Kenyans warn journalist Larry Madowo after he attacks employer BBC

Larry Madowo is one of the few journalists in Kenya who speaks his mind regardless of the potential blowback that he might get.

He showed this independent spirit during the infamous stand-off witnessed over Nation TV’s decision to air the “inauguration” of Raila Odinga.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

And it is a part of him that is critical to who he is, that even his studies in the USA haven’t quelled. He recently reminded Kenyans that he will not stand for any nonsense with a tweet that called out the BBC, a media company that he works for.

Malik Obama was Barack’s best man at former president’s wedding – Larry Madowo

Larry who has been working as a US correspondent was shocked that the BBC would get an African to cover the American election-showing the high regard the station holds him with.

But even with such an esteemed employer, Larry doesn’t pull any punches and decided to call them out over what he saw as hypocrisy.

Larry Madowo smiling
Larry Madowo smiling and still alive

He said that the British station had erected barriers to prevent him from using some commonly offensive racist words in his news reports, to refer to someone who had publicly and unapologetically use the same word.

The BBC didn’t allow me, an actual black man, to use the N-word in an article when quoting an African American who used it.

His tweet comes right on the heels of the news that BBC boss, Tony Hall had recently apologized for a news report from their end containing racial slur that was broadcast and ended up being offensive.

Larry’s contention was that a white man could be allowed to say the offensive word while he a black man couldn’t do it.

… a white person was allowed to say it ON TV because it was ‘editorially justified’..[why?]

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

While his viewpoint seemed understandable, many Kenyans warned him to keep his opinions to himself as he could risk losing his job at the prestigious institution. Some of those comments are below;

jack okuku Cheza chini bro utachujwa huku kenya hamna kazi vumilia tu

Gprop Grinning My brother fanya kazi hizo luxury za kutumia N word kwa hewa wachana nazo, unaweza rudia N word mara mia ukisharudi kwako jioni

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Being on Twitter is pointless! Larry Madowo divides netizens

Larry Madowo has been studying abroad for the past one year. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t still engage his Kenyan fans on the regular who might see him on the street when he was still in the +254.

He engages with the fans on his social media pages preferably Twitter and Instagram where the former NTV news anchor has a combined 2.8 million followers.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

Yesterday, Larry struck a nerve with his latest post on Twitter where he noted that being on Twitter might have been a pointless exercise.

Madowo, who has been on Twitter for 11 years, rubbished the socializing platform in a post he shared saying, “11 years and 1.8 million followers later, I am now more convinced than ever that Twitter is probably pointless. I’ve wasted my life. What are we doing here?” he said.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

The message sparked a huge furor online with some agreeing with him while others went counter to his argument. Some of the best comments are below:

#QueenLindah CrownFlag of Kenya We know You love it here Larry…Wasted your life? Maajabu

Brian Nyakundi yaani umechoka aje, just 2 followers ufike 2M.

ShepuuTongue rudi shule

May baby Eish… Relax

ShepuuTongue Waiting for you to trend

Buldozzer Just to substanciate your statement kindly delete/deactivate your account

Paul Kaweru™ 9 years and 3,500 followers later. I agree. It is totally pointless. I’ve also wasted my life. Nitajinyonga.

Larry Madowo in New York
Larry Madowo in New York

Red heartNJAMBIRose Niuzie account nikuwe influencer

Rono Shamron Turn the followers into money! Think Larry think

ENOCK BETT Hi Larry, I’m Enock from Twitter Support. Can we delete your account?

Charles Njeru Kigoro An imposter, go drying

OParPart alternation mark Someone said this is a community without purpose

J.O.S.A.Y.A I have 280 followers after 9yrs what are you complaining about?

SaNeCollision symbol People who follow you on twitter actually want to listen to what you are saying unlike other platforms where people just want to judge your lifestyle.

Mwenda kirema This makes twitter unique.And unlike.fb has of late become a village gathering,gossips tupu.

