‘I couldn’t fight two men who play rugby’ Rugby players Frank Wanyama and colleague accused of raping musician Kemunto

While many were celebrating Easter holiday, little known musician Kemunto was busy writing something no woman would ever wish to write.Kemunto took many by surprise after shockingly revealing how rugby players Frank Wanyama and his colleague Alex Olaba raped her repeatedly on her birthday on February 10th.


Frank Wanyama vs Kemunto
According to screenshots seen by this writer, Kemunto narrated the horrific ordeal leaving many condemning Wanyama’s act. Both Frank Wanyama and Alex Olaba play for the national team and Kenyan Harlequins.

Frank Wanyama

Kemunto says she never reported the matter to the police and regrets why now that she’s a month pregnant. Frank Wanyama is yet to respond to the allegations but the Kenya Rugby Union has issued a statement on the matter.

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Go through the screenshots below keenly to get the full story.


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto

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Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Musician Kemunto


Here is the Kenya Rugby Union statement

“The Kenya Rugby Union ( KRU) has been made aware of reports about alleged sexual misconduct involving a contracted Kenya Sevens player.

The matter will be reviewed as soon as practicable by the KRU, in line with existing procedures for all contracted players.

It is also important to note that with a report having been made to law enforcement authorities, the KRU cannot comment further about the allegations pending the outcome of investigations.

KRU wishes to state that it does not condone sexual harassment or any other activity that goes against the spirit of World Rugby Regulation 20 and remains committed to continued respect, empowerment and increased participation of women in all aspects of the sport of rugby.

KRU In Talks With Safaricom Over Safari Sevens Sponsorship

Could Safaricom be making a return to Kenyan Rugby after parting ways with KRU three months ago? Well the Union chairman Richard Omwela has revealed he is in talks with the communications company CEO Bob Collymore as he tries to woo them back to the game as sponsors for the annual Safari Sevens series.

Safaricom broke ties with KRU back in April after Bob Collymore termed the relationship as abusive following a series of wrangles dating back to last year’s tournament held in October. Bamburi also followed suit and broke ties with the Union.

Yesterday the Union released dates for the National sevens circuit as well as for Safari Sevens but notably failed to name the venue. Richard Omwela took over the Union as chairman in March with a promise to clean the house along Ngong road but it was not until May that Philip Jalango was suspended as vice chair after recommendations contained in a forensic audit report.

According to Omwela, he’s been in talks with Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore over sponsoring this year’s series and he is optimistic, the latter might reconsider his earlier decision.

“We are already talking to sponsors; we have already had an offer from one sponsor, we have told that sponsor that the amount they have offered is inadequate to hold an international tournament. We are looking at Safaricom, I can tell you for free, Bob and I have had meetings and he is considering his sentiments about the union based on the changes we have made and hopefully he will be back on board” Omwela explained.

Hosting a successful Safari Sevens tournament would cost the union a lot of money which includes paying flight and accommodation for foreign teams taking part. If push comes to shove, Omwela insists they will still go on with the tournament but would consider leaving out international teams.

Below are the National Sevens Series Confirmed Dates and Venues

Round 1: Christie Sevens, RFUEA Grounds, 1st and 2nd August

Round 2: Dala Sevens, Kisumu, 8-9 August

KRU U-19 Sevens, RFUEA, Nairobi, 15-16 August

Round 3: Driftwood Sevens, Mombasa 22-23 August

Round 4: Prinsloo Sevens, Nakuru Athletic Club, Nakuru, 29-30 August

Round 5: Kabeberi Sevens, Railway Club, Nairobi, 5-6 September

Safari Sevens, 3rd and 4th of October, Nairobi, Venue to be confirmed later.

Mwangi Muthee Breaks His Silence For The First Time Since His Resignation

Former Kenya Rugby Union chairman Mwangi Muthee has for the first time since resigning from the position spoken about the state of affairs at the union. The body has been plagued with wrangles since last year after the annual Safari Sevens tournament and two weeks ago Safaricom, the main sponsors, parted ways with the union citing lack of transparency and an abusive relationship. Yesterday union CEO Ronald Bukusi confirmed that a second sponsor, Bamburi, will also not be part of this year’s Bamburi Super series.

