Kachai to showing up late: Here are typical Kenyan traits

I’m a proud Kenyan, not for the good things the country has to offer but I’m part of the larger mass that are defined by their peculiar habits. As a patriotic Kenyan, you must possess the following traits:

Fascinating reasons why Kenyans don’t read widely

1. Kachai

Leave alone the kachai we give the cops. This one is different. We have a culture of dishing out “kitu kidogo when someone does us a favor regardless on how small it is. Money is a way of saying thank you.


The problem is giving a satisfactory amount to the recipient. How many times have you asked someone, “sasa unataka ngapi aki?” and they shyly said “niko tu sawa” but in their eyes you read otherwise.

2. Lateness

Most of us are guilty as charged. Kenyans have a difficult time observing time. We are busy doing nothing only to realize time is not on our side and rush to our planned destination.


Not once nor twice have I seen someone show up late with an unapologetic face. We are not bothered with this as it’s basically an African issue and aren’t we part of Africa?

3. Deadline rush

From filling taxes to attending to assignment at the 11th hour, this is another vice we are struggling with as a nation. Remember Huduma number? Matiangi had to add an extra week after cries from the public who had not yet registered. During voter registration exercise, the government is always forced to add extra days as Kenyans rush to beat the deadline. Are we too busy or are we just a reluctant lot?

Here are reasons why Kenyans still find it hard to hit the gym

4. Bargaining excessively

Wakenya na kubargain, Yawa! We bargain on everything. The rule of the game has it that when a Kenyan hears the price of a product, they divide it by two and start bargaining from there. This is one of the traits traders have to deal with. We are also known for trashing a product we have eyes on to avoid the seller from hiking its price once they know we have deep interest.

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Here are ways Chinese bosses discipline their employees worldwide


Violent “discipline” meted out by Chinese supervisors in Kenya formed the basis of the Classic 105 debate on Monday morning February 10.

Cases of Chinese bosses smacking their employees for ‘failing’ is not news, according to the horrifying accounts of many callers.

In Kenya this past weekend, K24 news shared a video of a Chinese restaurant owner giving his Kenyan employee a gruesome beating with a wire, for showing up late to work.

Maina Kageni asked listeners to give their take on what went through their minds, watching the clip.

‘In the video, the Chinese guy is telling the guy to kaa vizuri, and apparently that is normal practice at that restaurant,’ Maina added.

Kenyans were outraged, calling for the arrest and deportation of the man. The Chinese individual it turns out did not have a work permit, and was swiftly carried away with three other Chines men working as chefs, without legal documents.

Four Chinese nationals arrested after viral video of beating of Kenyan man 

Here is a list of terrible and humiliating things Chinese bosses have put workers through:
1. In October 2015, employees were forced to crawl on their hands and knees around a lake after missing their sales targets.

Employees were told to finish a lap around Ruyi Lake, a 23-acre lagoon in the city’s central business district, by crawling.

According to eyewitnesses, nearly everyone’s shirts and trousers were torn during the humiliating punishment.

I am not giving birth again, Kate Actress tells husband

2. A video in 2016, emerged on Chinese social network Weibo of a group of employees from Changzhi Rural Commercial Bank being publicly spanked for poor work performance in Shanxi, China.

According to reports, the video shows the boss of Shanxi Changzhi Zhangze Agricultural and Commercial Bank hitting eight employees – four men and four women – while other colleagues are seated at tables.

Users reacted angrily to the video, expressing their disgust with this action.

Footage showed the boss beating some employees with a stick, and according to reports, the employees had not been ‘working hard enough’.

The man speaks with them on stage before he begins the attack with what appears to be a giant stick.

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3. Boss slaps a lineup of ‘bad’ employees in 2016.

In 2016, a video of a chines employer slapping his workers for performing poorly went viral.

4. Chinese bosses beat up employee for refusing to use own phone for work in Zimbabwe

In 2018, a Zimbabwean man sustained a fractured rib when two Chinese national employers punished him after he refused an order to use his personal money in topping up airtime meant for work related calls.

The suspects were said to be the owners of Empress Gold Mine in Mashava. One of the Chinese reportedly ordered the African employee to recharge his mobile phone using his own money to make work-related calls, but the latter refused.

The Chinese bosses punched him several times on the chest using his fists. Another Chinese also joined in the beating, resulting in the African employee fracturing a rib.