Larry Madowo vacationing
Larry Madowo smiling

While Larry might have his reasons for calling Twitter pointless, many people the world over use the social site as their go-to source for news and entertainment. American President, Donald Trump heavily uses the site to promote his agenda, with the site also having the power to form and guide discussion and opinion.

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Larry Madowo excites Kenyans as he flaunts new American accent (video)

Even while abroad in the USA, Larry Madowo still has a talent for getting Kenyans animated. Yesterday, the former Nation TV anchor appeared in an interview with Victoria Rubadiri on Citizen TV discussing the covid-19 pandemic.

The journalist, who spoke to Rubadiri via Skype, has been in America from mid-2019 as he advances his studies at the Columbia School of Journalism, which is located in New York.

Larry Madowo with some of his foreign friends
Larry Madowo with some of his foreign friends

On Saturday, March 28, he was interviewed by Rubadiri during the 9pm news and talked broadly on the major strategies that the US was taking to combat the spread of the virus.

“There is a lot of messaging to social distance in the US. The medical facilities in the US could be strained due to high numbers of infections,” he said.

The reason Larry Madowo has been forced to leave New York City

Despite sharing much on how the US was dealing with the virus, the journalist also took issue with the manner in which the police were implementing the curfew in Kenya.

“I was horrified watching people being brutalized by police as the curfew took effect yesterday. We cannot have police, who are ‘Utumishi Kwa Wote’ beating up Kenyans. How do we justify that?” he posed.

Larry Madowo vacationing
Larry Madowo smiling

While Larry’s interviewed carried a lot of oomph, some Kenyans were torn about the accent that he had developed since his move to the country.

Larry would be heard struggling to maintain the local accent but occasionally got himself off with American accent in which he pronounced words such as city as “cirry”, saying thirty as “thirry”, among many others.

Check out the interview below:

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The reason Larry Madowo has been forced to leave New York City

Larry Madowo has been forced to move away from New York City. In a post seen by Classic105, Mr Madowo stated that the rate of coronavirus infection in the American city is 5 times faster compared to other states.

Larry Madowo named among leaders under 40 to shape 2020

He went on to say that with this rate, it only made sense that he left for a different place, but didn’t mention where. “New York’s coronavirus infection rate is 5 times higher than the rest of the country. It didn’t make sense to stay so I left,” he wrote.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

Larry who is a Knight-Bagehot fellow at the University of Columbia in York made the remarks after it was announced that all 50 states in the US had reported cases of Coronavirus.

Larry Madowo with some of his foreign friends
Larry Madowo with some of his foreign friends

The US has so far reported 41000 COVID-19 infections with at least 541 deaths from the same.

A section of Madowo’s followers advised him to stay safe while others warned him that coming to Kenya would be a bad idea. Some of their comments are below:

willisraburu Stay safe bro

kelvinbulimo U r sick unafikiri uko jam vile ulikuwa mtatuenjoy hapo ntv shut up

yeridennimmus Please dont come back to Kenya. We are affraid you might have contacted the virus. Please just stay where you are.

pawino You left and putting folks at risk, you are supposed to stay out and limit your movement.

_ceph How a Kenyan would put it…. ‘hao wazungu ni washamba,,, wanavaa jacket kwenye huo jua…. ‘

olekaburu Hopefully you won’t be coming to Nairobi directly for you will have to self quarantine at a government designated place and at your own cost.

bernnie_thepoet Umerealize hii Corona haitaki makasiriko nani

elimwanza Mbona hii inakaa ile Royal mint kwa Money heist series

alycenene The more you move about the higher the risk. Stay put!🙏🏻

trendzworldke Just come home man for once kisumu and America are not one

kens.shee Yeah,,change is as good as rest,keep safe we love you

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Larry Madowo named among leaders under 40 to shape 2020


Larry Madowo has alot in common with the winner of the FIFA womens world cup and the Prime Minister of Finland.

