injera

He is a foodie who has even trained his cute daughter to cook. He refers to her as his little iron chef. His  Teriyaki meatballs and rice recently caught my attention. sounds yummy right? His fans can’t get enough of the photos he posts of the end product.

3. KFC chair Chris Foot

chris foot kenya film commission
Kenya Film Commsision Chairman Chris Foot

Kenya Film Commission Chairman Chris Foot has impressed many girls in my office with his cookery skills.

He is passionate about things such as his work and social life and if you love watching tv you must have sen him on the TV cookshow Off the Menu.

4. Larry Madowo

larry madowo suit 2
Larry Madowo moves to BBC

He is every girls favorite MCM, and his cooking skills will leave you mind blown. He often shares insta stories cooking up something delicious. He also eats at the finest restaurants.


5 Nimrod Taabu

nimrod taabu twitter pic
NTV news presenter Nimrod Taabu/Pic courtesy Twitter

The swahili news anchor comes from a family of chefs, and perhaps he was able to pick up a few skills. girls, wouldn’t you go gaga for a man that can cook swahili food? Yum.

6. Dennis Ombachi

Kenya 7s Dennis Ombachi

The top rugby player is a food blogger who blesses us with his kitchen skills. His habanero sweet chili sauce is a must try, together with the chicken. Girls, get you a man who can cook. Check out his blog.

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Take your pick ladies: Here are the most eligible bachelors in Africa in 2019

We take a look at celebs who have either joined the world as single men, or are yet to hook up nor get married. Who would you consider to date/marry?.

1. Sean Andrew

Grandson to former President Mwai Kibaki, Sean is among the most eligible bachelors not only in Africa but also in Kenya.

Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew

2. Juma Jux

With his melodious tunes, a body worth being on the cover of magazines, who wouldn’t want such a man for a husband.

It’s better to get a handsome man and get beautiful babies whom you will happily look at than marry an ‘ugly” guy and end up with the double tragedy of being a single mother to not so appealing kids, after all even ugly guys cheat.

Jux is currently dating a ‘mzungu’ after breaking up with Tanzanian star Vanessa Mdee.

‘He became very hostile,’ Pascal Tokodi on being conned by a house agent

Juma Jux
Juma Jux


3. Larry Madowo

BBC journalist is among Kenya’s eligible bachelors.

For a man earning a six salary figure he is bound to attract lots of women but he has not found the ‘One’.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

4. Savara

He may be in the limelight locally and internationally, but Savara who is a member of Sauti Sol band, has not found the right woman to convince him put a ring on it.

So ladies go ahead and try your luck.


‘He can’t rise to the occasion’ Women share humiliating viagra incidents

5. Chimano

His voice alone is enough to woo a woman.

The member of Sauti Sol boys band is still single and up for grabs,so ladies be woke.



6. Nviiri

Nviiri the storyteller is also among Kenya’s most eligible bachelors. His talent and music skills is a plus given that no woman loves a dumb man for a husband.


7.Idris Sultan

Tanzanian actor cum comedian Idris Sultan is an eye candy and a single one for that matter.

He is all shades of perfect, Tall, well built, handsome and smart. What more can a woman ask for?

Idriss Sultan
Idriss Sultan

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Larry Madowo’s BBC Colleagues Unveil Special Farewell Gift [VIDEO]

Larry Madowo is taking a sabbatical starting from August this year after his acceptance to be among the beneficiaries of the 44th Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Business and Economics at the Columbia Journalism School.

Media personality, Larry Madowo, could not hide his joy after receiving a unique gift from his colleagues at BBC Africa during his farewell.

In a 24-second clip that was shared by Peter Mwangangi, Madowo is seen holding up a card that is shaped like a cat while laughing.

When he was the host of The Trend, which airs on NTV every Friday, the 32-year-old newscaster had a segment where he aired funny cat videos.

The card that he was given by his colleagues brought back fond memories of when Larry was hosting the show.

He let the cat out of the bag that one of the people who gifted him the card used to select the videos for him.

You guys are talking about cat videos but I used to work with this guy on them. Joseph, I have not forgotten.

“He is the one who used to select the cats. When he was in Uganda, he had like 4 cats. He had no friends, just cats,” he remarked.

On Monday, Madowo announced his temporary exit from BBC Africa where he works as a Business Editor.

He noted that he only had three weeks left before he took time off to be a full-time student at Columbia University in New York.

The former NTV news anchor is not lucky but blessed to have been chosen among the beneficiaries of the 44th Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Business and Economics at the Columbia Journalism School.

The program, which runs for one year, is awarded to individuals with four-year experience in business journalism.

The fellows come from top media publications and their work has been published in Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Quartz, Politico, Mother Jones, BBC, Africa Report, The Washington Post, Reuters, and The Journal News in White Plains, reads an announcement on the school’s website.

The fellowship will provide full tuition and a living stipend of Sh6 million for experienced journalists to take graduate courses at the university.

These Fellows reflect what was one of the most globally competitive and diverse applicant pools the Bagehot program has seen in its 44 years,” said Raju Narisetti, professor of professional practice and director of the program.

Madowo did not shed light on to whether he will be back with the British broadcaster after completing the fellowship once he is done.

Watch the video below;

Read more here: 

Larry Madowo to earn Sh6 million while on sabbatical from BBC

A Thankful Heart: Kibra MP Ken Okoth’s message to KOT

BBC TV personality Larry Madowo paid a visit to ailing Kibra Mp Ken Okoth, as he continues with medical treatment in Paris.

The MP who has won the hearts of Kenyans, disclosed recently that he was diagnosed with Cancer.

Madowo’s message read

Great catching up with my friend Ken Okoth.

He’s in good spirits and thanks everyone for the support

Check out how Robert Burale and daughter Lexie celebrated fathers day – Video


Reasons why Monday’s should be your most productive days of the week

Ken Okoth is a man who has a story that has inspired many and still continues to inspire a lot of people.

The MP has been battling cancer but still continues to put on a brave and optimistic face amidst treatment.

Other Kenyas who have visited the MP include Speaker of the Senate ken Lusaka and Esther Passaris.

KOT whispered words of comfort to him under the comments section

mamah_nate: This too shall pass for Ken. He shall come out a Victor… Praying for him.

estheratsango: May God heal him. I shed tears for him almost daily. May our good Lord answer my prayers for Ken. I love him so much Such a great Leader.

judyjmutheu: Lord Jesus I thank you for the gift of great health and for those who don’t have this gift Lord I ask that you heal them. Amen

maureenakenga: May God grant you full recovery. Your best days are ahead of you. Hold on help is on the way.

samconny1: We’re praying for him…🙏🙏🙏🙏 God’s mercy upon him

saenyi_simon: Great to see you Ken…you shall get over this…. We are praying for you

stacyhope09: Keep well boss, may your healing come from the above

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Celebrities Kenyan men can borrow ideas from on how to rock a suit

The weekend is almost here and men are getting ready to take their women out for dinner. Here are a few suit ideas you can borrow from these celebs.

A wise man and very stylish sage was once quoted:

A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.

Jowie’s unsettling appearance as he still nurses gunshot wound (Photos)

Well, here is a list of celebrities who look like bosses in suits.

1. Juma Jux

2. Ommy Dimpoz

Ommy is one musician who only has taste for the finer things in life.

The most admirable thing about him, however, is the fact that whether he is in suits or not he is still as fashionable as a man can be.

Ommy Dimpoz

3. Trevor Noah

The very handsome Trevor Noah who dons many hats like comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host is not only talented but fashionable as well.

He is a sucker for black suits going by his social media posts.

KTN actress narrates how “mum was raped as watchmen listened’

Trevor Noah

4. Larry Madowo

The BBC reporter is a true definition of swanky and fashionable.

What is, however, more noticeable is that he is a lover of blue suits.

Larry Madowo

5. Rashid Abdallah

Rashid looks swanky in suits but even away from work, he is still fashionable as you would never catch him rocking ‘Seng’eng’e ni ng’ombe’ t-shirts.

Rashid Adbadalla

6. Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian artiste Diamond is another entertainer who looks good in suits thanks to his body type.

The father of three oozes confidence wherever he goes with his dressing.

Zari and Diamond
Zari and Diamond

‘Stop settling for just anyone,’ Kathy Kiuna advises Kenyan women

7. Otile Brown

Truth be told, the ‘Baby Love’ hitmaker knows too well, a suit maketh man.

To top it all he has a body to die for and good looks that can win over any woman.

Otile Brown

8. Mvita MP, Abdul Swamad

The celebrated politician is an eye candy and that we cannot refute.

