Celebrity couples who make marriage look like a bed of roses – Photos

Marriage is beautiful but as they say it is not a bed of roses.We take a look at celebrities who look so in love and who make marriage look beautiful.

1.Size 8 and DJ MO

This is the most publicized relationship in the Kenyan scene.

We have invested our time,bundles and Wifi in keeping up with them and silly as it may sound it feels like we are in this relationship together.

They run a You Tube channel dubbed ‘The Murayas’.

Photos of Teacher Wanjiku ‘s husband ,the man she goes home to


2.Kabi Wa Jesus and Milly Wa Jesus

The couple is always on social media whether shopping ,eating out or just exploring.They run a You Tube channel dubbed ‘The Wa Jesus Family’.


Adorable photos of Kathy Kiuna’s grand kids that will make you go Aawww

3.Willis Raburu and Mary Prude

He may not like it but Willis is a romantic who is not shy to show off his beautiful wife.

Mary on the other hand is never shy to profess her love for Willis constantly sharing posts on social media .

Willis Raburu

4.Bahati and Diana Marua

Despite being criticized on several occasions the couple is never shy of celebrating each other on social media be it on birthdays,anniversaries or just random occasions.

Bahati Diana

5.Kathy Kiuna and Allan Kiuna

They are a true definition of ‘paka mzee hunywa mzaiwa’.

Back in the day it was unheard to see people of their age being all lovey dovey but they are not shy to show off their love to those who might care to see.

kathy kiuna

6.Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru is laid back and keeps off scandals but one thing she is not shy off is showing off her husband Anthony Gichuru.


7.Teacher Wanjiku

Teacher Wanjiku and her husband Victor are couple goals.

Teacher Wanjiku and her husband


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Rev. Kathy Kiuna breaks silence over alleged controversial remarks

The Jubilee Christian Church has broken its silence over remarks allegedly made by Rev Kathy Kiuna.

Kiuna allegedly told women from Nairobi’s Eastlands to go and rent bed-sitters and servant’s quarters in posh estates to attract rich men.

It is also alleged that she lashed out at men from Eastlands, saying they are lazy. The remarks elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans on social media.

But speaking yesterday during a church service at Parklands, Kiuna said the church she co-owns with her husband, Bishop Allan Kiuna, is for both the rich and the poor.

She jetted back from the US on Saturday night. Kiuna said the remarks attributed to her are the works of the devil.

“Please do not bother listening to them as they are devil’s work coming at a time when the church is in its finest hour,” she told a packed congregation.

She urged the congregation to continue paying tithes as they have transformed the lives of many deserving people.

Earlier, one of the members of the congregation gave testimony that the church has helped him out of poverty.

“People have said whatever they have said, but they do not know what they say. They are doing so at the finest hour that cannot distract us. Some of us will be billionaires. Some are about to open ministries never seen before,” Kiuna said.

Her husband, who gave the sermon, said the church is not about him and his wife, but the congregation.

He said whatever begins small has the ability to explode.

“Get off that nonsense. Do not read them. Neither be friends with them nor follow them. No weapon formed against us shall prosper,” the bishop said.

Kiuna said the intention of the church is to move along with the poor and better their lives.


#KOT lash out at Bishop Kiuna

On Sunday night, Bishop Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church tweeted photo of himself after a golfing session in Pretoria, South Africa.

As much as the image may have been innocent its the caption that caused a major uproar on social media.

The caption read ” had a wonderful golfing day in Pretoria. As haters hate , i am enjoying the goodness of God. Love y’all c u Sunday!”

Many people termed it as pride, egocentric, narcissistic, and some even said that he is busy spending money earned from the collection of his congregation.

On Sunday  Pastor Kanyari  was under fire following an expose’ showing how he extorts money  from his congregation in the name of God, people compared this to Kiuna’s case.


kiuna 1                              kiuna 4        kiuna 3

kiuna 2