Kenyans go crazy over Naomi Osaka’s company name

Naomi Osaka and LeBron James are partnering in a media company called Hana Kuma which means ‘Flower Bear.’ But the name is trending on Kenyan twitter because in Kiswahili, it translates to a female without private parts.

In a press release, Osaka said,

“There has been an explosion of creators of colour finally being equipped with resources and a huge platform.”

“In the streaming age, content has a more global perspective. You can see this in the popularity of television from Asia, Europe, and Latin America that the unique can also be universal.”

“My story is a testament to that as well. I’m so excited for what we are building at Hana Kuma. We will bring stories to life with this goal in mind: to make unique perspectives feel universal and inspire people along the way.”

Kenyans as is their norm reacted to the ‘interesting company name. Some of those comments are below;

Wahito: My heart goes out to all Kenyan youths who will have the task of convincing their parents “hana Kuma” is also a brand name for a media company

Clutch Brakes: Naomi Osaka is such a clever lady. She researched well. ‘Hana Kuma’ name isn’t a coincidence. She making the most out KOT and is paying off. Marketing strategy 101. Work smart.

Bad Medulala: “Hana Kuma is just a media channel.”

Marcus: Me trying to explain Hana Kuma is a media company to my female besties

Lisomo: I saw “Hana Kuma” trending at night and thought it’s another protest by Kenyan women. Kumbe it’s a company

Juma G: Woke up to Hana Kuma trending, only to realize it is a media station started by tennis star Naomi Osaka…And it is Kenyans who have taken it their global responsibility to spread the world and loudly wonder about it.

Evans Koech: “My name is Tom Bayeye reporting for Hana Kuma TV, based in KaKUMA, near TiMBOROa. Back to you Dick Koinange in Studio”

Tony de la ghetto: me getting ready to clean HANA KUMA TV offices.

Father of Tkla: 4m Kenyans are having a hard time explaining to their Japanese friends, including Naomi Osaka that Hana Kuma in Swahili language, cannot be a company here.

Heinsenberg: Is it coincidence that One Naomi Osaka who Hails from Kumamoto in Japan opens Hana kuma Media house. Bad people like myself will apply to Hana Kuma and Ask”Do you have any Opening “

Wanaume defender: Me looking at Naomi Osaka launching Hana Kuma media company in Kenya. It might be just on time for the bottoms up game.

Darius: Kenyans let’s go easy on Naomi Osaka. Tough times ahead when mentioning that media company, ‘Hana Kuma’, in front of our elders. It won’t sound right to them

#AfricanMumChallenge: Here are the funniest meme’s trending online

Kenyans are mighty creative when it comes to laughing through their pain.

Everyone grew up with a mother or mother figure that did not play around and if you crossed the line you got a good spank to tide you across that moral line.

We get to learn about Kenyan mums through the #AfricanMumChallenge that has been trending.

Here, the most hilarious memories of Kenyans growing up is revealed.

Grab some tissue because they willmake you laug out loud, you will cry…






























#MasculinityKE: Kenyan men narrate how they fail to pay bills for slay queens

Cases of slay queens being lured by rich men then leaving them with bills especially at nightclubs is not something new.

Such instances are reported every weekend and it’s high time women learn to work hard and pay their bills.

Just recently, a South African man invited a slay queen out for drinks and as usual, she tagged along her squad hoping to milk this gentleman dry, but he was smart.


The sponsor asked them to order anything they want and as usual, the slay queens went for expensive fine whiskeys without knowing that the sponsor would pull out.

After drinking, shaking their bums and ignoring any men who came near them to dance with them, the sponsor left,  leaving them with a bill of 37,000 Rands equivalents to Sh282, 964.

Kwani walikuwa wanakunywa damu ya Yesu? (Insert DJ Shitti’s voice).

