Makueni man arrested for being dressed as a woman in Lamu County

Police in Lamu have arrested a man who was dressed as a woman after they received a report that a girl of suspicious character had been spotted.

The report was made by Haidar fakii, a chief from Langoni location.

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The  NPS lamu officers who were on patrol along Kashmir area  visited the house and managed to arrest a person who was in females Muslim clothes namely; jalbab, buibui, deraa, sidiria and rinda.

She told the officers that her name is Farida Chemutai, 24, but the owner of the house Idris kororo a Somali male adult, managed to escape when he spotted the police.

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Men open up on why they live in fear of being killed by their wives

At the police station, a thorough search was conducted on the individual who was found to be a male gender, with the name of Mutuku Nzambia. from Makueni county, Kithuku location.

He has been communicating using the following numbers, 0705714999 and 0773632242. He arrived in Lamu on 11/3/2019 from Nairobi.

He claims that he was invited to Lamu by a female friend named Zainab Wambua whom he’s yet to meet, ever since he arrived. He is now in police custody pending multi agency interrogation.

Source: Joseph Ndunda

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Maina Kageni’s Lamu Escapades

Maina Kageni started a journey that will see him travel around the country by road to various destinations in a bid to showcase what the country has to offer in terms of sites and lodges.

He details every spot he visits and shares photos of where he stays, the people he meets and many more.

Over the weekend he attended the Lamu cultural festival on Lamu island, here are some of the photos.

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Earlier today… #TembeaKenya #DonkeyRide #Lamu

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11 al Shabaab militants and two KDF soldiers dead in Baure attack

The government has confirmed that KDF soldiers have killed 11 al shabab militants during an attack in Baure, Lamu county. 2 KDF soldiers died during the Sunday attack.

KDF spokesperson David Obonyo said that the soldiers gunned down the 11 terrorists with two being of Caucasian origin. A number of rifles including 13 AK47s, 5 RPGs and 8 Grenades

Speaking about the attack as quoted by The Star Newspaper Obonyo said, ““We can confirm that two KDF soldiers and 11 Al-shabaab militants have been killed at Baure area which is 39 kilometers from the Bargoni military camp in Lamu East on Sunday morning. The militants tried to force entry into the camp and that’s when the battle ensued. A hunt has however been mounted to flush out the militants who fled into the Boni forest.Many are injured and we shall be on them soon.”

Kenyans march for peace in terror-ravaged northeast

More than a thousand young men and women from northeast Kenya began a 800 kilometre (500 mile) peace march this weekend against rampant insecurity and terrorism in the region.

The “Walk of Hope” from Garissa, where gunmen killed close to 150 people in April, to Mandera, where militants launch regular raids and ambushes, is designed to draw attention to the frequent terrorist attacks launched by the Shebab, a Somali-led Al-Qaeda affiliate.

Underscoring the area’s danger, Shebab gunmen were blamed for a fresh attack on Saturday evening just hours after the peace march began. There were no casualties reported in the raid on Bulla-Golol village, near Garissa.

“Security is not only the work of government officials and security agencies, it is the role of every patriotic Kenyan,” said local government official Stephen Orindi as the march, expected to take about 30 days, began.

It comes after 142 students and six security officers were killed at Garissa University on April 2, leading to the collapse of education, health services and the construction industry as fearful non-locals flee the region.

In the university massacre and other recent terrorist attacks local Muslims have been spared while Christians, often from other parts of the country, have been targeted by the gunmen.

Dozens of public primary and secondary schools did not reopen for the start of the new term in May after 1,000 teachers refused to work citing security fears. Education official Noor Ibrahim said a quarter of Garissa county’s 178 primary schools were closed.

The region’s only medical college, in Garissa town, has also shut, with its 200 students transferring to Kenya’s safer southern parts.

“We want to use the walk to create awareness among communities in the northern region faced with immense challenges ranging from terrorism, clan skirmishes and other natural calamities to unite to face these challenges head on,” said march organiser Salah Abdi Sheikh, a local activist.

“The purpose of this trek is to give hope to the people in the region,” he said.

The peace marchers plan to stop in remote, neglected villages along the way to talk about the risks of clan conflict and promote peaceful coexistence.

The marchers, who will spend a month trekking across the harsh, arid terrain in scorching temperatures, will be assisted by rescue vehicles and a team of medical personnel.

Photo Credits : AFP

Over 700 children in Lamu infested with jiggers

More than 700 children on the Lamu island are infested with jiggers, an NGO study has shown. Children between the ages of two and nine are the most affected and most of them are unable to go to school, says Sawazisha Community Group.

The group carried out the research last week. Speaking to journalists in Lamu on Thursday, the group’s chair Abdulaziz Abdi said the infection has undermined the children’s education, health and social life.

He said the children stay indoors and do not go to school for fear of being mocked by their peers.

Lamu has less marriages and more divorces

ABOUT 20 divorce cases are reported in Lamu Island every month, Lamu’s Marriage and Divorce registrar Mohamed Fumo has said.

Speaking in Lamu town on Saturday, Fumo said spouses are not taking commitment seriously.

“The Islamic religion allows men to marry as many as four wives, but some men think it’s in order to marry today and divorce tomorrow,” he said.

Fumo said there is a misunderstanding of the divorce clause, as stipulated in the Quran.

