Opinion: All Kenyan businesses should to now process KRA payments online

We used to love queuing and doing things last minute. Not any more. New habits are with us!

Haven’t we learned a lot? At least I can speak for my circle of friends and I suspect the same for most Kenyans. Indeed, comfort is a killer.

Staying indoors has taught us to take advantage of what we’ve got in our hands. Got Internet? Then your business should process KRA payments online and waste no time. Read that again!

Why? Simply because you can. I highly suspect we won’t be visiting the tax centres anytime soon.

Actually, Standard Chartered Bank has made it easier for businesses so that we won’t have to ‘pet the peeves’. Standard Chartered Bank is directly integrated with KRA and this makes KRA submission real time. This, through the Straight2Bank online platform. It’s an online banking platform designed for all your business transactional needs.

All you have to do is set up KRA once and you wont have to memorize the account again.

You can pay your Excise, Service and Direct taxes online. Your account is automatically debited and you receive an acknowledgement immediately.

Besides that, you can stay safe and work from home with more features such as simple payroll processing, simple FOREX transactions, simple bulk payments, reports and alerts and it’s all secure.

Why don’t you try it for your business? You want to meet your legal obligations, don’t you?

To learn more, visit https://www.sc.com/ke/business-channels/straight2bank/

Process KRA Payments online
Process KRA Payments online

Meet the dope fashion designer who returned NYS money that was erroneously deposited in her account

Monica Kanari caught many by surprise after confessing to have returned Ksh 15,306,689 after it was ‘erroneously deposited into her account on December 2016.

Muthoni Kanari is the laid back woman is a Kenyan designer runs  Occasions and Days Ltd’s which showcases different  designs and holding events,


On receiving the money, the designer of a company called Occasions and Days says she didn’t supply any goods for the money. Thus, she asked her bank to re-wire the money to where it had come from.

Monicah told sections of the media,

“I was surprised to get money in my account, a whole Sh15 million and when I asked my bank, they told me it had been sent from Central Bank. On further inquiry, I discovered it had been sent from the NYS and I felt the good thing is to ask the bank to re-wire the money back to where it came from. I even wrote to the PS about this,” She said as quoted by The Standard.

My life is in danger claims Radio Mowzey’s mother months after son’s death

On the other hand, KRA is asking for Ksh 10Million in tax arrears from Kanari for receiving the money. Her company was named among the companies that received Ksh9 billion that has gone missing at NYS. This is the second saga involving the institution causing so much anger and uproar among Kenyans.

Other companies involved in this saga include  Annwaw Investment owned by Wanjiku Ngirita which received almost 60 million for supplying nothing,Other main suspects are Youth Affairs Principal Secretary Lilian Mbugua Omollo and NYS Director-General Richard Ndubai.

The court was left shocked after Lilian Omollo fainted prompting her to be rushed to the hospital.

Monicah escaped judgement by a whisker for the wise decision of returning the cash.

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Shock As Missing KRA Supervisor Is Found Murdered And Body Dumped

The Law Society of Kenya has protested the killing of Kenya Revenue Authority lawyer Jared Ratemo whose body was found dumped along Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

Society president Isaac Okero wants Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to move with speed and commence investigations into what he called most heinous crime.

Ratemo who worked with Customs department in Mombasa was abducted and strangled by unknown people.

Ratemo had parted ways with his wife yesterday at 7.00am in Ngara on Tuesday where he boarded a taxi to town to meet some people regarding a work related matter he was investigating. He was scheduled to be on a flight to Mombasa at around 9.45am.

From that moment he remained unreachable on his phone until yesterday morning when his body was discovered on Mombasa road at the turn off to JKIA.

Okero said the circumstances of Ratemo’s demise point to a most foul murder at the hands of people he was familiar with. This incident coming barely a month following the brutal murder of another lawyer, Ronald Lubya and one year following the brutal murder of lawyer Willie Kimani has shaken the society to its core.

Kenyan man who ‘stole’ Sh4Billion responds asking for donations for his bail

The Kenyan man who is accused of allegedly stealing 4 billion shillings by hacking into the KRA system is asking for donations through mpesa for his bail.

Alex Mutuku, aged 28, has penned down a letter on Facebook to explain the chain of events he suggests may have led to his being implicated in the theft of the money from KRA.

He wrote;”

After all the media frenzy, I’ve been forced to respond with a handwritten letter through my brother who has come to visit me.

My life was darkest in 2015 and after that I decided nothing will ever take me back to that dark time. Not anyone. Not even this and certainly the media twisting facts. Hence my phrase ‘Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up…’ I’m sure most of you are familiar with the lyrics. I’m always smiling. Even now, I have learned to love myself. And trust me, I’ve never loved myself more than I do now.

alex mutku money

Now, since 2015 I’ve never taken time off. I struggled with a lot of things but eventually overcame all. So, 2017 is here and what do I do? I decided one of my new year’s resolution is a trip of East and Southern Africa and one international trip. I buy my international ticket and embark on the east African trip. From city to city. On bus. No flying- too expensive – and I document everything on my FB timeline. By the time, I get to Tz, I’ve spend 73k, already broke and the deadline to register as a voter is quickly approaching. I decided to come back. Now, it has all been twisted as ‘living large’. Wow. But I understand people have to make a living- in this case selling more copies.”

He continued;”

By March I have ticked two resolutions for this year. I get back, I’m arrested. Why? KRA has lost 4B. Not a million but billion. When they told me that, I laughed. I laugh even now. I’m not stupid. Clearly, I’m the patsy. Those big cajunas at KRA looted the cash and then in a smoke-filled room, smoking their cubans – forgive my imagination, it probably was an office- decided this.

alex mutkuk bike(1)(1)(1)(1)

“Oh, this Alex boy just went on a trip and stupidly plastered it all over FB. What’s more, he has a similar case. Perfect! Go get him.”

Anyone with half a brain can figure that out. Four billion doesn’t just disappear like that without anyone noticing- for years. Even slowly.”

Alex has been splashing his social media with photos of his holiday, and flaunting stacks of money leading to speculation that he could be enjoying the proceeds of the ‘theft’.

Here is what he says are the facts about the case;

1. I DO NOT have 4B, or any part of 4B. In fact, my life’s savings are not even remotely close to one billion, let alone four!

2. I have NEVER worked at KRA nor do I know anyone who works there. If I did then I do not believe I’d have queued all those hours renewing my license or transferring my bike ownership. Those queues are just life draining.

3. I believe this is a test and just like every storm, it will pass and I will emerge victorious. The truth never stays hidden. All will be revealed in due time. God’s time is the best. For now, I’ll keep smiling and praying.

4. Everyone who knows me personally knows that I don’t like asking everyone for it. My bail ruling is coming up on the 28th of March and I’m praying and hoping for two things. One that I be granted bail and two, it’s a REASONABLE amount. Now reasonable of course is relative to everyone and for me that’s 100k as that’s what I can afford. But I’m not the magistrate. All I can do is wait.

260kg of ivory intercepted at JKIA

                                                                                                                                                                               JKIA File photo  courtesy of The Star

Over 260 kilos of ivory has been intercepted at the JKIA this morning.

The seizure worth about Sh39 million was made by KRA’s customs enforcement unit at the Swissport Cargo center at the airport.

KRA officers physically opened the cargo to verify the contents whose source or intended destination remain unclear.