Instagram deceit? Kobi Kihara trolled for stealing content from Pinterest

I have been forced to make my headline timid and I am unhappy about it (insert angry face). Anyway, it would seem Octopizzo is in great company when it comes jacking other people’s content and passing it off as your own.

Kobi Kihara has been showing off her culinary skills but I was shocked to discover that the only cooking she knows how to do is cooking up hashtags and the only spicing involved is inserting killer filters.

Kobi KIhara
Kobi KIhara

The NTV personality recently took to social media to share a photo of a salad she had recently prepared thinking Kenyans haven’t heard of Pinterest and trust that she was promptly busted. Perhaps I am just being petty but I cannot help it: I m what I am.

And now ladies and gentlemen, let us appreciate Kobi Kihara’s filter game:

Kobi Kihara

And the original post was posted to How Sweet Eats Pinterest profile:

Kobi Kihara

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And a word of advise to Kobi Kihara, do not jack content from someone with 10 million subscribers. I wonder how many other photos on her IG is jacked from oher content generators. Just share with us the riparian food you have cooked through your own sweat. I will personally appreciate that.

And she even gave out the recipe!

kobikihara  @m0m_melissa: Sawa honey will do: Recipe: it’s sliced cherry tomatoes, then mixed lettuce, you can find this kind in Zuccini or Chandarana in Nai, sundried tomatoes, bacon (fry till hard then break it up to small pieces), sliced grilled chicken, red onion, add spice of your choosing~I added rosemary, you can’t see it but I added cherry raisins and peanuts then of course Avocado baby! The dressing is pear vinaigrette, it’s so good! I found in my mums fridge.

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TV personality Kobi Kihara is a ball of sunshine.

Her continence can be attributed to the fact that she is a beautiful soul. She doesn’t fake it.

The media personality always searches for positive vibes daily.

She once advised her fans, on Instagram, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind💕💕💕 Stop the hate, the ugly messages and posts, the misdirection of your anger….in the last few days, I have seen so much negativity, its truly sad…here’s some advice if you experience the same….Delete, Block and Keep Spreading Love.”

There you have it.

To go with that beautiful soul is a face to match it.

Kobi is also know for her effortless chic and classy fashion sense.

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