Mwanamke Ni Kitenge! Here Are the Latest Vitenge Trends You Should All Rock

Forget your skinny jeans, ‘Kitenge’ as it is commonly referred to locally could be the missing fabric in your closet. Being a form of identity in the African culture, kitenge can be worn anytime be it to weddings, parties, to work and other outdoor events.

The piece of cloth has gained  international recognition and has even made it onto international runways. We have several local celebrities who prove that you can rock kitenge, namely Kambua, Kenyan-Mexican actress Lupita Nyongo and Wahu among others. Even international celebrities like singer Rihanna, socialite Black Chyna and Beyonce have been  spotted rocking  kitenge on different occasions.

You can match it up a with a headgear, jewelery, a pair of heels or sandals to go with the look. Next time your going out and you want to stand out, opt for a kitenge.

Here are some of the latest ways to rock a kitenge that will make you run to your nearest tailor.

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Kenyan Celebrities Who Pulled Off The Kitenge Look So Effortlessly (Photos)

Kitenge has always been a fashion trend that just never falls out of season.

You can literally wear a kitenge print outfit anywhere and you will still rock it looking beautiful and stylish. Now just because it is an all round kind of outfit that works on any occasion doesn’t mean it is a simple look to rock.

You need to know what will work for you and chose the right colours to complement your skin. Here are a few Kenyan celebrities who  pulled off the Kitenge look effortlessly and quite beautifully at that.

This timeless beauty has never disappointed whenever she rocked a kitenge outfit. She always finds a way to make herself look simple yet elegant.


2.Sarah Hassan
Speaking of timeless beauties, check out Sarah Hassan rocking the Kitenge outfit.


3. Sheila Mwanyigha.
Look at the curvaceous and gorgeous Sheila Mwanyigha making a statement. For those that missed it, the statement is big is beautiful.

Sheila Mwanyigha

4. Lupita Nyongo.
The beautiful Lupita Nyongo dazzling her fans in a Kitenge outfit.


5. Emmy Kosgei.
Another graceful natural beauty that just proves big is beautiful.

Emmy Kosgei