My husband thinks I want to kill him after KOT jokes on social media

Murdered Dutch Billionaire Tob Cohen had designated his siblings as the manager of his property upon his death.

Detectives shared details and pictures upon the discovery of his body on Friday afternoon — some 55 days after he was alleged by his wife Sarah Wairimu, to have flown to Bangkok, Thailand, to seek medical attention.

A friend to the late Cohen said it is a story she made up to cover her activities.

People Held Nothing Back When Size 8 Said She Is Bukusu And She Loves her Kikuyu Hubby

DCI Kinoti at the crime scene
DCI Kinoti at the crime scene

Kenyans on Twitter have been commenting about the wife’s role in his death, linking it to many stories about Kikuyu women.

One woman called in to the Classic 105 morning show where she confessed a heartbreaking story.

Why do we take it personally? Maina Kageni asks about bad Kikuyu women jokes

She has been affected by all the jokes, and memes about Kikuyu women.

She narrated

‘I’m also called Wairimu and I’m a very upset woman this morning because one, Sarah is a Wairimu and I am a Wairimu. As we speak my husband has been telling me I want to kill him. 

It is very serious and there are days he will come home drunk, he will insult me and even ends up fighting me eti alleging I am planning with the askari to kill him

coehn remians

So I ask him after killing him, what do I inherit from you? and let me tell you Maina it actually annoys me most because I’m a girl from Nyeri and I did not apply to be born in Nyeri. I did not apply to be born a Kikuyu. I just happened to find myself a Kikuyu and he tells me I will kill him simply because I’m from Nyeri.

I am a very upset woman 

‘A Kikuyu woman will treat you like a king as long as you have cash, but toss you like rotten mutura once you are broke,’ How truth is this?

How long has she been married to him?

5 years

Alot is said about Nyeri women online, especially after stories of them chopping off their husbands transformers.

Phillip Murgor with his client
Phillip Murgor with his client, Sarah

Wairimu added that

and he is also a Kikuyu. Let me tell you something Maina, he has nothing to his name so what he does is sleep around the estate. He will come today, he will not come for three days or a whole week, then come home and give those women his phone to call me what they do, then he comes and tells me ‘you are from Nyeri, you will kill me’.

It has awaken in me all the pains I had in this marriage she concluded her rant to Maina.

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Why do we take it personally? Maina Kageni asks about bad Kikuyu women jokes

Kikuyu women are currently bearing the brunt of nasty jokes online, more so after Billionaire Tob Cohens body was discovered in a septic tank, 50 days after a search for his body was launched.

Cohens 52-year-old wife Sarah Wairimu is detained at Langata Prison awaiting trial over the murder.

At the centre of this case is a Sh400million villa in Kitisuru and inheritance.

Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay! Kenyans shout after Kikuyu dowry list goes viral

Kenyans on Twitter have taken note of what they say is a pattern in deaths involving billionaires. That these men are married to Kikuyu women, who always face accusations of having murdered their men over inheritance disputes. Their words not mine.

This formed the topic of discussion on Classic 105 with Maina Kageni giving his opinion about the terrible jokes.

I laughed this weekend it was real entertainment for me

I have always taken it with a pinch of salt

Why aren’t we laughing at ourselves? Why did you take it so seriously to be honest? It started with Bob Collymore and it has been there since time immemorial, why didn’t we see the funny side?

Mipango yangu yote ya kando ni wakikuyu, Sonko confesses

Me I believe in laughing at ourselves there is a difference between being able to laugh at yourself and negative stereotyping, and this weekend we saw a lot of that seriously why? It’s social media, the day you believe what goes on in social media, you will die, ask Peter Kenneth, he had millions of followers wacha elections came

This Kikuyu rendition of ‘Kwangwaru’ will make you go down on one knee(VIDEO)

It’s social media, the boldness in people comes out while others are there to chocha, why don’t you take a chill pill?

Stereotyping is something we will all have to live with, and especially with the age of social media. There is nothing you can do about that

What are your thoughts on this topic? Are people apportioning wrong blame on Kikuyu women? Drop your comments below.

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‘Love Is But A Dream’ Ciku Muiruri comments on Billionaire Cohens death


The death of billionaire Tob Cohen has really shocked the country with the details of its gruesome nature being revealed by the police.

