‘I was earning 50k,’ Mike Mondo reveals woman rejected him over ‘little’ salary

Mike Mondo and Kingangi spoke about petty reasons people are leaving each other today. Mike felt that people are leaving each other for very flimsy reasons, saying that in the days of old marriages used to last.

He delivered an anecdote about how one lady that he knewdivulged an had left him because of his kidogo salary. He told Kingangi;

I have been left because of how much I make. It was kidogo. When I started doing radio I used to make 50 g’s a month. This lady I was seeing told me that that was too little telling me that she couldn’t be with a man that was making that little. And she refused me for that. She left. Now every once in a while she sends messages telling me that we should catch up.

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

Kingangi agreed with him saying that many are leaving each other over petty issues. He said that he believed issues that can be resolved should not be the reason that people leave each other. ‘Before you think of bolting first give dialog a chance.’ he said.

Most of the audience agreed with the hosts. Some of their comments are below;

I myself I am a divorcee. If I knew what I knew know I would not have left. Marriage ni kuvumiliana. Maybe your man is cheating or his in-laws are hard to deal with, those are the same issues you will deal with other men. We need to have patience with our spouses-one woman told Mike.

Girls, do you expect men to refund money after a breakup Mike Mondo asks

It is about happiness. It is about you-one woman told Mike.

We are being left for such silly lessons like, ‘we have an old T.V while our neighbours have a new one’. Even when these women leave they always end up coming back-A comment from a man.

Women think that money solves all their problems while they don’t know that at the end of the day, a woman needs a man-another woman told Mike.

I think you will explore until you die. There is no good man. If you think there is a perfect marriage, then never get married-woman

What do you think?

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‘Are women happy with polygamy?’ Maina and Kingangi discuss

Maina and Kingangi today spoke about women being O.K with their husbands being polygamous. Maina was thunderstruck that some wives are happy sharing their husbands with other women.

Kingangi meanwhile saw no problem with the scenario of a Kenyan man having many wives as long as he could take care of them. He said that some women are selfish for not wanting to share their men with other women.

The comments from listeners were fascinating. Some are below;

It is the new reality Maina. Men are polygamous by nature. It is better to know who you are sharing him with than with a thousand dollar whore out there-read a message from a female listener.

If a man has the flexible financial muscle to take care of his wives, then let him do it, provided everyone is well-taken care off-road a message from a female listener.

That (notion) is sick. I am very jealous and troublesome-read a message from a female listener.

That woman is happier than the one who was cheated on. I would rather be her. Better the devil you know then the angel you don’t-A message from a female caller.

I think that guy is a real man. I better know that I have other co-wives than find out he has many wives when my man dies-read a message from a female caller.

I am not comfortable with a polygamous man. There are joker women out there-read a message from a female listener

A woman who cares for her man is jealous. If she is O.K sharing her man then it means that she doesn’t care that much for her man-read a message from a male listener.

Better you know that your man is polygamous so that you can plan yourself than find out later on- read a message from a female caller.

Today’s modern women cannot handle the machismo of some of the men we have a message by Wakanai.

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Maina and Kingangi perplexed by Ringtone’s attention seeking

Today’s morning conversation was really interesting with Maina and Kingangi debating the merits of people coupling up. While speaking, Maina had some choice words for gospel musician Ringtone.

Maina was unhappy with the antics that Ringtone has been pulling recently, especially his latest stunt yesterday. The singer had gone to Pastor Allan Kiuna’s JCC church that is located on Forest Road.

While there, the ‘Pamela’ singer decided to go on with his wife search and held a placard inside the church premises advertising his need for a wife.

Ringtone at JCC
Ringtone at JCC

He was thrown out of the church premises and Maina wondered why Ringtone had to even look for a wife in the first place?

Kingangi agreed and asked how it was possible someone who had money, who lived in Karen and who owned a V8 and a Range Rover could not get a wife?

He finished off by advising the singer that he should find another way to get attention.

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Maina and Kingangi debate the power of a Mother-in-law over her son

Maina and Kingangi had a vigorous conversation today about the power a mother-in-law has over her son’s decisions in life. Maina referenced an article he had read in one of the dailies where the conversation was about mothers-in-law.

He said that he was shocked after reading a particular story where a Kenyan man got a divorce on the advice of his mother! That appalled him while Kingangi was of the opinion that mothers have a sixth sense and that it should be respected.

Listeners texted and called with their responses. Some are below:


There are women suffering in silence because of their mothers-in-law – A text from a male listener.

Our mothers are the first priority, wives come in the category of other. When I get broke my mother will help me, my wife meanwhile will be at the club – Captain Kale.

A man broke up with me because I was from a different tribe, we had been together for 2 years. It happened last year. His mother insisted. There are men who are really weak – A female caller.

I had a lot of fight with my dad and mom about my future wife. They said my wife was like a version of a slay queen. I have been married for 4 years We didn’t talk with my parents for 6 months – Response from a male caller.

My mom told me not to see a certain boy because there were rumours that he had impregnated another woman. Sad to say we broke up 3 years later – Response from female caller.

The sword cuts both ways with good ones and bad ones – A text from a female listener

Hawa wanaume ni ngamia. They are weak – Response from female caller.

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