“Why Do Some Wealthy Men Abandon Their Families For Younger Girls When They Grow Older?” Maina Kageni (AUDIO)

Did you hear of Jackson Kibor’s saga where he shot his son who wanted to invade his farm after they demanded he shares part of the property with them?

The prominent farmer claimed that he attempted to shoot the son so that he can defend himself, which led to the police impounding his licensed firearm. Kibor apparently has four wives and is currently living with a young woman, who is the fourth.

From this family drama, Maina Kageni could not help but discuss a few issues;

“One, parents who hang on to what they’ve worked for, yet don’t share or divide the wealth with their children. Two, men who when they grow older abandon their first family. You build all this wealth with your wife and children and then when you grow older and get rich, you desert them and get a younger woman.”


The other issue that really bugged the celebrated radio presenter was the young ladies who date men way older than them yet they know they have families, or become second or third wives and even get children with the old folks.

The other thing that he talked about was parents who have a lot of wealth yet they let their children struggle to make ends meet more so if they are growing old and more than 70 years.

The main question from Maina Kageni was why some wealthy men abandon their first families and end up with younger girls who end up controlling them and discouraging them from sharing their wealth with the other family or the children.

Listen to the audio below as Kenyans discuss on this sensitive issues.