Whenever there has been drama between spouses, media girl Ciku Muiruri has chosen to respond.

When Esther Arunga back in July admitted she knew her husband killed their child, she responded.

Ciku Muiruri, ‘Esther Arunga was always the problem’

The same thing happened when singer Adele divorced her husband.

One of the excerpts from her book suggests to couples that

“When the curtain comes down on your relationship, you should damn well walk away with something other than just tears and wounded pride.”

Ciku has once again responded to billionaire Cohens death and KOT are unhappy. They have blasted her for her comments

‘Love is but a dream’: Ciku Muiruri’s beautifully written novel about love

So,to you bonding with dogs and making them your friend is the most significant thing you can talk about here?, a life has been gruesomely lost,you can’t talk about that you telling us about dogs?,who bewitched these slsyqueens aki?
This tweet is distasteful and insensitive… Even by your standards this is really low
Sometimes it’s better to be silent and be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
And you wonder why only 7 people have bought your book


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Everyone starts somewhere KOT console man’s sad living room picture



Honestly, before we can all say we are living our best lives, we must start somewhere right?

Most probably from the bottom of the pit, as this one man shares pictures of his house.

We refer to it as bedsitter chronicles.

His living situation is a little too real for many Kenyans who have responded in  a heartwarming way to his pictures.

The assurances will give you hope that Kenyans are truly good people:

Boss.. Yani uliweza kuita gaidi kejani in this state?!… Manze naeza taka confidence in life, ka yako. 😁😁MUHAMMAD ONYANGO®..
Most of us started from here, a small mattress, Basin, stove, 2 jericans and before you realize you are a family man living in a nice neighborhood 😊😊😊mercy roghoi..d from some yeye hata nisonko ameweza kubuy carpet ya karatasi tulianza na cartons tukisonga 😀😀Keg Ambassador 🍻🇰🇪🇰🇪..
I have been here before. Actually twice. It comes to pass.Neok Kijomba (✍)..
This is me in Githurai 45, 9 years ago. I sold my bed to pay a debt. Now? Wacha Mungu aitwe Mungu.

The replies here warm my heart.
Almost every beginner’s story.
Work hard.
Hang in there brother.
God akubless tu sana.

Miss Abuje..
This reminds me of where i begun,and yes m somewhre now…and stil working hard to be where i wanna be in future..
God continue helping me out.🙏🙏

Nakumbuka nkiwa first year…3/4 of a decade ago…Its life mahn🙂🙂

Sammy Mohammed 🇰🇪..t somewhere, it’s a journey bro

kenyan born..
One trick, tafuta cartons uweke chini ya mattress usiskie baridi,

Simon Kaguru..
Uko poa hata umelalia high density mamen, nikianza na pillow case

Big ups man….. I started the same place. Still growing strong

This is the time to know if you have a TRUE n GENUINE yeng. Invite her there, if she comes more than once and makes boychild happy, marry her in future. Few, VERY few yengs can stomach this life. Aim the stars boychild! 💪

Umeanza poa sana. Now you have an opportunity to go out, work hard while assured of some place to shelter from the cold of the night. Nunua stove na unga sasa. Keep walking!!!

This was me in 2012. I was a happy man with new responsibilities

Patrick Makau..
Uko sawa ndume, ukishazoea utashangaa vile utatoboa hi life

The ‘Don’t date a woman richer than you’ thread every man must read


This thread about not marrying women earning more than husbands has ignited social media beef between women and men.

If you earn more money than your dude, girls you are in trouble.

The thread begins followed by responses:


He goes on to add below that


Women making more money than men hurts marriages/relationships


He also goes on to add that women earning more than husbands is a bigger problem than you think


KOT responses:

Waigoko Kimengemenge.
my friend alikosana kidogo na yengs. Yengs alibeba zile curtains na sahani alinunua na kuenda nazo. Angekuwa analipia rent si ninja angerushwa nje akuwe homeless kama sungura


I know this one case, the woman was good and there was no cause for the dude to leave her cause of her big finances. She was hella respectful, she let the man run everything, and she always made her kids know all the money belonged to the father. She gave him everything.

