King Kaka and wife celebrate 11 years of union

King Kaka and his wife Nana Owiti celebrated their 11th years together on Monday. The rapper took to social media to thank Owiti for holding him down adding that she described what love is to him.

“Today marks 11years with this beautiful person of mine. Our anniversary. Thankyou for all the lessons , thanks for holding me down , thanks for creating room for conversations and words can’t describe you . Thanks for defining what love is. We have many more years to come. We keep thanking God for this union. Nakupenda and Asante Best Friend and Wife @nanaowiti Hadi tukunje Mgongo.”

Owiti also took to her social media to applaud the ‘Ligi Soo’ hitmaker for remembering their anniversary for the first time in the eleven years of being together.

“It’s been exactly 11 freaking years with this amazing human @thekingkaka and for the first time in 11 years he remembered our anniversary!! Congratulations babe on that too.”

“He’s away working and so I called my ride or die @souljagal1 we go have lunch in one of our fave joints in Kite,” she wrote adding “I love you King”

The couple is blessed with two kids. The rapper also shared a child with singer Sage.

In December 2018, King Kaka proposed to Nana during the launch of his album ‘Eastlando Royalty’ at Uhuru Gardens.

In his proposal speech, King Kaka said “Huyu dem amekuwa na mimi.Tumeteseka na yeye manze.Time nilikuwa naitwa Rabbit. Hio time hat sikuwa nimebuy ndai manze.So ilikuwa nikienda kumcheki napanda gari za Kite (Kitengela) alafu nikishuka napanda boda…so that I can just spend time with you…Namuitanga wife na hananga pete. Will you be Mrs Ombima?”

You guessed it right, she said Yes.

‘I witnessed a supernatural light,’ King kaka recalls how God saved his life

Rapper King Kaka says he saw some supernatural light when he was bedridden last year. 

In an interview with Jalang’o, King Kaka said he was almost giving up on life when the bright light appeared.

To him, that was God’s visitation at a time when he needed him most.

“I saw a bright light in the room at night when I was in darkness and had not eaten for a week, the following day after seeing the light I was able to take porridge and started feeling better, God visited me,” King Kaka said, thanking God for his life.

He says that he started feeling well after he had seen the extraordinary light as he bounced back to life.

“It is a blessing that I can now sit, was not able to, felt pain when  I tried sitting or walking, then now decided to go to the hospital.”

Rapper King Kaka / Photo: Courtesy

“I was not able to sit nor eat. I was given the wrong medication and I started losing weight, I lost about 30kg at that time,” he recalled. 

King Kaka says his slogan will forever remain “sio mimi ni God” (which means it is not me, but God) because he saw the hands of the man above.

The rapper became sick after being given the wrong medication at a local hospital, leading to a tremendous weight loss. 

King Kaka’s wife was body shamed because of her weight

King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti says she struggled to try to lose weight.

Nana in a Qand A session she had with her followers, talked of a point in her life where she had gained a lot of weight.

At that period of life, people used to despise her and bully her on the streets.

Her journey to lose weight started because she used to have so much weight and she considered that she wanted a bit of peace in her life.

She is glad she took that path because, at the moment, her body is impeccably impressive.

“Story of my life. I have struggled with weight before and even been bullied on these streets.”

In a past interview, she shared her anguish with body shamers and by being called King Kaka’s mama friend for gaining weight.

She revealed that she moved from about 66kgs to 88 Kgs after delivering her youngest kid and that’s where her troubles began.

She revealed that the online bullying aggravated when King Kaka publicly proposed to her and people noticed her plumpness, with some brazen enough to argue that she didn’t deserve to be married.

Nana went on to divulge that she used to cry for days on end as she hadn’t quite learned to love and accept herself for who she was, something she has learned to do over time.

‘I watched my husband knock on death’s door,’ King Kaka’s wife narrates

Rapper King Kaka has been unwell but he is thankful to God that he has another chance to be alive.

The ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ hitmaker has been revealing details about his ailment bits by bit.

Today, the artiste shared a photo of him while in the hospital looking emaciated and weak.

