‘I am alive to see this happen,’ Size 8 celebrates as her daughter turns 3

Size 8 is one of the Kenyan celebrities who is not shy to put or talk about her family on social media. The gospel artist took to Instagram to celebrate her daughter as she turns 3 years old today. This is what she had to say.

‘Ohhhhhh Happy day glory be to God HALLELUJAH my daughter ladashabelle is 3 years today.

Waaaaappppiiiii shangwe na vigelegele Kwa Yesu.

Am alive to see this happen.

ohhhhhh Satan how you have lost. Happy birthday my princes 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😘😘😘😊😊😊’

Kenyan celebrity couples who have children from previous relationships (photos)

In the past, Size 8 also took it to instagram to celebrate the growth of her daughter considering the fact that she had complications during her pregnancy and almost lost her daughter.


Ladasha’s father and Size 8’s husband also took it to Instagram to celebrate this day by writing a very memorable post saying,

‘Happy birthday my cute little one. ladashabelle ,
Today MY wish is to put the smiles on your face that you always put on mine &mummy .
Just the other day I held you for the first time ukiwa so tiny, now see what God can do ,you have become super beautiful , Gorgeous and you are just nuclear awesomeness

A day like this you made me get a new name (Daddy) . Today is the birthday of the most amazing, smart, beautiful girl in the world. My daughter! Happy birthday sweetheart.
Mummy size8reborn & I love you too much .
Today be ready – to have fun.’

Below are pictures of the adorable 3 year old, Ladasha Wambui Muraya,




‘No one said it’s gonna be easy, but it’s worth it,’ Bridget Achieng unveils baby’s gender








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‘I Have Slept Outside The Door For Lack Of Rent’ – DJ Mo Narrates The Hard Times He Went Through To Survive

DJ Mo is among the most celebrated DJs in the country. We have been witnesses to his growth over the years and he’s now among the most sought after DJs.

He is married to the beautiful Size 8 and together, they are blessed with a little angel, Ladasha Belle, who has brought so much happiness in their lives.

size 8 and Dj Mo

His life to the top has not been easy. He has had his fair share of struggles trying to make it in this life of sin.

Well, many might think that DJ Mo woke up and became a successful DJ, who has all the fine things in life, but that’s not the case.

He’s come out to narrate how hard life was, to a point he once slept otside because he couldn’t afford his monthly rent.


God is faithful. One day I will tell you the whole story but first 👇
I grew up in Ocha where I did my Primary Education. We moved to Mathare North. Life in the ghetto pushed us so hard. We then relocated to Kware ghetto in Rongai.
I have walked to town from Githu 44 slept outside the door for lack of rent (my mum doesn’t know this), slept hungry, got expelled like 5 times, studied in 4 different high schools and finalized my form 4 in a day school,” he revealed.

Kibandaski Of All Places! Check Out Where DJ Mo Took Size 8 For Breakfast (Video)

He continues to explain that he’s been through so much, but he’s grateful to God for holding his hand and showing him better days.


He continued, “I know what life means and I have gone through so much than many can think.
At 30yrs, I have worked really hard to be where I am of course God has been there for me – to a point I have a family now. So, I’d like to encourage young guys out there. It’s possible to achieve what you want if you put God first and focus. Sometimes don’t work smart work hard. Some of the things I have right now were once a dream (na bado sijafika). Always remember to be a giver, be humble, lift others, be happy for others when they get blessed, pray hard and everything else that exalts God.”

The biggest fear I have is pulling others down coz you never know when it might happen to you. One day you or your kids will have to pay for it. Plant a good seed for your kids always.
I share my life with you just to encourage someone. If my life testimony changes only one person and even draws someone to Christ, it’s enough for me,” he concluded.

HOT KISS OR MISS? This Is Why DJ Mo And Size 8’s Birthday Kiss Is Trending

A kiss means alot depending on how or where it is planted.

