G.O.A.T: KOT honor first Kenyan to own a car


Back in 2017 a man by the name Gerald Gikonyo Kanyira grabbed attention when he was honored by President Uhuru and then Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero with the keys to the city.

The photo has resurfaced only and KOT stan the pioneer businessman.

He is the remaining founder of the multi-billion shilling Rwathia Investment Group that has employed more than 100,000 Kenyans across the country.

He also owns half of downtown including the likes of Sabina Joy. His first salary was four bob.

gerald gikonyo with uhur

Gikonyo, 103, still supervises several businesses in the sprawling enterprise that is a household name in various cities and towns in the country.

Here are comments from KOT:
He also owns the famous Sabina Joy and he lives along Ronald Ngala

Gerald Gikonyo Kanyuira was the first man in Kenya to buy a car. Together with his friend , whose name has not been recorded anywhere, the two contributed each 150 ksh to buy a sh300 Austin A30 which made them join a class of the wealthy.

The oldest profession known to man has crazy returns. Mans is the real OG.
This old Kikuyu money from Murang’a owns like 80% of Rifa Rori and Kirinyaga Road.
Eureka, Njugu-ini, Timboroa .. some of the notable buildings! Legend!

The man, the myth, the legend…

Rich geng!
Legend huyo! The 🐐

‘You guy my guy’ of his time

He still got swag….he feels like yeah no big deal


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#Bottlecapchallenge has a Kenyan spin that’s a must see (Video)


The latest viral challenge worldwide that everyone is trying is dubbed the #bottlecapchallenge.

The aim is to kick the lid clean off the top of the bottle using a circular martial arts kick called a ’roundhouse’.

Celebrities and sports stars including Jason Statham and Conor McGregor have take part in the Bottle Cap Challenge.

Jason Stratham, known for his martial arts prowess, inspired the viral challenge.

See how he did it below with such perfection.


A Kenyan has tried out the kick. Watch the video below. Ameweza?




The real reasons Kenyans don’t tell you about not visiting shags

When is the last time you went shags?

Be honest, probably several years.

This is something many of us are guilty of and it’s not because of distance.

Classic 105’s Mike Mondo opened up debate about this to listeners to tell the real reason why Kenyans no longer visit their ushago.

Mike wondered

Top 7 reasons why Kenyan women do not accompany their men to ‘shags’

If you are an 80’s baby, you will get this.

We lived for the moment of visiting shags.

But nowadays there is a trend among young people not being interested in visiting the village. If you ask them where they are going it’s Dubai or Mombasa. Infact if you see them in shags it’s for a ruracio.

It’s sad it’s your grandmother who gets into a bus to come to Nairobi to see you. It even used to be a big deal to take your babe to shags for Christmas. And I’m wondering :what’s happening. Why don’t young people visit the village anymore?

Why is it that as a young person going to shags on vacation is a no.. no?

A caller said

nowadays it’s not easy kwasababu kazi Nairobi ni ngumu sana afadhali utume pesa kwa mpesa. Kuwenda ushago saa hii the ladies we are marrying nowadays they don’t want to go shags.

Another said

I go shags every December and it’s a rule. Where I got married they have a rule every December you take your wife to shags.

Actress Nyce

Another said

I last went 20 years when my dad died in 99. This was the last time we went there.Before that we went every December but the reason why I stop going ni my relatives walinikosea. When my dad died there was family conflict. I hated my grandmother and my grandfather. I hated everyone on my dads side I swore never to go back there, so I have to get someone to show me direction there. The last time I was there I don’t remember anything.

Another said commenting on Twitter

Mike it depends with people who are there. Mike at our home area ppl are very demanding

Another said

The fact that I hate my grandmother so much makes me not go to that home it is so painful thaty our grandmother hates your kids so what is the reason to go shags, in kukuyu she calls her own children dogs it is that bad.


Another said

It’s a classic example of people not appreciating where they come from, people are hiding in towns. It’s because they are not investing in their kishagi and they wouldn’t find it dirty if they did. So let people go back to kishagi first.

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5 easy ways to enjoy yourself on a night out at the club

Going out to a club during the weekend and wanting to have fun is pretty much what guys young-ins (allow me to use this word) do.

It is a good thing thing to want to go out to that newest club and just want to have fun, you know after a long week.

This not only happens for young people, even the older generation where they only want to feel young again and enjoy life.

We have highlighted ways in which you can enjoy a night out in a club

1. Tag friends along

Do I really need to explain this?

Well alright, friends make the world go round (did I get that right?)

Well, what I am basically trying to say is that the more the friends, the merrier the night.

Tag those close friends once in a while as you go out, they make it more fun and even after a long stressful week, you get to enjoy the night.

Group of young people making toast at party

2. Try out a new club

If you are used to only going to one particular place for most weekends, why don’t you switch up?

Try out new places with different drinks and cocktails.

