Kenyan celebrities who are parents to teenagers: Photos

Celebrities live their life in the limelight but most of them keep their children away just to protect them from constant public scrutiny which may harm them at times.


1. Wahu

Gospel artist Wahu who is married to Nameless is a proud mother to a teenage daughter Tumiso who recently turned 12. The couple also have another daughter Nyakio, 3.


2. Kanze Dena

Kanze Dena is among celebrities who’s kids are in their teens and pre-teens and she cannot hide her excitement as she watches her son grow into a fine young man.

He recently turned 12 and among the things he wants his mum to take note of is

1. No hugging hugging all the time.
2. Don’t call me baba/baby etc call me by name
3. I would like to have Control of my wardrobe… 4. Please allow me to have opinions and make decisions…. Am your son …but not a baby…


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3. Lady Bee

Gospel artiste Lady Bee is among celebrities with kids is past their teens. Bee’s daughter has already graduated from University and looking at the two of them you would be forgiven for thinking the two are actually sisters.


4. Kathy Kiuna

Rev Kathy Kiuna is a mother of three with the last born son having turned 18.


5. Frasha

Frasha is a former member of P-unit, who is also a physiotherapist who has worked in hospitals such as Aga Khan Hospital. Frash and daughter

‘I look forward to marriage’confesses Pastor RobCelebrities live their life in the limelight but most of them keep their children away just to protect them from constant public scrutiny and negativity.ert Burale as he reminisces on his broken marriage 6 years ago

6. Robert Burale

Burale, who is a pastor-cum- MC and fashion consultant is not only a father to a teen but also a single father doing his best to bring her in the best way possible.

Robert Burale

7. Celina /Catherine Kamau

Celina is a proud mother of one. Her son turned 12 early this year.

Celina with her husband Philip and son


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The Clock Is Ticking! 5 Female Gospel Artistes Who Need To Get Married This Year (PHOTOS)

In the Kenyan entertainment industry, a lot of celebrities have walked down the aisle in the last two years, with others sadly breaking up and separating soon after for instance Betty Kyallo and Eunice Njeri.

Christian ladies or born again celebrities in the country are role models to a lot of young people and when it comes to settling down or getting married, they face more pressure since they are expected to set the example of having a family, in accordance to God’s plans.


There are those who have been successful with relationships and marriage, while for others it didn’t go so well, and for some, they have never even introduced any men in their lives.

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So, how about we look at some female artistes in Kenya who should walk down the aisle this year;

1. Lady Bee
The secular-turned-gospel singer is a down to earth lady who decided to give her life to Christ back in 2012 after battling with alcoholism and drug addiction. The stunning singer is a mother of a pretty daughter and is yet to settle down. We hope the right man comes her way soon because he will be a lucky one.


2. Alice Kamande
She is no doubt one of the mot beautiful singers in the country and her mellow voices just makes her glorious in every way. The talented singer has managed to keep her private life off the public radar over the years and has never introduced any man to her fans. I bet she is waiting for the right one to come sweep her off her feet soon, and we hope that will be this year.


3. Gloria Muliro
I had to put her in this list because she deserves a good man after her nasty breakup with ex-husband Pastor Eric Omba back in 2015. The celebrated singer revealed that Omba was cheating on her and mismanaging her music funds. Gloria Muliro deserves better and there are rumors that she’s dating and happy. Her ex has moved on with a younger girl and they already have a child.


4. Ruth Matete
She is remembered as Tusker Project Fame season five winner and soon after, she revealed that she was not singing secular music anymore, joining the gospel industry with a couple of songs under her name. There was a time she revealed her boyfriend, former Tahidi High actor, Prince-Tysder. But since breaking up, she has been off the limelight and it’s not known of she’s dating again.


5. Eunice Njeri
This gospel singer causes an online uproar after she revealed that she had annulled her marriage to rapper Izzo just a day after their lavish wedding. I know some people are mad and don’t think she deserves to ever walk the aisle, but honestly, I think she should actually settle down by the end of the year. If not got back to Izzo, at least get a man who is in Kenya, since this is where her heart is and the clock is ticking and she needs kids too.


New Music Alert : Lady Bee – Kila Goti

Bernice Nduku aka Lady bee a former member of the Calif record staple and now a gospel singer has released a new song called Kila Goti loosely translated to mean “each knee” .

The singer  has been doing gospel music for the past few years after getting saved and has also been involved with alot of ministry and reach out programs with the church.

In her new song,  the title  is metaphorically used to mean “each knee” as in the sense where people kneel to pray. She also  speaks about the  book of Phillipians and uses it as a reference throughout the song.

Listen to it here: