King Kaka’s Wife Narrates How Hard It Was Breastfeeding Her First Born

King Kaka’s family is growing as they were recently blessed with a young prince, Iroma. They kept the news hush hush, until a few weeks ago when they posted photos of their maternity shoot on Instagram. The photos were breathtaking and Nana looked like a goddess, as always.

Nana Owiti

Well, being a mother is not an easy job and one is faced with challenges when trying to take care of the baby. Nana had her own fair share of struggles when she gave birth to her first born, Gweth.

King Kaka Bashed By Fans For Kissing His Daughter On The Mouth

She had challenges trying to breastfeed her because she was sick and it was quite a hustle. She even had a surgery after getting Mastitis, which is inflammation of the mammary gland in the breast or udder, typically due to bacterial infection via a damaged nipple or teat.

Nana Owiti 1

But with her newborn, things are different and he’s feeding well.

She said, “2.5wks later we are weighing 4.4Kgs! Our prince Iroma is a feeeeeder. We thank God. I didnt enjoy breastfeeding with Gweth because I got sick cause I didnt know how to properly latch her. I got mastitis and even had a surgery. Am glad I can properly do it right now.
Our journey continues. Iroma is a Luo name meaning ‘You Satisfy me’ I pray he lives up to his name.”

Check out photos of the little one:

Iroma 1

Iroma 2

Iroma 3

Meet the women behind your favorite Kenyan male celebrity

Raising a boy child is not easy. It takes determination and perseverance to nurture that young boy into a respected man in the society. Some end up being drug addicts, robbers while a few are lucky to achieve their dreams. Continue reading “Meet the women behind your favorite Kenyan male celebrity”

King Kaka Blessed With A Bouncing Baby Boy (Photo)

King Kaka and his wife have finally been blessed with a bouncing baby boy, Iroma. Before the birth, they had kept the news a secret, and only released photos from their maternity shoot not too long ago.

Nana Owiti took to social media to announce the birth of her prince, with a photo of his tiny feet.

king kaka's son

She said, “About a week ago week ago (singing). God blessed my family. Our Prince is growing steady. His name is #IROMA.”

King Kaka and Sauti Sol have been on each other’s necks for a while now. Sauti Sol during an interview said King Kaka is a lukewarm artiste, signing other lukewarm artistes and that he is trying to look for relevance.

King Kaka 2

But King Kaka is not about that life and basically responded with, “I’m being a man here. I’m saying to Sauti Sol, I’m a fan. They have gone to BET, MTV… Heck, I have even voted for them a couple of times, but what do they have to show apart from the trophies?”

Yummy Mummy: See Gorgeous Photos Of King Kakaโ€™s Wife’s Baby Bump

They completely caught us by surprise. Nana, the wife to Kenya’s rapper King Kakaโ€™s is expecting their second child.

She posted on Instagram new photos showcasing her baby bump in a classic photo shoot.

The couple opted for a masai inspired shoot where Nana is seen wearing amazing Kenyan jewelry in a beautifil background that will leave you loving her maternity shoot. She truly pulls it off.

However the gender of the yet-to-be born child hasn’t been revealed. We hope that the two will soon announce this to their fans once the baby is here.

Below are the photos from the shoot.





Another Baby On The Way! King Kaka’s Baby Mama Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump (Photo)

King Kaka’s family is getting bigger by the day, after his baby mama posted a photo of her growing baby bump.

King Kaka

Nana will soon be a mother of two. Kaka has another daughter with singer Sage.

They have not yet revealed the gender of the child but since he already two daughters, a little prince wouldn’t be a bad idea.

King Kaka


Nana took to social media to share a photo of her and King Kaka in what looked like a maternity photoshoot.


Check out the beautiful photo below:



Her fans took the message politely saying:

Pookyness: Lovely my girl, lovely lakini kingkaka kuja polepole bro ๐Ÿ˜

Terry: Blessing galore… Congratulations ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜‡

Rowzie: Am so happy for you darling….. Congratulations are in order nininanaowiti

Antony: And the prince was born the rolay family just getting bigger congratulation you two are just an inspiration to this generation in every simple way Congratulation

Amina: Aaaaaww..congratulations to you both ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰.. all the best n i wish you grace n blessings

Njeri: gwethjeezy daddy @thekingkaka naeza pata msister mdogo ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ nanaowiti unatesa mummy

Not Getting Profit: King Kaka Pulls His Songs From Music Streaming Sites

King Kaka is a big artiste in Kenya and we can all agree to disagree, but that’s just the plain truth. His music has been well received ever since we knew him as Rabbit/Kaka Sunguch.

Over time he built an empire, Kaka Empire, which has signed some of the greatest artistes in the 254.

King Kaka 2

It was pretty easy to find his music on a number of streaming sights, that is if you don’t want to use YouTube. But of late it has become quite a hustle. With many searching for his songs on Mdundo, it has proven to be hard and his songs can’t be found.

Well, there’s a reason for all that. King Kaka apparently pulled his songs from Mdundo and Wabeeh, which were some of the streaming sights many used to download his music.

He took to twitter to explain why he took that move, making it clear that he was not getting the profits he deserved.

King Kaka 1

He said, “Announcement! My music is no longer on Waabeh and Mdundo. Asanteni for the continued support. Niko kwingine kwote. Not getting the much profit we deserve.”

Mdundo responded to Kaka’s statement in the most polite way saying, “Thank you for great times when your music was on Mdundo @RabbitTheKing. Youโ€™re welcome back any time.”

#TBT Kagwe Mungai Opens Up About Washing Dishes Back In Campus

Kagwe Mungai is not only talented when it comes to producing good music but he is also blessed with good looks.

Looking at him one would think he has grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth but that is not so. Kagwe opened up during an interview with the Standard where he said he had to work many jobs to survive.


Kagwe says, “I was a dishwasher, a bartender, a DJ, a barber, a tutor and many more.”All this was meant to earn him an extra coin back in campus.

He has worked on songs such as Give It To Me Feat King Kaka, Creeper, Hot This Year, Doctor, Biggest Fan, TKK Feat. Madtraxx, Bad Girls and The Dee

Kagwe is among few Kenyan artistes who have worked with both international artistes and African entertainers. Apart from being a great musician Kagwe is a certified saxophonist, composer, songwriter, singer and rapper.


Having worked along side musical acts in the United Kingdom, Mungai had the opportunity to collaborate with musicians and poets such as Run toto Run, Louise Victoria, Julie Wangombe. Kagwe Mungai’s most notable collaboration was with Fena Gitu in the song Dutch. The song managed to peak at number one on several charts in Kenya and abroad.

As young asย  14, he was writing songs and developing ideas with a four-track recorder his older brother brought home one day.

Kagwe with his mum and his brothers
Kagwe with his mum and his brothers

Boss Moves: King Kaka Has Added Another Accomplishment That Will Leave His Peers Green With Envy

Kelvin Ombima known to many as King Kaka has added another feather to his cap after he joined the Standard Group as a columnist under the ‘Hustle Pullout’.

The talented hip hop artiste has gone through a major transformation from back then when he was starting his career as a musician to this point, with his current stature as ‘boss’ he sure does look like one.


The talented hip hop artiste could not hide his excitement as he took to his social media pages to announce theย  news to his fans. He joins the likes of Makau Mutua, Barrack Muluka, Billow Kerrow, Ababu Namwamba and Kethi Kilonzo who have already established themselves as columnists.


King Kaka is a house hold name in the Kenyan music industry and we can only wait and see if he is a good writer like he is a good musician.

Apart from this he is a business person who runs Kaka Empire which is a management company for artistes. He also has other side hustles.

King Kaka is also a family man and is engaged to Nana Owiti, and the two are blessed with a beautiful daughter Ayanna who turned 3 recently.



‘I Believe You Can’t Even Afford Chicken’ – Akothee Throws Major Shade At Kenyan Rappers

Trust Akothee to always speak her mind whenever she feels like it. By now it’s pretty clear she never sugar coats her words and she never cares whether you think she’s rude or not. If she’s not addressing you, then it shouldn’t bother you.

akothee white

Well, King Kaka posted a video on social media with Akothee and Dr Ofweneke and in the video, Akothee goes ahead to slam Kenyan rappers who are always beefing with fellow artistes. She also gave props to King Kaka for his good work.