Kissing on the hand is a gesture indicating courtesy, politeness, respect, admiration or even devotion by one person towards another. While locking lips implies passion or simply ‘I love you’. Continue reading “HOT KISS OR MISS? This Is Why DJ Mo And Size 8’s Birthday Kiss Is Trending”

Couple Goals: DJ Mo Gushes In Birthday Message To Ladasha’s Mum…Waah!!!!!!!

Afew weeks ago, the rumour mill was rife with news of an imminent break-up between gospel industry’s power couple – DJ Mo and Size 8.

the couple both came out and denied the rumours saying they are still in love and very much together.

Last year, DJ mo threw a lavish bash for Size 8. Mafisilets went green with envy.

This year, we wait to see what stops he will pull.

In the meantime as we wait, DJ Mo went to social media and posted the following message for his love.

“Happy birthday the love of my life , you have been a good wife , mother to LadAsha and the best helper in my life – if I was to marry and do these all over again I would still choose you – you the best I got. Love you and happy birthday day @size8reborn.”



Happy birthday Size 8…


Chunga Mtoto Boss! DJ Mo Gets Blasted By Fans For Pulling This Dangerous Move On His Daughter (PHOTO)

Top Kenyan entertainer, DJ Mo and his beautiful singer wife Linet Munyali, Size 8, are blessed with a cute daughter, Ladasha Belle, who is now 1 year old and growing up pretty fast.

The celebrity couple is also one of the most prominent and powerful in the gospel industry, and have been together since 2013 after getting married in a private ceremony.

On Sundays, DJ Mo is one of the hosts for Crossover 101 while his hard working wife also landed a new show titled Pambio Live, and since the two end up getting caught up, they have to look for a baby sitter.


But this past weekend, DJ Mo decided to play the mother’s role, by taking care of his daughter after his show, because Size 8 was still busy.

DJ Mo’s Photocopy: Size 8’s Baby Ladasha Is GROWING Up Too Fast. Check Out Her Latest CUTE Photos

DJ Mo, real name, Sammy Muraya, took his daughter for a road trip, but instead of putting the little girl in the rear seat, he decided to buckle her up in a baby car seat, in the passenger seat at the front.

Well, as you know, it’s not advisable at all to put a child below 12 years in the front seat of the car. Basically, It is illegal to put a child in a rearward facing child car seat in the front passenger seat if there’s an active passenger airbag.


When DJ posted the photo, fans were not too happy about where he had put his kid and decided to share some advice with the father of one.

“Mummy was busy in the afternoon and we decided to do a road trip with Ladasha Belle,” he captioned the photo. Here are some of the comments from the post;

tesscharlie Babies aren’t supposed to seat on the front seats even if they are in their car seats.

wazalendo25blog Ila ulitakiwa umuweke kiti cha Nyuma kwa Afya Yake

outaperis @djmokenya back seat sitting and its safety is more than deactivation of airbags. God bless.

jesse.ngash Totally wrong to put a kid less than 6 years in the front sit. But who cares about Kenyan laws.

merschhemke35 Oh Lord. Plz fasten the baby at the back sit. It’s safer there.

dorie_254 Toddler car seat on the front seat on the front seat?? Not safe at all.

However, DJ Mo did not ignore people’s comments and concern and decided to address the issues, revealing that he had disabled the airbag on the passenger’s airbags.

Thank you watu wangu – I intentionally put the car seat Infront because I also deactivated co drivers air bag – (my car has that option -for her safety -then I will activate it Kesho.

Do you think it was safe to put Ladasha on the front seat?



DJ Mo’s Photocopy: Size 8’s Baby Ladasha Is GROWING Up Too Fast. Check Out Her Latest CUTE Photos

Linet Munyali aka Size 8 and her husband, DJ Mo are one of the cutest celebrity couples in the local entertainment scene and over the years, they have proved that marriages can work even when you’re in the spotlight.

The lovebirds have been together since 2013 after the former secular singer gave her life to Christ and converting to a born-again gospel singer who is now a household name in the industry.