What most people do not know is that Abdul has gone through a weight loss transformation that left him dropping more than 40 kgs.

Speaking during an interview with The Star he said,

I weighed a staggering 130kg and honestly, it was getting a bit scary. The extra kilos made me look too old and twice, my wife was referred to as my daughter!

Abdul narrates an incident where he was denied the chance to skydive due to his excess weight.

I remember once I wanted to go skydiving but could not, which was my turning point.

Look at him now. A complete thirst inducer.

Mvita Mp Abdul Swamad looking all swanky in a suit

9. Dj Sadic

The gospel spin master is the epitome of a fashion. With his lean body, Sadic brings out the best in suits.

The fact that he is tall, dark and handsome is an added advantage.

DJ Sadic


5 amazing facts about Larry Madowo as he celebrates his Anniversary

Larry Madowo, the BBC Africa editor is celebrating his anniversary working at BBC Africa.

What does he have in store for the netizens this new year?

The former Trend host is turning a year older amidst the great news from him about being joining the Columbia journalism school, rated amongst the best in the world.

He shared a message on social media on his anniversary working at BBC Africa saying,

Check out photos of Kenya’s top male make up artists

For my first birthday here, the BBC congratulates me by locking me out of my account.

This past year has changed my life & no weapon formed against me by IT shall prosper 😂

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Larry:

He speaks 5 languages.

‘I speak 5 languages but I’m happiest when I use my mother tongue. It’s a shame ‘born free’ Africans still think our languages are inferior, just like the colonizers taught our ancestors’, he revealed.

He is a bookworm. Larry loves reading books and frequently shares what books he is reading.

Larry uses his social media popularity for good. Whenever a good story moves him, he shares it hoping to make a positive change.

He travels alot and does fun things while at it. From Nairobi to Lagos, to London and South Africa, the journalist shares envy inducing photos of his travels abroad.

He has asked that we don’t label him a role model, just like Akothee who says it’s too much pressure.


Akothee unveils new look as she steps out for birthday party

The renowned journalist spoke about the school.


image-2019-04-11 (4) (1)

Raju Narisetti, professor of professional practice and director of the program. said,

When they graduate in 2020 with a much deeper understanding of business, economics, technology and public policy, they will join 400 other Knight Bagehot alums living up to the mission of providing better context and understanding to their audiences globally.


‘He died on the eve of his birthday’ Larry Madowo mourns friend who died in the Riverside attack

Larry Madowo is mourning the death of his friend James Oduor, who lost his life in the Riverside attack.

Oduor worked with LG whose offices are located at 14th Hannover – an adjacent block to the D2 Hotel.

Heartbreaking: Relatives of the Dusit attack victims arrive at Chiromo mortuary for body identification

James Oduor

He also ran an online football television – Wadau TV.

He died on the eve of his birthday.

“My friend from university was killed on the eve of his birthday. This was his last tweet. He was one of the nicest, happiest people I’ve ever met. Rest well, Odu, nind maber. The world is better because you lived.
James Odu Cobra @Oducobra Waaaah. What’s happening at 14 riverside fam? Any news from out there? ”


He was among the LG staff who held a meeting with the Sports Journalists Association of Kenya officials at the company’s offices yesterday, shortly before the terror attack.

Here are his photos

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-16 at 10.04.03-1 WhatsApp Image 2019-01-16 at 10.04.02

Grab some tissue: Viral photo of woman serving breakfast at 14 Riverside Drive

James Oduor




Below are some of the condolence messages from his friends expressing their shock.

Sandra Camara: Noooooo no no no not you James Oduor Cobra my heart is bleeding,my heart is heavy,am in pain…. Return if possible odu

Akiteng Deedee: So sad,may his soul rest in peace

@lindahoguttu: I am so sorry Larry….may he rest in peace and may God give his family strength.

@catherinemwalo1: May his soul rest in peace

@BethMunyua: Rest in Peace Jaymo. He was a close friend to my desk mate

@EmmanuelIgunza: Devastated. He brought so much joy everywhere he went! He will be missed!

AkokoMary: May his soul RIP .rest easy comrade

@ChristineBetina: May his soul rest in eternal peace . it is well

Celebrities we wish were dating FOR REAL

They are our favorite celebs, who are pals, but would look so darn good together if they were dating in real life.