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Kenyan men share how they would budget a Sh70,000 salary



Budgeting is important for everyone regardless of their life situation, but it’s even more important when you’re single. Every shilling you make should be accounted for, and you need to have a clear understanding of where that money is going and how you can allocate money to fund your financial goals.

That being said a Twitter conversation of how Kenyans are managing life on a Sh70k salary has taken centre stage.

A Twitter user @ArapTilingi prompted discussion asking peopel

70K salary. Budget for it as a single man.

Here’s how Kenyan men budget that kind of a salary.

Rent 10k
Savings/ investment 10k
Emergency fund 10k
Food and transport 15k
Utility Bills 7k
Personal development 10k
Family (dependants) 8k

I used to sleep with old men for money! Huddah finally comes clean

Hapa hata unaweza saidia hii serikali kulipa hiyo loan ya China,ubaki ya Ku maintain your three wives and still manage to take your side chick to 1824 for random dates…alar!


What’s money!? Atwoli throws his Sh.170k IPhone during JKL interview

Kaa tu bedsitter
Buy food like 5k
Transport 3k
Kunywa ka6 k
Savings tafadhali 15k p.m

All expenses 40K
Savings 10K
Investment account 20K

Savings 7k, Tithe 7k, Rent 10k, Food 10k, utilities 7k, Transport 4k, Health/insurance 3.5k, pension 2k, recreation 3.5k, personal spend 3.5k, investment 11k and miscellaneous 1.5k.

10k rent,5k food,5k transport,5k entertainment,2500 for tokens/water/wifi,2500 house hold shopping,5k parents,5k misc..
Save 30k

Money buys me happiness’ shouts Maina Kageni on lifestyle


for a single lady..
9k for an executive bdsitter
5k bills, water,tokens,wifi,gas
5k shopping food&household stuff
2k entertainment (hii ni once in a while for an indoor person)
5k mom
5k transport
14k emergency
25k invest
According to my area code calculation😁

5k rent. 7k food +electricity. 4k fare. 4k donations.
rest save kwa fixed account.

Rent 25k
Food 10k
Alcohol 20k
Weed 3k
Internet 3k
Airtime 3k

3 things you shouldn’t do if you want to save money

Insufficient, my man!

Rent 15k food 10k weed 9k wifi 2500 po*hub premium package 10k, billzote 10 condoms 3k paros 6k


70K Gross Salary
Less Tax, PAYE @ 14,320) = 55,680K
Less NHIF @ 1,400 = 54,280K
Less NSSF (Half of 12% of pensionable salary; 3340) = 50,940K
Less any other deductions (Loans, self-pension, advance,etc)
Net Salary: Adjust working budget to approximately 50,000K or less.

Rent -7k
Wanawake- balance

Girlfriend Allowance – 0
Rent – 12k
Power – 1k
internet – 4k
Phone – 1k
Food + shopping – 9k
spotify – 1k
digital ocean hosting – 1k
Enjoyment – 10k
Transport – 5k
Save what remains


Rent 5k Shopping 5k Transport 5k Konyagi 5k Mshwari Savings 50k

10k rent
60k tafuta bibi

Rent 3K.
67K enjoyment

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Mama Fua: Lucy Gatimu has a perfect response to being job shamed


Her response to job shaming contains a lesson for all Kenyans.

An unexpected story about a Kenyan woman, her job and the value of work took hold of the public conversation this week. Lucy Gatimu has been sharing pictures and videos of her washing clothes and urging people to share widely on their timeline.

She has thanked supporters after photos/videos of her washing were mocked online.

A terrible comment job shaming her caught the attention of KOT, who shut down the source of the shame.

It also resulted in a flood of messages of support for Lucy.

Lucy on her Twitter told Kenyans that the messages and Mpesa she received from around the country quickly ended any sense of shame or humiliation she experienced.

Am not ashamed of my hustle so pliz stop making me feel bad about it with your negative words..am so blessed to have the best clients from here…thankyou guys for the support

A job offer was tweeted to her after the story went viral.

She added

Untill you wear my shoe and listen my story of what I have gone through with my kids to be where we are now and doing this job then you will stop judging me BT for now I will do what i do best to my clients home with my ears closed

Here’s how you can reach Lucy below:
Call me on 0776198670 or DM for laundry and house cleaning services…will not regret you called me…

clothes line


Eunice Vetu..
God will bless the work of your hands.

Yoye Wamalwa..
Keep up the hard work

Macan 2019..
And you, Lucy, shall never lack, in Jesus name.