Superwoman! Size 8 Drops 3 Songs Back To Back, Teams Up With Dancehall Star Alemba As She Reveals Her RAPPING Skills (VIDEOS)

dj mo

A couple of weeks ago, the two were rumoured to have separated after a disagreement, allegations Size 8 vehemently denied, saying that they were very much an item and are still living under the same roof.


Size 8 and DJ Mo are going strong despite the claims of their marital issues and are not about to separate, not just because they love each other, but also because of their cute daughter Ladasha Belle.

Size 8 Reveals That She Prayed Against the Onslaught On Her Marriage


The cuddly baby girl was born in November 2015, and though she’s barely 2-years -ld, Ladasha is already making money and becoming a little star herself, after she was featured in a new diapers advert with her singer mum.

STRONG WOMAN! Size 8 Makes a Shocking Revelation About Her Health, Talks Losing Weight (VIDEO)

Ladasha is growing up too fast and continues to resemble her father more and more every day.

She can now walk and has been saying words as she learns how to talk, and her parents are nothing but proud and happy of their little girl.

How about we take a look at some of her recent adorable photos that prove that Size 8 and DJ Mo are doing a pretty good job. Isn’t she the sweetest?













Size 8 Follows Pierra Makena’s Footsteps, Breastfeeds In Public (PHOTO)

I always say I am an old school man. I was raised to be one. That means, when I see someone who seems to share my values, I recognize a kindred spirit.

And Size 8 seems to be cut from the same cloth as me. She respects and observes her role, her most important role at that, being a mother. No, I am not talking about her penchant to post photos of her daughter or other family interactions.

I am referring to the fact that she knows that no matter where she is, no matter what is happening, her daughter Ladashabelle Wambu comes first. So when she found herself out and about running her errands, when the wee lass became hungry and as anyone with children will tell you, when a child complains of hunger pangs, life as we know it comes to a standstill until you have fully sated their hunger. At which time they sleep promptly.

And Size 8, finding herself in this situation, whipped out the feeding apparatus and did the necessary:

How Cute! Size 8’s Adorable Daughter Ladasha Belle Is Already Learning How To Speak

Size 8 and her popular deejay husband Sammy Muraya aka DJ Mo are one of the cutest couples in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

The lovely couple was blessed with a beautiful daughter, Ladasha Belle, back in November 2015 who’s one of the most adorable and cutest celebrity babies in the showbiz scene.

Size 8 real name, Linet Munyali converted to a gospel singer back in 2013 after revealing that she was born again and in a few months time, it was revealed that she had married DJ Mo in a private ceremony.


The two have since been doing very well career and family wise and despite Size 8 moving to the gospel world, her songs seem to be doing even better compared to when she was singing secular music.

The power couple recently started video blogging dubbed The Muraya’s to share with the world a glimpse into their lives, that includes their weight-loss journey.

STRONG WOMAN! Size 8 Makes a Shocking Revelation About Her Health, Talks Losing Weight (VIDEO)

It’s on the same platform that Size 8 revealed that she was actually suffering from hypertension and was currently on medication to control it.



This time round, the lovebirds decided to focus on their daughter, who is growing up very fast after turning a year old in November 2016. She is already walking and growing teeth.

TIMELESS LOVE! These Delightful Photos Of Size 8’s Beautiful Family Will Warm Your Heart

Now that Ladasha Belle is learning how to talk, Size 8 shared a cute video of the cuddly baby girl trying to talk, calling out her aunties name.

In the video, Ladasha can be seeing playing around and mumbles a few words like “Mary” and even at some point she says, “Jesus” and ‘Teacher”.

She’s just too adorable.




BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON! Check Out 10 Celebrity Kids Who Are Living It Large (Photos)

Call them celebrity kids or boss babies but one thing is for sure, these kids are living large. Well, they must be proud to also have celebrity parents with all the riches in the world and the fame.

