Inside the Sh20million lavish wedding Sofapaka boss Elly Kalekwa threw for his daughter (PHOTOS)

Sofapaka president Elly Kalekwa spent more than Sh20 million for his first-born daughter’s wedding on Saturday. Rachel Kalekwa wedded Peter Guniah in a colourful wedding attended by celebrities and dignitaries at the Ngong Racecourse.

Gospel musicians Solomon Mkubwa, Christina Shusho, Lady B and Size 8 entertained the more than 1,000 guests who attended the event. Kalekwa gave the newlyweds a brand new Mercedes Benz E250 and a house worth around Sh12 million.

Present were Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja, former Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno and Rwanda and DRC ambassadors.

The evening party at Intercontinental Hotel was entertained by General Defao, Mbilia Bel, Tony Nyadundo and Rhumba Japan.

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Kalekwa' daughter's wedding

Peter kisses Rachel


Kalekwa' daughter's wedding


Rachel shows off her wedding ring
Rachel shows off her wedding ring



Sofapaka president Elly Kalekwa with his wife


Sofapaka boss Kalekwa's daughter's wedding

Rwandese Hoza group of dancers perform


Radio Jambo presenter Ghost Mulei


Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja


Solomon Mkubwa
Gospel artiste Solomon Mkubwa leads song and dance


Sofapaka players

Ways to be a FOOTBALL girlfriend

Well ladies, I know the football season is here and you can no longer enjoy the dates, outings and attention you always get because the boyfriend, husband or partner is always busy going to watch the game. Now am here to save you from getting mad at him and threatening him because you feel he loves football and football is taking your attention and everything else that’s meant to be yours away from you.

Dating a football diehard fan means you have to negotiate a relationship around all the games. So since as ladies the bible and our society has called on us to submit, you will have to do so by;

1.) Show him that you care about what he cares about, and support him the whole way

I know this is not easy, but relationships come with sacrifices.The more you keep making those negative comments about his games, the less he will bother watching a single game from home. So please try and be positive and support his team. Don’t be nasty as to you loving a soap opera or reality show or inspirational stories is similar to him loving the foot ball match. Trust me once he knows you support him and he can enjoy a football match with you, he’ll consider watching a few matches in the house even when his friends think it’s not fun to watch football in the house and you will at least have his attention and company. So just try and not be mean and silly with your comments about football and you just might win a football girlfriend award and so much more.

2.) Participating at the game

Get the game schedule and make sure you have a history of the last game. I know it’s a lot of work, yeah? But you want the man, so again this is another sacrifice. Even if you have no idea, google can be your friend in finding out or get an app that can keep you up to date with the football matches scheduled for the week or month and since you know his favourite team, make a bet on it. Again second gold medal for the best football girlfriend will be awarded to you as you keep up to tabs with the next game and so he can count on you to talk about football games lined up.

3.) Watch the game while you are there

Well this is the hardest of them all but you need to do it otherwise the game will be boring when watched at home and Mister will end up going out to watch it which means you won’t have the company you need. Showing up is important, but you must be present too. Even if you start to get bored, do your best to watch the whole game. If he looks at you and sees you staring at your phone or talking the whole time, he won’t feel supported. If you have a hard time staying interested, listen to the announcer while you watch. They describe the main points of action, which helps you know what is important. Another way to stay interested is to pay attention to specific things, like the forward or striker, who makes the most tackles, or how long each play lasts.This is the only way you will earn your third gold medal as a football girlfriend.

4.) Ask him to invite his friend with their girlfriends over to watch the match

I know with them shouting and talking and making all manner of murmurs as the game continues can be boring, but you know what, that’s why you are the better half, so stop complaining and play your role in his life. You will have him watching the game where you can see him and it at times feels good to stare at him enjoy the game and see his baby side. Then you getting to meet the friends’ girlfriends can make you have fun doing your own girl stuff with them and so you won’t have to watch BORING football on that day. Especially if the girls are good company. After they all leave, you can earn yourself another football girlfriend award.