The World Economic Forum, WEF, has selected Larry Madowo, for membership of the forum of Young Global Leaders 2020, due to his key role, as an accomplished and pioneering media personality bringing his local and internal efforts in the industry.

Madowo will join others named in the list in a meeting soon to shape 2020.

Here is what was written about Madowo being among the 115 Youth Gobal Leaders that make up the class of 2020:

The BBC Africa Business Editor launched of six new business TV shows for African audiences in English, French and Swahili. Madowo is also an on-air correspondent on BBC radio and television and has reported from more than 40 countries.

new 2020 class of Young Global Leaders

The Twitter account of Young global Leaders wrote that

This extraordinary group is joining us for a remarkable five-year journey in which they will have a greater impact on their organizations and the world.

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Kenyans nisaidie! Larry Madowo asks for help explaining what Mukimo is

Larry Madowo has been living in America the past few months during his sabbatical, where he is studying at Columbia University as a Knight Bagehot’s fellow

While not doing serious stuff like studying, the man has been regaling Kenyans with fascinating insights into life in the Big Apple.

Larry Madowo in Columbia University
Larry Madowo at Columbia University

Recently Larry posted an image of a Kenyan delicacy that is normally served at Kikuyu weddings and Nyama Choma restaurants.

Me… dead from Coronavirus? Larry Madowo reacts after fan killed him

The food you ask? Mukimo. The wonderful meal is made of boiled potatoes, baby maize, peas and pumpkin leaves mashed together.

Larry Madowo in New York
Larry Madowo in New York

Larry in the exchange of different cultures had difficulty expressing the dish to his foreign freinds and as such asked for help from his 1.8 million Twitter followers.

“Trying to explain to some foreign friends what Mukimo is. Please help,” Larry wrote, following it up with a photo of the meal on a plate.

There were some clever and hilarious reactions to his tweet as guys come up with several different answers to help out with others naming the ingredients. Here are some of the responses to Larry’s tweet:

KJ Muriu Tasty mashed Irish potatoes with chlorophyll matter that will leave your taste buds dancing in ecstasy. Sometimes you can also add monocotyledons and dicotyledons to the mixture if you trust your buccal cavity residents.

eric luiz It’s a rare type of confused food without thufu in central Kenya.

muhande muruli Food cooked by husband punishers!

Gitau Mary There are other greens apart from the pumpkin leaves, pumpkin leaves are actually a last resort.

#AugustCab That mukimo looks like it goes to braeburn

Mer Tolah Starters, main dish and dessert all mashed together to save time Rolling on the floor laughing

Paulo Babu Njeule A pounded mixture of virtually all carbohydrates and plant proteins.

Mbarak swaleh Hii ni mukimo ya group of schools…hadi iko na stairs

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Me… dead from Coronavirus? Larry Madowo reacts after fan killed him

Larry Madowo was killed by a certain internet poster this past week, something a not-dead Larry was left bemused by. The fan went on social media posting a picture of Larry with the message that the journalist had lost his life after suffering coronavirus.

Larry Madowo smiling
Larry Madowo smiling and still alive

The former NTV journalist got hold of the message and shared it on his Twitter page, stating it was exaggerated. Larry tweeted: “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I was in the emergency room (ER) last week!”

Larry Madowo screenshot
Larry Madowo screenshot

The comments were very confusing as some misunderstood the message as they could not understand what was going on. This came days after he posted an image of himself being lifted into an ambulance.

Larry Madowo in an ambulance
Larry Madowo in an ambulance

It is really sad in this day and age of social media when a lie travels at light-speed. Just this past week, Lee Njiru the late former president Moi’s press secretary indicated that his boss had been “killed” 14 times before his eventual death.


Another case of a popular person being “killed” happened late last month after DJ Evolve was allegedly shot by Babu Owino at B-Club. Some reports on social media indicated that he had passed on from the bullet wounds he sustained-something that was found to be false later on.

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Larry Madowo’s reason for leaving media job


BBC business editor and former NTV anchor Larry Madowo has opened up why he ditched Nation Media Group.