Check out this list of the celebrity kids who are living large in East Africa.

1. Princess Tiffah

She is the first born to Diamond Platnumz and the fourth born to Zari Hassan. This cute girl already has over 1 million followers on social media and she is already endorsing a major product in her hometown Tanzania. She must be making money!


2. Ladasha Belle

She is the daughter to gospel singer Size 8, and gospel Deejay, Dj Mo. She recently landed a deal with a local diaper company and for sure she will make some mullah. Did I’s mention she has over 100,000 plus followers?


3. Akothee’s Kids

She has 5 kids, even with all the controversy she might be receiving from social media, Akothee is definitely working hard for her kids. I must say her two sons are quite adorable. She however has three daughters who seem to be growing up quite fast. Well, work it girls!


4. Kiba Junior

Call him Kiba Junior or Prince Sameer Kiba. He is Ali Kiba’s adorable son who without a doubt has a striking resemblance to his famous dad. Will he take after his father who has amazing vocals?


5. Wahu’s and Nameless’ Kids

These popular Kenyan artistes have two adorable daughters Tumiso Nyakwea and Nyakio Mathenge. Tumiso seems keen take after her parents as she has been seen spitting some rhyms with the dad. Wahu’s song Sweet Love must have been dedicated to her!


6. Morgan Bahati

He is among Bahati’s adopted kids and without a doubt, the gospel singer loves and praises his kids on social media. Morgan hangs out alot with his dad, and will probably find himself in the music industry and the two seem to always get along well.


7. Kathy Kiuna’s Grandchild

This kid is adorable! She is the granddaughter to JCC’s Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna. With her pretty self it is only right to call her one of the most beautiful babies in town.


8. Creme De La Creme Son

He is Jamari and recently landed a huge endorsement deal with a clothing line. You can obviously tell the resemblance between him and his dad and he even featured on Wahu’s song Hadi Lini?


9. Pierra Makena’s Child

She is one of the most recognized Kenya Djs. Well, Pierra is a proud mum of one who has not yet revealed her daughter’s face but from the clothes the little tot wears on her adorable photos, Pierra’s daughter is one kid to watch out for.


10. Marya’s Child

Her new-born son was gifted designer shoes barely a week after he was born. It happened that a few hours after her birth, the Chokoza hit maker decided to go ahead and dress the baby in expensive Jordan basketball Jersey. He is a lucky boss kid!



Hit Or Miss? Size 8 Drops New Song That Almost Sounds The Same As The Controversial Hit ‘Tiga Wana’

Celebrated gospel singer Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8 received a lot of backlash back in 2016 after releasing her collaboration with controversial singer Willy Paul dubbed ‘Tiga Wana’.

The secular-turned-gospel act was accused of releasing music that does not have a genuine Christian message, with people expressing their disappointment that she can sing that kind of music.

TIMELESS LOVE! These Delightful Photos Of Size 8’s Beautiful Family Will Warm Your Heart

But for some reason, the song still did well and got a lot of airplay and is already at 1 Million views on YouTube .


Size 8 is known for her amazing voice and energetic performance on stage and even after crossing over the gospel world back in 2013, the talented singer still maintained her fans and a huge following.

The Mateke singer is married to top gospel deejay, DJ Mo, real name, Sammy Muraya and the two are blessed with a very adorable daughter, Ladasha Belle, who recently turned a year old.

Gospel Music Has More Money Than The Secular Industry! Size 8 Confesses (EXCLUSIVE)

Size 8 is not taking a break from music and she’s back with another track, dubbed Mapocho.


According to Size 8, the song is an appreciation to God for his enduring blessings that she doesn’t deserve, but He still provides;

MAPOCHOPOCHO is a name i use to describe God’s blessings in my life. How beautiful His put my life together even when i wrong Him or disappoint Him his love is never ending. I just find myself smiling at His goodness and abundant grace in my life. My God has been to good to me. The blessings in my life are more than i could ever imagine. No amount of words can be used to thank my God.