5.) Cheer up with him during games

Start by wearing a jersey with his favourite number on it and from his favourite team. You can even get two, his with your name on it and yours with his name on it. No one can celebrate his team with him better than you. If you can’t get or afford a jersey, paint his number or name on one of your t shirts with the team colors. Ask him to autograph the shirt and it will be the best jersey produced by the two of you. When cheering up since you don’t know what to say as you are still learning,yell things like, “Knock ’em down, or “Let’s go, Hector!”. Try and avoid screaming, you might scare him. You know us ladies can get so emotional thinking it’s a soap opera or reality show and put that same energy to football, well don’t. Your screaming can send him back to the bar or hall where football is fun and there are no women shouting as if it’s a horror or they are fighting.

6.) Get to know the other players in the game

I know most ladies know Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Wayne Rooney, Diego Costa and the rest, I’m sure you know them. Well it’s time to up your game and know other players in his favourite team. Learn the names and positions of the starters, or the guys playing in the game, such as offense or defense. Yes it’s not an exam but you know again it’s a test you can take for the love of your life and score that goal for him girl. After this be sure that he will award you with the sixth gold medal of a football girlfriend and each time it’s the football season, you won’t have to worry about bae’s whereabouts as you will sort him out as he sorts you out and no relationship break ups because of football will be experienced.




Rachier Confirms Gor Mahia is Firmly in KPL League

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has insisted his club is firmly committed to playing in the Kenyan Premier League amid reports suggesting Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards had requested to be included in the newly formed FKF league.

Yesterday it was reported the both had agreed to join the new league as FKF President unveiled the 14 clubs that will take part in the FKF League.

However Rachier has described the statement as act of desperation from FKF President Sammy Nyamweya.

“Those are acts of desperation, kicks of a dying horse, take it from me, Gor Mahia is in the KPL league.” He said.

‘It’s desperate attempt, Sammy Nyamweya is a desperate man, the four teams he promoted have now played against each other, who is going to play now in the league, if he promoted 14 teams, let those teams play in his league.” He added.

The two sides severed ties weeks ago after they failed to agree on the new league format.

“I does not matter what he says or what he thinks, it will be seen on the field, the players will be seen on the field, Gor Mahia will be seen playing where they play” The Kogallo chairman maintained.

Rachier also confirmed they have already received the court order barring KPL from running any parallel league in the country and they will be moving to court to challenge the order.

Yesterday KPL CEO Jack Oguda confirmed the League will not proceed until advised otherwise by the high court.

In the meantime Sports Lawyer Annette Kawira says the two Football Bodies should have referred their case to Sports Tribunal which was formed for such matters

“There is a sports tribunal that is set internally to handle sports matters before moving to High court” The City lawyer said.

“If you can remember, the whole mischief that sports act was trying to cater for, was the issue where two Federations or individuals are in crisis, they used to run court and so to mitigate the situation, a tribunal was appointed to handle such matters” She added.

According to Kawira, the High Court should be the last option for both parties. Kawira says the High court will refer both KPL and FKF to Sports tribunal since the Sports act law is already in place.

Kawira who was part of the team that came up with the sports act says the high court is not allowed to listen to such cases unless it’s an appeal.

“Any judge who has read the law will refer both parties to Sports tribunal, the Sports act states that all cases should start from tribunal before moving to the High Court, the law is already in place” she said.

Kawira says FKF should have have followed proper channels based on the sports act before moving to the High.

“My question would be why they decide to go the high court without first exhausting the options that are available in the sports act” she said.

Yesterday KPL players gave both KPL and FKF a one week ultimatum to solve their wrangles or they will they call for mass protest from all footballers across the country.

KPL Players Give Both FKF and KPL One Week Notice To Solve Their Wrangles

With no solution forthcoming, Kenyan Premier League players have decided to take matters into their own hands as football crisis’s in the country deepens.