Here are some celebrities we would like to see dating,

1. Nyashinski and Avril

in a post on instagram, Nyash sent tongues wagging after the photo below was shared. He wrote

Avril outchea looking like financial stability and 16 glasses of water a day! 😂 tag her 3 times if you’re not a hater.


Bravo!!Here is the lucrative role Avril has landed with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

2. Larry Madowo and Edith Kimani

These two have been friends for the longest and are among few celebrities who are not scared to show it.

Earlier, Larry Madowo posted,

‘Living our best lives now in Paris with one of my realest, smartest friends. But Edith Kimani is also one of the silliest. I keep her around because she teaches me fancy things and she’s a general riot’


3. Paskal Tokodi and Celestine Gachuhi

Their on screen chemistry in their series ‘Selina’ which airs on Maisha magic just makes us want them to date in real life.


Daddy goals: These photos of Njugush and his son prove he is a responsible dad

4. Ian Mugoya and Huddah Monroe

Have you seen these two? They are just too beautiful and would make such a cute and to die for couple.


5. Wiz Kid and Tiwa Savage

I mean come on guys! These two are just showing us how much they should be in each others lives and we are here for it especially after Wiz Kid’s song called ‘fever’.


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The most eligible bachelors in Africa in 2018

They have either joined the world as single men, or are yet to hook up. Girls, check out this list and tell us who you would consider to date or even marry.

1. Larry Madowo

BBC reporter Larry Madowo has broken many hearts for his silence on the issue of marriage. He has managed to keep his relationships and love life  private thus it is not clear if he is dating.

So ladies the next time you go to pray, just ask God to touch Larry so that he might consider you to be his happily ever after.

larry madowo suit 1

2. Bien

Just recently Polycarp who is a member of Sauti Sol tied the knot with his long time girlfriend and women have shifted their focus to the tall, dark and handsome Bien.

Bien has the body to die for, a voice that can toa nyoka pangoni and the financial stability to endure that he entertains his woman.

Despite being in a relationship, women are still hopeful that he might change his might and they might hit the jackpot with him


‘I deactivated all my social media accounts after getting too much unwanted attention from women Married city man brags:Audio

3. Chibu Dangote

I know what you are thinking, that ooh but I thought he is married, mara ooh si he has kids; so what? Having kids with different baby mama’s does not eliminate him from the eligible bachelors list.


4.  Sean Andrew

Grandson to former President Mwai Kibaki, Sean is among the most eligible bachelors not only in Africa but also in Kenya.


5. Juma Jux

With his melodious tunes, a body worth being on the cover of magazines, who wouldn’t want such a man for a husband.

Its better to get a handsome man and get beautiful babies whom you will happily look at than marry an ‘ugly” guy and end up with the double tragedy of being a single mother to not so appealing kids, after all even ugly guys cheat.

Juma Jux

‘My wife brought her lover into our house pretending he is an orphan’all i want is to kill her’ Angry city man narrates

6. Dennis Okari

Don’t we all love Dennis? Well for all those ladies lusting over him, worry not, as he is still on the market given that we have not seen or heard of any new bae since leaving his bae.


7. Harmonize

The ‘Kwangaru’ hit maker is a potential bachelor. To top it all he is still young with a body to die for and with his busy life on the stage, he is yet to walk down the aisle.


8. Savara

He may be in the limelight locally and internationally, but Savara who is a member of Sauti Sol band, has not found the right woman to convince him put a ring on it.

So ladies go ahead and try your luck.


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Check out how BBC reporter Larry Madowo celebrated his 31st birthday

Larry Madowo left many heartbroken after ditching the local media to go spread his wings abroad after landing a job with BBC.

Well on different occasions, most people have been left guessing how old Larry is, given the fact that the public figure wants to get him a wife for what many term as the ‘right age’.

Larry recently celebrated his 31st birthday with close friends leaving us salivating over the cake (below) which looks really scrumptious and inviting to the eye.