Well, a Kenyan man started a thread inviting men who’ve been in the same situation as this sponsor to share their experiences under the hashtag #MasculinityKE

“Nairobi living- A friend’s friend( a babe) invites me for a drink a few weeks back and later tell me she’ll be bringing friends. I go to meet her and get there before her and order my beers and chill,” read his post.

Men thronged the lad’s inbox to confess the bad things they did to such slay queens and below are some of their comments.




Kenyan men


Kenyan men



























Dear Die Hard KC Coconut Lovers! This flask promises to make cheap liquor taste better

All those new drinks in town claiming to be the new sheriff in town have now been given that much needed boost.

They say that cheap tasting liquor always tastes better after the third sip. I don’t know, this is not my struggle.

If you have been looking to upgrade that Kenya Cane into something smoother and respectable, watch below.

A new flask that makes cheap liquor into the good *ish, only takes 30 minutes. I bumped into the video below courtesy Chilling With Twisted on youtube as he makes his pals try the flask.

Incidentally, other than Kc, which other cheap liquors do people drink?





KOT! Do you use these phrases when you’re jealous of someone’s new relationship?

Having a jealous friend in your circle is not a good idea.  If you’re in a relationship and they don’t like the person you’re dating or don’t support your relationship, they will always say bad things about you.

Do you have such friends?

Well, here is a complication of funny  phrases jealous Kenyans use when they envy your relationship, go through:

  1. Anang’ara na pesa za loan

2. Atamchezeaa atamwacha tuu, situpo tutayaona.

3. Kampendea hela tu

4. Mtaachana tuu

5. Si nilikuambia uyo dem ndo amekwamilia uyo chali, uyo chali ampendi

6. Anamchezea tuu hatamuoa

7. Tulijua tu vile vilikuwa vishindo ya nguvu ya soda

8. She’s too old for him

9. Hata hawaendaniii

10. Si wanajiskia

11. Hata huyo si msupuu

12. Mwanaume/mwanamke mwenyewe malaya wala hajui kutunza

13. Mwanamume anaeturingishia nae malaya hatariii

14. Wacha tuone atafika wapi na uyo jamaa

15. Aaaaaaaa hio gari amenunua na loan ya bank😂😂😂

16. Pesa huisha

17. Aliona nini kwake?

18. Atacheat tuu

19. Akimalizana naye atarudia tuu bibi yake

20. Cha muhimu ni uhai tuu

21. Sponsor hukufa

Why Kenyan women can’t keep quiet after giving a man money (AUDIO)


A woman on Classic 105 stunned many when she proudly and openly declared she has built a home for her husband and ensures she deposits cash in his account regularly, with the biggest amount being Sh300,000.

It turns out that there is a problem women have and that has to do with giving men money. Why can’t women help a man out financially and not keep quiet about? KOT of course were on hand to give their take on the topic. check out some comments below.

Mwalimu Kingang’i says men help out all the time, but women have a problem doing so.

‘Show me one woman, yule amesaidia mwanume mpaka akafika mwisho, na hasemi. Hawawezi pita watatu. Literally dragged a man from the mad, akamsomesha, akapata kazi, he built an empire, na amenyamaza.’

Irene, was of the view that silence in a woman is the most painful thing, Shiku on the other hand was of the view that giving a man money is giving him a gate pass to irresponsibility. She went on to add that ‘I can help him out other ways but not financially’.

Another woman said ‘I can’t help a man financially, I will tell him to go get a job, even for mjengo’, Purity was of the opinion that unless he is sick I’ can’t help him’.

Another said, ‘If it were not for me bwanangu hangekuwa popote saa hii. Mimi namsaidia kila siku Everyday I wake up in the morning namwmbea, Mamabo yote namshugulikia, ile siku nitawacha itakuwa mwisho wake.’

Here are more comments from KOT to Maina Kageni.

Also read more here

Slain Meru University student leader Evans ‘Kidero’ Njoroge to be laid to rest on Thursday

The family of the murdered Meru University student leader Evans ‘Kidero’ Njoroge is crying foul over failure by the state to arrest the main suspect in the case.