Your Mind Coach🇰🇪..
You are a real G manzeee. Keep doing your stuff

lucy gatimu
Lucy washing clothes

Son of Soil..
May the LORD bless the work of your hands.

Oliver Tambo..
Strength of a woman indeed…respect all legit hustles

She has won hearts doing her hustle and now it’s paying off.

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Woman’s surprise date to ‘1824’ sparks a ton of drama on Twitter


Have you ever gone on a surprise date and been shocked? Badly?

He asks you out on a date, you stress about the clothes and makeup you will wear, then boom…. he takes you to a bar.

The experience twitter user Malaika went through is so mesmerizing as she shared in a Twitter thread below:

Imagine being told you’re going on a surprise date, he says you should look extra nice. You’re excited, you call your friend to help you pick between the flowy red dress you bought last week for Yvette’s birthday this weekend (the theme is burgundy) +
+ and the white one that makes your bum look nice. She says red, you’ll get another one on Friday.

5 signs the guy you’re dating is immature 

Off you go into your 3 hour prep…he says he’ll pick you up at 7pm, so at 4 you’ve decided to do a spa day level shower…you’re using your nice body wash and scrub that you got for Christmas…

Skin glistening and the heels of your feet pumiced raw, you go into 2 hours of hair and make up. Half an hour of that time is taken deciding if you really want to go with the red or if the white is more becoming.


You choose the white and send your friend a picture, it looks nicer with the heels you like too. The ones that look nice but really aren’t meant for walking…
The “house>cab>sit>cab>back home” heels

Huddah and Juma Jux dating? Kenyans think so (photos and video)

You’ve got your playlist going and sip on some wine as you powder your face.

Possibly doing a little twerk cause you’re having a good skin day and everything’s blending divinely…

He texts, “Hey beautiful, will let you know when I’m close by, 😘”
You have a big, stupid smile on your face.

An hour later, hair done, make up done, you’ve done your panty line check and taken a roll of pictures because you look fine AF.

He says he’s at your gate.

You spritz a bit more perfume on your neck, smooth your dress and walk out.

Bae, sponsor or fossil! How to identify the kind of man you are dating

The watchman opens the gate and smiles “Uko smart leo,”

You smile and say thank you.

Of course you are…you’ve been at this for 2 hours.

Your date is in a leather jacket and Timbs. You’re a little confused but smile anyway…maybe that’s just his style. Seems he’s showing out today too, he’s wearing Invictus. It reminds you of your problematic ex but that’s a story for another day…

He seems genuinely blown away. You look fantastic. He says he really hopes you enjoy the dinner date he’s planned. You’re excited again and curious about where you’re headed.

On the way, you talk and he shares why he thinks the locust invasion is a ploy by the government to distract Kenyans from big embezzlements happening.

Eyebrow raised slightly, you ask why he thinks so and how he would know that…

Cradle snatcher?! Zari comments about older women dating younger men

He gives a brief, confident chuckle “I just know, you get this kind of intel when you know people up there,” he looks to your side anticipating an impressed expression.

You change the topic and sweetly ask what the plan is for the night.

He says it’s a great place, he sealed a business deal with his boys there last week. That you shouldn’t worry, you’ll love the scene.

As you go down Langata Road, you start to guess, Mombasa Road, maybe Eka?

It is in fact not Eka or Sereni or wherever you thought dinner could be. He stops at a familiar parking space by the road.

Does he need to pick something up?


No, he calls someone to ensure your table is still reserved.

You text your friend as he’s on phone. “Babes we’re near 18, do you know any dinner places around here? I’ve tried to guess but nothing’s coming to mind.”

She says you should relax and just enjoy the date. You guys have been talking for a while, for a fact he has something good planned.

You decide she’s right and breathe out. You need to relax.

He’s off his phone now, he unbuckles his seatbelt and gives you a sheepish kiss on the cheek. “You look so nice,”

You are confused. Why is he not backing out of the parking lot? Why is his seatbelt off? Why is he giving you romantic eyes in a dingy parking lot at 8pm?

He gets out and opens the door for you. With your heels that you can’t really walk in, you dodge potholes and cracked tarmac to find yourself outside 1824.

He waves to the bouncer and guides you by the small of your waist.

It dawns upon you that this is the dinner date as Yemi Alade’s- 911 booms from the inside of the place. He looks very pleased with himself.

You have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amuck and flat out deceived.


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Because Why Not? Man lands chopper to take a quick swim

We all know that feeling, it’s hot and you make a decision to go swimming to cool off.