Maybe this new place would make it even more fun for you than the other night outs that you have gone out partying.

evening-out (1)

Fathers Day: How to celebrate the wonderful men out there

3. Dress up

Look good when you go out.

It does make a difference you know. It gives you confidence when you are looking good and classy at that night out.

You never know, your prince charming  might be there you know…

image-2019-06-14 (4) (1)

4. Dance

It really doesn’t matter if you can dance or not.

The rhythm that comes to your mind even with the 2 left feet should be able to get you off the night making it fun for you.

You don’t have to go and just sit through out the night at the club while everybody else is having fun, make it as enjoyable as possible.

image-2019-06-14 (2) (1)

The suicide note a Naivasha butcher wrote over a broken heart

5. Don’t drink and drive

Do not drink and drive….. Enough said


image-2019-06-14 (3) (1)


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‘Mzungu’ conman in Naivasha has got many talking about his strategy


The things that a conman has been doing all the way from Naivasha to persuade people to send him money has generated interest.

Mostly because many have encountered the con, with some losing thousands of shillings in the process.

Think you can spot a fraud from a mile off? A Twitter thread about a ‘mzungu’ con in Naivasha has got many talking. Read the thread courtesy JohnNjenga on Twitter.


mzungu 1

mzungu 2

mzungu 3

mzungu 4

mzungu 5


Also read reactions from KOT on the same matter:
I know this mzungu lady.She sent me photos of a vx 100 series a KBA which had hit a bull i presume and claimed she needed financial aid 20k to be exact for the one bull and bribe a cop i didn’t buy it finally she faked being attacked by maasai herdsmen finally i blocked beware!

Chipukeezy speaks marijuana and the quality he loves most in a woman

The same thing happened to me in 2016. A “mzungu” from Narok was coming to buy some plotters he got stuck in limuru where he told me the police had arrested him for overspending now that he had no cash and the money in bank was in dollars which was accessible upon arriving.
This game is atleast 5 yrs old. I listed my car on OLX a while back and this guy tried to con me. Only he claimed on his way from Narok to Nairobi he was arrested by NTSA for speeding and needed help with cash bail, 20k. That’s when I knew he was a Kenyan con, not even white 😃
@Aketcheryl..a inakuja ya mzungu ama?😂😂😂. How can someone be fooled thrice?
It’s unfortunate what befell him.. this craze about mzungu trust is what’s ruining lives..people tend to think they can’t get raw deals with wazungu and hence the trust ruins them..let’s beware..nowadays, they’re using love issues too to swindle Africans cash

On my case a guy told me he has hit piki ya mayai so anadai 5K to pay off. I sent 50 bob nikamwambia anunue credo yenye ame waste lol!

I slept with older men for money-Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen says

We know this old con tactics of sijui foreigners calling you claiming they are at a petrol station with foreign currency, later on they sent you such pics of an accident heheee. I can’t fall for this tricks

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‘Artist’ on Moi Avenue with amazing drawings catches KOT’s attention



Apparently Kenyans on twitter have unearthed what they say is a con game.

The female artists photos have been shared multiple times on Twitter after several OT claimed she is not what people think.

I slept with older men for money-Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen says

Kenyans have responded with comments saying they think she is fooling the world about her skills, just to make money.

Read some hilarious reactions:

Anyone see this lady on the streets. I saw her like 2.Months ago and she was drawing Miguna Miguna, 3 weeks ago, she was on Moi Avenue Drawing the unfinished Miguna, Today she was on Luthuli Av. still with the sameone painting??


@Gichy_… unbelievable.. Kuchezwa proper

Noo….i see the woman on a daily pale moi avenue….na i can tell younshe does it herself
Saw her outsode Easy coach booking offices drawing Miguna Miguna.
She was in Eldoret last month still drawing miguna

Chipukeezy speaks marijuana and the quality he loves most in a woman

🤣 I saw her like a week ago with unfinished Miguna Miguna, people were amazed. Kumbe alianza 2 months ago.

Nimeconfirm, ni miguna pekee yake huwa anachora. I’ve seen her thrice this week.
Huuh! Fraud Bana.
Hapo chini ni TP ameeka za kurub drawing, anachora line anafuta, ana shade kidogo anafuta.
hii Nairobi Tangu nipee begger najua Doo, then Jioni nikamapata hapa Athosi Kamkunji na Malaya na Guineass 5 kwa table
Niliapa Nitasaidia wakifa.
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…kumbe ni mboka tu…hii Nairobi ni ngori mayyn


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My dress my choice! Passaris defends see-through gown

Esther Passaris has been in the news this past month mainly due to her back and forth with Nairobi governor Mike Sonko. The two dominated the headlines last week after their spat spilled over into the public domain.

Esther Passaris
Esther Passaris

But that isn’t the reason I am writing this story. The Nairobi Women’s Rep was also attacked after photos emerged of her wearing a see-through dress.