Led by Bandari goalkeeper Wilson Obungu, the players have threatened to take into the streets in the next one week if both FKF and KPL will not have found a permanent solution to their unending wrangles.
Obungu says the current situation if not handled well will eventually distract their source of income.

“The mismanagement of football in Kenya, has threatened our source of livelihood coupled by inaction by the authorities who are custodian of the beautiful game as they keep on taking us for a ride” Obungu said.

“We have therefore decided all players to give them a one week ultimatum to sort out their issues and come up with a solution failure to which we will hold a mass demonstration of football players and fans “He added.

Flanked by among other Gor Mahia captain Jeremy Onyango, Wycliffe Kasaya, Joseph Shikokoti as well as Antony Kimani, Obungu they will see to have officials from both sides banned from running any football activities if they will not have found a solution in the stipulated time.

Meanwhile as the players spoke in one voice, KPL CEO Jack Oguda confirmed they had received the court order barring them from running any parallel league in the Country.

Oguda says they have already passed it to their legal team. The lawyers will now go through the documentation and advise them appropriately.

The KPL CEO also confirmed they will not proceed with the league matches until advised otherwise by the High Court.

“We have to follow the court order, we have to respect the rule of the law, as we speak are not going to proceed with the league until further directions” he said.

On Friday last week, Football Kenya Federation obtained the court order preventing KPL from running any league in the country. However KPL was not served with the order in time and 2015 KPL season kicked off as earlier planned.

AFC Leopards in State of Confusion

With the Kenyan Premier League set to kick off tomorrow across the country, AFC Leopards has been thrown into state of confusion with one group declaring they will take part in the FKF League.

Yesterday it was reported Leopards secretary General George Aladwa had written to Football Kenya Federation confirming the club will take part in their League. FKF also confirmed Muhoroni Youth had written to them on the same.

Today Mathew’s Oporwa led camp has also confirmed they had written to FKF confirming they will take part in the FKF league and hailed Aladwa’s decision to have the club play in the Federation league.

According to Oporwa, the club will only take part in a league sanctioned by the federation.

“We have made one decision, to take part in the FKF league, yesterday we confirmed to FKF we will take part in their league since they are the only people sanctioned to run a football league” Oporwa said.

“We want to thank our secretary general George Aladwa who also confirmed the club will take part in the FKF league; we want to urge those opposing him to change their stand and support him” he added.

Leopards have been in State of confusion after the Oporwa group met and voted out the entire Leopards officials led by Chairman   AllanKasavuli. However Kasavuli has continued to actively represent the club in KPL meetings including the recent FKF/KPL meeting at Southern Sun.

Oporwa has further urged both FKF and KPL to find an ending solution into the matter insisting it might have a negative impact to football development.

“Those two parties should come together and find a solution, 16 vs. 18 teams cannot be major reason to stall progress of the league in the country, there are better ways of solving the problem? He said.

‘We plead with both of them to form one league as earlier agreed, we want to see progress in the league” Oporwa maintained.

The KPL league will kick off tomorrow while FKF league kicked off last week and meeting convened by Sports CS Hassan Wario ended in stalemate as both sides failed to reach an agreement.

Yesterday the FKF national executive committee met to discuss on the way forward with reports suggesting KPL clubs which had confirmed their participation in the league will be replaced by nationwide clubs.

Talks Between FKF and KPL Collapse

Talks between Football Kenya Federation and the Kenyan Premier League have collapsed. The two Football bodies had been directed by Sorts CS Hassan Wario to meet before today and come up with a solution that was acceptable to all.

The meeting started at around 10am with all parties represented. All club chairmen of 16 KPL clubs were in attendance while FKF was represented by National Executive Committee and branch officials.

At some point, tempers flared and FKF President Sammy Nyamweya was heard insisting he was the chairman of the meeting. Mathare United chairman Bob Munro walked out for a smoke and from a distance; he was seen consulting with his Gor Mahia counterpart Ambrose Rachier.