Speaking during his acceptance speech at the Association of Foreign Correspondents in the US, Larry said his former employer refused to publish a story he had written during the contentious general election in 2017.

In it, he’d talked about his experience evading police for covering the symbolic swearing-in of opposition leader Raila Odinga

larry madowo suit 3

In his speech, Larry said together with his colleague, he crouched under a car that came out of the basement of Nation Media Group.

“We made it out of the newsroom where I used to work. It’s very dramatic in the movie but in real life, it’s not. It’s smelly,” he said.

He went on to explain how tense the situation was back then after the government pulled the unprecedented move of shutting down three major media houses, in a bid to ensure Raila’s planned swearing-in ceremony did not receive any sort of national coverage.

“I was an anchor and an editor at one of the stations, NTV, and I was on the air when our signal was taken off the air and I became one of the most critical opponents of this attempt to muzzle us,” Madowo said.

He said his decision to directly oppose the government’s direct assault on the media was the reason why they were targeted.

larry madowo suit 6

“One of my colleagues and our boss were earmarked for arrest by the wing of the Kenya police that is known for very brutal arrests and people disappearing. So I would have been arrested and disappeared forever. That is why we hid ourselves in a safe house,” he said.

Larry said they then got an anticipatory bail, which blocks the government from arresting you.

When he went back to work, where he also had a column in the newspaper, he wanted to write about his experience but the editor refused to publish the story.

“I was also put off air for a while and told that I can interview these people when I come back,” he said.

He said he was not only the target of arrest but also the organisation was trying to self-censor to try not to displease the government.

larry madowo suit 4

“That was unacceptable for me and so I ended up publishing the same story with and I left the organisation. I joined BBC, where I got a great job,” he said.

Larry Madowo is on a career break from his job as the BBC Africa Business Editor to be a Knight-Bagehot Fellow at Columbia University in New York, where he is earning an MA in Business and Economics Journalism.

I built a home and learnt 72 languages in 2 months – Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo has been on a purple patch since his resignation from Nation Media early last year. The journalist moved from the Aga Khan-owned media station to the BBC where he was the Business editor.

That promotion wouldn’t be the last good thing that happened in his life; earlier in the year, Larry was one of the few student journalists that were chosen for a top course at the Colombia University – Graduate School of Journalism.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo with his former colleagues

He is undertaking the Knight-Bagehot fellowship program in economics and business journalism. The course was created in response to public interest in the financial news market that will be filled with trained editors and reporters like Larry, who will cover news in business and economics.

Larry Madowo’s photos of his last moments at BBC will move you to tears

As if that isn’t good news upon good news, yesterday the man announced that he had been nominated for a prestigious global award.

The man's announcement
Larry Madowo’s screenshot

The former NTV news anchor, who has been away from social media for about two months, said he realised he had been nominated for the award upon his return to social media.

Back from a two-month social media break to learn that a BBC radio documentary I presented was nominated for an award! I loved working on it & I’m so glad people around the world enjoyed it. I planned to take 30 days off social media but I enjoyed it so much that I doubled it. I learnt 72 new languages & built a house with my bare hands.

Larry Madowo vacationing
Larry Madowo smiling

Larry disclosed this as he returned to Instagram and Twitter.

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Anjlee Gadhvi’s cancer story gets her 5-Year-old daughter teary-eyed

Anjlee Gadhvi is one of the most popular Kenyan anchors. The woman has been battling cancer the past few years, something that she has been very open about.

The K24 news anchor recently released a video that clawed at the heartstrings as she tried to make her five-year-old daughter understand why she has to leave Kenya to go to India.

Anjlee with her daughter
Anjlee with her daughter in the past

Anjlee tries to make her daughter repeat why she has to go for treatment with her daughter tearfully saying, ‘Because you have to get in a machine that has to check if you’re alright or not. They embrace as Anjlee responds, ‘I’m going to miss you.’