Well, his wife Nana Owiti has been on his side since day one.

In a recent post, the mother of two revealed that she watched her husband constantly knock on death’s door but still wore God’s armour.

She added that Kaka never gave up no matter how sick he was.

Actor Njoro reveals why he doesn’t posts his wife on social media


King Kaka
King Kaka

“What you guys never got to see. I will never stop thanking God for taking us out of the lions’ den. I had never seen such darkness in a while. Everyday I thought I had seen the worst, I saw the ‘worstest’ the next day…

I watched my husband constantly knock death’s door but still wore God’s amour..Maybe he was knocking the door so he could knock the devil off
On the real.. @thekingkaka put up a fight.

He never gave up and if he ever did once, he never showed it. On this day,he just got super sick and we couldn’t get to the hospital because of traffic and so Dr. Stanley hopped onto a motorbike and met us on the way. God bless you Doc. Anyway ‘guys.. here’s is ‘MANIFEST.”

He has since released a new song featuring Nviiri titled ‘Manifest.

‘I would force my last smile to my wife,’ King Kaka gives details on his ailment

Rapper King Kaka has shared details on the ailment that left him hospitalized for over three months.

Through his social media, the father of three said it all started with his admission to a local hospital.

Sharing a picture of himself while in the hospital, where he appeared weak and emaciated, Kaka said that doctors performed a surgical procedure on him to get a sample of his bone Marrow.

“That’s me, still can’t believe it. 2days after I was admitted and they had just finished drilling on my hip bone for a bone marrow sample.

I was in between worlds fighting to see my family once more. I would force my last smile when Nana & Moms visited but the truth is the nights got darker and I would be back in the ring with life.

It’s a feeling and place you can’t put in words nights when the devil threw in a few suggestions but the light got stronger for me to listen,” he said.

Teacher Wanjiku celebrates her daughter Zuri as she turns a year older

King Kaka says he has not fully recovered, but thanks God, his family and doctors who took care of him.

“Not yet out of the woods but I’ve just realized that waking up is a Blessing , are you able to eat? that’s a blessing. You have a support system?

That’s a blessing. Very thankful to Dr. Adil, Dr. Stanley & Dr. Aggrey .Very thankful to the amazing nurses Wanjiku, Vio, Chacha, Peter and the rest.

Moms Asante , Nana you are a gem, Deno, Kenny, and my close friends. My bros and everyone who came to visit. All the fans who don’t know me personally but said a prayer,” said.

Kaka has a new song narrating his ailment journey featuring Nviiri the Storyteller.

“One day I will tell the full story but as of now I have summarized it in a song. I know we have different struggles, I hope that this song revamps the little hope and light left in you. You have a destiny and God has a plan for you.” 


‘He is much better,’ King Kaka’s wife update fans on his health

Rapper King Kaka has been unwell for months after what he said was misdiagnosed.

In his social media, King Kaka said he had been sick for over three months and had lost appetite, leading to him losing up to 33 Kg.

He has been updating his fans about his health since he left the hospital.

Well, his wife, Nana Owiti in a Q & A on her social media updated his fans that he is doing much better.

Fans asked how the rapper is fairing on.

“He is much better. He’s added 6+ KGs and you have no idea how grateful we are for that. It’s a big win, thanks for asking,”  she said.

King of my heart! Milly Wa Jesus showers husband on his birthday

King Kaka in suit and tie
King Kaka in suit and tie

She added that King Kaka will share details on the disease he is suffering from when he is ready.

Kaka shared his first photo after announcing he has been ill for three months few weeks ago.

In a post on social media, the ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ singer asked his fans to always pray for good health.

He added that it has not been easy to be in and out of hospital.

“Hospitali ceilings are really boring, always pray for good health,” he wrote.

King Kaka’s wife says their firstborn stopped breastfeeding after three months

Being a mother is not an easy job and one is faced with challenges when trying to take care of the baby.

King Kaka’s wife Nana had her own fair share of struggles when she gave birth to her firstborn, Gweth.

She had challenges trying to breastfeed her because she was sick and it was quite a hustle.

She even had surgery after getting Mastitis, which is inflammation of the mammary gland in the breast or udder, typically due to bacterial infection via a damaged nipple or teat.

In a recent Q and A session with her fans on Instagram, the mother of two revealed that her daughter stopped breastfeeding after three months.

Anita Okoye, wife to Nigerian artiste Rudeboy ends their seven-year marriage

Nana Owiti in yellow
Nana Owiti in yellow

A fan asked her about her experience and she poured her heart out.

”For the firstborn, by almost 12 weeks she stopped breastfeeding since I got a serious case of mastitis that led me into having minor surgery. I was advised to take a break from breastfeeding because of the medication I think.

We put her on the bottle, by the time I was given the green light to go ahead, she had gotten used to the bottle. I think the plastic hard thing so of course, this soft thing didn’t make sense to her.”

The couple also has a son together.

King Kaka becomes 1st Kenyan musician to grace Cannes red carpet in 72 years

King Kaka is making boss moves in his career and we are impressed. The Celebrated Kenyan artiste is currently in Ile Sainte Marguerite.

He is attending Cannes Film Festival and he is thrilled especially by the mere fact that he is the first Kenyan to grace the event in the past 72 years.

Sharing the news on his social media page he wrote

A Kenyan in Cannes. 
History is made. First Kenyan musician to grace the red carpet in 72years

‘I was bullied for years in high school for being brown’ Priyanka Chopra

King Kaka at Cannes Film Festival 2019
King Kaka at Cannes Film Festival 2019

Just so you know the event is being graced by the creme de la creme of the film industry among them Kyllie Jenner, Selena Gommez, Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

Below are congratulatory messages from his fans

pegasus_alexis: Congratulations 🎊🍾 ❤️

mwanaeunice: The king himself👑👑

charles_muthui_254: kuna siku pale ku school of law uliendelea kupichapa show ata after kujua hela haikua inatosha ya kukulipa ..

ur humility bidii na imani I like 👍 juzi tumepatana Kansas leo ni remy kwa helicopter I like the growth 🔥 🔥 🔥 kubwaaaa

miringuann: Thats why you are king

denyqueshar: say hey to Selena gomez for me

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Celebrity parents who are turning parenthood into business!

These parents are doing things different. They have taken parenthood to a whole new level, venturing into business as they raise their children.

1. Terry Anne Chebet

TV siren Terry Anne Chebet is doing big things: from opening her own business to becoming brand ambassador for molfix, a diaper brand.

Things have turned around career wise for Terry Anne after losing her job at Citizen TV, to being a CEO of a TV and now as an influencer. The mother of two daughters is showing us the way,


2. Size 8

Ladasha Belle sure came as a blessing in many ways. She is the cute girl seen on TV as a brand ambassador for soft care diaper brand.

This opportunity could not go unnoticed as she bagged the tag at a very young age and the mother of one showed us that motherhood could also mean opportunities.


5 things you did not know about Mombasa-Based actor Dan Sonko

3. Grace Msalame

The beautiful gorgeous mother of twins is a household name.

TV personality Grace landed a huge deal with Royco together with her daughters to become the face of Royco Kenya. The endorsement would later see her create awareness on iron deficiency.

42002799_681592268893299_4397729667071606784_n (1)


A list of Kenyan Celebrity TV moms we look up to

4. Dan Sonko

Mombasa based Daniel Kinyajui known as Dan Sonko came to the lime light after he lost his wife during child birth.

Djbril Sonko, his son got an endorsement with Marini and recently he just bagged himself the same endorsement with the same company.

He is definitely serving parenting goals and doing it differently.




WhatsApp users urged to update app as a precaution

5. King Kaka

Gweth Owiti King Kaka’s daughter is so beautiful, she got an endorsement with Marini as brand ambassador.

Her energy and personality will sure warm your hearts. King Kaka is sure setting standards for all other parents.




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‘God! I died some more’ King Kaka’s fiancée narrates how she lost her child

King Kaka’s fiancée,  Nana Owiti, has narrated her own miscarriage story. The now mother of two, explained how she received the news of the death of her unborn baby on 1st of April.