She Never Sugarcoats: As Times Get Tough, Akothee Pities Kenyans Who Earn A Salary

Dr Ofweneke went ahead to ask her when she’s releasing her diss track and Akothee went ahead to say she’ll be releasing it pretty soon.


Are You a SINGLE Mother And ASHAMED Of Your Status? Akothee Has Some Encouraging Words For You

She said, “I’m not a rapper but King Kaka does it better and for all the artistes who are looking for beefs, since you’ve been looking for beefs, I believe you can’t even afford chicken. So why don’t you just do your thing. Don’t hang your gorilla on my back. I already have my own monkey.”

Watch the full video below;

The Next President says King Kaka does It Better. @akotheekenya @drofweneke

A post shared by King Kaka (@thekingkaka) on

‘You Are The One I Would Rather Fight With ‘ – King Kaka’s Baby Mama Pens Down A Beautiful Message On His Birthday

King Kaka turns a year older today. He doesn’t even age and we would all love to know the secret. When it comes to giving, King Kaka is very generous at that. A few weeks ago, his mother turned a year older and he took her to Mombasa to have fun and just explore a different scenery.

king kaka

Well, today his Baby Mama, Nana was not going to let this time pass without pouring her heart out. She took to social media to express how much he means to her and to wish him nothing but the best in this new chapter.

King Kaka shares the most important lesson his mother taught him that he will never forget

She wrote, “Today is a special day.. It is when a part of me was created outside my body. I remember the first time I met you, our first date and the first words you said to me.. Time hasn’t erased the memory and I pray we make many more special ones like asking me to help you sing along to a song you were writing when I was in labor!!! Lol The song saw the light of day and it is funny to me(am not saying which one).”

King Kaka

She continued, “You have taught me so much..the zeal for whatever you have passion for, hardwork, being unstoppable and achieving whatever goal you set at whatever cost.. Hell, you have taught me to be that ‘Sawa’ know, accepting whatever outcome and not worrying about what you cant change(am still a student here since am that chronic overthinker) we argue,we love and hold but at the end of the day,you are the one that I would rather fight with.”

king and Nana

She ended with this beautiful message writing, “As you celebrate your birthday..May God bless you with love,health,wealth,wisdom and the knowledge to tackle whatever the world throws at you with a smile,strength and victory. Above all may you always Reign my King @thekingkaka โ™š โ™š. Happy Birthday to the one I lost my rib to. I love you!!!

Happy Birthday King Kaka.

King Kaka Bashed By Fans For Kissing His Daughter On The Mouth

King Kaka is one artiste who has grown tremendously over the years in the music industry. He is not called the King for no good reason; he has proven to run these streets in terms of music and we can’t forget to credit his amazing rapping skills.

King Kaka2

Having built his empire from scratch, King Kaka has given different artistes the opportunity to live their dreams by signing them to his record label.

This ninja is also a family man. He’s a husband and a dad to two beautiful girls, but from different mothers, Nana and singer Sage. His daughter With Nana, Gweth, is a sight to see.

king kaka gweth and nana

She’s too pretty for this life and King has never shied away from sharing their beautiful moments together. He has praised her more than a million times, declaring that he would do right about anything for the little one.

He recently posted a photo of him and his daughter on social with the caption, “Yaani hizi fisi zimeeanza mapema. Just me with my Princess @gwethgeezy.”

Check the photo below;

King and baby

Many people were amazed with the photo and admired their love. But some were not ok with the fact that he was kissing his daughter on the mouth.

Some of his followers were against the whole idea claiming that it wasn’t right to kiss her on the mouth.