Sugar Venom…

Hawa watu wa don’t date a woman richer than you are still the same ones who think paying Ubers for shawties is being used

Ma gwado….
Mimi siezi ogopa juu dem anaearn more kuniliko.. ntamcon
What do you think?
Dear Classic 105 fam, can a relationship survive if a woman is making more money than her husband/boyfriend?

*Insert Gasp*: Sh40m Bentley Bentayga wreckage spotted in Kisumu 


The Bentley officially came to the Kenyan market in 2017. The carmaker has caught the attention of many rich Kenyans who took the opportunity to own one,  for instance Jaguar, Chris Kirubi, Steve Mbogo, The Grand Mullah and Ali Hassan Joho.

One Bentley Bentayga was spotted in the lakeside city after the owner crashed it.

Seriously, who owns this beast?

bentley crushes in kisumu

The wreckage of the vehicle is so painful to KOT, who are wondering about its insurance.

A favorite in Kenya is the Bentley Bentayga, which coincidentally is the subject of this story.

A tweeter user shared the wreck that he claims was in Kisumu, and we are all wondering how the owner is feeling, considering this is not the second hand cars we are used to.

In 2018, data from the Kenya Motor Industry Association (KMI) showed that some 4,123 brand new vehicles have been sold locally.

The data shows that in the first five months of 2018, two Bentley Bentaygas were bought locally.

The starting price of such a vehicle, with an engine capacity of 6000CC, is $265,000 (Sh27.2 million), and could go up depending on customisation.


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I work for everything but I still get called a gold digger

The stereotype goes that all Kenyan women are after men for their money, and that men need to be wary of them as a result.

Women have been depicted as lazy, manipulative and frauds who are only after men for their money.

A woman has revealed she is always called a gold digger despite working hard for everything she owns.


Here is the meaning of a gold digger before we get into her story.

Gold Digger
The dreaded gold digger is the girl who makes wealthy men learn to guard the trust the bestow, and causes the women seeking these men to have to fight that much harder for a true relationship. She is readily available when the money is right and equally distant when there is none being offered.

Read her story below:

For the lat 15 years I’ve been looking for a husband but I can’t get one. I work, I’m not a gold digger, and I’m not a daddy’s girl, coz my parents passed away so I work hard to get my money.

The label continues to haunt her and anything she says or does prompts judgement

And when you go out you get a man they want to depend on you or they just want to go out with you and sleep with you, so they are dating more than three women at the same time. I have that experience coz I work in a hotel, and I see men coming in with so many girls, how can they say there are no women to marry, they are boys , they just want to impregnate us and take off.

She concludes that it’s ridiculous to always portray women as schemers out to get riches

What kind of a man is this? We are looking for responsible men, I’m on fourth floor, sitaki raha I’m looking for a man.

gold digger

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10 thoughts on relationships KOT couldn’t stop thinking about all month


It is easy to get caught up in the routine of things that we each forget to focus on one thing…our relationships.

These collection of relationship challenges are so relatable you will chuckle, then reconsider your relationship and ask serious questions.

Can’t wait to see what September has in store for us.relations 21

Oh Really! Bahati threatens Diana’s ex boyfriend after revealing tell all


relation meme aut

relation meme augut

relation meme

Census: All the questions siblings/parents were hilariously unable to answer 

relation 8


relation 7

I forgave my wife for cheating because.. I’m ALSO GUILTY

relation 6 relation 4

relation 3

relation 1

‘Wamlambez’ Every Kenyan parent needs to know these sheng words

relaion 2


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These Armed Robber memes are so entertaining you’ll forget your bad mood


Whenever you log onto social media, expect to find some rather interesting hashtags trending.

#armedrobbers is trending and KOT including others in Nigeria and South Africa are sharing hilarious memes about it.

Go through and have a good laugh, it’s never that serious:

armed robber 4

How about this one that Christians will get?


Are you tickled yet?

armed robber 1

All Kenyan mums would truly say the above!!

‘Wamlambez’ Every Kenyan parent needs to know these sheng words

armed robbers 3

Even sports fans are not left behind:

Census: All the questions siblings/parents were hilariously unable to answer 


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‘He placed a horn and cockroach in her bag to steal’ Man accuses houseboy


A man has told a court that his houseboy used witchcraft to steal cash from his daughter’s handbag.

