Chosen Few: Here are members of Nyashinski’s boys club who might be in his wedding line up

Nyashinski recently officiated his union to Zippy Betty and one thing to note is how his buddies came out in large numbers to support him.

Have you ever asked yourself who your friends are? Well here are  Nyashinki’s boys club members. Some might be in the wedding line up.


Bien Barasa a member of Sauti Sol is a member of Nyashinki’s boy’s band.

He is that tall dark and handsome guy who lurks every where.

Juma Jux

Jux and Nyash may not be BFF’s but they are definitely friends. They have collaborated in the jam ‘In-case You Didn’t Know’.

They have maintained communication and if Nyashinski was to wed today we are sure he would consider inviting Jux.

Juma Jux,Maina Kageni and Nyashinski


Nameless and Nyashinski have been buddies for as long as we can remember, when the Kenyan music industry was still crawling they were still there to support each other.

Now that they are house hold names they are still buddies.

Nyashinski and Nameless

Big Pin

Chrispin Mwagale was best known in the 90’s when he launched his music career. He is known for songs such as Talk To You, Benteba among others.

He has recently collaborated in ‘Wakilisha’ alongside Nameless ,Jegede and Stivo Simpo Boy.

Big Pin and Nyashinski

Meet Zippy the woman Nyashinski is set to wed, plus photos of their ruracio


For those born after the 90’s Roba is Nyashinski’s BFF, More like a brother.

Before going solo Nyashinski was a member of Kleptomaniax which comprised of himself, Roba and Collo.



Savara is definitely in Nyashinki’s boys squad.



Chimano is the icing of the cake when it comes to the boy’s squad. In-case you are wondering he is a member of Sauti Sol.


Maina Kageni

The prominent radio personality should officially declared a BFF to everybody. He is approachable and the kind of friend you can go to.

If Nyashinski does not invite him to his wedding we will definitely riot.

The host in a red shirt
Maina Kageni in a red shirt

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‘I have known you for eight years and counting…’ Collo’s Wife Pen’s Beautiful Love Message

Whoever said marriage does not work, lied to you!

Collins Majale alias Collo is celebrating their first year of marriage to his beautiful wife Phoebe Ida.

The rapper who was a Kleptomaniaxx is now a born again christian and released one of the most danced to gospel hit songs in town.

Collo’s wife took to social media to share the love:

I have known you for eight years and counting and been married to you for one. To many more blessed and favored years ahead babe. You honey are the definition of true love. Nakupenda. I judge God’s faithfulness because of who you are and what you stand for. May God always go ahead of us, happy anniversary Mr. Majale.”

Congratulations to the two of them!

Ako Sawa Na Malaika! Meet The Beautiful Woman Who Is Warming Nyashinki’s Bed (PHOTOS )

Dear Kenyan women, I have some sad news for you.

Talented singer Nyamari Ongegu popularly known as Nyashinski is no longer single. The music sensation is taken!

Nyashinski, whose music has always dominated the local airwaves and swayed Kenyan women’s hearts is enjoying the warmth of a popular CEO.

Many had dreams of tying the knot, hoping that one day they would dance to Malaika together with the singer as they exchange vows but too bad, their dreams have been crushed. The Mungu Pekee singer is totally smitten.

He is dating Eugene Masika’s ex-girlfriend, Zia Bett. The lass who is the CEO of Zia Collection Clothing has been sharing photos of her and Nyashinki and recently, she posted a photo of them together looking lovey dovey and a close friend to the Daystar University told us that;

“They are in love. Nandi always talks about how Nyashisnki treats her. Many including our former schoolmates are envious of her. Rumour has it that they will formalize their relationship very soon.”

Zia, who prefers a private life away from the spotlight is enchanting  to look at and the many photos on her social media account tell it all.

“I’m a dark skinned girl. Always felt inferior to light skinned girls. I suck in my stomach when I remember, other times I just don’t care. Sometimes my arms look small, other times its evident I skip triceps day at the gym. I love children and sometimes fashion, currently obsessed with gyming.
I’m good at bringing people together, not very good at listening. I believe in God and have a deep relationship with him but fail him daily. Only through him I’m reminded, that “Hanty, you’re more than enough.” even though sometimes I forget,” she recently posted.

Nyashinki, who was originally a member of the Kleptomaniax music group but left to the US and came back last year after a long hiatus is currently the most sought after Kenyan musician. His hot jams are doing well compared to those who have been in this industry for so long.

Did you know that Nyashinski’s top song has over 3M views on You Tube? Now you know.

Well, meet Nyashinski’s woman who every Kenyan woman is envious of:











Nyashinski’s girlfriend







We tried to reach out to Nyashinski for a comment but he didn’t respond. We will keep you posted if he responds.

Family Man! ‘Bazokizo’ Hitmaker Collo Proudly Talks About His Marriage And Love For His Daughter

Most of you remember him from one of the best boy groups in Kenya, Kleptomaniax, which compromised of Nyashinski (Nyamari Ongegu), Roba (Robert Manyasa), and recently born-again rapper Collo, real names Collins Majale.

Collo surprised everyone when he revealed that he had given his life to Christ about a year ago, crossing over from the secular to the gospel world, and has since been steadfast in his faith.


The singer then went on to try his hand at gospel music by releasing one of the biggest gospel songs by a secular artiste, Bazokizo, featuring gospel singer and dancer, Bruz Newton.

The song caused a buzz when it was released, mostly because of its unique dancing style that is popular in both gospel and secular setting. Bazokizo is now at 1.5 Million views on YouTube and it getting more views by the day.

During the recently held Groove Awards 2017, Collo’s song scooped the Collabo Of The Year award, which was such a big milestone for the rapper who thanked his fans for the unwavering support.

