MWAAAH!!! Neomi Nganga Gives Tips On How To Be A Good Kisser This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and pretty soon, the town will be painted red. Literally!

Your significant other will probably be on your case for the next few days, bugging you and giving hints of what they want. Some might even go missing for a while, even switching off their phones and their explanation will probably be, “Babe, you know my phone has problems…”, – Yeah, we’ve heard that before!


Well, there are those who are a bit serious and actually take the time to celebrate this special day. My question is, why shouldn’t we love each every single day?

Kissing is a really affectionate form of expression. We kiss our parents, siblings, friends and lovers and is known as a form of communication that is almost always connected to love. So, if you don’t know how to kiss your lover, don’t fret. It’s not too late to learn.

Actress Neomi Nganga, has taken her sweet time to teach you, or rather give you tips on how to be a good kisser.


She wrote, “Have you ever had a bad kissing experience? Semeni ukweli… Anyway, if you would like to become a better kisser, here are a few tips for you:
1. Freshen up – avoid having a bad breath
2. Work your eyes – Kissing with your eyes wide open is very creepy….aiiih.
3. Take your time since kissing is team effort between you two.
4. Mind your tongue.
5. Be spontaneous.
6. Control your saliva.
Hapa najua nimesaidia wengi….”

Who’s looking forward to practicing these skills on Valentine’s?

Study: Women Like To Be Complimented For Their Lips

Everyone loves to be complimented, be it for their looks , dressing , a job well done etc because it makes you feel good.
Women also like to be complimented and according to a new study by dating site Badoo the most well received compliment is “you have beautiful lips “
The study showed that tell an American, French, Italian, or Brazilian woman that she dresses well, and she’ll melt. British women want to hear they have great legs, Spaniards like hair compliments, and Dutch and Portuguese women, curiously, like to be told they have beautiful ears.

African women like to be complimented on their body, shape is everything especially the curves. But the bottom line is all women love to be told they have beautiful lips, maybe it has something to do with kissing.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kissing

Kissing is a part of intimacy for many people, whether in relationships or in casual arrangements. For many people it is considered a deep part of connection and even science has backed that up.

You can be judged by how good or bad you kiss. Here are more interesting facts about kissing.

Bad kissing can end a relationshipUniversity of Albany psychologist Gordon Gallup surveyed 58 men and 122 women, asking them the question “Have you ever found yourself attracted to someone, only to discover after kissing them for the first time that you were no longer interested?” In total, 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women answered “yes.” This may have to do with technique, but the chemical information exchanged could also play a role.

Less is more for women The same study that found that women put a premium on oral attractiveness also found that men are more likely to prefer wetter kisses with tongue. This means, if you want to please your lady, you’re probably better off keeping things more tight-lipped. For women looking to improve, men said they also liked it when their partner initiated tongue action and made moaning noises.

Don’t skip to sex One last piece of advice from that 2007 research: Women want to kiss before sex. While 52 percent of men in this study said they would skip kissing and go straight to sex, around 85 percent of women wanted to kiss a romantic partner before jumping into bed with him. In general, women rated kissing as more important than men, and the value they gave it remained consistent, even as relationships continued.

Kissing leads to long-lasting relationshipspaper published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior makes it clear that kissing — whether innate to our species or not — is meaningful to those of us whose cultures do it. There were two surveys in this research. The first had 335 respondents and found that the longer people engaged in post-sex affections, like kissing and cuddling, the higher their sexual satisfaction. This also resulted in higher overall relationship satisfaction. In the second survey (of 101 people), the respondents reported daily post-sex affections and satisfaction. Researchers found that the link between post-sex affection and both sexual and relationship satisfaction held in these detailed accounts. They also found that longer and more high-quality sessions of affection during the study period predicted higher satisfaction three months later.

Reasons for kissing If you think about kissing as objectively as possible, it becomes weird very fast. In particular, the more intricate forms of kissing (like French kissing) can seem like it does little more than swap germs. So why do we do it? One of the most common theories is that mouth-to-mouth touching helps transfer information about physical health between partners. Our saliva carries all kinds of chemical information, and exchanging this directly might help us subconsciously evaluate each other to see if we are a good match for future mating. Kissing can also release many hormones that help us feel good, bond with our partner, and leave us wanting more.


Study: Kissing Is The Leading Cause Of Head And Neck Cancer

According to a study, kissing has overtaken smoking and drinking to become the primary risk factor for developing head and neck cancers.

How is that possible? You may wonder.  Dr Mahiban Thomas, who is head of maxillofacial and head and neck surgery at the Royal Darwin hospital, warned that kissing (a peck on the cheek) can pass on HPV (human papilloma virus) – a family of viruses which can lead to cancer.

