Larry Madowo Teases Fans As He Vacations In Europe

Media personality Larry Madowo is vacationing in Europe and he’s letting his fans know what he is up to on social media.

The self proclaimed travel junkie and tech enthusiast is in the northern hemisphere indefinitely.

They say, traveling creates memories that no material thing can match. As Larry was strolling around, he put up an interesting post about the Battle of Waterloo which took place more than 200 years ago.

Many thought it was a statement but it came across as a tease. He told his followers that they only think of themselves and nothing more.

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“Napoleon’s army lost the Battle of Waterloo in this Belgian town in 1815 back when it was still part of the Netherlands. The Duke of Wellington and his British + Prussian forces completely annihilated Napoleon, ending his bid to return to power.

larry madowo

So why do we remember the loser, and not the victor’s name? Have you ever thought about that? No, you only think about yourself! #wanderlust #goeverywhere #doeverything #history #waterloo #belgium”

Here are some of the reactions to the hilarious post:

graceekarimi Lol Rarry tuwache
judykarimi Because history is written by those who hang heros
janeepaul017 Hahahhahahahhahhhh
kiprotichck Nice bit of history @larrymadowo
andrewwagako 😂 you only think about urself true
davykesh Money is everything u can even travel across the world visiting random places of your choice.
akinyiieurope Awuoro History
korah.k I guess because he did more as a Victor that impacted on many for much longer time than the next victors!!
mcstero One day I’ll travel kama wewe

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