….the Sonographer calls another Sonographer and I hear. ‘Hakuna!’ Did I mention before that nimekunywishwa Maji mbaya sana coz the pregnancy is kidogo waezi Ona If the bladder is not full…Anyway I ask ‘Hakuna nini?’ the first Sonographer says ‘Hakuna heartbeat’… Yaani Hakuna siku ilifeel April fools Kama hii siku(notice the day)…

Adding that:

…she’s been walking around with a dead baby for weeks!!!!!’
God! I died some more…We were taken to the ER and before medical evacuation was performed I gathered enough courage and asked why?…

King Kaka


But Nana and King Kaka have since trusted God and picked up the pieces.

Here is her long read alert.

“Miscarriage can be such a devastating journey to walk through as a mother. There are many symptoms and causes of Miscarriage and infant loss which we shall discuss.. I will share mostly what I’ve been through or what I’ve seen first hand..Have I been through a Miscarriage?Oh yes! I have..Mnapenda story sana so here goes 😊
It’s Feb 2014. Beautiful morning. I take a test and oh! It’s positive. King said he wanted mtoi amuite ‘Daddy Gugugugu’ Now if you have been an ardent fan of King Kaka in his Rabbit days you will know that is an excerpt from his song-Twende. He meant every word. He wanted a baby-I grew into that idea. So yeah! We didn’t talk about baby names by the way. King has started calling me Mama Gweth long before we planned on having a baby. Said it’s a unisex name. I tell him no need of starting clinic mapema so we good.. First forward to the 1st of April 2014..I go the the washroom and get a blood stain. Kwani google ni ya kazi gani. Very fast I google and somewhere hapo napata ooh! Sijui implantation bleeding. Aaai! The math didn’t make up for implantation building but I choose to just hold onto the that as I freshen up and we head to the hosi. I tell the doc my LMP(Last Menstrual Period) and of course! The stain. He asks us to do a Scan.. the Sonographer calls another Sonographer and I hear. ‘Hakuna!’ Did I mention before that nimekunywishwa Maji mbaya sana coz the pregnancy is kidogo waezi Ona If the bladder is not full…Anyway I ask ‘Hakuna nini?’ the first Sonographer says ‘Hakuna heartbeat’… Yaani Hakuna siku ilifeel April fools Kama hii siku(notice the day) I gave King a quick glance and quickly gave those two Sonographer another one expecting a ‘We just fooled you!’ My God! There was no taking back their words. I died a little. King was confused and I some more. I walked out first and sat by the hallway of the hospital. Then King followed then we went back to the Sonographer and he asks..’Hakuna kitu mnaeza do yani?’ (Trust the Eastlando in this guy) Then he responds..’The best we can do is aoshwe as soon as possible..because by her LMP she should be 12weeks but by the foetal blah blah(those medical jargons)iko 7weeks meaning…….
she’s been walking around with a dead baby for weeks!!!!!’
God! I died some more…We were taken to the ER and before medical evacuation was performed I gathered enough courage and asked why?what happened?what did I do wrong? The doc was kind enough to explain.. ‘Could be many things..Stress..Hormonal imbalance..’ Honestly my brain went into a trance and well,I don’t remember much of anything he was saying. King Hugged me and well,we mourned our little angel that we didn’t get to meet.. When I woke up,King was by my bedside,My heart dented,soul fractured,eyes swollen and my womb childless 😢
Did I have my fears? YES! Did I worry I might never conceive or Never be able to carry a baby to term? OF COURSE!
Did I worry My Relationship with King would suffer a massive blow? Oh! My God!! ABSOLUTELY! Did I worry I would never get through that!! Wah! Si ndio!!!
Home we went with hopes of a child(ren) someday. God naye ni nani? In 3 months time Alifanya Kaa yeye and I was pregnant with our girl Gweth @gwethgeezy who is going to be 5 in a months time. Another 3years after that I got my son @princeiroma. If you are going through this Turmoil,I promise time is a healer and it shall be well. Your blessing is coming. Cry if you have to,sleep if you feel like,talk to a counselor. Chin up and Pray and hope for the best. When the doc waves that Green flag,do not be scared to take off. Try again.. I love you all. Love ❤️ and Light 💡”

Bahati to Octopizzo, here are Kenyan celebs with 2 baby mamas

While many African men are proud to publicly declare they are polygamous, others keep their status on the down low. We take a look at some Kenyan celebs who have more than one baby mama.