This created fear and tension in his home, he said.

Philip Mativo has accused Dennis Mutiso of stealing Sh 25,000 belonging to his daughter Patricia and a cylinder gas among other items.


He told Kibera senior resident magistrate Boaz Ombewa on Friday that he had traveled with his daughter to Dodoma in Tanzania. When they returned after a month, they found the house in a pathetic state.

Mativo said he had left Mutiso in the house in South C, Nairobi.

He said when they returned, the accused was reluctant to open the gate.

“Later he opened the gate and my daughter and I entered the compound,” he said.

“Since we were very tired, Mativo we did not eat. We went to sleep.


Mativo said his daughter saw some witchcraft paraphernalia on top of her handbag the next morning.

“I  woke up early in the morning to take a shower when I found a missed call from my daughter. She called again and told me to go into her bedroom. When I went there, I  found a strange on her bag  where she had  kept  her money,” he said..

“I picked the bag and found a strange horn filled with grey powder,” Mativo said.

The horn was produced in court.

Mativo said his daughter later told him that Sh25,000 she had kept in the bag was missing.

He said upon checking, they realised that more items were missing.

“I called the accused who refused to pick my calls,” Mativo said.

 “When I checked in the servant’s quarters where Dennis stayed, I did not find him. However, I saw him from the gate at a distance running away.”

Mativo said  he tried to pursue him, but the suspect disappeared. He found the suspect’s ID card and Huduma Namba waiting card. He asked neighbours for help to catch the suspect.

Mativo said Dennis was arrested in Makueni after two weeks and brought to  Lang’ata police station. He admitted to the police that he stole the gas cylinder and promised to show them where he sold it.


“We went there with the police and collected cylinder Cylinder

Patricia told the court that on May 10, together with her father, they planned to go to Tanzania to visit her mother.

The student at Multimedia University of Kenya, said that her father had given her Sh25,000 to clear her fee balance.

“Since I had to travel to Tanzania, I  decided to keep the money and pay it later after coming back.  But I found some old horns on my bag and the money was missing,” he told court.

Ombewa directed the matter to be heard again next month.

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Census: All the questions siblings/parents were hilariously unable to answer 


How bad is it that you don’t recall your siblings/spouses/parents birthday, age and you seriously have to take five minutes to think about it?

The Census exercise that ends today August 31, has exposed alot of things about Kenyan families.

And no it’s not about him having a second/third wife.

It turns out that families know or remember very little about their loved ones. From the stories shared, we have a problem remembering birth dates of spouses/siblings/parents were born, where they went to school and so on. Really guys!!

KOT have been sharing what funny experiences they have since the exercise kicked off on the 24th of August.

This guy was asked something by his wife, and avoided the question

census 2019 1

This prompted others to respond below:

J M.The Main..
My friends wife called him to ask his DOB and What job He does and where He was born
Census person asks me whether I have difficulty in hearing.. Difficulty in communicating.. and there was my wife in the corner rolling her eyes as I said no 😅

census 2019 2
I got 3 missed calls from my Dad n when I called back he said the census guys wanted my info so he wanted to know which year I was born, na walikuwa pamoja na Mom, both had no clue
My bro called to ask which course i did in uni😐😐 like he has another sister to think about 😒

cnensus funny
Onyango Churchill..

My girlfriend called to ask for my real names😂😂

census funny 2

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The last message rugby player Frank Wanyama wrote

Rugby star Frank Wanyama has started his 15 years journey in prison. Wanyama, together with his counterpart Alex Malaba Olaba were found guilty of gang-raping upcoming artiste Wendy Kemunto.

Rugby Players


Kemunto was raped on her birthday at Seefar Apartments in Highrise, Nairobi, on February 10 2018.

Through her social Instagram account, Kemunto said,


The players’ careers have been dimmed and Frank Wanyama, was set to join a rugby team in Helsinki soon.

Wanyama was currently dating a Finnish woman identified as Sonja Sirvio. The two were so much in love. They were inseparable. Their social media accounts are filled with photos of each other.

