Are we so corrupt in our DNA that we can’t be trusted – Maina and Kingangi

On the Monday morning conversation on September 20, there was a guy who was all over the internet and we wonder if he has a point ama anatuchomea.

The man in question is talking about Kenyans and our employment attitude.

He says there are no Kenyans who work honestly. He described how unemployable we are in a long video clip below

“nunua lorry utangaze untafuta watu wale watakuja ni walevi wa kupindukia, waizi kabisa, gari ununue na loan, spare parts zinaibiwa, unachukuwa msichana mzuri kutoka kijiji atiumwahjiri kwa mpesa aanpotea na flot. Ni wakora hatuna professionals hapa, mtu unamwandika anaingia kazi saa tatu mlevi kabisa, we must change our character. Mbona watu wa Rwanda ndio wanajiriwa kwa kinyozi hapa? tuwache ku8sema hakuna kazi, tuwe na skill mzuri”

Is that the truth? Mwalimu said ‘ako na ukweli mingi hapo”

Are we so corrupt in our DNA that we cant be trusted to do anything Maina asked?

Mwalimu gave an example of his failed butchery business that flopped because of a greedy relative hired to run it.

“Tunaharaka ya kuwa tajiri kama boss wako, mimi nilikuwa na butchery Siloham, nilikuwa na fjamaa hapo mbipo ananipelleka na nilimtoa mashambani nikambania nataka tucompete na mighty Mike, ah kumbe yeye anauza huku hauzi yangu aie hata hakai kwa dfuyka and I don’t know why Maina you need ot address this whern you employ your relatives!”

Here are responses to the mans comments:

Hii ni uongo. Huyu mtu anataka kuandika watu awalipe kidogo alafu bado wachunge biashara yake. If you pay well, you will attract good labor. Watu wataogopa kufutwa kazi. Ukilipa vibaya, watu watatafuta njia ya kujilipa. People hire Rwandese because Rwandese accept the worst terms

Problem is not Kenyans, problem is unfair payments, cheap labor and poor working conditions,.

Unataka uajiri dereva umlipe 15k per month… Uko na kichwa mzuri? “.

Very true. Currently, I have a matatu lying somewhere because I can’t find a reliable driver. I once couldn’t open a shop for close to two months (while paying rent) because I couldn’t find a competent and trustworthy salesgirl.

It’s somehow true but employers should also check on the welfare of their employees
The pay compared to the working hours, the environs and living standards.
Imagine an employee who works for you from 7.40Am to 8.00pm in Nairobi
you paying her 6,500 monthly and no overtime

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We are just cousins! A list of 39 lies Kenyans tell daily

A list of the most outrageous lies that Kenyans tell has gone viral.

From a phone call cutting off to a caretaker lying the apartments don’t experience water shortages,  here is a list of 39 lies courtesy kenyans on Twitter.

1. @cosmutt
Niko NA deal ikiiva nakusort pap….
2. @skull_kariz
Ata ni wewe nilikua nataka kukupigia
3. @Buba1_
Ata simpendi

cuc laughing
4. @Ronokibet11
Anakuanga mama wa kuosha,

5. @Mathreeculture
Nimetumia ungeniitisha jana

6. @NodesB
Kidogo l will call you back.

7. @LaKarythe
Kuna deal nangojea iivane .

8. @_kipruttoh
Nakam sai sai..

9. @FrateteF
Wacha nifikirie ntakusho

10. @Nyaberih_
Kata kiasi ntakucall

11. @styles_liqour
Naenda hivi nacome

12. @muragurimaina3
Niko na tuploti kamulu
Face savouring food

13. @SadanMjomba
Nakupenda from the bottom of my heart, sitawai kuacha

14. @KaribaHazard
Umekosea no 1.. ngoja kidogo nikupigie

15. @MattMuhindi
Or “Manzeh Kuna mahali nimekwama.”

16. @k1riku20
Bwana yangu ni msitingy huwa hanisaidii.

17. @OpiyoEve
Hii kiatu ni size yako. chukua tu ukivaa vaa ita stretch ikutoshee poa

18. @Flex_Dan
1 minute nakupigia sai sai tu

19. @OpiyoEve
Fundi (tailor, carpenter, mechanic) :’aaah hii ni kazi kidogo kujia kesho itakuwa ready’


20. @bervonski
Kuna biz inaivana ,ikijipa ntakushow

21. @jadenke7

22. @Dee_Kiluu
Achana na huyo…we are just cousins

23. @Marc_Sigu
Acha nikuekee sahii tu.