Larry Madowo on a night out with friends on his 31st birthday

He took to his instagram to celebrate himself with the caption,

“Grateful for the blessing of another year. Thank you for all the kind messages”

‘I am not cursed, I’m fighting for other women as well’ Jahmby Koikai speaks out

His fans took the chance to wish him a happy birthday and here are some of their best wishes to Larry as he celebrated his special day;

lenahbrookeHappy birthday Larry. Zeeka polepole

asumta_danielsJuly babies we ☝🏽🔥🔥… happy birthday larry

emmanuelsheriHbd my all time fav [email protected]

nyamaicynthiaAwwww! Happy Birthday baby bro 😘

k_sammyjamesHappy birthday @larrymadowo, you inspire me, keep on the energy to inform the world. In all your life endeavors never ever leave God for He is a God of Wonders and good things. Barikiwa.

bethwelsenahHappy birthday brother from another mother 😃😃😃

We wish him a long life ahead as he celebrates one more year and joins the 30’s club

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Here is Larry Madowo living his best life in Paris

Larry Madowo is living his best life. This guy was having fun in Paris, France, and bumped into Janet Mbugua and hubby Eddie Ndichu.

The former NTV news anchor caught up with the Ndichus as they had lunch together.

“Life is hard but brunch in Paris makes it all worth it. Trust me.” Larry wrote

Larry Madowo and The Ndichus having lunch in Paris
Larry Madowo and The Ndichus having lunch in Paris

Madowo and Ndichu also headed to watch rugby in Paris.

Madowo and janet Mbugua husband Eddie Ndichu
Madowo and janet Mbugua husband Eddie Ndichu

Madowo and janet Mbugua husband Eddie Ndichu

Since Madowo left Kenya for BBC, he has been documenting how he spends his money. Recently, he and Nigeria’s Skaled were spotted on a Rolls Royce being driven in the streets of London.

“A boy from northern Nigeria and a boy from western Kenya cruise around London one night in the back of a Rolls Royce. This superstar Skales and I just doing our thing, talking about life and how we got here. This is the life!…”

Well, here are other local celebrities Madowo has rubbed shoulders with since he relocated to London.



Kris Darlin

Kris Darlin

Larry Madowo shows off Sh340,000 Remy Martin Louis Xiii

Spoiler alert!1 You can’t afford it.

Former NTV presenter Larry Madowo is living the good life, and his weekend shenanigans is proof of this.

The outspoken media personality is in London, and is making sure things are poppin’.

What we have to wonder if this is his favorite drink. Louis XIII is a cognac produced by Rémy Martin, a company headquartered in Cognac, France, and owned by the Rémy Cointreau Group.

This is a favourite of Elton John, Christian Dior and even Winston Churchill, who celebrated his election with it in 1951. It was served to Queen Elizabeth II in the Versailles Palace to celebrate her visit of 1957.

So why is this Cognac so expensive? All Remy Martin is made with grapes from the Grande Champagne vineyards in the Cognac region of France. The brandies are blended and aged in oak barrels, some of them dating back centuries, to make Remy Martin’s famous Cognac.

Sounds fancy right? Check it out.



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Larry Madowo shows off his romantic side

Kenya’s top journalist Larry Madowo is living the life in London.

Larry Madowo

The former NTV presenter, who recently moved to BBC Africa as the head of the Business desk, yesterday attended the Arsenal vs West Ham match at the Emirates stadium in the company of a woman believed to be a relative.


Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo at the Emirates stadium during Arsenal vs West Ham united match. Arsenal won 4 -1

If Larry Madowo booked the Category 1, Corner Upper Tickets then it means he paid Ksh.33,705.39 per seat, which is not even equivalent to what a normal team in KPL (excluding AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia) collects during their matches.

Madowo also witnessed Kenyan athletes Eliud Kipchoge and Vivian Cheruiyot win the London marathon race.

ud Kipchoge and Vivian Cheruiyot
ud Kipchoge and Vivian Cheruiyot , the winners of London marathon

“‪It is Kenya Day in the UK, aka # LondonMarathon,” Madowo wrote accompanied by the photo below

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo with fellow Kenynas during the London marathon

The multitalented journalist also took his fans to his kitchen, where he shared a video of himself preparing ugali.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo preparing ugali


Larry Madowo’s fans were thrilled with some speculating that he had finally found a woman to settle down with based on the caption whereas other claimed that the person behind the camera was his new catch.

Check out some of the comments:

Papaarunga: Hope ni bibi alikua yuachukua hii clip….

This_is_lee_tash: Am happy seeing my future husband cooking, mimi nkifundisha watoto upo jikoni!! Hallo hallo😊😊😊😉

Marion Masai: Yaani Larry ulisafiri na unga wa sima hadi huko?! Don’t tell me hiyo umefunika na sahani ni omena. I can’t believe after all the cooking lessons and the culinary skills I now posses hungenipeleka nikue mpishi wako.