But what if your job involves flying a helicopter? No problem, just make a quick emergency landing and swim.

A photo of a man enjoying swimming next to his chopper has elicited comments about being goals.

The photo according to many was taken somewhere in Laikipia.

This however remains unconfirmed, the awesomeness of the aerial picture is distracting us.

One man responding to the awesomeness of the picture noted that ‘the photography is on another level’.

Here are more comments:
Hellen Adhiambo… The life you choose

Good Joe… Photography is on another level.

Goddy Elisha… What do people really want in life?

Elah Santosh Irene Wanjiru …hii ndio mnaitanga adventure. Let’s go to my shags its more adventurous

Jolly Joice …Anakaa amedrown

Ken Kahuthu …Wow rich life enjoyable

Juliet Nyawira…. Nani alimpiga picha

Ben Musesi …This Kenya akona right ya kujienjoy

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6 ways to deal with group bills in the bar or restaurant


I had a friend who would order the most expensive item on the menu because she knew we were splitting the bill.

If one person orders more expensive drinks and food, should he or she pay more or split the bill with others?

Is MC Jessy Betty Kyallo’s mystery ‘Somali guy’?

This is a discussion that has generated heated debate on social media with many giving their personal experiences.

Here are some tips on how to handle the situation.

fatty foods 2
– Tell them in advance

Be clear with your friends that you can’t split the bill, and you will only pay what you ate and drank.

– Make the invitation very clear

When inviting someone out, make it clear if you are the one footing the bill, or it will be a group effort.

– Be considerate of others’ financial situation

Nothing is as agonizing as joining friends in a restaurant or bar you can’t afford.

– Decide on how bills will be paid before and tell the waiter/waitress so it is easier for them when processing the bill

– Each person pays for exactly what they ordered, and especially in large groups.

– Take turns

I like the idea of taking turns to pay the bills when we go out.

Favour! Dr. Ofweneke welcomes baby girl with new partner (photo)

Here are some comments from social media:

Hi, teetotaler here. Now, I order soda for a 100 bob and you want me to split a bill with someone who downed a 5000 bob whisky? Are you drunk?
The only reason why you’d be upset if people who pay for what they ate is if you want them to contribute more than necessary. In other words, it’s actually you who wanted to pay less. So you are actually the cheapskate.
I’m a cheapskate and it works for me. Our pallets are not the same and I afford what I order and I will not be bullied to pay a steak when I ordered a chicken. Andizi…I stay in my financial lane and I’ll tick what I ordered and include tip too
Some of us don’t pay for other people’s expensive taste. It’s restaurant bill not a community of property agreement. Pay for what you eat and drink. It’s not being a cheapskate it’s being financially responsible. Imagine footing a bill for a a champopo I don’t drink?

Woman finds boyfriends secret wedding invitation cards under mattress

Freeloaders want to eat prawn starters and rump steak and split the bill with someone who had the salad. We see you!

Alcohol. photo credit: CBC.ca

If you are out with your real ones this shouldn’t even be an issue. Everybody pays for what they have consumed, nothing about this classifieds anyone a cheapskate, its literally common sense.

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‘I balanced my tears’ Kenyans recall parents skipping visiting day in boarding school


Kenyans are reliving their terrible boarding school memories in a thread on Twitter.

The discussion centres around visiting day when parents would come carrying tons of food, to see their son or daughter who has been away from home for a while.

Most say their parents never bothered visiting them.

5 traumatic secondary school memories you will never forget

From fathers showing up with a newspaper to see only the teacher to facing the humiliation of other parents pitying you, many say they held back tears until they got to the dorms.

Read a collection of experiences KOT went through on those days when they should have been happy to see their folks.

Btw shou out to kariuki mwangi penye ako.msee umenilisha na tumepeana nguvu when tumelishwa blueticks na mzazi.we’ve shared kile ameletewa na mzazi pia.nice chap that one

Mimi sikuwa navisitiwa but i have this one friend mpaka leo we are close buddies…alikuwa ananininvite na hadi maparents wake wananijua mpaka leo. I think that’s the best person i’ve ever.

Mum made sure she came every visiting day…and i mean every visiting day without a miss. She had taught me a culture of sharing as early as primo where id carry excess lunch box for kids without. My heart goes out to guys who never felt such warmth

My mum used to visit me all the times and I would specifically invite a pal of mine called Andrew and he would enjoy it. One day last year I met up with Andrew and he gave me 35k for being kind to him when he didn’t have anyone to stand with him. I cried on the road.

