Jackie Matubia and Kush Tracey bashed after saying that their hubbies must wash and clean

Switch TV presenters, Jackie Matubia and Kush Tracey are under fire from a section of Kenyans after sentiments they made concerning the men they would prefer to date.

And what did they say exactly? The two Switch TV presenters mentioned that their ideal man needs to wash utensils and clean their mess.

Jackie Matubia
Jackie Matubia

They said this on their popular show ‘Chatspot’ when they were they were debating the roles of a family man, especially in the age of female empowerment.

Jackie said,

“So I go through, primary, high school, campus, up until Masters and PhD to come and wash utensils for you? Excuse me! It’s different!

Jackie Matubia
Jackie Matubia

With Kush Tracey adding,

“Mama, nowadays women, if a man can’t cook, if you can’t even go to the kitchen and wash your utensils, I don’t expect to arrive in the house and find the utensils you used, lying in the sink because you can’t wash them yourself. Personally, my type of man: you can cook, you can wash and clean! I don’t know how to live with a man who can’t work!”

Kush Tracey
Kush Tracey

Taking note that this is why marriages of today are just not working.

While I agree with their notion that a man should be self-reliant the entitlement with which the two said it with was not taken kindly. Some of those comments are below:

Gakii Hawa wamepata pesa wakamea kiburi,a woman should be submissive to his man, can’t have both of you being the head of the family

PendezaScorpion Women of these days are very masculine. Men dont care for your degrees!! Get help if you have to. Talk to yr partner and share home duties amicably. A good man will listen. Stop this chest thumping! Women still try to be equal yet want men to provide Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

N•Y•A•M•B•U•K•I I wash I cook and clean … The joy that comes from asking for massages later on..Who is Complaining??

Mbai. Hao madem wa Switch waukua stupid Sana

Tilingi ElephantElephantElephant If any woman takes advice from such ladies, she is digging her own grave coz regrets will hit her wellNBA YounggirlCollision symbol

Prettyr14987666 I dont care how learned I im or how much money i got im always gon respect my man and do everything a woman should do for her mans.siezi wacha bwana yangu aoshe vyombo na nyumba nkiwa coz i wasn’t raised like that.

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‘Chop my money!’ Politician throws Kush Tracey birthday

Singer Kush Tracey is living the good life thanks to a popular politician who has been funding her lifestyle. The politician who doubles up as a businessman treated the ‘Ni Ndulu’ hitmaker to a posh birthday over the weekend

A source who attended the birthday told Classic105.com that;

“It was a party to die for, the man is also vying for a seat in 2022 and the couple seem to be very serious’

Her 26th birthday went down at a five-star hotel in Nairobi.

Kush and Mheshimiwa have been spotted severally having drinks and getting cosy in restaurants.

Kush Tracey responded to the claims saying, “No comment”.

Previously, she was dating rapper Timmy T Dat but they split over irreconcilable differences. Mid last year, Tracey announced that she had turned a new leaf after leaving secular music.

Marry Willy Paul – Fans call out Kush Tracey for wearing booty shorts

Here is a snippet of the party;



Don’t go astray, just slay like Kush Tracey

Kush Tracey hit headlines mid this year after she revealed that she is now a gospel artiste and has deserted her old ways.

After a few months, she released a secular song with Yvonne Darq and Kristoff. This was after a failed publicity stunt.

Well, she started showing off her thighs on Instagram with critics coming for her, which she responded to saying;
“Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business.”

But honestly, Kush is a slayer!

She has this good sense of fashion that people criticizing her dress-code have refused to see.

Marry Willy Paul – Fans call out Kush Tracey for wearing booty shorts

So, lets take a look at some of her best looks;





Marry Willy Paul – Fans call out Kush Tracey for wearing booty shorts

Kush Tracey is receiving a lot of backlash online over claims of backsliding from the life of a gospel artiste.

Not so long ago, she confessed to fans she was saved and had quit secular music. And of course, the flock was happy for her. One sheep was saved.

Kush Tracey
Kush Tracey

Kush Tracey recently posted a picture online wearing booty shorts and nets and fans went all out asking whether she was really saved?

‘He threatened me with a gun,’ MKU student exposes Willy Paul

Fans on social media questioned if indeed she was portraying the life of a gospel girl, and suggesting that she should get married to Willy Paul whose music has become more secular as time has passed.

Willy Paul posing with a light-skin artist
Willy Paul posing with a light-skin girl

Here are the comments:

Philo: Tunaona sasa umejoin murengo ya willypaul ya kutucon kwa gospel 😂😂😂

Willie: Hehee! Bado unakuanga ile side ya kina Bahati kweli 😂😂

Ossoh:❤️❤️ collabo na Timmy Sasa,,,juu umerudi ligi yako…ama pozee 🔥🔥

Vanessa: Just rewind a bit are u still gospel artiste?
David: Olewa na Willy Paul mnafanana tu just know mungu si adhumani mungu hachezewi kimala mala stay focused

Morine: Huyu anajifanya ameokoka watu wqnastahili kujua what being saved is

Dorie: 😢😢😢Uliokoka kupata collabo ama iliendaje!anyway 🙌 kuokoka si kuimba

Dan:Kwan kush Tracey alibackslide???

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