Sister goals! Betty Kyallo and her sisters are a whole mood

The Kyallo sisters are giving us some positive vibes and we are loving them harder each day. Betty Kyallo is the eldest of them all. They have one brother but we want to focus on the positive energy these girls radiate.

Betty and sisters

They love each other immensely and we wonder do they even fight? Mercy Kyallo in an interview answered this and said that they definitely fight. Just like any other sister – sister relationship, she said , they fight about clothes. She added that fights in every relationship is healthy and that she doesn’t have a problem with it. Their bright smiles always have us wishing we had siblings for those of us that don’t have them.

Betty Kyallo sisters

Betty and her sister Gloria and Mercy

The Kyallos also support each other a lot. After Betty grew her brand she has supported her sister as she was starting out in her business. From advertising it to even modelling for her sister’s leather bags line called Yallo leather. Support is a two way thing and Betty has also said that her daughter and family were there for her when she was going through her divorce and separation process. Mercy Kyallo is also very supportive when it comes to Betty’s salon business.

betty sister1

Betty and her youngest sister Gloria

It doesn’t end there. These girls are also responsible and accountable for each other. Especially for their youngest sister. Gloria Kyallo cleared her high school education last year and she seems to be living with her eldest sister Betty. These sisters are just goals.