24. @wa_kitale
Kuna mpesa nangoja. Ikiingia nitakushtua

25. @_mulekani
Ni juzi tu ata

26. @Catherineachie
Tuliacahana lakini sisi huongea siku mmoja mmoja.

27. @B_isynger
Na by the way Mathe amekusalimia

28. @Kiptoo_TM
“Ukimaliza shule unishw nikufanyie connection ”

29. @TChuom
Dakika tano tu Niko karibu kufika

30. @isalex_m
“wacha tupange next time”

31. @HudelLogan
Relax nakushughulikia… Nitume

Maina laughing
Maina laughing

32. @dark_kenyan
“Wah na umefika tu time chakula imesha”

33. @ismamoha90
Niko kwa mat kuna kelele stakuskia

34. @Kihuria1
As soon as you finish campus, just bring your papers

35. @KaraniKaburu
I wish i met you before her

36. @Ericmutonga1
Nitumie CV…

37. @Abraham32554487

38. @EmphyzHamo
iyo ndo bei ya leo customer …ata ni wewe tu nauzia ivoo…hehehe

39. @ElcapitanXVII
Huku maji huwa haipotei dugu Yagu

Meet the mitumba trader selling dresses to steal your besties husband


Going to Toi market or other second hand clothes market will guarantee you a good laugh. That’s because the ware sellers are so creative trying to get women’s attention to buy their clothes.

One such man has a video that has gone viral and we love it.

“ya kuomba mzee msamamha camera beba za atacho za kuambia daddy am sorry na za kubemebeleza sponsor alipe rent, ona ona 70 bei 70 bei” He shouts.

He even adds to make it funnier “ya kunyang’anya bestie bae wake”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by sande (@mayaudreamchaser)

The video has circulated and Kenyans are amused.

Vera Sidika shared the mans social media handles and he goes by the name @mayaudreamchaser on Instagram

His bio says he is a musician and  nothing but a dreamchaser who loves good music.

If you have a minute pass by his account and we guarantee you will laugh all day.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by sande (@mayaudreamchaser)

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Oscar worthy! Man gushes over Brenda Wairimu’s video on Instagram


Brenda Wairumu can act and that skill is not lost on her online audience who are excited about her latest 9 minute long video.

A Twitter user shared it tagging the actress who thanked him

@ChrisphineWere wrote
This mono dialogue by @BrendaWairimu..the way she switches to Swahili ya Pwani then back to Eloquent English..the composure. The delivery..Hundred points symbolPinched fingersClapping hands signClapping hands sign WOW.

Chrisphine added
Too dope. She’s Hollywood material Hundred points symbol

Brenda responded saying

So kind of you to share this, asante. If anyone would like to see the full video, it’s my latest IG post

Here are more praises for the actress:

This babe can act! Periodt! Raising hands

Daaaaamn!! This woman is talented!

Her acting skills Ok handOk handOk handOk handOk handOk handOk handOk handOk handOk hand

Pure talent

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Put our athletes pictures as murals at GPO and Kencom! KOT plead


Team Kenya this past weekend won the hearts of Kenyans in the track and field competition in the just concluded Tokyo Olympics.

So much so that photos of their victorious momen6s need to be made into murals in key spots in Nairobi.

A thread on Twitter urging authorities to recognize the fete of team Kenya has gone viral.

People are sharing pictures of sporting moments that should be all over as opposed to making politicians as murals.

Do you agree? See some comments below:


Many expressed their agreement with his opinion

We need them at JKIA too

Nah lets paint Kenyatta or MoiRolling on the floor laughing

Kwanza imagine our banknotes need these

An another when entering Eldoret.

I would like to see this at all airports in the country and major highways

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Hilarious memes that you will relate to and send to all your friends

Let’s close out the weekend with a collection of hilarious memes that got us all laughing life in Kenya.

If you have been keeping up with Kanairo, then you know what these mems mean and how entertaining making fun of sad situations can be in Kenya.

Here are some we have collected all week to make you laugh. 1 (1)


me 2 (1)


me 3 (1)

4. me 4 (1)

5. me 5 (1)

6. me 6 (1)

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Kenyans hilariously describe the moment they realized they hated Kanairo

If you don’t follow Kenyans on Twitter you are missing out on hilarious moments.

A Twitter thread started by @fka_twinkss caused quite a buzz after Kenyans responded with their comments. The user asked when they realized they hated Nairobi, and we can all relate.