But her daughter isn’t done yet. She advices her mother to seek treatment at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, suggestions that Anjlee has to lovingly shut down, saying,

Aga Khan has those machines but my doctor is in India and he knows how to check my chest better, so far I’m doing better, I don’t need oxygen all the time, I don’t need to nebulize all the time. Aga Khan hospital does not have those machines that can treat your momma. The doctors in India know more about momma’s chest and they are going to help your momma be better and stronger.

Anjlee Gadhvi with her man
Anjlee Gadhvi with her man

Gadhvi was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2013, but went public about it in 2015, after funds raised by family and friends got drained. After she appealed for public help, Kenyans donated over Ksh6 million in hours. Various journalists took to their timelines commending Anjlee for her bold move, in the process sharing uplifting messages.

Get well soon: K24 news anchor Anjlee Gadhvi narrates ordeal after 7 weeks of radiotherapy

Former BBC Africa Business Editor, Larry Madowo, applauded her action telling her, ‘You’re so brave for sharing this, and for having the courage to battle publicly. I know you’re incredibly strong and will beat cancer. All the best.’

Larry Madowo in New-York
Larry Madowo in New-York

This year alone the country has lost prominent leaders like Bob Collymore, Ken Okoth and Joyce Laboso to cancer, something that the government has ‘started’ taking more seriously.

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Go back to your hell-hole! Larry Madowo told by American man

Larry Madowo travelled to the United States of America this past weekend where he is set to begin his fellowship with the Columbia University’s School of Journalism.

But his stay there might have started on a rocky patch. What happened exactly? The BBC Africa business editor attracted the wrath of Americans after he tweeted about the two mass shootings that happened over the weekend.

Larry Madowo in Newyork
Larry Madowo in Newyork

Larry had written on his Twitter page that he went to sleep with news of the El- Passo, Texas shooting that left 20 people dead and woke up to the news of the Dayton, Ohio shooting that cost 6 people their lives. He tweeted;

I went to sleep on news of a mass shooting in El Paso. I woke up to the news of a mass shooting in Dayton. This is only my first weekend living in these United States.

Larry Madowo in front of the cameras
Larry Madowo in front of the cameras

Many Americans were unhappy with his viewpoint and told him that he should go back if he felt unsafe in America. He posted one of the responses he received from one American. It is below;

Many Kenyans were united in support of his message and wholeheartedly agreed. Some pointed out that if the shooting had taken place in Kenya that the American embassy would have quickly issued out a travel advisory.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo with his colleagues

Recently, the New York Times was embroiled in controversy after it posted images of dead Kenyans after the horrendous Dusit terror attack that happened earlier in the year.

‘A delayed salon appointment saved my life from the Dusit attack ‘ – Mercy Masika

The hypocrisy was seen as clear as day and night in that American news organisations never post bloody images of their dead but have no such qualms when it comes to brown bodies.


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Larry Madowo’s photos of his last moments at BBC will move you to tears


Grab your tissue.

BBC’s Larry Madowo has shared pictures of his last moments in the office with colleagues.

He said about this emotional moment

On my last day at the BBC before taking a break 4 @columbiajourn, I offered someone a job then emailed everyone at @BBCAfrica without a subject

 I promise I was better at the job itself; hired ~30 people in 5 countries, launched 6 shows in 3 languages & lived our best lives

Before his exit, Larry was the BBC Africa Business Editor, a position many agreed he was qualified to hold.

Larry leaves BBC to the US to study.

He wrote his thoughts on leaving a dream job

This has been a dream job in every way and leaving it was one of the hardest decisions of my life. An exciting year in New York City awaits but saying goodbye is so hard! I’ll miss everyone terribly


Larry has already arrived in New York to further his studies at Columbia University on a journalism fellowship.

The former TV presenter quit his job at NTV on March 29.

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Larry Madowo to earn Sh6 million while on sabbatical from BBC

Larry Madowo will not be on our screens for the coming year. Why? Has he resigned or has he been fired? Chill out. None of that has happened to the esteemed BBC and former NTV T.V host.

