Kisumun man lynched by a mob for killing woman and stuffing body in a suitcase

An angry mob in Kisumu lynched  a man yesterday after finding the body of a woman he had killed stuffed in suitcase in a bid to hide it.

According to The Star the body had stab wounds in the neck and thigh and the throat was slit. the murders took place at Car Wash, Manyatta estate.

Kerugoya Woman kills 5yr old son by throwing him into river Rutui


Residents raised an alarm after hearing a commotion and rushed to the man’s house only to find blood oozing from  a suitcase and on opening it found the womans lifeless  body .

The residents raised the alarm and other wananchi cornered the man as he tried to flee.

The building’s security guard, Michael Odhiambo, said the man and woman came home at 3am. “The two were not talking when they arrived. They got into the house and [started playing] loud music,” he said.

House girl who stabbed woman to death in Kisumu arrested in Uganda

Odhiambo had never seen the woman before. He said the man usually comes and leaves at night.

“When I heard the commotion I locked the gate and alerted police but the suspect attempted to escape through the back door before being cornered by the mob,” Odhiambo said.

A source said the man picked up the woman at a nightclub in Kondele. She said the woman was a commercial sex worker.

Kisumu county police boss John Kamau said they have launched investigations.

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Businessman left in shock after his date turns out to be a man

The night escapades of one Nairobi businessman will forever remain etched in his mind, going by the events of his night out in Kisumu city.

An article published in SDE says that the man, who appears to have an insatiable appetite for ‘one-night-stands’ was relieved of all his belongings after falling prey to the tricks of a twilight girl.

The businessman was on his first trip ever to the lake side city, where after enjoying some nyama choma and pombe, he noticed a bevy of beauties, and manged to land the company of one of them who turned out to be a man in disguise.

Sadly this was where his problems began.

A man in a new town will somehow look for people to keep him entertained throughout the night, and this is exactly what the lonely man did. After digging generously in his pocket to quench the thirst of the ‘woman’ who later violently robbed him with a knife.


The he/she was dressed to the nine’s (as Kenyans refer to anyone dressed really well) complete with glossy lips, a weave and padded underwear that made him/her look like a curvy female. The prostitute robbed the man of Sh50, 000 and an expensive mobile phone.

The Standard reports that this incident went down in a famous joint in Kisumu where revelers frequent, as the establishment is known for its good music, nyama choma and kaswallow.

And as happens in any club or bar, there is always a bunch of girls sitting around hoping to and a sponsor for the night. Luckily or unluckily for the businessman, he was able to land one of them after being inebriated.

He summoned her to his table where they sort of hit it off.


What follows next is also fairly common in clubs. He asked her to order whatever she wanted lest another sponsor beckons her. She of course ‘chafuad’ the table.

The ‘woman’ had a real feast, thanking the man. “A real man,” she praised him. “A stranger, with a kind heart,” she said.

He too, thought that the rounds of beer, roasted meat and ugali were enough to help him have a good time with the ‘woman’.

After flirting with the ‘woman’ severally and getting a positive response, he didn’t squander the chance to ask ‘her’ to spend a night with him. Interestingly, she agreed to have a good time with him, but there was a catch; he had to pay ‘her’ well.

Considering the man was new in Kisumu, he asked ‘her’ to pick a place of ‘her’ choice.


The ‘woman’ took advantage and took the man to a dingy lodging, claiming it was cheaper. Drama began while the two were in a dark alley where the ‘woman’ began cuddling the man. Just when the man began enjoying, the ‘woman’ revealed ‘her’ true colours — she was a robber!

Before the man could sober up and fathom what was going on, the ‘woman’ held him by the neck as if to strangle him. Before he could scream for help, she removed a knife and threatened him to keep quiet and hand over all the money he had.

“The he-she robbed me as I watched. I could not believe that all this time I was entertaining a fellow man while thinking he was a woman.

The curvy hips and breasts that attracted me to her were nothing but padded underwear,” lamented the man, as he explained the ordeal to a watchman who came to rescue him.

Lupita Reconnects With Her Roots In Kisumu (Photos)

Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o who is in the country for her homecoming tour and also as a WildAid ambassador named her grandmother as one of the things she misses about Kenya and vowed to make sure to visit her while on she is here.

It seems granny dearest didn’t need to wait too long to see her Hollywood sweetheart as Lupita visited Kisumu yesterday. We don’t know for sure if she will be climbing mango trees as it was also one of the things she said she missed.

Lupita will be hosting a gala dinner today at Villa Rosa Kempinski to raise funds and awareness about the conservation of our elephants with Wild Aid.