From a phone being stolen in a matatu to being spanked by a stranger, it makes for a funny Twitter thread. Thanks for the laughs, but also poleni, si ni life?



Siku nilishikiwa Pile of poo na chokoshPerson facepalming almost 10years ago but still haunts me to date

@Brasejr91..Bought some galaxy s9 plus only to get home and find I had a dummy with original earphones and charger

I was sold a dummy phone. A plastic Samsung,which I swear I had seen working. I was young and naive

When a strange man tried to rub my bald head at Kencom 3 weeks ago.

Heh, there was a day I was moving stock… Kanjo wakanikula of eyes, then morio wakaniotoka a few boxes during offloading, halafu the client I was selling to akaniseti a cheque which bounced…. It’s a miracle sijaanza kuvuta bangi

When my smartphones got stolen in matatus when I was in my earlier twenties mostly ,the overcrowding at the CBD,the dating scene here,grown ups barely knowing what they want,the taking of javs,I dislike them…all this are my realizations that I hated and still do hate this city.

Someone unknown to me come n held my hand tightly,I refused n become furious but he dragged me into the near by corridor n took away my phone n clothes when I thiNk abt it I know I hate Nairobi

Met a guy at KNH when i went there to assist a friend who had been referred there. He proved quite helpful to us in queuing & admission. In the morning i suggested we have breakfast on a joint nearby. The guy disappeared with my laptop, 2 phones & carkeys while at the washroom.

I was wiped out of 58k by pick pockets in a mathree which I had just withdrawn. Was left with the Coop withdrawal slip but no money..

Was walking hapo Karibu na garlitos near the statue, mtoi akanishika mkono, ananiita daddy!! Nilifinya hio mkono hadi akawachilia. Same spot, matha mwingine chokoch ananiblock, nimpee pesa kupiga side step, alinitusi mbaya. Same spot, jamaa flani alitry kuniibia usiku around 11pm

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Resourceful Kenyans help find man running behind athletes in school uniform

A student running behind sportsmen in school uniform has impressed Kenyans who did their best to find out his identify and give him the garments and shoes to run like the athlete he appears to be.

This is after a video of the student trailing marathoners in Eldoret went vial.

KOT were happy that he was able to keep up with the athletes and said his determination showed he is a champion in the making.

So Twitter DCI did their thing and found him. A sportsclub has promised to outfit him.

Hongera KOT.


Where can I find this gentleman In Soy,Eldoret, @galseysportshub would like to help his dream come true. By gifting him with Running Shoes.


The Boy is from Kiplombe Secondary School from Kiplombe Ward, Turbo Constituency, Uasin-Gishu County. His name is Denis Cheruyot. His teacher can be reached on:0728880203.

You should try passing the Eldoret-Eldama Ravine road early in the morning. You will see more of such young and energetic boys and girls running Man running that could also use your help

anasomea kiplombe secondary school Uasin Gishu County

Upcoming champion.
look for this promising young athlete & sponsor him

This could be a champion in the making

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Photo of the day! Kenyans mock Ugandan female cops uniform 


A terrible picture of a Ugandan female cop wearing a hideous uniform is trending online.

The uniform is so bad that Ugandans are begging Kenyans not to start an online war. Someone has even confirmed that it is indeed the traffic police uniform and it’s so bad the trolling won’t stop. Read comments below:

IRON-BAR IN THE [email protected]
anakaa toolbox ya garag

Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyesSmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes we wait for Twitter wars with Ugandans

Na hii skirt ya firirinda atakimbisha aje mwizi?

Huyu anaeza kushika kweliFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy


Hii ndio inaitwa kukua omudecentntreCrew
Anakaa wagithomoFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

museveni kwake huko ukifanana vibaya ndio yeye anafrai,sasa polisi anakaa kama kobe

All time nimeshinda nikiangalia belt na viatu zake mimi???….me ata nilikua nadhani ni mjalejo

Kwani ni la wokovu Loudly crying faceLoudly crying face

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Umekuja kupick! How askaris treat regular vs luxury car drivers


The disrespect askaris have for small car owners has elicited similar responses from Nairobians.