Munro never walked back to the meeting; instead he drove away insisting he had another important appointment. However before he left he told journalist who were around he was not certain if a solution will be found by the end of today.

After hours of deliberations, FKF called for a vote to decide on the way forward, KPL declined and walked out. According to KPL CEO Jack Oguda, there were no plans of any vote during their discussions.

“KPL’s position in the matter remains the same; we want to implement the FIFA report which recommended a sixteen team league” He said

“It was an issue about people agreeing on the way forward but it was going back and forth, revisiting issues, but in the end there was no agreement” He added.

KPL has insisted their league will go on as earlier planned while on the other hand, Nyamweya has given clubs until tomorrow 10am to confirm if they will take part in the newly formed FKF league.

Earlier Nyamweya had suggested there were almost getting a solution as the meeting took a break. The FKF president has accused KPL clubs for walking out when they almost found a solution.

KPL, FKF Stand Off Continues as Federation Cancels Super Cup Match

The War between Football Kenya Federation and The Kenyan Premier League is not about to end any time soon.

The Federation has released a press statement warning Gor Mahia and Sofapaka of dire consequences if they take part in the KPL super cup match set for tomorrow at Nyayo Stadium.

The Cup brings together winners of the KPL title vs. Winners of FKF cup and the unveiling of the trophy as well as cash prizes was held yesterday.

However FKF says they were not consulted or involved in the organizing of the match as well as granting permission for the match to go on.

The statement written by the Federation secretary Michael Esakwa further read any match official who will take part in the match will have his license revoked and face disciplinary sanctions from FKF.

The clubs will also face disciplinary action if they take part in a match that has not been sanctioned by the Football body.

Esakwa further added the Federation remains guided by the resolutions passed during their Special General Meeting held on the 30th of last month. During the meeting, FKF agreed to severed ties with.

The Federation also questioned the timing of the match which will be played 72 hours before both clubs take part in CAF champions League and Confederation Cup of Africa. The continental matches will be played this weekend.

According to FKF, tomorrow’s match pose a huge threat to players who will be representing the country in continental assignments.

Efforts to reach KPL CEO Jack Oguda on the same issue proved futile as our calls went unanswered.

KPL gives plans for 2015 season

The KPL governing body met on Tuesday and approved fixtures and plans for the 2015 KPL  season.

After wrangles in the  2014 season  KPL declared it will now ignore any FKF decisions and threats which violate the previous FIFA and FKF-KPL cooperation agreements and arrangements over the last decade.

During the meeting it was agreed that the Council decided to refocus on it’s limited resources on continuing to make the KPL one of the most corruption-free, professionally managed, highly competitive and widely admired leagues in Africa.

The plans settled upon include :

1. The season will kick off on Saturday, February 21, 2015.

2. There will be  16 teams as recommended by FIFA, this will include the top 14 teams in 2014.

3. If any  KPL teams renege on or refuse to sign the new legally binding agreement, then the League will proceed without them.

4. KPL will respect the FIFA principle of relegation and promotion and the last two teams will be relegated and two teams promoted at the end of the season.

5. On the selection, testing and appointment of match officials, the Governing Council agreed to abide by the FKF-KPL joint arrangements as in  previous years. However, if FKF refuses to cooperate, then from February 9th KPL will undertake those functions directly. If, as it has threatened to do, FKF bans the match officials selected by KPL, then KPL will insist that those bans all be rescinded before engaging in any future discussions with FKF.

On the IDCC and appeals, the Governing Council agreed to maintain their membership. Other KPL decisions included:

6. The referees fees will be raised for the year 2015 season.

7. The documents in the KPL Dossier to FIFA Ethics Committee are now public documents and can be found on the KPL website.