Muthee resigned last year citing various reasons among them poor working relationship with a section of KRU directors. In his resignation letter, Muthee said he felt that his agenda to drive the game forward was being derailed. He further accused a number of the directors as having questionable reputation thus threatening to bring the game into disrepute.

His resignation came only weeks after the then Kenya Rugby Sevens team head coach Paul Treu resigned quoting similar reasons. Three directors of the union also tendered their resignation. Muthee says he is not happy with what is going on at the union insisting they should not be losing sponsors.

“When I was resigning, I wrote the reasons that made me resign. To be honest I am not happy to see what is happening to rugby. I mourn with people who love rugby. We invested a lot of time and energy to develop the sport and I would like to tell them they should not lose any sponsors” Muthee said.

“Sports works hand in hand with corporate organizations and when they ask questions, give them answers. There is no sport that can succeed without corporate support and good will. Look at All Blacks and AIG” he added.

Muthee who was replaced by Richard Omwela during last month’s KRU election has since been appointed as one of the directors of the newly formed Sports Kenya. He will serve in the post for the next three years. Omwela came with a promise of clearing the mess at the union but little has been done since he took over. The former chairman says the current officials know what should be done to bring new sponsors to the table.

“What rugby needs now is many sponsors. I used to run rugby and I know it need thousands of sponsors; not losing them. So when you say rugby is losing sponsors, that’s very bad omen” the former chairman noted.

“Rugby has a lot of work to do and they know what to do and one of these days they are going to do it. I wish everyone in rugby well and I wish the sport well. I would like to see the sport prosper, and it will one of these days” he added.

Muthee also took the chance to talk about the state of the Kenya Sevens Rugby team which has registered below par performance throughout the IRB series this season. Muthee remains confident in the team even though he says the union should invest more in the national side.

“What has happened is that the Kenyan team has not become any bad, other teams have become good and we should pull up our socks and we must do the right thing. Other countries are investing millions in their teams’ development that’s why we cannot afford to lose any sponsor” he observed.

The national side has managed to play in only one main cup quarter final match in this year’s IRB sevens series and Muthee says we should work on making rugby a full professional sport in the country. Muthee who played for Mwamba RFC back in the day says emerging rugby countries like Japan and China will be a major threat to our national side if they don’t improve and invest in talent development.

Muthee was at the helm of the Union when Kenya attained ninety nine points to finish 5th in the IRB rankings. He also oversaw a disappointing campaign under Paul Treu the following season and says Kenyans should support those appointed to manage the sevens team. He has warned against playing politics with the national side.

“Here in Kenya we must also stop joking around, let’s stop playing politics with sevens team, let us get down to business, let’s invest in youngsters. Ours is the only amateur side in the whole world. That team must be made professional if we want to perform at the top level” he noted.

“Kenyans please, stop playing around with professionals, we frustrated Mike Friday, we frustrated Paul Treu, and we killed them” he concluded.

Since his resignation Muthee has been working on his personal businesses.

I Will Solve Contract Issues, Omwela Re Assure Sevens Players

As foreign teams streamed in the country for last year’s KRU Safari Sevens, the Kenya Sevens team was thrown into state of confusion as most senior players refused to play for the national side due to contract issues. Head coach Paul Treu was forced to call young and inexperienced players in the national team with Andrew Amonde the only senior player.

The situation got worse after the Safari sevens and Treu was once again forced to name in experienced side for the Gold Coast IRB series and it was the same case during Dubai and Port Elizabeth series even though it was reported the union had struck a deal with the players.

This was the second year in a row the players had refused to play due to contract issues and many believed the situation should have been averted had the union listened to the players.

Incoming chairman Richard Omwela is not new to such issues and he has vowed he will work towards ensuring the contracts are harmonized to make sure repeat of last year does not happen again. Omwela says he will meet the players to discuss the contract issues among other things.

“we have had the talk with the players even before I became chairman because that is critical, it’s very nice to have contract but if you cannot honour because of financial constraints then you will not have achieved what you wanted” said the new chairman.

Omwela’s first task will be to find out how much money is available and how many players in the national team can be given contracts. The union will also look into ways of re structuring the contracts in a bid to ensure there is equality to all players who will be given contracts.

KRU had introduced performance based contract and Omwela is determined to implement the plan.

“If I give you a contract there are certain expectations I want from you because I’m paying you money, contract reviewing and performance is important in any sector, be it government or private, so that performance contract has to be in force, there is no two ways about it” He added.