This came as the family announced that he slain leader will be laid to rest in their home in Longonot in Naivasha on Thursday.

Speaking at the family’s home on Tuesday, Peter Njoroge Gathuri the father to the deceased said that police had kept them in darkness.

Outrage after killing of Meru University Student leader Evans Njoroge aka Kidero

An emotional Gathuri said that they were yet to come to terms with the murder of his 24 year old son who was to graduate later this year.

“After the post-mortem we transferred the body from Meru to Naivasha ahead of the burial which will be held in our home in Longonot town on Thursday,” he said.

Gathuri called on the CS for Interior Fred Matiang’i to intervene so that the family could get justice terming the incident as pure murder.

“The investigating officers have been taking us in circles and we think there are waiting for the burial so that the pressure on them can be reduced,” he said.

He termed his son as disciplined and a role model to many adding that the family had very high hopes in him before a trigger-happy police decided to shot him dead.

evans njoroge kidero

“We have recorded a statement at Meru police station where some students leaders joined us and we hope that justice will be carried out,” said the father of seven.

Shock In Meru As Woman Stabs Street Boy Over Sh10 Avocado

On his part, the chairman Nakuru Youth Forum Charles Mburu said that they would follow the case to a logical conclusion.

Mburu who is also a neighbor to the deceased expressed his concern over the rising cases of killings by uniformed police across the country.

He called on the IG of Police Joseph Boinett to reign in on his officers adding that some few rogue officers were tarnishing the name of the force.

“It has now become the norm for police to kill innocent members of the public mainly during peaceful demonstrations and its time this was addressed,” he said.

According to a post-mortem conducted on the body of the student, he was shot from close range and from behind leading to instant death.

The post-mortem report further indicated the student was shot once from behind with the bullet exiting from the front and blowing up his brains.

Outrage after killing of Meru University Student leader Evans Njoroge aka Kidero

Meru University Student Union Secretary General Evans Njoroge aka Kidero was shot dead in cold blood yesterday by the police.

According to an eyewitness identified as Dominic Limiri,

“Police chased after the student through my compound before one of the officers shot him within my farm.”

Although no one knows the exact motive why Kidero was killed, many have described him as a great young man, who wanted the best for the Meru University students.

“When I hear news bout Meru University & your cold blood murder, I see no hope left for me in life. Reminds me of the cruel times we living in, none of your assassins knows the no. of storms you weathered to be where you were, but I do. Rip bro😓, we the last ones left,” read a message by Odoh_Oniala

In his last post, he shared on Facebook, Kidero wrote a Memo to the university management and here is what he wrote on the 31st of January.

“This is our MEMO to the university management.

We will give directions on the way forward in pursuing our justice in the course of the day.

A little patience won’t cost an arm. We need to be ultra-accurate in all our plans to ensure that all injustices in MUST, including the fee issue are addressed immediately.

Meanwhile, all students are urged to stay off classes until a full solution to our irreducible minimums below, is provided by the university management.

These are our rights comrades. It’s the time for change in this institution.

We have stayed on our knees long enough.

We write MEMO’s that land on deaf ears.

This can’t continue. Someone must be held accountable.

P.O BOX 972-60200


DATE: 31/01/2018


REF: SAMU/06/083/2018


The above subject matter refers;

We are surprised by the DVC’S Memo on the revision of the fee structure.
As the norm, no promise has been honored.

The proposal by the Vice chancellor detailed a reduction that amounted to not less than KSH. 8,500, per academic year.

Now, what we are seeing is a reduction that’s amounting to hardly KSH. 4000.

Below is a list of our fresh irreducible minimums that must be met before the University resumes to its normal operations:

1. Fee reduction to a practical amount in relation to our HELB allocations per semester- less than 35,000 per academic year.

We will be giving a detailed summary of our petition with all the newly introduced, controversial components that we need to be scrapped from our fee structure after our crisis meeting with all SAMU leaders.