8. FKF must confirm recognition of KPL as the Company charged with clubs in running the Premier League.


KPL releases full list of transfers for 2015

The Kenyan Premier League transfer window is set to close this Saturday, out with the speculation about who will move where and for how much.

Here is the confirmed list on the players and the transfers made, the players original club is in brackets.

AFC Leopards – Martin Kiiza (Tusker), Emmanuel Ngama (on loan, Uganda Revenue Authority), Chris Gakuo (County Sportiff) Ali Kesi (Upper Hill High School), Joel Bataro (Gor Mahia), Fredrick Ndaaka (Police, Uganda), Karim Ndugwa (SV Villa, Uganda), Clement Mata (Al-Swafaa), Diallo Lamine (Al-Swafaa).

Bandari – Antony Kimani (Sofapaka), John Ndirangu (Nakuru All Stars), Lawrence Kasadha (City Stars), George Abege (City Stars), Micheal Apudo (Mumcop Sports Club), Alfred Oluoch (Black Stars), Alfred Opiyo (Bandari Youth), Farid Mohammed (Admiral Youth), John Owira (Black Stars) Evans Maliachi (Oserian), David Gateri (ASD Cape Town, South Africa).

Chemelil Sugar – John Wawu (Mathare United), Antony Nganga (Nakuru All stars), David Ojuang (Mathare United), Alloyce Mangi (Bandari), Isaiah Omondi (Bidco United), Jackson Oketch (Kibera Black Stars), Kevin Migunde (Kit-Mikayi Youth Sports), Frank Bala (Teso Chago), Walter Omara (Teso Chagol), Oscar Oketch (Agro-Chemical), Jacob Faina (Agro-Chemical), Maxwell Onyango (West Sugar), Collins Kisuya (Sofapaka), Isaac Mukwana (Maji).

Gor Mahia – Boniface Oluoch (Tusker), Khalid Aucho (Tusker), Bernard Odhiambo (Nakuru All Stars), Abouba Sibomana (Rayon Sports, Rwanda), Karim Nizigiyimana (Rayon Sports, Rwanda), Jerry Santos (Coastal Union, Tanzania), Martin Werunga (Talanta), Innocent Wafula (Chemelil Sugar), Ali Abondo (Tusker), Ronald Omino (Muhoroni Youth), Ernest Wendo (Bidco), Kagere Medie (FK Tirana, Albania), Micheal Olunga (on loan, Liberty Academy).

Kenya Commerical Bank – Joshua Oyoo (Tusker), Mark Odhiambo (Tusker), George Opiyo (KRA), Victor Maji (Bandari), Yusuf Juma (Bandari), Daniel Onyango (Gor Mahia), Paul Kiongera Simba SC, Tanzania), Duncan Wafula (Tusker), George Omondi (KCB Youth), Bernard Coulibally (Victoria University SC, Uganda).

Mathare United – George Owino (on loan, Sofapaka), Kassim Mohammed (KCB), Peter Okoth (Supa Loaf), Charles Ouma (Ligi Ndogo), Alphonce Ndinya (Kakamega High School), Cornelius Mwangi (St Joseph Youth), Duke Abuya (GFE 105), Dennis Orenge (West Kenya, Kakamega), Peter Wanaina (KCB), Elikiam Ouko (Mahakama), Kevince Ochieng (KRA).

Muhoroni Youth – Tony Nyangor (Nakuru All Stars), Jacob Mulamba (Border Lions), Abdallah Hamisi (Muhoroni Youth Academy), John Wanda (Muhoroni Youth Academy), Kelly Noti (Muhoroni Youth Academy), Paul Michuki (Muhoroni Youth Academy), Wellingtone Ochieng (Agro Chemical), Elvis Rupia (Nakuru All Stars Youth), George Mandela (Teso South), Masuta Masita (Agro Chemical), Joseck Gathongo (Sony Sugar).