1. Ali Kiba

He has sired children with four different baby mamas and the sad part is, he’s not going to marry any of them. The Bongo star and his Kenyan bae walked down the aisle in 2018.Ali Kiba

2. Jalang’o

He leads a flashy lifestyle and he has two baby mamas although rumor has it that he has more. Kwani iko nini, fill the world Mr. Jalas. You have the money.

3. Bahati

The controversial gospel artiste has two children with different women, his first  baby mama is Yvette Obura while the wife is Diana Marua.

A year ago Bahati introduced his daughter Mueni to the world in the caption below promising to always love and protect her.

“Too many Blessings have come my way but 2 Years ago was the beginning of a special lifetime Blessing from God.

Allow me to introduce to you the Angel that God blessed me with, My First Born Daughter- I PROMISE TO LOVE AND PROTECT YOU. I WILL BE THE BEST DAD FOR YOU @Mueni_Bahati”

bahati 1

4. King Kaka

He sired kids with two different women as well his daughters are the same age and you can tell he enjoys being a dad to both of them.

He’s a father of of three – 2 daughters and a son whom he welcomed last year.

Taking to instagram in a previous post, Kaka thanked God for finally blessing him with a son in the caption below

“A powerful photo a few days ago God answers prayers and one of my prayers this year a son a King is born

Iroma and Asante Nana.”

king kaka

5. Diamond Platnumz 

He’s been accused of having relationships with his female video vixens, socialites, and groupies.

His baby mamas are Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan and Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobeto with whom he has three kids who are known but sources have it that amejaza dunia.

Diamond with his son dylan who he fathered with Hamisa

6. Octopizzo

Octopizzo is among Kenyan celebs with more than one baby mama. In a past interview with Kiss 100, Octopizzo said that he has kids out there and he is not ashamed about it.

“I cant tell people how many kids I have people will know how many I have with time for now let them focus with the two I post on Instagram.

I have kids out there and I have never been embarrassed about my kids.”

octopizzo and his daughters

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Baridi ilizidi hii mwaka: Celebrity babies born in 2018

2018 has been a crazy year so many celebrities have welcomed their bundles of joy and its not something to be taken for granted.

We have also gone through tough times and good times as well, but we are pretty sure that most of us can’t wait for this year to just end already.

We have lost loved ones but at the same time we have been blessed with bundles of joy a long the way.

Some have kept it private while others have been enough to announce the news to the public  even goig an extra mile to share the photos

‘Chinese medical workers saved my daughter ‘I would have lost her’ Raila

Here are celebrities who were blessed with babies in 2018;

Risper Faith

Can’t wait to meet you: Mr Seed and his girlfriend expecting their first child



King Kaka

Janet Mbugua

Issa Baby affair: Shaniqwa ecstatic as he shows off his expectant girlfriend

Lillian Muli

Bahati and Diana Marua

Nick Mutuma and Bridget Shighadi

Baby Dua; Nick Mutuma Bridget Shighadii

Lilian Muli spotted hanging out with ex hubby Kanene days after breaking up with ‘Community husband’ Jared (Photos)

Daddy Owen and Faridah

Among those expecting to welcome their bundles in 2019 include Shaniqwa and Mr Seed.

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‘He prayed so passionately and even blessed the dead’ Jamal Gaddafi’s friend reveals his last actions before his gruesome death

David Alliwah and his Vioja Mahakamani counterparts are still in shock after the death of the shows Judge Jamal Nassul.

Jamal died after his girlfriend Grace Namu stabbed him in Mlolongo, Machakos, last week.

Alliwah, who plays the role of a prosecutor in the show, told Word Is yesterday Jamal saw his death coming.