2. Implementation of the revised fee structure in the 2017/2018 academic year.

We did not start pursuing the fee reduction course because of the 2018/2019 academic year’s fee. We want the changes to take effect immediately. We can’t postpone the solution to these injustices any longer. This course will only halt upon receiving the revised fee structure for the 2017/2018 academic year and getting satisfied with the reduction.

3. All the money that has been charged illegally, like the KUCCPS increment, that have been on effect for the last 3 years should be accounted for with immediate effect. A communication from the management to the students should be produced immediately directing students on the effects of the controversial payments that were made illegally.

4. A Solution to the clean water supply hazard that’s currently being experienced at the university.

We need clean water supply to:
 All hostels
 Students center
 Playing ground
5. A solution to the hygiene menace in the hostels and academic blocks where students are using cans to fetch water to flash the toilets.

6. A proof of certification for the Leaking buildings and cracking academic blocks, the likes of the engineering complex that are endangering the lives of the students and lecturers.

A solution to these dangerous infrastructures should be provided immediately.
Meanwhile, students are urged to stay away from buildings like Engineering complex.

7. Cleanliness and improvement of our students center. We have written severally about the current blocked drainage system,
the unavailability of: dustbins, a utensil’s cleaning sink, Fire extinguishers, sufficient number of shades to accommodate a majority of the students.

Failure to allocate several workers to be in charge of cleaning the students center. Or is the students center not part of Meru University?

8. Maintenance of the roads and pathways:
We are tired of seeing the university rushing to repaint and clean the only road in Meru university when graduation time comes knocking.

We want a solution to the overgrown grass along our roads and pathways, the potholes and disease-causing dust to be arrived at immediately and without fail.

9. We understand that money close to 44-million KSH was allocated for the improvement of our university playing grounds that are at the worst state, about a year ago. We are yet to see even a slight development in the fields.

We are demanding a full update immediately on when we expect better playing grounds. After all, we are here to grow into all round people while some of us never get a chance to discover their talents due to the poor state of our playing grounds.

10. We want a full account of the money we have been paying for medical subscription. We will no longer sit and continue paying the 4000KSH medical subscription while our hospital continues to deteriorate to its worst state. We expect that with the high charge MUST should, at the moment, have a reputable health center. Considering the fact that we pay more than 16 million Kenya shillings per year on medical subscription. Where has the money been going to for the last 5 years?

Our hospital has only one doctor, no nurses, no sufficient medicine, no inpatient services. We need a full explanation.

Cooperating is the only option.

Thank you.


Evans Njoroge

Rodgers Wangila Wabomba

Here are the photos of Evans Njoroge aka Kidero


Evans Njoroge aka Kidero
Meru University sec gen Evans Njoroge aka Kidero


Evans Njoroge aka Kidero
Meru University sec gen Evans Njoroge aka Kidero


Evans Njoroge aka Kidero

Kenyans react after NTSA is ordered to keep off roads

President Uhuru Kenyatta has ordered NTSA to keep off roads and let police officers manage traffic.

The president noted on Tuesday that many accidents have been taking place.

At least 330 people died in several parts of the country in crashes in December 2017 alone. Some of the most grisly accidents took place at the Salgaa black spot.

Officials of the National Transport and Safety Authority have been camping on roads to monitor driving and use police officers seconded to them to arrest offenders.

In 2016, the National Police Service seconded some 200 police officer to NTSA to help with enforcing traffic laws.

But Uhuru said: “Leave the duty to traffic police.”

He continued: “I agree that road accidents have been on the rise. The government will work to ensure we minimise the accidents.

“We have decided that all NTSA officers withdraw from the roads and leave traffic work to police. We want to see if we can restore order on the roads.”

The president noted every Kenyan has the responsibility of cautioning reckless drivers and that the public must complement the government’s efforts.