Sofapaka – Willis Ouma (Chemelil Sugar), Erastus Mwaniki (Nakuru All Stars), Mulondwa Lwamba (Sofapaka Academy), Blessing Henshaw (Sofapaka Academy), Abdoul Yorou (Sofapaka Academy), David Bagoole (Sports Club Villa, Uganda), Kevin Omondi (Moroko Swallows, South Africa).

Sony Sugar – Vincent Ogutu (Homeboyz), Anjelo Akumu (Gor Mahia), Byron Odhiambo (SonySugar Youth), Meshack Omukhulu ( Dandora Youth), Andrew Sekayomba (Bidco), Victor Oyugi (Super Loaf), Salmon Omollo (Sony Sugar Youth).

Thika United – Christopher Okoje (Chavakali High), Ezekiel Odera (KRA), Joseph Kalongo (University of Nairobi), Kevin Opiyo (City Stars), Raymond Ochieng (City Stars), Collins Okumu (City Stars).

Tusker – Patrick Oboya (Gor Mahia), James Situma (AFC Leopards), Cersidy Lumumba (Nakuru All Stars), Donald Mosoti (Simba SC, Tanzania), Humphrey Mieno (AFC Leopards), Daniel Oyirwoth (Vipers Sports Club, Uganda), Matarr Nyan (Real Banjul, Gambia), Stephen Owusu (Aduana Stars, Ghana), Aziz Kemba (Sports Club Villa, Uganda), Matthew Tayo Odongo (Victoria University Sports Club, Uganda), Said Dhadho Ali (Modern Coast Rangers), Bryne Omondi (Manguo Secondary), Kaleb Wafula (KCB).

Ulinzi Stars – Ezekiel Otuoma (Muhoroni Youth), Daniel Waweru (Muhoroni Youth), Enos Ochieng (Muhoroni Youth), Martin Ndiwa (Ulinzi Warriors), Churchill Muloma (Ulinzi Warriors), Kevin Makuto (Ulinzi Warriors), Micheal Onyango (Ulinzi Warriors).

Ushuru – Samuel Odhiambo (Tusker), Paul Odhiambo (Western Stima), Moses Odhiambo (Thika United), Moses Arita (Thika United), Nelson Marsowe (City Stars), Charles Okwemba (AFC Leopards), David Otien (City Stars), Kanamuli Severin (Nakuru All Stars), Eric Masika (AFC Leopards), Nelson Simwa (West Sugar), Allan Kateregga (Bidco), Robert Omunuk (Tusker), Ali Kimera (Sports Club Villa), David Naftali (Bandari), Erasto Ndege (Wazito).

Gor Mahia to play Zambian Power Dynamos at Nyayo Stadium

Gor Mahia will play Zambian league side Power Dynamos in a pre-season build match on Sunday, 1st February 2015 at Nyayo Stadium. The match will kick-off at 4:00pm. Charges will be 500/- for VIP and 200/- for Terraces.

Power Dynamos who are also on a pre-season tour are expected to jet into the country on Friday. The encounter will be K’Ogalo’s fourth friendly match as their pre-season preparations hit top gear.

With the opening CAF champions league assignment barely three weeks away, a high profile foreign opposition would be an ideal test for the KPL champions.

Gor Mahia have so far played four friendly matches registering victories against Bidco United, Western Stima and Mombasa Combined side and lost to Bandari FC.

KPL/FKF Boardroom Wars continue

The Kenya Premier League is yet to receive a report by consultant on the implications of expanded league.

The report was sent to Football Kenya Federation yesterday and KPL who were also met FIFA delegation had requested to have a copy before Wednesday’s meeting of joint executive members.

KPL CEO Jack Oguda says they have been kept in the dark since the report was released.

“JEC will meet on Wednesday but Nyamweya has requested to meet FKF officials tomorrow” said Oguda.

“We wanted to be issued with a copy of the report but nobody has communicated to us” added Oguda.

The two bodies have been engaged in boardroom and public wars after FKF proposed change in league calendar as well as league format. No solution has been forthcoming with 2015 seasons set to kick off next month.