“After the last segment, Jamal said a very long prayer for us, which was unlike him. I asked the audience to stand up and requested Jamal because he was Muslim. He prayed so passionately and even blessed the dead. He then told me to make sure we keep in contact.

I have worked with him since 2016 and our friendship was very close, more like a brother to me. We created a team together because my role and his role were similar. Although we had to appear as judge and prosecutor, we had good unity.”

‘I didn’t know this was my last pic with you’ Kenyans mourn Vioja Mahakamani actor Jamal Gaddafi

Jamal Nassul and David Alliwah
Jamal Nassul and David Alliwah

Alliwah also recounted a day Jamal came to looking agitated.

“Last week during our last shoot, Jamal was very disturbed. I remember his phone was cracked and he told me it was a quarrel with his ‘wife’ because someone had called Jamal at night, so she smashed the phone. I was so close to him and everything that happened in his life,” he said.

Namu, the suspect in the murder, was arrested on Wednesday last week.

“She was not a side chick. Jamal had introduced her to many of us and we knew she was his wife. It was not someone who was intruding in his life,” Alliwah said.

RIP: Jamal Gaddafi alias ‘Baba Junior’ stabbed to death by his ‘lover’ under unclear circumstances

Fellow actor Julius Masaai, alias Ole Tipis, said

 “We have something called blend in the show, and I have blended well with Jamal; he was like a brother. We could fight and laugh. I could feel bad and hit him but then we would laugh. The show has lost the driver.”

King Kaka, who also features in the programme, said Jamal was a happy person and he will be missed.

“We shared a lot with him and Jamal was always happy for the one year we worked together,”

Jamal was the nephew of veteran radio presenter Leonard Mambo Mbotela, who broke the news of his death.

The Star

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‘You’re nothing but a sore loser, a wasted sperm ‘King Kaka’s wife to troll

Weeks ago King Kaka took the bold move of proposing to the mother of his kids and long time bae Nana Owiti but not every one was pleased.

While some congratulated her,some took the chance to troll her ,and she did not take it kindly going by the post below

“I said Yes, Wait.. I said Yes a loooong ass time ago. I’m so happy and 8yrs on still in love with my man. Now, I need to rant…. I was gonna let this one slide because that’s what I normally do. I hardly ever read comments but some people took it upon themselves to send me screenshots of what people are saying. I realized there are some people who will always have shit to say no matter what you do. Nothing is ever good enough for them.

‘I love you and will always do, RIP,’ Willy Paul mourns his female dancer

Seriously though, what is wrong with some people? If truly you are happy in life and are making all the right moves, then why should my engagement bother you? Si wewe basi you’ve done everything by the book, why should my life and the way I’ve chosen to live it bother you? I also realized that men are the majority ones in making nasty comments.”

‘Una Bahati siku izi nimekua mpole’Kaligraph blasts DJ Pinye for calling his music mediocre meaning ‘haitoshi mboga’

Well here is her savage answer to the troll

“YOU are 34 years old, living in your stuffy bedsitter, perusing the Internet for cheap porn, insisting to DM girls who never respond to you. Sasa because you have no way of releasing your **** you decide to release your bile on me na hata sikujui?? My brother… You’re nothing but a sore loser, a wasted sperm whose purpose in life is to pick your nose while waiting to win sportpesa… Kijana, are the witches in your village fanning themselves with your picture? Men your age are sealing deals, signing contracts, building empires, providing for their families, wewe tu uko hapa na machungu za maisha ukihangaika kulipa Deni za tala na timiza.”

‘I caught my wife in bed with my best friend,All I wanted was to kill her’

She goes on to add

“And then you have the audacity to dictate how my body should look like, if your mother looks like Jlo after giving birth to you then you can talk, but if not, keep your ideals to yourself. So you who were born after your parents were married, how is life taking you so far? Have you gotten a promotion ama haulipi. tax? Umepunguziwa rent au matatu ban haijakupata huwa unabebwa na chopper Hadi CBD??”

She concluded by giving her sentiments about marriage and relationships.

“Life Is not a competition. There are no awards for “married after campus and kids followed after. Marriage is not the ultimate level of a relationship, commitment  is. And a relationship Is not measured by a piece of paper or a ring. King shows his commitment to me and our family in meaningful ways that far exceed a band of metal around a finger..”