Dasiago: Unasiagia mahindi London ama unatumana na KQ😂

Rogerskigen: Mwanaume ni ugali


Evans Obala: Larry needs to be hooked up with those media ladies, apewe either Kapombe (Mashirima) au Zubeida Kananu na kama mbaya saana hata Bi Msafari wa citizen atatosha. Nakufeel bro

Amos K Mwalali: Are you cooking ugali for the whole bbc staff larry ????? Iyo ugali n mob

Juliejemutai: Tafuta bibi sasa

Steve Kahery: Larry hii ni mbaya bro! Kwanza kubeba gunia ya unga kwenda kupika ugali majuu ni makosa! Kujipikia makosa ingine! Larry women are the most mesmerizing creatures I have ever seen.Find one! you will never regret.

Nimoh_kiarie: Larry carries unga ya kisiagi to London🙌🙌😁😁

Nicelicious: Hubby material

Cess_wainaina: Aki na bado hujapata bibi😂😂 life is weird.

Adan Warsame: Larry you mean all ladies are on strike. There is one who can volunteer to cook for you. You mean you can finish all that ugali? Small body but big stomach 🙂

Brianmbayi: Sembe muhimu ka boychild. ama namna gani?

James_mulei: Why can’t you get married

Mutanu_macy: atleast bado hujaanza kuorder pizza daily

Oumaeri: Boy child tafuta bibi sasa ni kubaya

Daughter_mc: Kumbe you can cook. I thought ni videos tu na photogenesis

Shemogumbe: Unapikaje kama slay king

Papsdehpap: Ile siku Larry utaoa the dreams that will be shuttered.* A moment of silence*… Lakini wewe ninani uoe.. cheza ka wewe😂😂..

Mwirigi: Mbona unashika mwiko na swag

Bethmungai: There is something attractive about a man who can cook!

Below is the video


Here are more stories


Congratulations! Larry Madowo lands a new job

Larry Madowo is at the beginning of a new stage in his career. The former NTV journalist has moved to South Africa to work for the BBC.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo in S.A

This is his second job for an international TV station. Previously, he worked for CNBC Africa in Nairobi. British media house said in a statement:

“Larry has a vast experience in broadcasting, having worked with various well established local and international media organisations, and has made many appearances previously on the BBC. He is also a pioneering digital journalist on the continent with an impressive following of over 3 million on social media.”
Larry Madowo
On the CNN set

Larry himself said:

“I’m thrilled to be joining the BBC and look forward to amplifying stories about entrepreneurship, ingenuity and innovation that I’ve witnessed as I have travelled all over Africa. I grew up admiring the quality of journalism the BBC produces around the world and it is an honour to be a part of a bold new team that will tell authentic African stories for audiences across multiple platforms.”

Solomon Mugera, Regional Editor for BBC News Africa, said:

“Larry is a fantastic addition to our new team and will be key in leading our new focus on business news and how it affects the lives of ordinary Africans. Our new language services and content will ensure we reach new audiences with our bold, innovative and relevant news.”

May this step he has taken be a fruitful one for the fiery and very independent-minded journalist as the Head of the Business Desk.

Larry Madowo bids farewell to his friends (Photos)

After announcing to public last week that he has officially quit NMG, former news presenter Larry Madowo has shared photos of cake cutting ceremony with colleagues. A photo of Larry and his longtime co-presenter Victoria Rubadiri received most comments with fans commenting positively about their anchoring ‘chemistry’.

Madowo has worked at Nation Centre for the last six years as a News anchor alongside Victoria Rubadiri. He hosted the Friday show ‘The Trend’ and had a column on the daily Nation which he stopped writing weeks ago.

The journalist shared the photos on social media wishing his now former colleagues good tidings in their career.

Kazi imeisha! Larry Madowo explains why he’s left NTV (screenshot)

‘I pray that God would fill your heart with dreams
And that faith gives you the courage
To dare to do great things.’
Bittersweet saying goodbye to the most amazing team on Kenyan television. I will miss them terribly.

1. Larry Madowo, NTV news anchors Victoria Rubadiri and Mark Masai

2. Larry Madowo with NTV news anchor Trevor Ombija and Pamela Asigi

l3. Larry Madowo and friend.