On receiving the report, FKF was quick to note the report was only a recommendation from the FIFA consultant and it was not abiding. The details of the report have not been released.

FKF further noted the National Executive Committee will go though the report before passing it to relative bodies including KPL.

Both parties had appointed joint executive committee to look into their issues before the end of this month. However Oguda says he is still uncertain if the meeting will go on. JEC was mandated come up with a final solution on the matter on Wednesday.

Meanwhile KPL CEO says they have set February 21st as the kick off date for KPL 2015 season.

FKF, KPL public spat continues

The war between Football Kenya Federation(FKF)and Kenya Premeir League association intensified Tuesday over the expansion of the Kenya Premier League from 16 to 18 clubs effective 2015.

The football governing body has released a statement with Sam Nyamweya hitting back on KPL’s opposition to their decision.
Here is the press statement, “As per Article 10 of the FKF Constitution, Kenyan Premier League Limited is not a member of FKF which draws its members from Premier League Clubs, National Super League clubs, National Division One clubs and 20 FKF branches. Therefore KPL cannot purport to speak on behalf of our members.

As per Article 2 (G) of our constitution, FKF controls, supervises all football matches and related activities throughout it’s territory and among it’s responsibilities and mandates is to promote and relegate teams at the end of each League.

The statutes of clubs and leagues affiliated to FKF shall be subordinate to FKF as per Article 17 of the FKF Constitution.

FKF stands by resolutions adopted at the Stakeholders Strategic Plan deliberated in Naivasha in 2013, which was attended by KPL and the resolutions passed were adopted during FKF 2013 Annual General Meeting at Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi.

It is a well-documented fact that the KPL has all along been antagonizing the National Federation with the aim of hijacking the running of football activities in the country and KPL even fielded a candidate for the post of National Chairman in the 2011 football elections but their candidate lost.

We are aware that KPL management are fighting for 16-team league in order to create an avenue for squandering more funds from the sponsors and consequently the Federation shall urgently conduct a forensic audit of the KPL accounts for the last five (5) years so as to ascertain how public funds have been used.

The decision to increase the number of clubs taking part in the KPL from 16 to 18 is therefore final and irreversible and FKF hereby directs all the 18 Premier League clubs, National Super League clubs and National Division One clubs to register with FKF by December 15, 2014 as per the provisions of the Constitution Article 10, failure to which the clubs will cease to be our members and they will immediately be replaced as we will not relent on our efforts of developing and promoting the game of football since that is our core mandate.”

KPL announces FOYA awards nominees

The Kenya Premier League has finally revealed the Footballer Of the Year Awards (FOYA) nominees. The categories include: Footballer of the Year, Goalkeeper of the Year, Defender of the Year, Midfielder of the Year, Fairplay Player of the Year, New Young Player of the Year and Coach of the Year.

The Footballer of the Year nominees are Geoffrey Kizito, Osborne Monday (Tusker), Anthony Ndolo (Sofapaka), Enock Agwanda (Sofapaka) and Stephen Waruru (Ulinzi Stars) as they look to Take the cup from Jacob Keli who was last year’s KPL Footballer of the Year

In the goalkeeper of the year category, Gor Mahia’s Jerim Onyango who was last year’s winner is looking to defend his title up against Robert Mboya (Mathare United), Samuel Odhiambo (Tusker) Jairus Adira (Chemelil Sugar) and Lucas Indeche (Sony Sugar).

In the defender of the year category David Owino (Sofapaka) up against his team mate Haron Shakava, Felly Mulumba (Sofapaka), Charles Odette (Sony Sugar) and Jackson Saleh (AFC Leopards).

New Young Player of the Year award is between Farouk Shikhalo (Tusker), Kennedy Owino (Nakuru AllStars), Andrew Anton (Sony Sugar) and Nairobi City Stars Nicholas “Messi” Kamau and Kevin Omondi.