He says that according to studies coming out of America, around 70 per cent of head and neck cancers are due to HPV.

HPV’s link to cancer is well known, but it is usually associated with cervical cancer. But why the sudden rise?

Dr Thomas says this is due to changing attitudes, particularly in our younger generations, that oral sex is safe because you can’t get ­pregnant.

‘High-risk behaviours are oral sex, multiple kissing partners, and more recently there are reports even “petting” can lead to infection

‘If someone has kissed in excess of six people their risk of contracting HPV is higher, or if someone has kissed in excess of nine people the risk is significantly higher again.’


What It’s Like To Be Dumped By Someone You’re Not Even Dating

Like it or not, you can break up with someone you’re not even dating and wait — this wasn’t supposed to hurt. That is the point! We engage in these “seeing each other” dynamics to avoid real pain, yet they leave us on an epic, wild, emotional rollercoaster with no harness keeping us safe:

Your heart isn’t hurt, but your pride is shot.
You feel a thick heaviness making its way toward the center of your chest; it’s not dissimilar to heartbreak — except it’s a type of pain that only scratches the surface of your heart, never piercing deep into the crux of it.

It’s the great crush of the massive ego.
It makes you acutely aware of how powerful and dominating your ego actually is, which is equally as unsettling as the out-of-the-blue rejection.

You begin to wonder what kind of red flags you’re emitting into the universe.
How can someone break up with you before having had the opportunity to experience dating you? The brief time you’ve spent with one another has been nothing short of simple and nice, a calm stream of intoxicated kisses, giggles and light conversation.

What could you have possibly done that is deeming you red-flagged and crazy when you’ve only been in this person’s presence about five times? You haven’t spent enough time with this person for him or her to know about the crazy, broken-hearted, fearful and weirdly eccentric parts of yourself yet.

You’ve been acting like a finely curated art gallery, specifically exhibiting only your very best work. So what is it? What’s wrong with you? You fear you’re unattractive (as you’ve long suspected).

Since it hasn’t been nearly long enough for this person to discover your wickedly dark side — there could only be one reason this “relationship” ended before it began: You’re ugly. Maybe all those insecurities that plagued your soul in middle school are true, but none of your friends or family members had the wherewithal to tell you.

The deeply suppressed fears about your appearance you’ve stuffed down in the name of feminism for over the last decade begin to swell to the surface: It’s my bad skin, isn’t it? Those acne scars never quite healed themselves, did they? I will never have a shot at love because of that one disgusting pockmark on my left cheek. Why didn’t my mother let me go on Accutane?

Once you’re fully convinced you’re nothing but a freaky, scarred, overweight specimen — a new fear creeps into the core of your soul:

The anxious thoughts that maybe you’re a BAD kisser consume you.
There are few experiences more traumatic than kissing a bad kisser. Though you’re a willing participant in the locking of lips, you’re left feeling mildly violated afterward.

You have irrational fears about your reputation.
All of a sudden, it hits you like a fist in a delicate moment: It’s not your looks. It’s not the way in which you kiss. It’s your reputation that sent him or her running in the opposite direction. This person has been warned by an army of exes that somehow banded together as a united force set to destroy you by blasting every social media outlet with stories detailing how bat-sh*t crazy you are. The only thing to do is move to another country and start a new life somewhere no one knows your name.

You’re reminded of the brutal sting of rejection.
All of a sudden, you remember how much rejection truly sucks. How little it really takes to knock you down. If you’re this crushed by a stupid rejection from someone you didn’t even like — how will you ever handle rejection from someone you do like? You conclude you’ll never throw yourself out there again. You’re too vulnerable for this cruel, cold world.

Fueled by the fire of rage, the healing begins.
How dare this person break up with you? I mean you weren’t even dating? I didn’t like him or her anyway. This person was nothing more than a pathetic filler, and this is the way the UNIVERSE is working to protect you (it’s always all about you, remember) from dating a LOSER.

Parents who regularly kiss are ‘less likely to shout at their children’

Parents who regularly kiss each other and have shared interests are more likely to praise their children, new research shows.

A study of 5,000 families has shown couples who feel they have a high level of ‘bliss’ and kiss each other often are likely to be better parents.

Experts say the study confirms that a fulfilled love life leads to more successful parenting and helps reveal what makes a ‘good’ father.

When both men and women consider themselves in a blissful relationship they were seen to praise their children more often instead of shouting at them.

Frequent kissing, spending time enjoying shared interests and a sense of general satisfaction all contributed to a blissful relationship.

Unsurprisingly, parents who often considered divorce, got on each other’s nerves, argued frequently and regretted forming their relationship were more likely to shout at their children.