.ll4. Larry Madowo and former colleagues cut his farewell cake.



Stealing Our Hearts! Heartbroken Kenyan women beg Larry Madowo to marry them

Larry Madowo recently called it a day at the Nation Media Group and his followers are happy while others have expressed sadness.


Also, read:

Team Beard Gang! Larry Madowo’s new look leaves Kenyan women going gaga (Photos)

The celebrated media personality, who is an easy target for trolls left many with mixed reactions with a section of Kenyan women begging for his hand in marriage.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

But the question is, will Larry Madowo dance to their tune?

Well, below are some of the comments, go through:

Faith Kawira: But why did you go back single as you came? Anyway am still single if you think we can be plural lets get down😂

Paul Kenda Nganga: 
You belong in international stations like BBC, CNN, SKY etc. Sh**le stations do not measure up to your standards. The Trend is no longer the show we waited impatiently to watch. Anyway, All the Best Larry.

TR K. Japheth: Going back Single as you came. Incredible. All the best Larry. Avocado ni salad pia

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Fans react to Larry Madowo official resignation at NTV

Ngira Wa Ngira: You always managed to wear a warm face whenever you appeared before the cameras. Uphold the same attitude in whatever roles you take up anywhere else. God bless you jaSiaya!

Rowzie Wambui Rowzie: Oooh noooo😢. You have been so good at what you do Larry! Wishing you well in your endeavours! Bless!

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You Were My Inspiration And My Brother! NTV’s Trevor Ombija Pays Tribute To Larry Madowo

NTV’s Trevor Ombija popularly referred to by the ladies as the man with a panty – removing voice, has paid a short but moving tribute to Larry Madowo who announced that he will be leaving the media group.

Fans react to Larry Madowo official resignation at NTV

In his post, the news anchor refers to Madowo as friend, an inspiration and above all a brother who’s instilled a lot in him.

trevor ombija

Madowo who has been presenting prime time news bulletin alongside Victoria Lubadiri has been a popular figure on TV screens among the youth, a connection which he grew thanks to ‘The Trend Show’ which he left last year.

He however did not reveal his next destination but Trevor might have let the cat out of the bag, when he signed off his post with a cheeky hash tag which reads, #Internationalwaves – clearly indicating he might be on for some huge international job.

Trevor’s post read, One of the greatest brains I have ever worked with @larrymadowo you were my friend, inspiration and my brother. On to greater things my friend. Your lessons will forever remain. Shine on my brother..shine on #InternationalWaves.

We wish Madowo all the best in his future endeavors.


“Now that you’ve grown some beard you think you’re a caveman?” Larry Madowo attacked for social media suicide

Larry Madowo describes himself as a technophile and travel junkie. He is big on social media. In fact, he claims to be the first Kenyan public figure to be verified on Facebook. The well decorated TV presenter is an opinion shaper; many look up to him and follow his work closely.

Just a few days ago, Larry revealed that he was taking an indefinite break from social media, much to the disappointment of his fans.

Kenyans debate if NTV’s Larry Madowo should settle down

Some trolled him for the decision, as others felt that they did not need him anyways. Here’s the post he put up.

larry mad

This is something small compared to when he was recently summoned by the Director of Criminal Investigations to record a statement following his controversial interview with David Ndii. This happened in early December 2017.

As for this particular post, Larry’s supporters and close friends went ham on him, but some saw it as an opportunity to share their previous experiences with social media detox.

Here are some of the hilarious comments:

starlikemozz No one fucking cares maan…you want to take a break?? Just do it and leave us the fuck alone✋🏾 tafadhali

suekoffi_annan Allow me to join you in the cave,its usually cold and dark,this way we can unwind and who knows come 2019.WALLA!!!great minds with great adventures…😕

terryalaka Who cares lol just go we don’t breath u Larry we r just your followers

ramzzysaid hii january enyewe hakuna pesa ya kutravel and going to all those fancy places 😆😆😂😂 kibandaski manenos

phine_the_queen Will miss you. But i believe social media detox is important sometime. Take your time, come back when u ready.

euniceayuma Cave man starter pack, acquire massive beard. Good to see you back @larrymadowo now we can read all your articles. Keep rising.

lisasgiftmart Now that you have grown some beard you think you are a caveman