In the Coach of the Year categoryaward are Francis Baraza (Muhoroni Youth), Sam Timbe (Sofapaka), Mike Mururi (Chemelil Sugar), Robert Matano (Ulinzi Stars) and Francis Kimanzi (Tusker).

The winners will crowned on Wednesday(19th November) during the FOYA Awards gala which will be held at Safari Park.


Mathare boss Bob Munro quits from all KPL posts

Besieged Mathare United chairman Bob Munro has resigned from all committees of the Kenyan Premier League.

The official was last week reprimanded by Football Kenya Federation (FKF) over claims of bringing the game into disrepute and it is believed that this may have informed his decision to quit.

A source in KPL said they have received Munro’s letter of resignation. “He has cited a need to concentrate on his club as the reason for his resignation,” the source told Goal.

Munro was a member of KPL executive as well as the rules and constitution committee and is a founder member of the league company.

For a long time he has been the power behind KPL and was behind key decisions made by the company.


Gor Mahia takes the KPL title (photos)

The date was 8th November 2014, one of the most important days in the Kenyan sports calendar as it marked the end of the the Kenyan premier league season.

Kisumu erupted into ecstatic jubilation as celebrations spread among the Green Army faithful countrywide after Gor Mahia were crowned record 14-time Kenyan Premier League (KPL) champions on an electric  final day of the season on Saturday.

The defending champions crossed the line unchallenged after thrashing Ushuru FC 3-0 at Moi Stadium as closest challengers.


     Gor Mahia’s coach being lifted by his team/fans
Gor Mahia fans celebrating on top of the car
KPL cup


President Uhuru congratulates Gor Mahia

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has congratulated Gor Mahia for winning the Kenyan Premier League title.

In what is considered a first by a sitting president of the republic, Uhuru Kenyatta on his Facebook page said: “Congratulations Gor Mahia for winning the Kenyan Premier League title.”

No president has in the past sent a congratulatory message to the winners of the league and according to KPL Chief Executive Officer Jack Oguda, that message in strong enough and it shows the league is followed even by the president.

“We are happy the president has has acknowledged the competitive nature of the league and it proves that he also follows the competition,” said Oguda.

Gor beat Ushuru 3-0 in Kisumu on Saturday win their 14th league title and they are now the most successful club in the country.


Gor Mahia retains KPL title

Gor Mahia are the 2014 Kenyan Premier League Champions after triumphing 3-0 over Ushuru at the Kisumu Municipal stadium. Dan Sserunkuma 55′, Simon Mburu 89′, Eric Ochieng’ 49′ gave K’ogalo the much needed goals. This is Gor’s 14th KPL champions title.  Gor Mahia will represent Kenya in the 2015 CAF Champions League.

Nyamweya, Munroe turn FKF-KPL disagreement into personal war

A row that begun this week between the two bodies that run football in Kenya has now degenerated into a bitter personal exchange between FKF chair Sam Nyamweya and a member of the KPL committee Bob Munroe.

Nymweya now accuses Munroe of owing him Sh3.5m in personal loans to Mathare United FC which Munroe founded and runs. In a series of email exchanges copied to media houses, Munroe acknowledges that indeed Nyamweya loaned his team the money but disputes the amount stated, claiming that it is only Sh1.9m. Munroe has further taken issue with Nyamweya for making this matter public, and for claiming that MUFC had issued repayment cheques but failed to honor them.

According to Munroe, Nyamweya is only talking about the private loans now, because KPL has accused his federation of disregarding the rule of law in the running of the local football league.

KPL had earlier this week accused FKF of ignoring laid down judicial processes in the handling of disciplinary matters within the Kenyan Premier League. The spat followed a decision by FKF to overturn a number of decisions that the KPL had made with regards to a some football clubs.

With the management of football in Kenya considered to be a rather toxic topic, such a public spat between football’s top leadership only serves to raise more questions than answers over the future of the beautiful game.