REVEALED: Creative ways students use to smuggle drugs into schools

This was the time you knew who your real friends were. Wale wasee mliniokolea chapos thanks Sana 👊 it really meant alot

This was me on Prayers Day in Form 4. I was the only one in the entire school who wasn’t visited. Cried so so hard.

Sorry aki…that was the usual for me…..no one ever showed up…….only class 8 and 4th form Prayers Day

Lol .. In high school besides academic clinics i was legit never visited. Nilikuwa naenda class najifanya nasoma nikingoja wazazi wa wenyewe waende ndio niende kuomba chapati

I remember this one time my mum akikuja alianguka na http://gari.it rolled severally btw,she twisted mguu rather a tendon so she had a limp.the medic she is akameza pain killers called mech wake na juu dish za food bado ziliwa sawa akaletewa gari na his bro-inlaw …..

This is the fancy school menu at St Andrew’s Turi

He said “uko sawa?gari imeharibika sana?inakaa kutumia how much kuunda?after majibu akasema ni sawa tutaongea nyumbani.😂😂apparently mathe alijikaza ivo koz a week before l had called her and complained dad akikuja yuleta chipo moja,gazeti na soda takeaway and haikua fiti koz..

Visiting days used to be my most depressing times in school, i don’t even wanna talk about it. 🚶🏾😔

I went to boarding school from the time I was born.

I was born and started reading the hospital charts in a bed away from my mother.

The nurses thought I was crying, kumbe I was shouting out their name tags.

🤣🤣🤣 That used to be my worst time especially when dudes later in the evening avoid supper and find yourself in the dining hall alone…I feel the pain to date

One time my mum alikosa kuja Soni called her akasema alidhani visiting iko Feb 30th?!!??!? Tangu lini Feb ikue na 30 days 😂😂

Must Be Nice: Photo of students flying private jet to posh Kenyan school

I remember waiting at the gate for almost a whole day because I was so sure someone was coming. No one came. That was form 1. Nilicatch. And from then on visiting days became games day. So everytime someone showed up it was such a nice surprise.

My parents had the right idea for taking me to boarding school at an early age to escape the eastlands gang menace. Really grateful they religiously came for all visiting days, even if it meant late in the evening. 🙏🏾
My mum used to cook up a storm. Would feed half the dorm if it was up to her. My dad and mum never missed a single VD. I asked them to stop at A Level. Never felt abandoned. Bless them.

I went to boarding skul in class 5. Mum visited all through till she passed when in form 1 and no one ever visited. All parents day and visiting day i was always alone. Even prayer day nobody came. Hurts…lets just say my kids will never have to feel that way

This one visiting day in form 3…only one student was visited in our dorm…so he goes to his parents and tells them about it…and guess what…the family forego their part of the food so that we could all get a bite…Aki Jeff mahali uko..Na family yako…mbarikiwe mparare

I was the guy who knew n never expected to be visited. One day my mum came.
😂😂 I was called n refused to go, that isnt me.
5 times I sent back every guy who was sent to call me with a question. Tell her to give u my full names. Its the teacher on duty who came for me.

Wow. This still hurts so bad … I got visited only once in 4 years in high school and just for 15-20 minutes …

My 1st visiting day in Primary boarding, at class 7, my Grandpa came and gave the school accountant 50bob for my soda and bread and left without even seeing me. I cried so hard.
But thank God that changed, by the time I was in High school the whole fam was coming for Visitations

My dad told me the day he took me to high school in form 1 that I should expect him during the prayers day in form 4. He kept his word and showed up 4 years later with a news paper and Nyama choma.

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18 lies all Kenyans tell on a regular basis



Let’s get real…all of us have probably, at one time or another, told these very lies to another person or to ourselves.

But us Kenyans are more prone to lying slightly more than what could be deemed ‘occasional.’
1. Ngoja kiasi nakupigia

2. I wonder what this life would have been without you

3. Mum amekusalimia ati urudi home tena

4. You are special

5. I told mum about you

6. simu ilizima jana

7. I will never leave you.

8. From the bottom of my heart

9. Siwezi kuacha,labda uniache wewe

10. Ntakupigia”

11. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen…

12. I’ll never leave you

13. Ntakurudishia

14. Babe tuma fare nikam

15. You are my world

16. I was thinking about you

17. If you read hard you’ll be successful

18. Mathe amekusalimia


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 Apart From The JKIA Christmas Tree: Here’s a TBT of Waititus tree


Kenyans were horrified when a photo of a pathetic looking Christmas tree at the JKIA was shared online. Airport authorities were trolled for hours on end until a new better looking tree was installed. Remember the lion statue put up by Nairobi county? That too was replaced overnight after being mocked.