Check out some of the comments below;

wangombe_g: Wacha nihate nione kama nitaget followers. Everyone else is like aww. No one ever told you you shouldn’t kiss kids in the mouth. You might infect her with something your immune can handle but hers cant

nyamai_eliud: father kissing girl child in the mouth. No ! leave that to her Mother. even if you are her father yu have to watch some social & connection boundaries to the girl child

King Kaka shares the most important lesson his mother taught him that he will never forget

Kennedy Ombima aka King Kaka is today revealing a very personal story of his moment with his mother as she turns 50-years-old on wednesday 26th April.

King Kaka is gearing up, together with his brothers to mark her born day, and his birthday message to her proves that he is the worlds best son.

Here is a photo of Kinga Kaka with his elder brothers and their gorgeous mum. He has previously introduced her to netizens, and confessed the difficult circumstances she has faced raising three boys as a single mum.


Check out his dedication to his mum.

“So my mom’s birthday is Kesho 26th April, I asked her how old she was turning , ati 50 something, ati ladies never reveal. Anyway wacha tunacheka hapo , it wasn’t all smiles when we were growing up, that’s Deno with the dark coat 2nd born and that’s Calvo the 1st born and me the last born. Today I woke up and remembered an incident, my mom alikuwa anauza fruits Enterprise rd in industrial area and just after high school nilikuwa Naenda kumsaidia, so morning hours as she would go to the market , I would go to open her fruit stand. So a particular Thursday I had college exams in the noon and I had just opened the stand , and minutes before my mom arrived, Kanjo arrested me , and took me to their car. So mom arrived akaambiwa your son ako kwa gari ya kanjo and she knew my paper was in an hours time. she came to the car and told Kanjo waniwachilie wamshike instead since I had a paper. I felt really bad that they would even consider arresting her , it was either they arrested her or I miss the paper. I was willing to miss the paper but not see my mom arrested, a few minutes later I was released but I said I am not going without my mother. Long story short , My mom made sure we got what we deserved, she is a strong believer in education. She struggled so that we could laugh today and we make sure she laughs daily. The Love is out of This world. Help me wish My Mom, Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth The Legend herself a Happy Birthday.’

King Kaka Showers Avril With Nothing But Praises For Her Hard Work

King Kaka is among the most hardworking artistes in the 254. He has built his brand from scratch making sure his music is heard and appreciated across the country. He also has an empire that has grown tremendously over the years, even signing some of the greatest artistes in Kenya.

King Kaka1

One of the artistes he signed to his record label Kaka Empire, Avril, had one amazing weekend or should we say Easter. She had a grand concert in Nakuru dubbed Homecoming.

She thrilled her fans with her hits as they danced their hearts out. Since she’s hails from Nakuru, it was about time she did something special for her people.

King Kaka is proud f Avril’s achievement and the fact that her music is growing. Well, he took to social media to praise her for her hardwork.

avril and King kaka

He said, “In a male dominated industry, finding your way to the top of the chain can be a hustle trust me a Real one and I am not saying this Avril is with Kaka Empire but the amount of respect I have for this lady is unmeasurable. She has been at the top for years and we all know success is not being number 1 but by maintaining the spot and she has proven that for years. Yesterday was her Homecoming, the organization was perfect, the performances plus you could tell her set was the cream of the night , and the fact that she is a perfectionist sets her apart from all of them. Respect Respect Respect Respect.”

Here is King Kaka’s birthday wish to his daughter that will make you wish he was your dad

King Kaka’s birthday wish to his daughter will blow your mind.

She turned three years old and the music sensation is as excited about her born day as his loyal fans are.

The father of two daughters has never hidden the fact that he has two girls born from different mothers. This was after he also publicly disclosed that he had two baby mama’s and how he deals with the challenges that come with it. That family comes first.

Well his cute daughter Gweth from his girlfriend Nana turned three years old and he penned down this sweet message for her. Have a look at the beautiful Nana and their daughter Gweth, before reading the message.

king kaka gweth and nana

“Time flies soooo fast, just the other day you were born and today you are turning 3. I’ve seen you crawl , walk , talk and seeing your growth daily gives me joy. You are teaching me values everyday Ni vile tu haujui, I promise to love you infinity. I pray that all your life wishes come true, and I will be here to make sure they do. Thanks to nana for always making sure you get the best and Christine for spending most times with Geezy and loving her. Happy Birthday Gweth , ebu grow haraka so that you change the world.”