Another issue Omwela will seek to clear from the Union is ensuring the KRU directors will not be involved in squad selection for the national team. Last year it was reported some KRU directors were involved in national team selection and Omwela says they have no business running day to day business at the Union.

The City lawyer is yet to meet the players from all national teams but he is ser to meet the Sevens players during the Hong Kong IRB series. The new chairman is set to travel with the team on Sunday.

Meanwhile the new chairman has insisted the Union has not neglected the Fifteens national team despite the team failing to take part in this year’s Vodacom due to financial issues. The national side has not been involved in any active programme since last year when they failed to qualify for this year’s world cup.

Richard Omwela Reaches Out to Rival Group

Newly elected Kenya Rugby Union chairman Richard Omwela has vowed to try and reach out to fighting factions in the Rugby fraternity as he seek to redeem the Union’s face. KRU has been engaged in wrangles with a rival group led by Sasha Mutai after the latter’s group met and voted out the current board.

The Mutai led group had yesterday move to court seeking injunction to stop KRU from holding yesterdays AGM but the case was dismissed paving way for clubs to elect new chairman and new four directors.

“I walked in with my house open, there’s been a lot of in fighting in the board, my first responsibility will be to try and reconcile the different factions so that we have a united rugby once again just like we had before”

“It’s not gonna be easy because we have seen even today there are completely two different factions even with the AGM, the whole idea of a leader is to try and reach out other faction and establish what is the problem” Said Omwela.

The rival faction was protesting the manner in which KRU Board conducted themselves after they were reported to have fallen out with key sponsors. The crisis in the board led to resignation of former sevens coach Paul Treu as well as three directors and former chairman Mwangi Muthee.

The differences were evident yesterday before voting began as section of delegates protested they were locked out of the voting register with KRU insisting due process was followed. Nils Achayo from Mombasa Spartans took issues with the Union for locking him out of voting for the second year in a row but he eventually calmed down and allowed voting to begin.

Omwela garnered 25 votes with his rival Gabriel Ouko securing 18 votes. Ouko will however remain as KRU treasurer since he was appointed as chairman on acting capacity.

Omwela comes at a time sponsors are at logger heads with the KRU board and he says he will do his best to win their trust again.

“I do hope with the good board, we can begin speaking to sponsors again because sponsors are looking for value as well as recognition, we had a situation where some of our directors were insulting the sponsors, that is unacceptable and we cannot condone that” Omwela said.

“It’s a delicate balance to try and get the sponsors back on Board and I do hope they are listening and we will reach out to them to see if we can get our value back” He added.

Omwela had vowed to clean the mess in the Board and has promised to fully implement the Simpson Osiemo report as well as the audit report.The Osiemo report was investigating the conduct of some KRU directors. Omwela said he will not work with anyone who is not fit to run an office.

“When I get the reports, we as Board will sit down and decide if they are people affected by that report, chapter six should kick in, you must be clean to be in the Board, if you are not and the report identified that you are a cancer in the Board you will have to leave”

During the election, Rajinder Sembi from Western Bulls, Paula Lanco, Ian Mugambi and Oscar Mango were elected as the new KRU directors. Omwela believes with the new Board they can take the Rugby game to the next level.

However he has issued a stern warning to the directors saying he will not tolerate any director whose main job will be hanging around KRU secretariat. Omwela says the directors should only meet once a month. He says the work of running the union should be left to KRU CEO Ronald Bukusi.

Omwela who is City lawyer is making his second return to RKU after losing to Mwangi Muthee back in 2011 and he says he is back for short time and ensure there is succession planning when he leaves.

During the AGM, clubs passed a motion agreeing 10% of uncommitted revenue from KRU should be distributed to KRU affiliates. The motion was moved by Impala RFC chairman Geoffrey Gangla and was seconded by Mwamba RFC as well as Kabras Sugar. Initially the motion was seeking KRU to distribute 30% of their revenue to clubs but was strongly objected by KRU vice chairman Philip Jalango saying the move will cripple the Union.

The AGM was graced by Rugby Afrique representative Marvin Green.

Omwela Confirms He Will Run for KRU Chairmanship Post

After weeks of speculation, Richard Omwela announced on Wednesday his candidature for the for chairmanship post in the Kenya Rugby Union elections slated for the 17th of March.