But too late we got the receipts.

jkia christmas tree

Back in 2018, Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu amused us all when he debited the county Christmas tree.

Waititu posted on his Facebook page about the tree lighting ceremony.

Rather than spend exorbitant amounts of money to buy a Christmas tree, I channeled my donations and those of corporate and individual well wishers towards buying foodstuffs and blankets to needy children in 12 children’s homes in Kiambu.

He was heavily trolled and since it’s Christmas here is a look back at the tree.

waititu christmas tree

Dear Classic 105 fam, kindly share how your tree looks so we can inspire the Government to give us the contracts to decorate future trees won’t you?

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Man humiliated 10 times after ‘kutuma fare’ remains hopeful 



‘You are gullible and shauri yako’ were the words Classic Maina Kageni uttered to a man who confessed to being conned for fare ten times.

Yes, you read that right. The man has been asked for fare ten times by the same chick,  and he still has hopes she will show up.

Gullible much? Here’s his sob story

I’ve been sending fare to this chick and she keeps telling me she is coming. There was even a time my phone fell and cracked the screen, I borrowed my boys phone to continue the conversation with her. Do you know even after all that she did not show up?

I felt like bewitching her, and she was so convincing, I sent fare ten times, and you see these people are very convincing about why she didn’t turn up the last time, and promised to show up. then I find myself sending more money, I don’t know how I will learn.

11 people reveal their funniest and weird first date experiences

date 2

He is not alone in being gullible. Another male caller who identified himself as a doctor said

I am a doctor and out of experience wamezidi, I have sent many times, esp to a virgin and I was so happy knowing leo ni leo, I sent a thousand shillings fare, but she kulad fare. I asked myself kwani even virgins kula fare like the others? She looked so innocent. I still communicate with her and send her money and she tells me ati she will tell me when she’s coming

23 Things that girls do on first dates that totally turn men off

There is another one I sent for three time, her excuse was I haven’t done my hair, or she spent it somewhere else, there was another one who told me she fulizad, weuh, these women

When will men learn? Anyway tume fare bro.

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‘Men don’t learn’ Girls confess reasons for ‘kukula fare’


There has been heated online discussions about ‘tuma fare’, the culture where girls ask men for bus fare to show up for a date. The only thing is, she is most often a no show and worse, her phone is switched off.

Most ladies ‘eat’ bus fare sent to them by men because they don’t want guys to keep pestering them.

What’s worse is that men don’t seem to learn a lesson the first time they are conned, so girls continue to kula fare.

How to politely cancel a date you don’t want to go on

Those are the confessions of women who told Maina and Kingangi that men bother them alot for bedminton, so they ask to be sent for fare, they spend it just to deter them.

One woman told that

kwani these men don’t understand these phone can hang, these smart phones are bad, you can be sent fare then electricity goes, or the phone hangs, and before you explain it’s too late. What am I supposed to do? I don’t know your number off head, sina otherwise

Another  woman morena nkirote said that

😂😂😂😂Hatugwes Kosa kukula fare!! Nikuje unisugue kama sufuria na nitoke hivo..? Nooo #MainaAndKingangi

Another added

“Hatukulangi fare juu ya kupenda ni circumstances. Sometimes if you want to leave this guy unamwambia atume fare ataboeka na wewe.”

Using the Classic 105 Twitter handles KOT revealed their thoughts about the ‘tuma fare’ culture.

How to end a terrible date 

Let the rain fall on these tuma fare girls

Hii tuma fare nikam n the idiot fails, so I have to tuma fare to another idiot which also fails to
Siezi tuma fare kama ww ni random, dm pin nakuja nikupick
Pippy Phides..
#MainaAndKingangi I also don’t understand why a man would get to his phone to send money for a girl to visit him. If she can’t commit her fare,will she be committed to you? Men thiiiiink of what you want in life. TWA TWA ndo mlipenda.