Mercy Masika Does It Again! Check Out The BIGGEST Winners From Groove Awards 2017

But away from the limelight, Collins Majale is a loving husband and father, who puts his family first in everything.

For those who don’t know, Collo, is married to his long-time partner Phibby Idah. The two lovebirds made their union official back in August 2016, in a colourful wedding in Nairobi. The rapper said marrying Phibby was the best decision he had ever made.


During a recent interview on Crossover 101, TV host Grace Ekirapa asked him about his ring, and this is what he had to say;

This number one shows you that God hajanisahau, hii ni jewel, nikona jewel mahali, anaitwa Phibby Ida Majale, my wife. Hii pia inasginify nikona gate ya family. God amenipea gate, hiyo ni power. Hiyo inamaanisha hapa ndani nikona generations kadhaa.

When asked about children, Collo happily said; “Yes, I am blessed with a daughter too, she’s called Tawala. Yeah.”





OH MY! Maina Kageni EXCLUSIVELY Premiers Nyashinski’s New LOVE Song. His Reaction Is Just PRICELESS! (AUDIO)

Former Kleptomaniax group member Nyashinski is not done with captivating us with his spectacular and amazing songs.

The talented singer-cum-rapper made a major comeback on the Kenyan music scene back in 2016 after being on a musical hiatus for several years after relocating to the US.

When he landed back in Kenya, Nyashinski, real name, Nyamari Ongegu, worked on a song with Nameless dubbed ‘Leti Go’, but it was his single ‘Now You Now’ that shook the local entertainment industry.

He didn’t stop there, and after a few weeks, he went back to the studio to work on another track, one of the most inspiring and uplifting gospel songs in Kenya, dubbed Mungu Pekee which topped the charts without even a video and the audio is now at 2.3 Million views on YouTube.


His instant reign on the Kenyan music scene came as a blessing for him as he was also featured in Coke Studio Africa season 4 and more so, he was among the few chosen artistes to work with celebrated American artiste, Ne-Yo, who was the international act.

Now, everyone has been wondering when Nyashinski will drop his next song and if it will be better than his last two, but finally, the wait is over. The humble singer has a new song by name Malaika, a love song where he praises and appreciates his woman.

Maina Kageni was the lucky man to debut the song after he met up with Nyashinski recently, who asked him to listen to the song after the radio presenter approved it, the rapper decided it was time to release it.


The song Malaika was exclusively debuted on Classic 105 by Maina Kageni, who couldn’t get enough of the track and went on and on about how much he’s already in love with the track, congratulating and applauding Nyashinski for another banger song.

The new song is one of the most romantic songs you’ll hear from a Kenyan male artiste. This is bound to be one of the biggest hits for 2017.

Listen to the new song below as well as Maina Kageni’s reaction which is out of this world. Is the song a hit or a miss?



“CHONGA VIAZI” Top 5 Music Groups We Truly Miss From Back In The Day (VIDEOS)

If you love Kenyan music, you’ll most likely remember a lot of artistes whose songs we used to bump to back in the and 90s and early 2000s.

The Kenyan music industry has grown tremendously over the years, from the days of Ogopa Deejays, when studios used to be part of a small house and shooting a music video was not that expensive.

Other than that, the types and genres of music have also changed in terms of lyrics, beats, and style of singing, and from years back, we had music genres like Genge, Kapuka, and others.


So many artistes, both secular and gospel have emerged in the last couple of years, with more up and coming musicians ruling the airwaves, including Hip Hop, with the like of Octopizzo, Khaligraph Jones and Timmy Tdat.

It’s Official, These Are Maina Kageni’s Top 5 Swahili Songs That Totally Drive Him Crazy (VIDEOS)

But if you used to love songs from veteran Kenyan artistes like E-Sir, Mercy Myra, I’m sure you miss out on some of them and you wouldn’t mind seeing them on stage. (Rest in peace E-sir)

Well, instead of solo artistes, let’s take a look at some of the greatest groups from back in the day that we truly miss because of their massive hits. Check them out below.

1. Deux Vultures
This was one of the most popular boy bands back in the day, made up of two rappers, Colonel Mustafa ( Daudi Mustapha) and Nasty Thomas (Thomas Konzanga). The duo was known for their hit songs like; Mona Lisa, Kinyaunyau, Katika, Mfupi, Adhiambo and more.

2. Tattuu
This all-girl group was one of the finest in East Africa during their days on the spotlight. Tatuu was made up of three stunning ladies, Debbie Asila, Angie Ndambuki, Angela ‘Shinde’ Mwandanda. Some of their top songs included; Haiya, Songea, Daima, Solophobia, Come back, Napepea, Solophobia, Parapanda etc.

3. Kleptomaniax
This was undoubtedly the biggest and most celebrated groups in the 90s. The band consisted of three talented rappers; Roba (Robert Manyasa), Collo (Collins Majale) and Nyashinski (Nyamari Ongegu). They wowed the crowd with songs like; Tuendelee, Maniax Anthem, Haree, Magnetic, Swing Swing just to mention a few.

4. Gidi Gidi Maji Maji
This Hip-Hop group was popularly known for its song Unbwogable after it was used as a campaign song. The duo made up of Gidi Gidi (Joseph Oyoo) and Maji Maji (Julius Owino) who rapped both in Dholuo, Swahili and some English. Other songs include; Ting Badi Malo, Many Faces, Atoti, Nyako Aheri etc.

5. Boomba Clan
Remember a popular song dubbed Chonga Viazi? Yes, this is the boy band that sang that popular track and are remembered for their creativity in terms of their comical lyrics and music videos. Boomba clan was made up of Viq, Thome, Phillo, Erico and Peter. Other hit songs from the group are; Don’t Touch My Car, African Timer, Sina Habari, Meet my Parents which were club anthems.