‘I had to leave to go and pray,’ Esma Platnumz on Tanasha’s 17 hour labour

In an interview with Wasafi FM, Esma Platnumz, Tanasha’s sister-in-law, narrated how painful labour was for the star’s baby mama.

Tanasha who recently welcomed her firstborn son went into labour for 17 hours.

Speaking about the experience Esma said the pain had at some point became too much for Tanasha yet she was alone, her family was not present.

‘Once you are in labour, you lose it It is like you have lost your mind.

She suffered, cried through it to the point where I felt sorry for her. Poor girl.

The worst part is that she was just alone apart from us, her family was not present.


We prayed very hard for her at one point she cried from too much pain that I wished I could take some of it and help her through it.

I left where she was and went to the waiting area to pray for her.’

Sharing her own experience in the labour ward Tanasha said he would do it all over again

“17 hours of labour, it was long stressful and the pain was excruciating but when I look at him I would do it all over again.

It was a natural birth no epidural as much as I begged for one at some point when I couldn’t take it, though I am glad they didn’t give it,

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Most pregnant women urged to give hospitals a miss: British experts

British experts have reversed the advice they have been giving for the past 40 years that hospital is the best place for women to give birth.
More than nine out of 10 births are now in labour wards and this is far too many, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) said.

“There’s no reason why women at low risk of complications during labour shouldn’t have their baby in an environment in which they feel most comfortable,” NICE’s Mark Baker said, pointing to evidence showing that midwife-led care is safer than hospital care for women having a straightforward, low risk, pregnancy.

“This is because the rate of interventions, such as the use of forceps or an epidural, is lower and the outcome for the baby is no different compared with an obstetric unit,” the updated guidelines said.

Around 45 per cent of women have a straightforward, low-risk pregnancy.

The remainder, who may benefit from a hospital admission, run the risk of complications during birth by being over 35, being overweight, bleeding after 24 weeks of gestation or having high blood pressure.

NICE said that home births are as safe as a midwife-led unit and as safe as the now traditional labour ward for low-risk pregnancies in women who are not first-time mothers.

Women’s childbirth memories shaped around pain they felt

Many women say childbirth is the most painful experience of their life. But new research suggests a woman’s memory of giving birth is shaped by different factors.

When recalling their experience of childbirth, women tend to remember the most painful part of labour and the pain they felt at the end – and apply these levels of pain to the whole event. As part of the study, researchers recruited 320 women and accompanied each one of them into the delivery room while they were giving birth.

They asked her to rate her pain every 20 minutes, on a scale of 1 (meaning no pain) to 100 (meaning the worst pain imaginable). They called the new mother two days after delivery and asked her to rate her pain using the same scale and provide and overall number evaluating the pain of her labour, from the moment she entered the delivery room up until she gave birth.

Two months after the delivery they asked her to evaluate the pain of her labour in this way again.

Peak end bias describes how people only recall the peak point and end point of an experience and ignore all other parts.

Duration neglect describes how people’s judgements of painful experiences are not influenced by the duration of the experience.

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Kazungu Kambi freezes recruitment of workers to the Middle East

Labor CS Kazungu Kambi has announced an immediate freeze in the recruitment of workers to the Middle East following numerous claims of mistreatment.

The ministry has also suspended the operations of all recruitment agencies involved and ordered their fresh audit.

Kambi said most of the about 900 firms have continued to mislead job seekers hence the need for the government to take measures to streamline the industry.

Talent Quest Africa Ltd is one such firm. Its director David Njoroge said in an interview last week that the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia and the Persian gulf region, have employed many of Kenya’s youth who would otherwise be jobless.

Njoroge who has been in the job recruitment business for five years was speaking at his Nairobi office. He was responding to calls from politicians urging Kenyans seeking greener pastures to keep off Saudi Arabia claiming it is hostile.

“Politicians should not brand Arab countries as killers because of the few recent cases of employers allegedly molesting their employees,” he said.

Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohammed had said Saudi Arabia was a key partner in creating jobs for Kenya. Some of the firms have also maintained that Saudi Arabia has done Kenyan youth more good than harm.

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Funniest things ever said by women giving birth

It’s not a secret that labour can turn a woman into someone they never even knew existed…

Whether you’re cursing at your husband, your doctors or just to yourself, the experience of giving birth is something every mother can relate to.

Now Reddit has asked doctors and nurses to share their most memorable child birth experiences, ‘Doctors, nurses who deliver babies, what are some strange or funny things people have screamed while giving birth?,’ Ask Reddit wrote.

The question was asked 20 days ago, and has received over 3000 hilarious comments that will have you in stitches.

From gas induced delirium, to pain wrenching abuse, these Reddit users have seen it all.