The former KRU chairman who lost to Mwangi Muthee four years ago says he is coming back to clean the mess that has been associated with the Union over the last couple of weeks.

“I have been asked and I have accepted the nomination to run for the KRU chairmanship on the 17th, I want to bring back the game to where we belong, I want to bring back the sanity that needs to prevail” Omwela said.

“When I left Kenya Rugby in 2011 as chairman, I thought I left the game in very good and capable hands, the recent events have shown that we may have made a mistake in the leadership we put in place to run the game, we are now associated with some other sport we know, Kenya Football” he added.

Omwela says the decision to run for the top KRU post was due to pressure from rugby lovers both local and international. The city lawyer believes the state of rugby in terms of leadership has left a lot to be desired.

Over the recent past, Kenya Rugby Union Board of directors have been at logger heads leading to the resignation of Chairman Mwangi Muthee as well as three other directors. National team coach Paul Treu resigned from the sevens team citing the wrangles within the Union.

Flanked by several chairmen from top Kenya Cup clubs which included Impala RFC, Nakuru and KCB, Omwela said he would seek to bring together the board members to work as a team in order to develop the game.

“I cannot work on this alone, give me a board that I can work with and as a board if we feel that you are not pulling with us, we can decide that you are no longer a member we can work with and we will tell you to leave, if you don’t leave we will ask the affiliates to take action” he urged the club chairmen.

Omwela has also promised to implement the Simpson Osiemo report following investigations into the actions of KRU directors. The report was prepared by Pape Sembi but has not been released to the public yet. However Omwela says he would love to have a look at it once he is elected.

“I haven’t seen it but when it comes, I will implement it, if it’s in the interest of the game, I will implement it” he said.

Omwela has announced plans to get sponsorship for the Kenya Cup League. The League runs on a KRU budget and has no prize money at the moment.

“Kenya Cup is big tournament but it’s not sponsored. That is something that we need to work on with clubs. We need a sponsor that can actually put money into these clubs and Nationwide as well” Omwela said.

“However we need to look at the issue realistically and identify a sponsor that cuts across the nation, we need to identify who we can work with to be able to get sponsorship for clubs. But before that happens, we must have a product we are selling” he added.

Before Omwela left, KRU had plans to build a rugby stadium at Impala and Omwela says once he  is elected he will revive the plan and re introduce the Kenya Rugby Limited as well as appoint independent directors to run the programme. He however admitted that the money previously raised for the programme cannot be accounted for and that the account was closed.

Omwela has also revealed plans to revive women’s rugby as well as ensure every club has a women’s team that will take part in the league. Only Nakuru RFC and Mwamba RFC are actively involved in women’s rugby at the moment.

During the elections, vice chairman Philip Jalango will retain his seat since he will be serving for only the second year in that position. Director of squads Dennis Ombui will also retain his post.

Kenya Rugby Union Director Peninah Wahome Resigns

Kenya Rugby UNion director Peninah Wahome has resigned. Her late is dated Tuesday 20th January. Peninah Wahome became the 2nd female director in KRU history after her appointment in March last year.

The announcement made by the board through KRU acting chairman Gabriel Ouko said, “It is unfortunate that Peninah has decided to resign after such a short period of service to the game. We had however been concerned as a board by her continued absence over the last couple of weeks during which she had not attended meetings and had tried to reach out to her but it appears she had already made up her mind to resign.We thank Peninah for her service to Kenya Rugby Union and the game and wish her all the best in all her future endeavors.”

Mr. Ronald Bukusi appointed Kenya Rugby Union (K.R.U) CEO

The Kenya Rugby Union Board has appointed Mr. Ronald Bukusi as KRU CEO. The month long recruitment process was handled by regional professional consulting firm and came after the rsignation of the former chair Mwangi Muthee in Decemeber.

Bukusi assumes office on 1st February 2015 and is no stranger to KRU as he previously served as a National Executive from 1994 to 2000.

Mr. Ronald worked as a corporate trainer with Chicago based firm Arthur Anderson LLP. According to Kenya Rugby Union he is a trained rugby coach and educator who has had a coaching stint at Chicago Blaze Men’s Rugby and Chicago Siren’s Women’s Rugby Clubs. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Management.

In a statement issued by KRU the Board is finalizing on the appointment of the Chief Finance Officer and shall announce the same in due course.