Some criticised her saying that a woman her age should not wear those types of dresses. She has now responded to the attacks on her person. She told one particular Twitter user that the dress in question was a gift from her husband. The tweet is below;

Her followers mostly agreed with her sentiment. Some of their comments are below;

Miss Kirui 🇰🇪; Imagine being bothered by what a woman is wearing and thinking you have an opinion on it . Tragic😭
DAtundo Atundo; Yeah Right? RIGHT, but YOU are an ELECTED public figure if not leader.
chichi; 😂😂kwani mnataka avae aje si ni binadamu ka nyinyi mnasumbua😂😂🚮
Benji Ndolo; It’s a se3y dress tbh 👌
OseiTutu; Kuuliza tu,ule beshte yako Joe alihit?
Atieno Okeyo; Clearly alot of people luv this look they keep bringing back the issue of this dress! Do not be intimidated.
Apeironjohns; So long as my mum is at home wearing her best to please daddy. I don’t care whether others wear sacks or go naked. Anyway the Women Rep wore her best that time only that idlers are everywhere doing what they love best.
EFFIE ALINA™; No apologies required! Do you sis!

Esther Passaris
Esther at a public event

The issue of how women dress will always be a hot-button topic. In Europe, the debate has been raging over Frances’s controversial move to ban face-covering headgear, including masks, helmets, balaclavas, niqābs and other veils covering the face in public places, except under specified circumstances.

Woman wearing a burqa_in_Afghanistan
Woman wearing a burqa_in_Afghanistan

The ban also applied to the burqa, a full-body covering, if it covers the face. Consequently, full body costumes and Zentais (skin-tight garments covering entire body) were banned.

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6 Important things you need to know about working abroad

Have you ever been interested in working abroad? Well we have put a list on what you need to do when you take that new job in a foreign country.

Here are some of the things you might need to take into account when take that abroad role.

1. Laws

Understanding the laws of a foreign country is very important.

This helps you understand how to get your credit cards, your bank statements, how to file your returns, criminal offences not to commit and so forth.

It also helps you understand your rights as a foreigner in that country.

Understanding this helps  you to live  with no fear of if you are committing a crime or not.

2. Language barrier

Language barrier is simply not communicating the same language thus information being slow to process.

For instance if you go to a country like China, you get to understand that that most of the citizens there only speak Chinese.

This may be a language barrier as both parties may not understand each other.

Therefore when going to such countries, try to at least know the basic communications skills to ease communication.

3. Culture shock

I have seen people go to countries and come back sooner than expected due to culture shock.

Different countries have different cultures and beliefs and it is experienced mostly after leaving a familiar place or home.

Therefore to avoid this learn as much as you can about the new location before you go. This means the good, the bad, and the simply different.

image-2019-05-28 (1)

4. Understand your visa

This is very important and we will tell you why.

In cases where you are working in a different country it is important to understand your working visa operates

For instance if you decide to quit your job or worse get fired, it is important to know how your working visa works in such situations.

5. Create a bucket list

Don dull your moments when working in a new location or country.

Try out new things, go for road trips, try out new foods, network, make new friends and so on.

This will make your work more bearable in your new location.


6. If not now the then when?

If you get that new job in a foreign country, go for it.

If not now then when?


‘It’s not what you think’  Njugush’s wife pleads with Kenyans


Njgush and his wife Celestine went to Dubai recently where they treated their fans to cute coupledom pictures.

The well deserved vacation according to the couple saw them come back home with some surprising news.

The couple are in Uganda and have unveiled they are expecting bby number two.

Celestine chuckled when sharing the news with Kenyans saying

Its not what you guys think. Work n play

In all honesty, we are happy for this beautiful couple, and blessing to them as they await the arrival of baby number two.


“Mathwiti makeki” boy lands ambassadorial job with Valentines cake house

James Mbugua, famous for the phrase “Mathwiti Makeki” was recently named as the brand ambassador of Valentines Cake House.

The young boy came to lime light after a video of him went viral capturing the events of the day after he had been forced out of a party.

The video captured him crying after the party members refused to give him cakes and sweets.

Here are photos of young Mbugua


Top Kenyan telenovelas that are better than any foreign soap!




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Meet Achieng Agutu, a Kenyan girl who holds 6 jobs in the US

Achieng Agutu, a Kenyan student based in the USA is trending on Twitter after confessing that she does six jobs to survive, one of them being a taxi driver.

She says

I work one full time job. I am an admissions counselor at the Holy Cross College, but then I babysit for two families.

I wash people’s cars and clean their houses.

I am an Uber driver and I also teach English to International students.

Achieng Agutu
Achieng Agutu

She shared these details after she caught Ellen Degeneres’s attention while dancing on the TV show.

In the video, she begins by narrating how she landed in the USA and her motive there.


Achieng, who had never seen her family in two years because they stay in Kenya and South Africa, finally met them.
Achieng Agutu
Achieng Agutu

It was an emotional reunion during the interview when her parents and brother appeared live on stage.

Watch the entire video below


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