Kenyan top comedian Eric Omondi also got to hang out with Lupita as he was the MC at her Kisumu homecoming. She shared this photo below with the caption, “Reconnecting with ‪#‎NairobiBlue‬ at my grandmother’s house. ‪#‎iwasright‬ ‪#‎blueiseverywhere‬ ‪#‎Kisumu‬ ‪#‎Kenya‬ ‪#‎homecoming‬ ‪#‎reasontosmile‬”

lupita1 lupita

Check out all the photos of her in Kisumu

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Screenshot.from.2015. Screenshot.from.2015.

Kisumu West MP Olago Aluoch found unconscious at his Kisumu home

Kisumu West Member of Parliament Olago Aluoch has been rushed to hospital after he was found unconscious in his home in Kisumu.

Former ODM Secretary General and Kisumu Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o told mourners during the public viewing of the late Fidel Odinga’s body at Jomo Kenyatta Sports ground that the MP was taken to Aga Khan hospital in Kisumu and later airlifted to Nairobi for further treatment.

Details of the nature of his sickness are still unknown.


Woman killed, police officers injured by irate villagers in Kisumu

A woman was killed and property worth thousands of shillings belonging to administration police officers destroyed in Seme sub-county of Kisumu County following confrontations between the AP’s and local residents on Wednesday.

According to the area deputy County Commissioner, Gilbert Kitiyo, the riots at Akado trading centre started when the area chief and two AP officers were alerted at about 3 am over cattle theft and whereabouts of two notorious men linked to increased cases of cattle rustling in the area.

Kitiyo said it was after the police managed to track and arrest the two suspects that the local residents turned the heat on the APs.

They demanded to be allowed to lynch one of the suspects they claimed is a serial cattle thief and jailbird.

“When word went round about the arrest, close to 1,000 villagers flocked to the Akado AP police post, demanding for the release of one of the suspects whom they wanted to lynch,” he said.

The administrator said attempts by the police to calm down the crowd were fruitless as their numbers swelled in the morning.

Kitiyo said the AP successfully called for reinforcement from Kisumu town and managed to move the duo to safety.

This move angered the residents who attacked the security officers, fatally injuring one of the police officers in the head and others sustaining serious injuries.

It was during the melee that a woman was hit by a stray bullet, this further fueled animosity between the law enforcers and the irate wananchi who vented their anger by burning the housing units of the officers.

One of the officers said his motorcycle was burnt while others lost their personal effects including clothes, documents and over Sh60,000 in cash which one of them said he had taken as an emergency loan from his cooperative society


Local authority puts a stop to traditional mourners

Every Thursday and Friday, Kenya’s third largest city, Kisumu, grinds to a halt as hundreds of motorcyclists block the roads.

The reason? They are paid to mourn the dead and the louder their noise and the bigger the procession, the greater the honour for the deceased.

But now the local authorities have had enough and put a stop to the practice.

They say that it is causing alot of inconvenience for people moving about as they cause unwanted traffic, which business owners say is costing them.

The professional mourners are “self employed” and they can cry as loud depending on how much they are paid, so the more the money the louder the cry.

Sometimes they wail and sometime they shed tears it just depends on who dies and how much is paid.

Source: BBC

‘Swag’ and drama as Kisumu residents welcome first ever escalator

Thrilled Kisumu shoppers have since Tuesday visited Kenyatta Avenue’s new Naivas supermarket not to shop but to go up and down the escalators, the first ever in the city.

Naivas unveiled the new supermarket on Tuesday, residents from all walks of life flocking to it as soon as news of ‘rolling stairs hit the streets’.

Adventurous shoppers made straight for the escalators to get a feel of them, the skeptical lot observing from a safe distance. There was drama as both the young and old slipped and fell. Some struggled to show their ‘prowess’ in using the escalators, relatives and friends cheering them on to the staff’s utter surprise.

“This machine is God-sent to this town. We are happy to have it in Kisumu for the first time,” a shopper, Michael Omondi, said.

Omondi said many people in the town would prefer the supermarket to familiarize themselves with the new “gadget in town”.

Regina Atieno had visited the outlet with her three year-old daughter: “My daughter says I better bring her to Naivas instead of taking her to the usual children swings in the town,” she said.

There was however a group of elite shoppers who showed off going by how easily they used the escalators, and the ‘swag’ they displayed while seemingly giving the others disapproving stares.

Pioneering Kisumu’s first escalators gives Naivas supermarket a boost, besides its modern look.

Naivas business development and marketing manager Willy Kimani, speaking during the Tuesday launch, said Kisumu has great potential despite the existence of the other supermarkets in the area.

Kisumu has two Nakumatt supermarkets, one Tuskys supermarket, an Ukwala, Tumaini, Yatin and the recently launched Uchumi supermarkets.

Kimani said the opening of a branch in Kisumu is in line with Naivas supermarket’s plan to have a nationwide presence.

Naivas last year overtook listed retailer Uchumi as the third largest store by revenue behind Nakumatt and Tuskys respectively.

Source :The Star