“As a passenger, you have a responsibility to ensure the driver [adheres to] rules. Passengers should not be the ones urging drivers to speed,” he said. “It’s better to arrive late and safely rather than die or be injured in a speeding vehicle.”

Check out reactions below;



#KenyaPower: Here’s every meme and joke made about the nationwide power blackout by KOT


The last time a nationwide power blackout happened, it turned out that a monkey was to blame for tripping power. The looks of disbelief on the faces of Kenyans was enough to tell you what a joke they thought Kenya Power is.

Well, once again, Nairobi was engulfed in darkness and while the power company is yet to get back with a response on the blackout, KOT took time out to make meme’s and jokes, as they waited for power to be restored.

Go through below and have a ‘powerful’ day won’t you?

Michael Gwei….I stopped trusting Kenya Power
the moment i saw backup
power generators in their
Cyprian kiprop.…Martin Luther….black..
Barack Obama… black..
Kenya Power….. black..

AdamMaina_.…REPORTER: Mr Matiang’i what’s your take on the countrywide power black out?

MATIANG’I: It was agreed by Kenya Power that instead of giving Kenyans short power breaks all year long, we combine it all give you in one night and move on, we’re streamlining the power curriculum.
kelvin mwangi….Kenya power have jst tried “MPANGO WA CANDLE”😀😁😁😁😁😁




#DateOnOneSide: Here are the types of people who must date according to Kenyans on Twitter

Twitter users have kicked off 2018 in high spirits. Their creativity is on another level and who knows, they might be awarded for being creative come the end of this year.

Well, #dateoneside is trending on social media and here are the hilarious reactions.

















































These are the approved dowry rates for Kenyan women according to KOT

One never knows exactly what they will wake up to when they log onto social media. Kenyans are known to make all manner of topics trend online and sometimes it’s funny but other times, the topic may rub someone the wrong way.

Well KOT are at it this time round with a debate, and a hotly contested one about dowry.

Someone has shared a letter addressed to Kenyan dude’s detailing how much they should pay for dowry. Have you seen it. If not, check it out below.

Well, it purpots to outline how much Kenyan men should pay for their chicks, depending on her character. This is where it gets savage. From sheesha smoking girls, to those who can’t cook, here is how much you should expect to pay if you intend to walk down the aisle anytime soon.

Also check out the reactions of KOT, as they comment on the topic, and completely drag members of the opposite sex.

approved dowry rates for ladies




Thedarling’s Kris …Threat to the boy child is not about dowry but older men who have nothing to mentor… Ladies don’t wish a dowry of millions be offered for you by a rich idiot who knows that with money they can but you like a house or car not aware of the sanctity of marriage.

Hope Favor …I think character should be the main agenda..Can be in University and a an E gal surpasses you when it comes to maturity and good character…

Alì Bomayë …Slay queen – handshake only Like a drug deal

Bianca Jovial ..Nyakundi should stick to his lane

Musyoka Mary …At the end of it…all will give birth the same way 😣😉 feeling irritated

Naenda hivi narud

Annet Gathoni …Do you know that dowry is fixed by the elders… Hizi story za sijui boy child mtaacha…

Still Reagan …For a std 8 dropout, a handshake is enough

Kenyans send “You are my girlfriend now” text messages to random girls, the responses are epic (Screenshots)

A new trend by Kenyans on Twitter will crack open your ribs with laughter.

The trend was started by @droid254 who thought it would be funny to see reactions from Kenyans after they randomly get texted, “You are my girlfriend now.”

Many men took up the challenge and told the women they were crushing on or hoped to have relationships with, “You are my girlfriend now.”

How would you react to that?

Well, here are some of the hilarious responses that will crack you up.

House help arrested for stealing ‘abandoned’ 8-month-old baby

By Ndichu Waniana

The 8-month-old baby who was on Friday found abandoned along the railway line at Kiyuu area, Ol Kalou was kidnapped at Embakasi by a house help.