Frank Wanyama
Frank with his girlfriend

On July 17 this year, Wanyama wished his heartbeat a happy birthday and his special message read,

A happy born day to my person @sonjasirvio 🐈.You’ve brought so much light and joy to my life and as you celebrate this special day may it bring the same kind of happiness and love. Yours 🍪🦁.

Last year, he also wished his mzungu bae a happy birthday and his message read;

A happy birthday to this blondie Nanjala Wanyonyi that I call mine. Through the storm and the CIRCUS you’ve always been a pillar of strength and a blessing that I will forever be grateful for. Comme vous devenez un an plus vieux et moins sage continuer à briller au reste du monde.

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Why we fake it on social media – KOT tell Maina their secrets

We are all familiar with the phrase that you fake it till you make it.

But are Kenyans taking things a little too far.

Classic 105 host Maina Kageni posed this question to KOT, who responded with their thoughts and personal experience.

Maina sought to know how long do you intend to keep up the lie on social media?

Maina added his thoughts that he believes we are all hiding behind screens saying

Are you always happy on social media, do you look like your profile picture.

Is that how you inspire yourself?

Kenyans on Twitter spoke out below:
@Classic105Kenya maina we have to fake it until we make it. It’s the name of the game.

Village Elder™..
Men also pose with V8s that does not belong to them to woo women. Guys, we are living a lie. “Sacrifice and commit to the end, there is nothing like fake it till you make it” said

charles maina…
@Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni maina, Some women are very beautiful in social media but when you meet them face to face,,my brother you will give your life to Christ! #mainaandkingangi
Athman Melly..
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya Social media became a platform of LIKES and COMMENTS. the number of likes and and comments determine your beauty. So people will lie to earn comments. #MainaAndKingangi

@ItsMainaKageni people are living a lie nowadays.. Photography is the booming hustle in Kenya,shoots kila weekend
Ng’ash Kung’u 🇰🇪..
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya I act rich on social media and if u know me in real life…please keep quiet 😐😐😐 I can’t be poor offline and online😁😁😁😋😋😋 #MainaAndKingangi


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Ugali: KOT react to report linking maize to cancer cases


The relationship between maize consumption and the risk of cancer is causing alarm and rightfully so.

Ugali is a staple food loved by all Kenyans and the report conducted on women at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) in Eldoret suggests consumption of aflatoxin in food increases the risk of cervical cancer.

The new study published last Thursday in the journal Open Forum Infectious Diseases, found women with high aflatoxin concentrations in their blood were also likely to have cancer causing HPV strains.

Numerous reports have linked aflotoxin to our favorite meal, and KOT are up in arms about it. Back in 2012, a similar report linked GMO maize strain to cancer with scientists urging authorities to be serious.

KOT are now questioning what they should or shouldn’t eat. Read some comments from Twitter.



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G.O.A.T: KOT honor first Kenyan to own a car


Back in 2017 a man by the name Gerald Gikonyo Kanyira grabbed attention when he was honored by President Uhuru and then Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero with the keys to the city.

The photo has resurfaced only and KOT stan the pioneer businessman.

He is the remaining founder of the multi-billion shilling Rwathia Investment Group that has employed more than 100,000 Kenyans across the country.

He also owns half of downtown including the likes of Sabina Joy. His first salary was four bob.

gerald gikonyo with uhur

Gikonyo, 103, still supervises several businesses in the sprawling enterprise that is a household name in various cities and towns in the country.

Here are comments from KOT:
He also owns the famous Sabina Joy and he lives along Ronald Ngala

Gerald Gikonyo Kanyuira was the first man in Kenya to buy a car. Together with his friend , whose name has not been recorded anywhere, the two contributed each 150 ksh to buy a sh300 Austin A30 which made them join a class of the wealthy.

The oldest profession known to man has crazy returns. Mans is the real OG.
This old Kikuyu money from Murang’a owns like 80% of Rifa Rori and Kirinyaga Road.
Eureka, Njugu-ini, Timboroa .. some of the notable buildings! Legend!

The man, the myth, the legend…

Rich geng!
Legend huyo! The 🐐

‘You guy my guy’ of his time

He still got swag….he feels like yeah no big deal


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#Bottlecapchallenge has a Kenyan spin that’s a must see (Video)


The latest viral challenge worldwide that everyone is trying is dubbed the #bottlecapchallenge.