If you drive a luxury car, do people treat y9ou differently? Twitter seems to think so in a heated discussion about how small car owners are subjected to different rules from big car drivers in Nairobi. The

Askaris have been put on the spotlight as among those who behave this way. The debate bnegan when Twitter ueser @misswaitiki told of her experience below:
@MissWaitiki....Went to the same building with a Mercedes and second time a Demio. The askaris at the gate really do treat you according to the car you’re driving. Demio hadi niliambiwa kuna time limit ya ku-park

Here are responses:

my car broke down last week. I arrived at work by nduthi na let me tell you…gari=heshima

Weeeeeuuh went to the same gate na Prado,second time an old probox weeeuuuh, I thought I had wronged them unknowingly

No lies detected!ssWaitiki
For the latter, “…are you dropping or picking?…”

Wait till you show up in an old pickup. Utapark nje

Same as bikes. Kuna those seen as Bodas that can’t enter malls unless deliveries and those that look like super bikes.

Lol true story. Fancy cars can get parking anywhere, ata statehouse.

Investment. I’ve always gotten admission hata the house on the bill. Mtu ni gari my fren. Hii Kanairo

Very true. Nilirukishwa Curfew juzi Gitanga road na Rangerover with my Brother-in-Law…The cop said “Madam naomba tujuane”

Happens to me a lot Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat, when I interchange my cars. askaris give me premium parking when I’m with a Benz otherwise nawekwa huko nyuma

full truth. Even fellow drivers on the road. Drove a kadudu then drove a 4*4….the amount of disrespect when you in a kadudu eish!

Juzi huko Naivasha WRC Rally nlinyimwa kuingia place ingine juu nlikuwa na Toyota NZE but watu wa magari kubwa walikuwa wanapita bila kuulizwa chochote bana

I have been asked by the askaris at my apt ‘……umekuja kupick?’

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Photos and hilarious comments about bedsitters driving Nairobians insane

The things that renters have to deal with when house hunting is being discussed online.

And the photos of the houses are also being shared and funny comments about leaving us in tears.

One Twitter user shared her experience with a house in Rongai that elicited rib cracking comments. She expressed her agony at being a short girl who has to deal with ceiling drawers in the kitchen. Quite relatable for our short sistas.

User @Wairimuwraps wrote ‘Sasa mtu ataosha vyombo alafu aviweke wapi?
Nairobi landlords!!!’


She shared another house



Unapangusa na kutudisha pale juu.

You’ve never had to improvise?

Hii ni keja ya mutu moja,
unatumia ukiosha hapo na hapo.
Hako kanafasi ya kando inatosha kabla hauja panguza upange pale juu.

Unafungua dirisha, unakamua ukitupa nje one by one.

wachana na utaweka vyombo wapi,what the hell is that bathroom terrace doing on the kitchen floor?

Hiyo sink haina chills Weary face

Hapa unaosha vyombo na unazianika nje kama nguo

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KOT could never! Man sits boldly on police motorcycle without a care

Dear KOT, would you dare sit on a cop car or motorcycle, with the cop near you?

A man sitting on a police motorcycle without having a care in the world has been termed as bold.cop car 1

That’s because no one in their right mind would dare sit on a police car or motorcycle without fearing repercussions.

Photos of the moment were captured and shared online much to the amusement and shock of Kenyans.

The boda was packed next to a matatu that seemed to have been stopped by the police officer who was interacting with the PSV crew.itting on cop car 1

As the cop was doing this, a man got atop the motorcycle and comfortably sat without a care.

The man got off the boda once the police officer returned, and there was no exchange between them.

Here are reactions to the crazy moment:

Ⓑ︎Ⓡ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓣ︎Ⓗ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓚ︎Ⓔ︎ -𝒕𝒐𝒏𝒏𝒊𝒆
Kile huyu anatumia bado haijafika kwetu

Hii hata si wazimutting on cop car 3

Maaad courage bna

Crazy guy

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“She wanted to prove to her squad” Maina told about trending video

In the Friday morning conversation, Maina touched on something Kenyans notoriously do; which is take intimate videos then share online.

He wanted to know why this is the mentality “come here because we all saw the video, it trended all day and night let me ask you, and especially ladies why do you take these videos seriously? why you gon act like that?

Co host Kingangi was suspiciously quiet saying ‘me I have one philosophy. mukubaliane muache simu reception”

Maina nodded adding “I agree with you 100 per cent, hee that video did the rounds. I need you to give me a call comments fupi fupi tafadhali. seriously ladies why do you do that? ebu give me a call. I’m sure you saw the video, man it was nasty. Nie reke gwire why whip out your phone and record something like that? what do you gain? let’s discuss this, coz we simply cannot ignore it, why ladies why?

A woman called in and explained that that particular case was a woman who wanted to prove a point to her girl squad.