He captioned accompanied with this absolutely adorable photo below;

king kaka and daughter

Jal Chebby Bytok Happy birthday baby… Yu growing so fast may God always guide you…. Make daddy proud… #kingkaka yu got a princess

Moryn Victoria wow!! king she is really a gweth to you and she is also the source of UA happiness… love her too and may the Almighty God protect her…love u too king n happy born day to your daughter..

Brandon Quim Msafi Gweth…HBD na grow smart totoooh.Reflect ur baba na be happy,philanthropia na all will be nyc 4 you na don 4get kuthnk wazae+God for bringing you to this earthly

King Kakaโ€™s Message To Kenyans Is Absolutely Beautiful!

Musicians are supposed to be the mirror of a nation and as we head to elections their work should be calling out for peace.

King Kaka is doing his role pretty well and his new jam is just dope.


You know he never disappoints and when you hear he has a new song, it is definitely massive.

It is new, fresh and keeping everyone on that replay button.

The song titled โ€˜mwizi mkubwaโ€™ย ย features vocals by Vini Kush and flowing lyrics by the king himself.

Rabbit is definitely an amazing rapper and this very song will keep you asking for more from him. Sounds like a perfect poem.

โ€œdentist haaminiki kama meno yake inanukaโ€ฆsi unajua mtoto wa panya ni panya tu tutaitwa na tutafanya tu.โ€

This song is one to enhance people to choose politicians wisely and not vote for corrupt leaders again just because they gave them money.

5 fashion lessons we can learn from Jimmy Gait, King Kaka and DJ Sadic

Here are three entertainers who know how to dress. Their impeccable fashion sense leaves many breathless as they have developed a style that manages to be individual and classic at the same time.

Here are five timely fashion lessons, we can all learn from the three fellas;

a. You can pull off a hat with a suit. Instead of making the hat the main focus of the look, they integrate it with the rest of the attire


b. Sunglasses are a must accessory, even as we all bear with this rainy season this easter


c. One of their tricks is to use a handkerchief on the suit to create a finished picture


d. They have nailed the casual but subtly tailored look, and have a unique take on choosing the right style

jimmyg ย  ย  kingrabbitkaka

e. Neither of them is afraid of trying on some colorful suits. Whether it’s a double-breasted cardigan, or tweed vest, these three gentlemen are always o point with clothes that fit well




ONE LOVE! Popular Kenyan Rapper Attacks Corrupt Leaders In New Film, Urges The Youth Not To Be Deceived By Money

Kenyan rapper King Kaka is known for his lyrical prowess and his amazing rap skills, but his musical journey has not been that smooth and he had to work extra hard a few years back to make it to the top list.

The crooner is one of the best Hip-Hop artistes in Kenya, going head to head with other rappers like Octopizzo, Khaligraph, Juliani and others.

Other than just music, King Kaka is a businessman and is the founder of Kaka Empire, a music label which hosts the likes of Avril, Femi One and celebrated rapper Timmy Tdat.


In the last couple of months King Kaka has been dropping emotional songs with his last single featuring RedForth Chorus dubbed Senzenina taking over the airwaves for it’s touching message.

Now, the renowned rapper has dropped a new video, where he tackles the issues about corrupt leaders who pay the youth to engage in tribal fighting in Kenya.

In the new film, King Kaka introduces a certain minister, who was appointed as a minister and after 2 months inoffice, he exposes the dirt and corruption that takes place in the ministry.
King Kaka2

The man, who goes by the name Mwizi Mkubwa, decides to expose the scandal, after he found out that money set aside for development projects was embezzled and used to fund ethnic tension between different tribes in Kenya.

In the same video, King Kaka finalises with a few lyrics where he urges the Kenyan youth not to be lured into tribal fights and violence just because of a few coins.

This is an eye-opener and I think it’s the appropriate message for Kenyans as aw await the forthcoming general election. Check out the new film dubbed Mwizi Mkubwa below.