Mary Wacuka alias Angela Wambui, who together with her boyfriend claimed they found the baby, was on Tuesday arrested in connection with the crime.

Police in Ol Kalou took her in after she went to the station seeking permission to take the baby from J.M Memorial hospital where the girl was admitted.

Mary Wacuka alias Angela Wambui at Ol kalou police station on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. /NDICHU WAINAINA
Mary Wacuka alias Angela Wambui at Ol kalou police station on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. /NDICHU WAINAINA
It has emerged that Wacuka, who hails from Githunguri village in Ol Kalou, took away the baby after the mother declined to pay her Sh3,000 in monthly salary.

Nyandarua Central OCPD Wilson Kosgei said the child’s parents positively identified the girl but were not allowed to take her from the hospital until the matter is sorted.

He said the case will require further probe by Embakasi DCIO since it was from the said jurisdiction that the crime originated.

“The baby’s parents, who are said to be from Meru, employed Wacuka without taking her identification details or getting information on her background,” he said.

“She was not asked anything to do with ID. A stranger was just employed and given custody of the child. This should serve as a lesson to other parents.”

The woman reportedly travelled with the baby and left her at the railway line before calling her boyfriend Danson Machira of St Thomas village in Ol Kalou for a walk.

The man said he had just arrived from a farmer’s field day at Ol Kalou dairies when Wacuka called requesting that they meet at Kwa Iria stage.

“She requested that we walk to town through the railway line instead of the tarmac. Just as we passed the baby, she cried and we turned to pick her.”

“Little did I know that Angela had stolen the child in Nairobi. I am so confused,” Machira told the Star at the police station before he was released.

He earned his freedom after narrating how he and Wacuka found the baby and reported the matter to the police before taking the girl to the hospital.

Wacuka told the police that she deceived them about the incident since she wanted the child to be in a safe place as she pondered what to do with her.

After The Star ran the story, Nyandarua Central DCIO Stansellous Mwangi called this reporter with information that a baby has been reported missing in Nairobi.

Mwangi camped the hospital where he arrested Machira when he went to check on the baby.

They called Wacuka who lied she was at Nyahururu yet her phone signal indicated she was at Dundori in Nakuru county.

The culprit will be handed to Embakasi DCIO on Wednesday for further probe and prosecution.

Read more here

Kenyans Savagely Attack Bikini-Clad Girls Working At Car Wash Along Thika Road

Not so long ago a ‘classy’ car wash was opened along Thika road and what struck the eyes of many, was the beautiful chics or in short slay queens working there. Skimpily dressed and some even in bikinis, their dress code indeed attracts many customers. Slay queens will be the end of us!

But most Kenyans are not happy. They claim these beauties are promoting immorality in the society and that they should be stopped as soon as possible. Such things only appear in dancehall videos by Jamaican artistes.

Well, some Kenyans are calling upon Ezekiel Mutua, the Kenya Film Classification Board ( KFCB) CEO to take action immediately.

Slay queens at a car wash

Check out the reactions from concerned Kenyans

Philis: Whaa it looks like not a car wash alone

Wanjiku: This is evil.when will some women respect their bodies and not be used as objects for someone else’s selfish gain.Wake up women, who are doing this.

Brenda: The way the devil welcomes you to hell. He dangles and you follow..hivyo tu ndo MTU ujikuta hell bila kujielewa.

Stacy: What are they trying to advertise?

Rose: This is the ridiculous thing ever.nonsense
Massawe Japanni: Waristhis

Lillian: Beauty contest, carwash or what? Mine can’t be cleaned by half-naked women

Slay queens at a car wash

Joe: This is how cheap girls have lowered themselves to become

Gordon: Ezekiel Mutua, does social media advertisement fall under your docket?.This is not good, the Government need to ban such advertisement, they are evil.Women being used to advertise a place in a pretext of cleaning cars while half-naked?.