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Kenyan kids minting millions as brand ambassadors for local and international brands

More and more companies are embracing children to feature in their adverts and products as a brand ambassador and some Kenyan kids are reaping big.

Despite some of them being children of celebrities, some of these kids are just Kenyans who are just talented.

1. Ladasha Wambui

Daughter of gospel spin master DJ MO and gospel artiste Size 8 Reborn, Ladasha, is minting millions from Soft Care pampers of which she is the brand ambassador.


2. Adrian Malaba

The cute little boy is making big financial leaps because he is not only in Blue band advert but he is also on KCB’s Elimisha advert.

Going by the adverts it is obvious that Adrian’s parents Sheila Wambui and Wilson Malaba are smiling all the way to the bank.



3. Gweth Owiti

Daughter to Kenyan artiste King Kaka is an ambassador for Marini Naturals which is a company that encourages women and men to embrace natural hair.


4. Kayyoh Zawadi

You have probably seen her in the Ilara yoghurt advert, the girl brought life to many homes with her skills in the Mawowowo advert and her bank account is belching.

She is daughter of Roselinder Achieng who says that she does all she can to support her daughter.

Apart from being on adverts she is a poet and has a deep love for the arts.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text and closeup

Her mother has also featured on adverts which proves that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

5. Jamari

DJ Crème de la Crème’s son Jamari is already making money despite his young age he is the brand ambassador of Dorris&Morris, a kids clothing line owned by the Alladin Brand of companies.



Here is the young widow left behind by South African artiste HHP after his death on Wednesday(photos)

South African hip hop artiste  Jabulani Tsambo famously known as HHP is dead,the artiste breathed his last yesterday leaving his family and fans in shock .

His death comes two months after the death of his fellow artiste Linda Mkhize alias Pro kid,HHP was born and raised in Mahikeng,in the North West.

He is known for his unique rapping style(raps in Twana),he is known for hits such as Tswaka,Bosso,Harambe,and Tulia tu which he has collaborated with Kenyan artiste King Kaka and Wangechi.

South African Hip hop artiste HHP
South African Hip hop artiste HHP

In 2016 he had opened up about battling depression and suicide attempts,expressing his shock King Kaka wrote

“Still in shock, Rest In Peace HHP , thanks for believing thanks for showing me it’s possible. Let’s address depression , kindly talk to someone when you have an issue. Tulia Tu Jabba Man.”

Free at last!!Migori Governor OKoth Obado freed on Ksh 5 million bond in connection to the murder of Sharon Otieno

Wangechi also took time to mourn HHP with the heartbreaking message below

“Saddened to hear about the passing on of HHP…. This hits deep cause the African rap game has lost a legend.
5 years ago I met HHP. I was still up coming and this is a pic from the recording session of Tulia Tu… He received one of the first copies of Consume and I remember he told me to send in tracks for me and one of his upcoming artists at that time “Casper Nyovest” to work on.
Though it didn’t pull through cause they fell out he believed in this young femcee he met from Kenya.
I hope you’ve found peace. May your soul rap with the Angels 🙏”

Below is the young widow whom HHP has left behind,she is Lerato Sengadi





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King Kaka’s wife narrates how hard it was to make their daughter understand she had a sibling

A day after King Kaka unveiled the face of his new-born son, Prince Iroma, his wife has revealed how their first born child had a hard time accepting there was someone else to share mum and dad’s love.

King Kaka is married to Nana Owiti and together they have two children. Iroma is the youngest with an older sister called Gweth.

Well, Gweth was not happy to see a new member of the family and she would not even hold him.