The aim is to kick the lid clean off the top of the bottle using a circular martial arts kick called a ’roundhouse’.

Celebrities and sports stars including Jason Statham and Conor McGregor have take part in the Bottle Cap Challenge.

Jason Stratham, known for his martial arts prowess, inspired the viral challenge.

See how he did it below with such perfection.


A Kenyan has tried out the kick. Watch the video below. Ameweza?




The real reasons Kenyans don’t tell you about not visiting shags

When is the last time you went shags?

Be honest, probably several years.

This is something many of us are guilty of and it’s not because of distance.

Classic 105’s Mike Mondo opened up debate about this to listeners to tell the real reason why Kenyans no longer visit their ushago.

Mike wondered

Top 7 reasons why Kenyan women do not accompany their men to ‘shags’

If you are an 80’s baby, you will get this.

We lived for the moment of visiting shags.

But nowadays there is a trend among young people not being interested in visiting the village. If you ask them where they are going it’s Dubai or Mombasa. Infact if you see them in shags it’s for a ruracio.

It’s sad it’s your grandmother who gets into a bus to come to Nairobi to see you. It even used to be a big deal to take your babe to shags for Christmas. And I’m wondering :what’s happening. Why don’t young people visit the village anymore?

Why is it that as a young person going to shags on vacation is a no.. no?

A caller said

nowadays it’s not easy kwasababu kazi Nairobi ni ngumu sana afadhali utume pesa kwa mpesa. Kuwenda ushago saa hii the ladies we are marrying nowadays they don’t want to go shags.

Another said

I go shags every December and it’s a rule. Where I got married they have a rule every December you take your wife to shags.

Actress Nyce

Another said

I last went 20 years when my dad died in 99. This was the last time we went there.Before that we went every December but the reason why I stop going ni my relatives walinikosea. When my dad died there was family conflict. I hated my grandmother and my grandfather. I hated everyone on my dads side I swore never to go back there, so I have to get someone to show me direction there. The last time I was there I don’t remember anything.

Another said commenting on Twitter

Mike it depends with people who are there. Mike at our home area ppl are very demanding

Another said

The fact that I hate my grandmother so much makes me not go to that home it is so painful thaty our grandmother hates your kids so what is the reason to go shags, in kukuyu she calls her own children dogs it is that bad.


Another said

It’s a classic example of people not appreciating where they come from, people are hiding in towns. It’s because they are not investing in their kishagi and they wouldn’t find it dirty if they did. So let people go back to kishagi first.

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5 easy ways to enjoy yourself on a night out at the club

Going out to a club during the weekend and wanting to have fun is pretty much what guys young-ins (allow me to use this word) do.

It is a good thing thing to want to go out to that newest club and just want to have fun, you know after a long week.

This not only happens for young people, even the older generation where they only want to feel young again and enjoy life.

We have highlighted ways in which you can enjoy a night out in a club

1. Tag friends along

Do I really need to explain this?

Well alright, friends make the world go round (did I get that right?)

Well, what I am basically trying to say is that the more the friends, the merrier the night.

Tag those close friends once in a while as you go out, they make it more fun and even after a long stressful week, you get to enjoy the night.

Group of young people making toast at party

2. Try out a new club

If you are used to only going to one particular place for most weekends, why don’t you switch up?

Try out new places with different drinks and cocktails.

Maybe this new place would make it even more fun for you than the other night outs that you have gone out partying.

evening-out (1)

Fathers Day: How to celebrate the wonderful men out there

3. Dress up

Look good when you go out.

It does make a difference you know. It gives you confidence when you are looking good and classy at that night out.

You never know, your prince charming  might be there you know…

image-2019-06-14 (4) (1)

4. Dance

It really doesn’t matter if you can dance or not.

The rhythm that comes to your mind even with the 2 left feet should be able to get you off the night making it fun for you.

You don’t have to go and just sit through out the night at the club while everybody else is having fun, make it as enjoyable as possible.

image-2019-06-14 (2) (1)

The suicide note a Naivasha butcher wrote over a broken heart

5. Don’t drink and drive

Do not drink and drive….. Enough said


image-2019-06-14 (3) (1)


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