The journalist is set to join the prestigious Columbia Journalism School. He will be taking a sabbatical from BBC where he was the Business Editor for Africa.


According to the Columbia University website, Larry leads a unit of nearly 30 journalists spread across Africa and London. Larry Madowo explained on his Instagram page why he will temporarily be exiting from BBC. He wrote;


Hard to believe that I’ve got just 3 weeks left with the BBC before taking a break to be a full-time student again at @columbiajournalism. New York City, I’ll see you soon but for now, Nairobi, be nice to me.

Larry Madowo in studio
Larry Madowo in studio

Madowo is one of the lucky few selected to be part of the 44th Knight-Bagehot fellowship in Business and Economics at the Columbia Journalism School in Newyork’s Columbia University for the 2019-2020 academic year.

He joins 10 other individuals from across the world which is the largest and most rigorous mid-career journalism program, in the world and is based in New York City.


Larry will most likely graduate in 2020 with a much deeper understanding of business, economics, technology and public policy. The fellowship comes with benefits such as:

– Colombia fully caters for each fellow´s tuition.

– For the 9 months, they will be on board, Larry will receive $ 60,000 (6,000,000) shillings for the period. The fellowship program begins in August 2019. Larry Madowo has had an interesting and memorable career so far.

Larry Madowo in makeup
Larry Madowo in makeup

It is not clear though is Madowo will go back to BBC once his fellowship at Columbia University will be over.

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Kenyans react after Larry Madowo eats a mouse

TV personality Larry Madowo shared a video sampling a special delicacy and netizens have a lot to say about it.

In the video, the BBC journalist is seen eating the meat, while noting how delicious it was – like he was eating chicken.

I ate a mouse 🐁 for the first time and it was, well, amazing! Mice (not rats!) are a delicacy among the Chewa of central Malawi.

I will eat anything and I had to try these.


He continued to say

They’re eaten whole with the skin and everything.

Tastes just like chicken 😉 

#wanderlust #goeverywhere#eateverything

Many communities around the world are known to eat these animals.

For instance in India, one of the marginalized communities eat rats/mice.

Rats/Mice are also on the menu among the Mijikenda in Kenya’s coastal region, while Nigeria and Vietnam they are a common and profitable source of income and protein for people.

Fans also went to his social media and the comments are hilarious
nyaribari_ ..umeamua kuharibia kuku jina

the_oracle_z.. They eat those in Kenya too haha

e.mumo.. We’ve eaten those kwa mtura unknowingly But ogopa ebola..

techzote ..Nimepata business idea….ile panya mtakula hii Nairobi wacha tu

r_nyale ..That is very popular within the Mijikenda tribes in Kenya. Yes, it tastes like chicken

monique_mwas_james ..Am not boarding 🥶🥶🥶🥶🤮🤮🤮

Larry Madowo shows off Sh340,000 Remy Martin Louis Xiii

Spoiler alert!1 You can’t afford it.

Former NTV presenter Larry Madowo is living the good life, and his weekend shenanigans is proof of this.

The outspoken media personality is in London, and is making sure things are poppin’.

What we have to wonder if this is his favorite drink. Louis XIII is a cognac produced by Rémy Martin, a company headquartered in Cognac, France, and owned by the Rémy Cointreau Group.

This is a favourite of Elton John, Christian Dior and even Winston Churchill, who celebrated his election with it in 1951. It was served to Queen Elizabeth II in the Versailles Palace to celebrate her visit of 1957.

So why is this Cognac so expensive? All Remy Martin is made with grapes from the Grande Champagne vineyards in the Cognac region of France. The brandies are blended and aged in oak barrels, some of them dating back centuries, to make Remy Martin’s famous Cognac.

Sounds fancy right? Check it out.



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A look back at Larry Madowo wearing suits as he plans to ditch them for new job

He’s in South Africa after taking up a new job with BBC Africa.