King Kaka

In a long post on Instagam, she wrote;

Adorable: King Kaka’s Wife Shares Photo Of Her 3 Month Old Son

When We brought Prince Iroma home from the hospital, his sister felt that wave of attention sort of shift. She knew there was an ‘Iroma’ in my stomach but didn’t quite comprehend that it would be a baby. She was pissed and she didn’t like him at first LOL. She didn’t want anything to do with him. The next day she asked me to take Iroma back to his home that our home wasn’t his home and kept shouting,”Iroma! Stop 🛑 eating Mama”. Geezy had never seen a baby breastfeed and to make it worse a baby nursing from her mamaa. Of course it’s still a battle of attention now but she now knows she has a small brother and she’s protective of him as well.. Parents with more than one baby,are y’all struggling with this? What is their age difference?

king kaka's family


When We brought @princeiroma home from the hospital,@gwethgeezy felt that wave of attention sort of shift. She knew there was an ‘Iroma’ in my stomach but didn’t quite comprehend that it would be a baby. She was pissed and she didn’t like him at first LOL. She didn’t want anything to do with him. The next day she asked me to take Iroma back to his home that our home wasn’t his home and kept shouting,”Iroma! Stop 🛑 eating Mama”. Geezy had never seen a baby breastfeed and to make it worse a baby nursing from her mamaa. Of course it’s still a battle of attention now but she now knows she has a small brother and she’s protective of him as well.. Parents with more than one baby,are y’all struggling with this? What is their age difference?

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Her followers also shared their own experiences:


intoshar….Hahahahaha woiye. Had a nephew who did not like it that they brought a little girl home so one day he just announced that he and the sister (1 month old) had made a pact to switch places and he was now the last born.

sue_oduya…I went through the same experience when my baby sister was brought home, I guess it’s cause i was used to a lot of attention from all members of my family from my siblings, relatives n my parents. I couldn’t bare the fact that I was being replaced, it took me almost a week away from Home to Accept but she’s now my favourite being . So I understand gwethgeezy kabisaa

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Who is the fairest of them all! Celebrity dad’s and their beautiful daughters

A father is a daughters first love. to some, the only love.

There is nothing more beautiful than a father and a daughters bond amidst all the madness going on in the society.

Fathers are advised to be their daughter’s first love, to open doors for them, pull her seat and treat her with utmost respect. Set expectations on how a man should treat her lady and she will never settle for less than what you taught her.

Some celebrities have taken this lessons to heart and are clearly setting standards high as they bond and celebrate their daughters.

Here are celebrities with beautiful and amazing daughters.

  1. Jaguar

Starehe MP is not only lucky to be a father, but even more lucky to have two daughters. The mheshimiwa is never shy to celebrate his daughters’ big occasions, be it, birthdays or school functions.

Kigeugeu artiste and now MP for Starehe Jaguar with his daughters

2. DJ Moz

The gospel DJ is a father of three but has two exceptionally beautiful daughters whom he seems to adore going by his Instagram posts with the litto angels. The last born is a boy who is equally as handsome. DJ Moz’ daughters,  Zara and Alba are their dad’s treasure and be sure that he would shoot your toe if you tried hurting them.

DJ Moz is married to Deborah Kimathi.



3.  Bahati

Known to many as ‘mtoto wa mama’, Bahati can’t keep calm with the newest member of his family together with his wife Diana Marua. The couple welcomed their daughter, Heaven, into the world a few months ago. Heaven has a big sister, Mueni whom Bahati begot with Yvette Obura, a little over two years ago.


4. DJ Mo

‘Baba Wambo’ is not only proud dad but he is more proud with the blessings has brought to her family. DJ Mo is married to Size 8 reborn and this is their only child .


5. Octoppizo

He is a proud father of two beautiful daughters with two different women something he has no apologies for. The proud dad has been on several occasions been spotted spoiling his girls with some crazy outings and expensive shopping sprees.



6. Jose Chameleon

The Ugandan musician is blessed with five kids  and he boasts of two beautiful daughters among the five. The newest member of the Jose Chameleone clan is Princess Xara, who seems to be getting a lot of attention from her parents and her siblings.


6. Nameless

The ‘Sinzia’ hitmaker, is blessed not once but twice with two adorable daughters Tumiso and Nyakio. Nameless and Wahu enjoy the pleasures of parenting these two angels.


7. King Kaka

He is not only good when it comes to music but also when it comes to parenting and he is a proud dad who spends time with his kids.



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