Just like her last song Tiga Wana, a keen listener will get the songs message, but at least this time she’s singing more about God, with most of the verses in English.

However, some of her fans feel like she could still do better and release more inspiring songs like; Pale Pale, Afadhali Yesu, Ni Yesu and Yuko Na Wewe;

Diana Diana: victor chitery 😂😂😂 sure but its sound #avrilkenya_kitu kimoja☝
Ruth Wangui: size 8 please give us space sielewi kitu hapa we need a song like huyu yesu by Masika and Angle
Faith Wairimu: You are now loosing track ….Ati mapocho
Esther January: Afadhali yesu was a great song mama wambo. It blesses full time. What is happening to you right now???? Do you always mingle with female gospel artistes like Sarah K among others and know what it means to sing gospel? ?? you have been my favourite and I like you so big, but you are losing it.
Oliech tube: Size 8. Nice Video but the Song NG…Please give us content that can uplift our souls and make us feel in the spirit of watching…Hii Mapochopocho sasa haina difference na Bazokizo
Ruthwangui91: Please can you take your time to listen new song of @mercymasikamuguro Huyu yesu and know the meaning of gospel your song is full of mapocho…. hakuna words ingine nimesikia please you should fire whoever write your song ama urudi kwa shamba boy tutakuelewa

But there were still fans who congratulated her for the new single;

Vivyshiko:The song is good… such a blessing to kila mtu keep up
Ennkiennki: 77This is good.
Wanguannie: This one iko tops.
Candy_kui: It’s awesome. I love it




TIMELESS LOVE! These Delightful Photos Of Size 8’s Beautiful Family Will Warm Your Heart

Top gospel artiste Linet Muyali, aka Size 8, is one of the most popular female celebrities in Kenya, and even after crossing over from the secular world to the gospel side, she still made it to the top.

Size 8 is married to Kenya’s top gospel deejay, DJ Mo, real name, Sammy Muraya, but their relationship was actually a secret when they started out before the female singer even gave her life to Christ.

The two love birds would, later on, get married at a secret wedding in the presence of their family and close friends at a private ceremony on September 2013.


About a year later, the Mateke hitmaker revealed that she was expecting a child with the love of her life and in November 2015, she gave birth to their first child, daughter Ladasha Belle, despite a few pregnancy complications.

This was one of the happiest moments for the couple, but as they celebrated welcoming a soul to the world, Size 8’s mother, Esther Munyali, passed on after a long battle with kidney complications.

Size 8 Pens Down A Beautiful Message To Her Late Mother

Through it all, DJ Mo was by his wife’s side and supported his family through the tough times, while also celebrating happy moments together. The renowned DJ recently turned a year older and his lovely wife did not forget to give him a splendid surprise on the big day.

Birthday Boy! Size 8 Celebrates Hubby’s Birthday With The Sweetest Message

Well, the family recently spent quality time together during Valentine’s Day as they took time off their busy schedule to enjoy some family time and while at it, they decided to share pics from a recent photo shoot.


In the pictures, Size 8 and DJ Mo cuddle their lovely daughter as they rock matching outfits, looking very ravishing and happy. I bet this proves that the lovebirds are doing very well in their marriage.

Check out the heart-warming photos below.








Gospel Artiste Size 8 Celebrates The Most Important Shujaa In Her Life (PHOTO)

Celebrated, award winning gospel artiste, Size 8, never gets enough of spending time with her daughter, Ladasha Belle. She constantly posts the cute things she does and never misses a moment. That is every mother’s dream.

Together with her husband, gospel DJ Mo, they make the perfect music family. They have remained relevant in the industry as one of the most sought after artistes with a myriad of fans.


Since the little one graced their lives, it has been all things Ladasha Belle, and life seems more meaningful. She is their light, their little princess and they cannot get enough of her.

ladasha belle

The little girl has over 60 thousand followers on Instagram, more than most grownups who are social media fanatics. This means she’s also a darling to many Kenyans who have watched her grow.