Caro: This looks more if desperation

Terry: not being judgmental but do they have parents, relatives or friends who will mind how they are dressed?

Soloh: There are so many ways of killing a cat. Milking men dry

Slay queens at a car wash

Euner: It’s known na prostitution….

Warui: Wololo hii club itamalizia wanaume haki.’

Gachoki: Eschatology!!

Dave: Prayers changes things,

Ali: There’s more than car wash. They are advertising Sabina Joy

Dennis: Satan has full control of the world.Imagine these are not animals but daughters of men

Esther: They are a disgrace to womanhood

Florence: Car wash my foot!!! That’s too immoral

Limo: Do these girls have mothers and fathers??????

Please read as gospel singer Ringtone is dragged online for showing off his lunch

While you were at the kibanda eating madondo, all gospel singer Ringtone wanted to do was show off to his fans that he was enjoying his fancy lunch. But he made a mistake that caught the attention of social media, who were quick to troll him for a tiny mistake.

But come to think of it, you know how you type so fast that you don’t check what you typed? Well I guess, Ringtone didn’t either.

He was so excited to show off he was eating a burger for lunch, that it escaped his notice there was a major typo. Read what he wrote below, and do have a bugger free day won’t you.

Am enjoying my bugger for lunch. I take this very moment to remember all of you who may not have a chance to eat anything today. May God perform a miracle.

ringtone eating a burger
Gospel singer Ringtone trolled for showing off his Bugger not burger

Just go ahead and read the hilarious reactions;

Julie Aduma… Duncan Mosiah Kahacho Cece Wakesho Nyange come get your cousin. He is eating buggers for lunch
Ki Nya.. Don’t post a picture then wish good wishes for people. Go buy hungry people food. Jesus didn’t post selfies
Dutchess Immah… It’s such a shame, what we have become as Kenyans. Such a shame to find deep pleasure in pointing out the flaws of others. Ringtone make as many typos as you want, people here need to get lives!
Nirvana J Diesuz …Hahahaaaaa bugger haha cmon dude it burger hahaha u made mah day
Dennis Kirimi… niliona hii upus, nikakam
Harold Spiroow Irunguh… I can see a burger And a Bugger
Pierre Onsombi …You are the miracle buy 10 more burgers and give those who have nothing then your prayer will be answered
Bonkas Airwavez… Umetusi maskini indirect but ni sawa tu….. #Munguhalali
Sarah Sila… This must be the meaning of “Kizungumkuti”.
Erick Gethemo Kamonjoh… BUGGER WEWE!!!
Erick Gethemo Kamonjoh… Hio mapua inaeza ingia bugger tatu
Honi A Rosa… Kua mpole burger ni snack sio food
Maher Zain… Ok eat Bugger 😁🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 kesho utakula burger
Cindy Bonita Ogana …The only BUGGER I see is you!
Omweri Kerubo …Bugger for lunch.???? Or Burger
Florastine Juma Ewooo… it’s burger 🍔 my fren
Kimani Sarah… A bugger eating burger.
Snex Bwoy …hey people i am eating a burger.. coz i am rich.. i also have two phones.. ama hamuoni iyo iko kwa meza…??
Winnie Kadzo Yaa Yvonne… i dont know these stuff but is it really bugger or burger🤔🤔🤔
Citrine Topaz… Bugger???kula vitu umezoea apana cram vitu..slayqueen wewe

Could it be slay queens? Kenyans searching on google how to cook pilau

Trending Google Searches for the Month of October are revealing some rather interesting facts. A report from the team at Google says top on the trending searches for the month was the term ‘Demagogue’.

This is after former Nairobi gubernatorial candidate, Miguna Miguna was banned from a popular TV show for using a statement that the show host considered “to be advocating for violence”. During the show, Mr. Miguna had repeatedly used the term demagogues to refer to the President and his Deputy. The incident received mixed reactions with a section of Kenyans trolling the show host on Social Media for what they referred to as his “lack of understanding of the word demagogue.”