Mr.Ken Abuna..
I dont understand why they ask for fare.If she wants to come ,she should come with her own and i will give her fare back home.
Otherwise i cant send even a shilling.
God of those men who sent fare will never rest, God Shall bring Karma on those Con-Women, just telll the to wait and see #MainaAndKingangi

Mosoba Tabitha…
Honestly for the person I love naenda na fare yangu na narudi yangu period but kaa sikutaki unatuma fare nakula kuku nazima simu nawasha phone ingine have got 2 simcards
I personally will send fare but only once, akifail ntakua nimemjua and that’s how I will close her story, nimewahi sent fare and hakunifail! So it depends! She failed to turn up after I had sent her fare and wanted to return, as a gentleman…. #MainaAndKingangi

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‘Sisi Wote Wajinga’ Maina and Kingangi react to King Kaka song

Kenyan rapper King Kaka has caused a storm with his poetic song ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ in which accuses politicians of hoodwinking Kenyans and at the same time calls out Kenyans for being gullible.

This discussion trended on social media, and on Monday morning Classic hosts Maina Kageni and Mwalimu weighed in saying ‘sisi wote ni wajinga and we have learnt nothing from it’.

Maina wanted to know what has changed since and what we are going to do going forward about graft and being gullible voters in 2022.

Fine he has done the song, but what are we going to do about it as Kenyans. What are you going to change in terms of your behaviour, we all agree we are sick to the neck as Kenyans, but in 2022 we shall be there queuing with mtu wetu mentality, wajinga sisi,

To which Mwalimu Kingangi shared his simple thoughts

Tumemaliza kuongea

Maina added

It’s dejavu, we’ve been here before someone says something revolutionary and we did nothing, so wajinga nyinyi and then, coz we all need to make that change individually that can snowball into something national.

A woman called in saying

It’s like hell on earth, nothing changes, it’s just gone from worse to worse. For me I don’t vote because of mtu wetu, I try to check your profile and what I have heard about you, but sometimes you find you are on your own. We are not supposed to be tribalists. I don’t know why we recycle these people

Dear Classic 105 fam, what change are you going to make as an individual that will transform how we politik going forward? Drop your comments below.

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KOT rally behind Huddah over ‘fat girl’ comments

Whenever Huddah gets into an online spat, fans always say she is about to launch something.

Her latest comments were aimed at an American singer named Lizzo, who describes herself as thick.

But Huddah begs to differ. In several posts in Instagram Huddah goes ahead to fat shame the American celebrity, taking aim at heavy girls with comments about hitting the gym.

But before all this, Huddah posted an absolutely stunning picture showing off tight abs. But forget that nice pic, all KOT noticed was the picture is photoshopped.

Yes, even curvy Huddah has to photoshop her pictures before sharing them with y’all. Is she paranoid about fat int he wrong places? *insert horrified emoji*

So after the picture she shares on her insta stories something about fat girls. Read in the screenshot below.huddah bpdy shames

Here are comments from her followers who somewhat agree with her fat shaming:

Tiles are bending girl 😂😂

Waist went into extinction 😩
Huddah body shaming women to launch a product. You hate to see it
Na Si huddah amepost pic iko na curved tiles juzi ama ni jana?? Anyway, whether you are skinny or fat mimi sioni haja ya kupost naked pics in the name of confidence… Kama unataka kupost wewe post but don’t say it’s confidence… Sijui self realization, sijui coming to birth🙄🙄

Rihanna’s blueprint was there to copy but for reasons I’m unable to understand, Huddah thought shitting on fat women was a better business decision? Why she had to burn her bread like that I’m disappointed with her
Huddah said what I’ve been telling y’all fat hoes, ingieni gym lmfaooo
Youh huddah amesema muanze kuhit gym bana,,,we should not promote obesity in this app and say ni confidence…eat healthy and hit the gym Huddah has spoken
@rosekamau_..Lol Huddah amesema you aren’t thick just fat ….
Huddah is on the loose. Approach her Instagram with caution ⚠

Huddah Monroe is not real. If she was angefanya hizo surgery zote na botox kwa uso ndio afit standard za white society. Men are hyping this woman akiita @lizzo elephant na mama zenyu wako tu the same. She is insulting women who are like your mothers &trying to sell detox tea
Huddah deserves a seat at the table of men hawa watu waende gym
Huddah has spoken what we’re all afraid to say
@Itiswinny..whatever huddah will say, i support her😃
Huddah should know that skinnyshaming is NOWHERE NEAR THE SAME LEVEL as fatshaming.

Lol. Simple way to prove this, ask any skinny person if they’d rather endure fatshaming instead?