One thing though that he didn’t know about his new job, is that employees dress down.

I guess he was used to the suit and tie as he was on screen. But now Larry Madowo’s new job requires he dress down. The outspoken former NNTV presenter turned up to work in his usual outfit, only to find others completely dressed down. Sema akward!

He expressed how weird he feels about it saying,

‘On my first day, I was the most overdressed person at BBC.’

So what will he do with all the suits he has bought over the years? You’re guess is as good as mine.

In the meantime, here is a look back at all the times he has looked like a million bucks wearing suits.

larry madowo suit 6

larry madow suit 5

larry madowo suit 4

larry madowo suit 3

larry madwo cover

larry madowo suit 2

larry madowo suit 1

Congratulations! Larry Madowo lands a new job

Larry Madowo is at the beginning of a new stage in his career. The former NTV journalist has moved to South Africa to work for the BBC.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo in S.A

This is his second job for an international TV station. Previously, he worked for CNBC Africa in Nairobi. British media house said in a statement:

“Larry has a vast experience in broadcasting, having worked with various well established local and international media organisations, and has made many appearances previously on the BBC. He is also a pioneering digital journalist on the continent with an impressive following of over 3 million on social media.”
Larry Madowo
On the CNN set

Larry himself said:

“I’m thrilled to be joining the BBC and look forward to amplifying stories about entrepreneurship, ingenuity and innovation that I’ve witnessed as I have travelled all over Africa. I grew up admiring the quality of journalism the BBC produces around the world and it is an honour to be a part of a bold new team that will tell authentic African stories for audiences across multiple platforms.”

Solomon Mugera, Regional Editor for BBC News Africa, said:

“Larry is a fantastic addition to our new team and will be key in leading our new focus on business news and how it affects the lives of ordinary Africans. Our new language services and content will ensure we reach new audiences with our bold, innovative and relevant news.”

May this step he has taken be a fruitful one for the fiery and very independent-minded journalist as the Head of the Business Desk.

Fans react to Larry Madowo official resignation at NTV

News presenter and columnist Larry Madowo has finally left NTV. The journalist has been presenting 9pm news bulletin alongside Victoria Lubadiri.

He also made headlines because of his show The Trend which he left late last year.

Well, this comes weeks after his boss, Linus Kaikai left Nation Media Group.

In a post, he made it official on his social media platform that he is no longer going to be working at the media house

he wrote;

” I leave NTV Kenya as I came: humbled & grateful. ‬
‪The job was one of the great honours of my life. Thanks to everyone who watched, and to Nation for the privilege of the opportunity. I’m proud of my amazing colleagues & everything we accomplished. Farewell, my friends. ‬
‪Stay woke‬”

Ala! Has Larry Madowo just confirmed he is following Linus Kaikai’s footsteps?


What we do not clearly know is whether he has been sacked or he has found greener pastures.

The celebrity fans have had mixed reactions regarding his quitting.

Check out some of them;

Samuel Mwangi …Great career you’ve had ,you are very intelligent and well read ,am sure you are taking the next height in media .all the best Larry .hope to see you on tv soon. In kikuyu we say ” uyu ti mundu ,ni hakiri theri “

Eunice Nyiva… I will miss you personally…may God see you thro ur dreams Larry…am sure Vicky wil miss u too.

Dorine Mbani …I think now you know that it’s me who employed you there… U were taking sides in politics forgeting that you are employed and employers needs profits, you made the whole of our families hate ntv, think twice Larry… U c you are now fired… U see because of your ignorance utajua haujui. 😂😂😂😂😂 farewell dear I think you have learned a good lesson.

Catherine W Macharia …I’m not celebrating your exit but I know is for the better. But NTV is now worthy watching

Makau James …Everyone saw it coming. All the best in your future endeavours

James Luchera …Let stars shine for you bro…You did well and all the best in your future endeavors.
eric_kim_mbogori….You did well, served with courage and championed for a Kenya we all deserve! Best wishes. Onto the next level.