The month also saw Kenyans take to Google in search of Harvey Weinstein. The American film producer and former film studio executive became the second trending search after reports of sexual harassment complaints against him were published. Following the reports, Mr. Weinstein has since been fired by the Weinstein Company board.

Dennis Oliech was the third top trending search. News that the former Harambee Stars captain had “gone broke” sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans online. The news painting Oliech as a man who is struggling financially was triggered by a photo in which the International football legend had posed with former Harambee Stars coach Ghost Mulei on October 1 during the Koroga Festival.

With the continued growth of sports betting culture in the country, the search for daily “bet numbers prediction” became the fourth trending item on Google. As the betting industry expands, more Kenyans continue to visit Google in search of answers to betting tips, football predictions, match analysis and statistics.

The resignation of IEBC Commissioner, Dr. Roselyn Akombe hit the top trending searches after Kenyans woke up to the news that she had resigned from the commission. Dr. Akombe was the fifth trending search after she quit her job exactly a week before the repeat election. In a statement from New York, Dr. Akombe indicated that she had resigned due to “IEBC’s failure to meet the basic expectations of a credible election”.

Sixth on the trending Google searches for the month of October was the Las Vegas shooting. On the night of October 1, 2017, a gunman opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers, leaving 58 people dead and 546 injured. He was later found dead in his room from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The incident is seen to be the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in the United States. The event has since reignited the debate about gun laws in the country.

Sharon Mundia, lifestyle blogger, was the seventh trending search on Google. Popularly known as This is Ess, Ms. Mundia was compelled to shrug off claims that her marriage was on the rocks. Rumours that Sharon had been kicked out of her matrimonial home had been fueled by a statement made by a local radio presenter.

Mashujaa Day was the eighth trending item on Google search in October. Mashujaa day, also known as Heroes’ Day is a public holiday to collectively honour all those who contributed towards the struggle for Kenya’s independence or positively contributed in the post-independence Kenya.

Jimi Wanjigi was the most trending personality on the political scene. However, Kenyans seemed more interested in the scene of his wife’s maiden appearance – Irene Nzisa – next  to her husband while he recounted the events of a police siege that took place in their home. The scene was recreated by Kenyans making #WanjigiChallenge memes on Social Media.

The 10th trending search on Google was the demise of popular local comedian, Geoffrey Mwangi commonly known as Kianangi. The comedian was found dead at Witeithie in Thika after going missing for a week. It is alleged that he had been abducted a week before the start of the month by unknown people while on his way to Thika to pick up his mother who was unwell.

Trending “how to” searches

In the ‘Trending How to’ category, the most trending search was ‘how to cook pilau’ – a popular recurring “how to” search among Kenyans seeking to prepare the swahili dish while ‘how to write a cv’ came second. ‘How to play lotto’ was the third trending item, while ‘how to make money online’ and ‘how to join illuminati’ took the fourth and fifth positions respectively. Still on kitchen matters, Kenyans searched for ‘how to bake a cake’ making it the sixth trending search. ‘How to pay GOtv’, ‘How to kiss’ and ‘how to write an application letter’ made it to the seventh, eighth and ninth positions respectively. Closing the top list of top 10 trending ‘how to’ searches was ‘How to write a proposal’.

Below is the list of top trending searches in the month of October 2017:

Top 10 trending searches

  1. Demagogue
  2. Harvey Weinstein
  3. Dennis Oliech
  4. Bet numbers prediction today
  5. Akombe
  6. Las Vegas shooting
  7. Sharon Mundia
  8. Mashujaa Day
  9. Wanjigi
  10. Kianangi

Top 10 trending “how to” searches

  1. How to cook pilau
  2. How to write a CV
  3. How to play lotto
  4. How to make money online
  5. How to join illuminati
  6. How to bake a cake
  7. How to pay GOtv
  8. How to kiss
  9. How to write an application letter
  10. How to write a proposal

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