“A man is only supposed to divorce his wife when something unforgivable has been committed. But the young men of nowadays will divorce a woman whenever they lay their eyes on another woman,” he said.

Fumo said his office receives many complaints from jilted wives left to fend for children got out of such marriages.

Bakari Ahmed, of the Witu Marriages and Divorce registration office, said many men have left the responsibility of fending for the family to their wives.

“Men just wake and laze around doing nothing while their wives run around doing menial chores to ensure their families are fed. At the end of the day these women tire and ask for divorce,” he said.

He said cases of divorces recorded are higher than those of marriages being registered.

-The Star

Gunmen shoot at a Lamu bound bus, police pursuing attackers

A Lamu bound bus was Saturday evening waylaid and shot at by suspected Al shabaab militia at Lango La Simba area in Nyongoro/Witu division in Lamu.

In the 3pm incident, witnesses say about four men stopped and shot at the Tawakal bus forcing it to stop.

The bus was heading to Lamu from Mombasa with 50 passengers before the incident.

According to Gerald Mwangi who was one of the passengers, the four men sprayed bullets at the tyres forcing the driver to stop.

“When we were passing through Lango La Simba area I noticed four men emerge from the bushes from the side I was seated. They had very long guns. I then saw them aim and start shooting at the bus tyres and windows. We all lay down on our seats,” said Mwangi.

“When the bus stopped, they entered the bus and started scrutinizing each of us without uttering anything. After about seven minutes, they told us in Kiswahili that it was not their wish that they had waylaid us(sio kupenda kwetu tuwasimamishe). They then walked out of the bus and headed back into the bushes where they had emerged from,” he said.

“Their faces were covered and they spoke very poor Kiswahili which had a heavy Somali accent. We thank God they didn’t harm us but we can’t help but wonder what their real intention was,” said Mwangi.

Speaking to The Star Newspaper  on phone, Lamu county commander Ephantus Kiura confirmed the attack.

“I can confirm that a bus belonging to the Tawakal Bus Company was attacked at Lango La Simba in Witu division at around 3pm by four people we highly suspect to be militiamen. There are no casualties and all the passengers are fine. We think this was a trial terror attempt since no one was injured. They just shot at the bus to make it stop, and then they inspected the passengers and walked away,” said Kiura.

Kiura said a combined team of security officer was currently combing Lango La Simba area and neighboring areas in the hunt for the terror suspects.

5 people still missing after being hijacked in Lamu

The whereabouts of five people and two vehicles hijacked by suspected Al-Shabaab militiamen in Lamu on Friday remain unknown.

Witness reports however say the vehicles have been spotted in Jilb, a stronghold of the Al shabaab militant group.

The armed attackers intercepted the two Toyota Land Cruiser pick-ups, which were transporting miraa between Milimani and Basuba in Lamu East at around 8.30am Friday.

They took off with the five occupants of both vehicles, which were transporting miraa to Somalia.

This is the second attack to happen in the same area.

In August, a driver was beheaded and two vehicles taken away. To date no recovery has been made.

Curfew in Lamu will not be lifted just yet – Kimaiyo

The security curfew declared two months ago in Lamu will not be lifted just yet.

Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo says lifting the ban now could interfere with the ongoing security operation.

Kimaiyo says police are still hunting for suspects behind a spate of mass killings between June and August this year that left more than 90 people dead.

Meanwhile the government has promised to deploy more Police Reservists in Lamu to boost security according to County commissioner Njenga Miiri.

Man abducted by Al shabab found dead in Lamu

A man who was abducted by suspected Alshabab militia in Kiunga area of Lamu early this week has been found dead and his body dumped in Boni forest.

The man had been in the company of three other men when their truck was ambushed by gunmen as they ferried miraa from Garissa to Ras Kamboni.

The body was found with the throat having been slit.

Lamu County Commissioner Njenga Miiri says police are still pursuing the gunmen who made away with two Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles.

Curfew in Lamu extended for another month

The dusk to dawn curfew imposed by the police in Lamu last month will continue for at least another thirty days.

Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo says they are still working to flush out criminal elements responsible of recent violence in the county that left many dead and others homeless.

Kimaiyo said the new curfew will run from August 21 to September 21 due to insecurity and ongoing police operations in the area.

Meanwhile Boni Forest, believed to be the main hideout for the criminals, remains out of bounds for the residents, Kimaiyo said.

The military and police have been combing the forest as they hunt for the attackers.

The latest attack took place on Monday, where a police station was attacked at Bodhei on the border with Garrisa County.

CID summons directors of companies mentioned in Lamu land scam

Directors of 20 companies mentioned in a report on massive land grabbing in Lamu have been directed to present themselves before the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to have their statements recorded.

CID director Ndegwa Muhoro says only two directors from the 22 entities mentioned have had their statements taken.

Muhoro says his team has been unable to trace the other directors through the addresses provided by the ministry from Lands..

So far more than 15 land officials have also recorded statements in relation to the matter.

Title deeds for over 500,000 acres in Lamu to be revoked

President Uhuru Kenyatta has ordered the revocation of titles deeds to nearly 500,000 acres of land in Lamu County, which he said was acquired fraudulently.
He has directed Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu and the National Lands Commission to repossess land parcels allocated to 22 private entities.
In a televised statement to the Nation, President Kenyatta also instructed the Inspector General of Police, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the CID to immediately start investigations with a view to bringing to account all persons involved in dubious land allocation in Lamu County.