Larry Madowo and Nyeri Town MP go at it on Twitter over police brutality

Larry Madowo has been one of the fair and balanced journalists that we have had in the recent past. The man who took over from James Smart on The Trend and turned it into one of the most beloved of Kenyan T.V shows. He did so by combining poor grit with as some would say hard-nosed reporting.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo. photo credit: Larry Madowo

He normally stands for facts and that can be very hard in this environment and era of fake news. This next story documents the journalist calling out Nyeri town MP Hon Ngunjiri Wambugu on Twitter over Ngunjiri’s claims on police brutality in Kenya. Ngunjiri had come out expressing his support for the black lives matter group that highlights and demonstrates against police brutality in America.

Ngunjiri Wambugu
Ngunjiri Wambugu. photo credit: Ngunjiri Wambugu

What seemed like an innocuous tweet sparked outrage and dismay from, Larry, as he called out the Mp for his views on police tactics within our borders. This ensured a back and forth with no side giving any quarter.

Ngunjiri Wambugu
Ngunjiri Wambugu. photo credit: the star

This was the tweet that started the firestorm:

Larry was quick to respond:

Ngunjiri did not take the comment laying down and he also proceeded to respond:

Larry had the last word as he clearly disagreed with the MPs account of things:

Whatever your views on last years election, there is clearly a big disconnect. How can two smart individuals see the same set of facts and interpret them so differently? I don’t have the answer. Maybe you do?

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Larry Madowo Teases Fans As He Vacations In Europe

Media personality Larry Madowo is vacationing in Europe and he’s letting his fans know what he is up to on social media.

The self proclaimed travel junkie and tech enthusiast is in the northern hemisphere indefinitely.

They say, traveling creates memories that no material thing can match. As Larry was strolling around, he put up an interesting post about the Battle of Waterloo which took place more than 200 years ago.

Many thought it was a statement but it came across as a tease. He told his followers that they only think of themselves and nothing more.

Congratulations: The Reason Amina Abdi Was Selected As The Host Of NTV’s The Trend

“Napoleon’s army lost the Battle of Waterloo in this Belgian town in 1815 back when it was still part of the Netherlands. The Duke of Wellington and his British + Prussian forces completely annihilated Napoleon, ending his bid to return to power.

larry madowo

So why do we remember the loser, and not the victor’s name? Have you ever thought about that? No, you only think about yourself! #wanderlust #goeverywhere #doeverything #history #waterloo #belgium”

Here are some of the reactions to the hilarious post:

graceekarimi Lol Rarry tuwache
judykarimi Because history is written by those who hang heros
janeepaul017 Hahahhahahahhahhhh
kiprotichck Nice bit of history @larrymadowo
andrewwagako 😂 you only think about urself true
davykesh Money is everything u can even travel across the world visiting random places of your choice.
akinyiieurope Awuoro History
korah.k I guess because he did more as a Victor that impacted on many for much longer time than the next victors!!
mcstero One day I’ll travel kama wewe

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Larry Madowo Talks Losing Parents At A Young Age And Why He Decided To Focus On Covering Politics

Larry Madowo is among the most celebrated news anchors in the country. His debut in the industry gave him a chance to showcase what he’s really good at and over the years, he’s proven that he is one to look out for as he believes in doing all you can to stand out in your work.


Just like everyone, Larry has also had his fair share of struggles. During an interview with CNN African Voices, Larry revealed that life was tough after he lost his parents when he was just 14-years-old. But with everything that he went through, the experience has made him appreciate the small things in life

“When you grow up with almost no privilege at all, you learn to appreciate the small things. There are small miracles happening every day and we’re living through this in Africa,” he narrated.


Larry recently left the much celebrated show, The Trend, which celebrated artistes, artists, women and men making major moves and over the years it became the most watched show in the country.

As time went by, Madowo explains that, “More and more people started watching and it became the most imitated show on TV and the most commercially successful. It brought Kenyan arts and culture into the mainstream, onto prime time, which had not been done before.”


So why exactly did he decide to leave the entertainment show to cover politics? “I want to be involved in the development of my country and my continent, and part of that is political journalism, being able to cover the difficult stories and ask the hard questions.”

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Kwisha! Does Bahati’s Girlfriend Diana Marua Also Have a SECRET CHILD? Shocking Details Emerge!

Could Bahati’s girlfriend Diana Marua also have a child that we don’t know about?

First, let’s go back to about two weeks ago when the gospel singer Bahati came out to unveil his biological daughter, whom he had kept a secret for 2 years, without showing her to the world at all, or even giving hints that he’s a dad.

Not ‘MTOTO’ Wa Mama After All! 5 Reasons Why Bahati Took 2 Years To UNVEIL His Daughter To The Public

All hell broke loose when Bahati gave all the accolades to his girlfriend Diana Marua, instead of his baby mama, in his long post on social media while introducing the little girl to the world.


The drama went on after Diana also took to social media to share a photo with the little, innocent soul holding her, and talking about how pretty she looks, without the consent of the mother, Yvette Obura, or even a little praise to her.

The lovebirds didn’t seem concerned by the talk as they traveled to Zanzibar a few days after the fiasco, as Bahati’s baby mama went on to reveal that the Mapenzi singer actually cheated on her, and was never there for her when she was pregnant and afterward.

Is It For The Haters? Bahati And His ‘Older’ Girlfriend Diana Marua Prove Their LOVE After Baby Drama

But now, comedian Butita may have revealed something about Diana Marua that could mean she also has a child.


During The Trend with Larry Madowo, the male comedian revealed something about Bahati’s lover which left Larry, and the other hosts confused.

The presenters were talking about whether it was okay for Diana to post the photo without the mother’s consent, and when it was Butita’s turn, this is what he said;

Kwanza na apprecaite Bahati, amefanya poa, kurudi kuwa responsible, ni poa sana, than kukataa responsibility kabisa, ingekuwa mbaya. Lakini saa unajua pia, girlfriend yake Diana Marua, akona mtoi, sindio?

Larry was confused and only replied with an “I don’t know” as Ciru and Njambi just stared in amazement. Butita then continued:

Ushawai kuwa unacheza card na msee, ukatoa cardi zote kumbe amekufichia moja? Hiyo ndio case ya Bahati. Bahati alikuwa ameficha card.

Is This A Pot Belly Or Baby Bump? Bahati’s Fans Suspect Diana Marua Is Pregnant

Could Diana Marua have a child of her own, and why hasn’t she revealed him/her? So far, the only kids she has flaunted on her social media are her sister’s children.

I reached out to Diana Marua but she was not available. We will keep you posted as soon as we get her comment on this story.