She told Maina that

” Heh let me tell you Maina, I understand she was an admin assistant, she used to work for and she had a masters degree, and she wanted to prove a point to her squad, eventually she is on the losing end. She has deleted all her social media, there is something called kugharamia ujinga, she wanted to prove to her girls that she is dating nani, so she shared the video, and it was forwarded many times. Girls do thee things for their girl squad. Girls discuss these things, in mine we talk and go into fine detail, but Maina don’t get shocked these things happen. In my squad we don’t share videos, but we talk about those things he does, we only discuss the aftermath”


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Hilarious things Kenyans say about women serving food in ushago



The picture of these women standing infront of food to serve guests is very common in Kenyan functions especially ushago.

The reason it matters so much is because of the power they yield, according to the accounts of KOT.

They determine if you will get meat or chapo. And you knw how it hurts if you miss a serving of meat and pilau.

So a Titter user @Ale1Rango shared the picture captioning it ‘the committee that matters’. His comment got many excited because they can relate.

Here are some hilarious reactions.

@QueenGathoni..Unawasalimia vizuri ukiingia

@that_guy_CHIEF…especially mwenye amesimama kwa the smaller sufuria. hizi sufuria kubwa huwa na mchele na cabbage tu.

@mzee_ni_wewe…Deep state Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy
͏ ͏
@eric__kish…Hapa kama unajuana na at least wawili uko mbele Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat

David Ngure Nganga..Lethal group of women

@Mama__jayden…You are lucky if your mum is the of this department

@Mosety_Evance..Without connections here unakula supu na chapati

@dandeetox10…Original Deep State, they are the ones to define your prosperity….Nyama ni ya wageni

@Maccoscyrus…Blessed is he whose mum belongs to the committee ☺

@pius_gatua…As long your mom or aunt is there, nyama kwa wingi

@Mbarujanjimoib1…Uyo chief servisist ajue ulikua unakatia mtoto wake na wewe Ni bladfakin kimaisha ndio utajua nyama inaeza tafutwa na ikosekane apo kwa stew ….

@kisumu_kid…Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyhapa bila connections unaeza kosa food

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12 Things that Kenyans think sound like compliments but aren’t


Kenyans have a way of telling you things that they think are nice compliments but when you think about it, it is an insult.

Some common compliments aren’t actually that flattering when you really consider what’s being said. Here are some things you probably think are compliments but are actually subtly offensive.

Such a discussion was debated on Twitter and here is a list of 12 such statements:

[email protected]_Ke
You are too mature for your age.

2. @Ndubi_
Na umenona

3. @sheilakiguta_
naona unakula vizuri these days

4. @abelkirwa
Lady to a lady “looking cute babe
Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
” . haha.

5. @NiKhOoOLe
you’re so civilized for a black person

6. @wuod__connie
Being called kiongoss

7. @Komboray
Usimuone hivo, he/she’s a doctor/lawyer/engineer/amesoma!

Unakaa mtu ako na maringo

9. @Zee376
“Beauty with brains”

10. @limousine09
You don’t look your age

11. @alirubey4
You look good for a change

12. @itsalexkiluli
Huyu alikuwa na pesa sana

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Disastrous pictures of submerged homes and cars in city estates


Photos of flooded homes and city estates are trending after a night of heavy rain Thursday May 13th.

And KOT are also reminding each other that the flooded homes are as a result of poor planning, with many feeling sorry for those with damaged property.

Courtesy Twitter @nyawizzy

Many photos were shard by Twitter user @Kevin Isaac and others who had first hand experience, that elicited discussion. Below are reactions.

Insurance people and car twitter, ukiwa na third party then this happens you are on your own ama?

When people who have grabbed sewerage lands are evacuated mko hapa mnateta
This is what happens

Nairobi is built on a swamp!

Kwani iko watu wanaishi ndani ya basin ya kuoga

Floods May 13th Twitter @nyawizzy

Maji inajaa aje hadi ivyo juu

Bob Eldia
Lack of planning and greed having consequences, who would have thought

They said drainage ya Nairobi ni evaporation and I couldn’t agree more.

I bet before one buys land anafaa kuenda time its raining just incase

Nature is fighting back, that’s what we are missing , by messing around with it .

All waterways have been blocked by “beautiful “ concrete , whilst we also cut down trees haphazardly. So sad for those who have lost property and also a source of income

Man concerete has sat on natural waterways and even if there is drought for 10 years, once a waterway always a waterway. The urban planning of Nairobi is heavily lacking, someone approved buildings on the wrong places and people are paying by losing their property.

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