And furthermore, Lizzo was minding her business, Huddah should have to.
@futuristic_dan..I endorse whatever Huddah is saying. Fat ghels should hit the gym bana

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Kenyans marvel at TBT of food prices at Ebrahims supermarket

Feeling the squeeze of the economy yet?

A photo of the cost of items sold in a Kenya supermarket back in the day has triggered a flood of complaints.

Complaints about the cost of living appear to be growing countrywide with people explaining why they feel so much poorer. Many Kenyans claim they are doing it tougher than ever.

‘I miscarried at 5 months’ Wendy Kemunto speaks out after rape ordeal by rugby players

Here are some reactions to the price list by KOT:

Yaani sukari na rice ni 20 bob in total?
Sai 20 bob ni nyanya tu unaeza nunua😬

That first item there is now 800/- …. I was losing it in the supermarket!!

😂my mum tells me her pocket money was 60bob😂😂na alikuwa anabaki na change

Unga n rice seemed more affordable that sauce. Saa ii sauce is affordable kuliko unga😏

They drink Jack Daniels like a man! Maina told about bibi mang’aa

With 500/- you’d still get 7/= change. With 10k people would brand you illuminati

Butter at that price..
How is it so damn expensive now?

Siagi siku hizi hainunuliki bana… it’s like 100 times and so many brands! Back then it was by KCC only

Lady gay is more expensive than butter????wow

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Angry woman yelling at cat turns into hilarious memes 


By now you muts have seen Kenyans posting or resharing meme’s of a woman seemingly yelling at a ct.

It’s funny as hell, for those with a sense of humor.

The viral photo is a mashup of a blonde woman yelling at a confused looking white cat sitting in front of a plate of vegetables.

Here is an explanation of the hilarious viral moments that will set the understanding for the meme I will share below.

The human half of the meme finds its origins from a 2011 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where then-cast member Taylor Armstrong found herself in an emotional confrontation with Camille Grammer, as fellow housewife Kyle Richards attempts to calm her down.

As for the other half of the meme starring the angry white cat, its origins began on Tumblr, when user deadbefordeath posted a photograph of a white cat with a bewildered expression sitting in a chair in front of a plate of vegetables. The caption back then was: “he no like vegetals.”

We share some memes we have found online:





catmeme2 catmeme4 catmeme6 catmeme7 catmeme8



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Maina and King’ang’i weigh in on Garissa women rep Subow’s abusive language


The obscene and foul language used by female Kenyan politicians has taken centre stage.

This is after Garissa woman rep Anab Subow called Raila Odinga uncircumcised.

In a video that has gone viral on Sunday, Subow is heard referring to Raila as a devil who is not circumcised.

Part of her speech reads

“Rebuke the devil….. this mzee called Baba and I don’t know whose baba he is. He is old but he is not circumcised. He might be baba but let him go to Bondo and be circumcised first. Whom does he think he is, why is he not getting old”.

Classic hosts Maina and Kingangi debated this on Tuesday morning conversation.

Maina was left speechless only managing to say ‘aki mdomo ya wanawake’, while Kingangi insisted that ‘they are showing their true colors’.

Kenyans have labelled the women leaders using verbal abuse as shameless.

The vicious slurs have been roundly condemned when listeners responded to Maina Kageni’s question if it is it the true representation of Kenyan women these days. Here are some views.

An upset man said,’ Can you imagine telling that woman to find your socks? huyo anawezakutafutia? But we are praying to God that all will be well, these career ladies have lost respect for men, they need to change because ile respect that was back in the day that is what we want.

A woman called and said, ‘huyu mwanamke amezaa? because there is no normal woman who can go to in public and talk like that. I think she needs a psyciatrist, coz no normal woman can talk trash like that in public, they are embarrassing women in Kenya,

another said,’ I am saddened by that woman’s comments’.

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Hilarious reactions to two nuns found pregnant after African trip


The Catholic Church has launched an investigation, after two Italian nuns who were on a missionary trip to Africa were discovered to be pregnant.

The story of the pregnancy is not the story here, the reaction from the internet is.screenshpt pf nuns


Literally everyone is making fun of the nuns, and under the hashtag #missionary, you can tell it’s going to crack ribs all day.

See some comments below:
That’s why doggy is better than missionary
Missionary style to receiving Holy CUMunion..
I would have told you the reason but it’s nun of my business, thank God they didn’t pull out of the missionary trip
Oh they had a MISSIONARY trip alright……..
What’s there to investigate tho, Pulling out is really hard during Missionary tbh
I wanted to say its very hard to pull out during missionary, but its nun of my business

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