Being a celebrity mom comes with alot of judgement and ridicule, and as much as she would like to keep her life private, she can’t help getting opinions from the public.

She loves being a mum and it’s evident by the way she documents Ladasha’s moments, like when she was playing ball with daddy- it was such a cute affair.

She recently took to social media to reveal who her shujaa is with this heartfelt message; Happy mashujaa day to everyone. …. my ka little [email protected] she gives me so much strength, joy and zeal. The little time she has been in my life the effects are extraordinary. My little hero 😊😊😊”

Alongside this beautiful photo of her lovely daughter;


This Stunning Photo Of Size 8 And Ladasha Proves That She Has Truly Embraced Motherhood

Top female singer, Linet Munyali, better known by her stage name, Size 8, is wife to popular disk jockey DJ Mo and together they are blessed with an adorable daughter by the name, Ladasha Belle.

Size 8 gave birth to the adorable baby girl back in November 2015 at Karen Hospital where her husband, family, and friends had gathered to welcome the bundle of joy.

Sadly, just a day after Size 8 had received her adorning baby girl, her dear mother, Esther Munyali passed away after a long battle with Kidney issues.


Though this came as a shock to Size 8, the family and the entire Kenyan music industry, the singer has been able to get over the loss of her mother and mentor, through the help of her husband, friends and fellow family members.

Size 8, whose daughter is now 5 months old, has embraced motherhood and ditched her purple weaves for a new hairdo, and added a little weight which makes her glow and look splendid. She recently posted a stunning photo with Ladasha Belle and I must say she looks gorgeous.

Check it out below.





How Sweet! Gospel Spinmaster, DJ Mo Sends A Heart-warming Message To His Daughter With Size 8

Lovely gospel couple Size 8 and DJ Mo are one of the most lovable and popular celebrities in Kenya.

Size 8 got born again back in 2013 and converted  from a secular singer to a gospel singer and her fans did not let her down or stop listening to her music after turning to Christ.

After news of her salvation, the ‘Mateke’ singer came out to reveal that she was dating DJ Mo after months of speculation, then months later, it was revealed that they had tied a knot in secret wedding.

Fast forward to 2 years later and the two have been blessed with an adorable daughter by the name, Ladasha Belle, who is no doubt one of the cutest celebrities in town.

The adorable baby girl is growing up fast and her parents never forget to appreciate her on social media when they share stunning photos of their pride and joy. This time, DJ Mo has taken to post along, sweet message about her daughter, which is so touching.

Today, Sunday, April 10 was the dedication ceremony for Ladasha at JCC and her daddy had to say;

This precious little girl is a blessing from the Lord, a beautiful expression of God’s grace. And what His love is for. And on her dedication day today, I pray she’ll grow before the Lord as His princess that she is, for she has come into the world for such a time as this. God bless you my child. Mummy @size8reborn and I love you so much. But God loves you the most.??? ???




Too Cute! 7 Best Photos Of Size 8 And DJ Mo’s Adorable Daughter

Gospel singer Size 8 is one of the most popular and influential singers in the country. She converted from the secular industry to the gospel after she gave her life to Christ back in 2013.

Size 8, real name Linet Munyali, later revealed that she and famous gospel deejay DJ Mo, were married in secret and were living as husband and wife after a lot of speculation that they were an item.

Size 8 announced that she is expecting a baby with her hubby early last year and in November, they welcomed a bouncing baby girl, Ladasha Belle, which was a great joy to the lovely couple.


Sadly, the joy was short-lived as Size 8 lost her mother, Esther Munyali, to kidney failure just a day after she had conceived. This was devastating for her and family, but with time, she has come to move on and embrace motherhood.

The lovebirds’ child, Ladasha, is turning four months in a few days time, and how about we celebrate the charming girl with her best photos. She is just too cute and adorable!

Check them out below.