Maina Kageni speaks to Nameless and King Kaka about MCSK controversy

Maina Kageni interviewed Nameless and King Kaka about the issue of MCSK paying Kenyan musicians peanuts for all the work that they do.

He spoke to the host and revealed that he used the 2.5K he received to pay for a jet ski.

He also revealed that the situation was very frustrating for him noting that,

The solution is at the board level and that level of leadership is very important. I feel the leadership is lacking. People are refusing to work together. We need to be real as artistes and be honest. We need technocrats and only 3 musicians on the board. So that we get people who have the business savvy to get control of the situation. 

Wahu in the arms of her husband, Nameless
Wahu in the arms of her husband, Nameless

Maina asked if it was fair that established musicians were being paid the same amount as artistes no one knew about.

He replied,

We are supposed to be paid for the rotation but things aren’t like that. They are many artistes who will not be earning if they were paid just for the play that their music receives.

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Nameless finished off by saying that he did not see the terrible situation changing anytime soon. Maina also spoke with the musician mirroring Nameless’ sentiment.

He told Maina,

We are been taken for a ride. Writing music is not easy and shooting music videos is very expensive. I feel that they are not transparent. There is no way that these guys only collected Ksh 37 million.

King Kaka
King Kaka

Maina interviewed Nameless and King Kaka about the issue of MCSK paying Kenyan musicians peanuts for all the work that they do.

King Kaka added that he was disappointed that the organisation’s administrative costs were estimated at between 60-70 % of what they collected!

He said the solution could come after they seat down with MCSK. Adding that, they could even disband the current MCSK and start another one of their own.

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Wedding bells! King Kaka proposes to long time girlfriend Nana Owiti

King Kaka has finally proposed to long time girlfriend and baby mama Nana Owiti. The two have been together for years now and the rapper’s fans have been waiting for this very moment.

The rapper of Friday night went down on his knees and popped the question. Playing in the background was Atemi’s love song Bebi Bebi. And she said Yes. This was witnessed by the rapper’s fans.

He said:


He added that their journey has been long since he was an emerging rapper.


King Kaka

King Kaka and Nana have been blessed with two kids, a daughter and a son, Gweth and Prince Iroma.

Kaka also has another daughter with singer Sage.

King Kaka

From us is congratulations!

Apart from Jose Chameleon and Avril, here is a list of celebrities who were born in April

April has finally come to an end.

This has not only been a rainy month but also many celebrities birthday month.

Today, celebrities like Avril, Jose Chameleon, turned an year older and the Internet is blowing up with fans wishing them a happy birthday.

In Photos: Akothee’s Sons Celebrate Joint Birthday In Style

Avril wrote;

‘We always wish each other happy birthday and so the tradition continues .. happiest birthday to my birthday mates @jchameleon… May happiness follow you. Fam, help me wish these EA superstars a happy birthday’


Jose Chameleon wrote;

“Born: 30th April 1979,
Today is my Birthday Life is the biggest gift God gives to man and Talent is another he gives to those he favours.Happy birthday to everyone I share this day with.”


Yesterday, King Kaka also celebrated his birthday.

Avril’s sweet message to J blessing on his birthday

He wrote;

‘Now this is love. On your 16th birthday they made you a cake with my image on it. You mentioned that I was your hero. I thought it only happens to akina Bieber na CB , anyway Happy Birthday Nevian , May you have many more.’


Well, here are more celebrities who celebrated their birthday this month;

1.Fena Gitu

Fena was born in April and on the 25th she turned 28 years. she wrote on her Instagram page;

’28!!! 🍾🥂I’m Just Grateful!! ❤
#Trouble2018 Drippin 😉’


2. McDonald Mariga

Kenya’s greatest football players,  Mcdonald Mariga Wanyama, turned 31 years old this month. He is still the beckon of many youth footballers in Kenya. He was born on the 4th of April 1987.

3. Wangari Maathai

The late Nobel peace price Wangari Maathai was born on 1st April. She would be 78 years. She will be remembered for her vast achievements and the impact she made on the lives of so many people.

4. J Blessing

Video director and Pace ambassador J blessing was born on the 15th April. The rumored baby daddy to Avril’s new child share his birthday month with his beautiful  baby momma.

5. Akothee  and her two sons

Single mothers president Akothee celebrated her birthday this month. The same month, her two sons Oyoo and Ojwang. They  also happened to celebrate their birthday in the same month with their mum.

King Kaka Narrates How Anerlisa Muigai Helped Him With His Campaign

King Kaka is one guy who is all about making changes in this country and if he can do something to empower someone, he’s up for it.

King Kaka
King Kaka/ Instagram

He’s currently running a campaign, The King Kaka Bank Campaign and people have been calling him, asking how they can help out. One of them is Anerlisa Muigai who offered him 50,000 to buy pads, bags, books and pens to help girls stay in school.

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai/ Instagram

He took to social media to express his gratitude writing, My mom once told me that friends are the brothers and sisters you wished you had, anyway when I launched The King Kaka Sanitary Bank Campaign watu wengi called me, wengi waliniDM wengine asked on how they can help. I have read all your texts and Asanteni, leo a very good friend of mine by the name @anerlisa called me (kama haumjui She is the brains behind Executive Water under Nero Company Ltd) and said she is willing akuwe mentor to the girls and she said Tuanzie na Kshs 50,000 to the cause , to help buy some pads , bags , soap, books and pens. Asante sana as the journey to keep 100,000 girls in school begins. Asanteni sana.”

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This is the super expensive and sporty car that King Kaka drives [photo]

King Kaka is living the life. Just a few days ago, he was in Kisumu having a lavish getaway with his Kaka Empire crew and friends.

Before going to the city, he posted a photo of his sleek car.

It is a red sports car with fresh rims. He did not mention the model of the car, all he did is post about his impending vacation.

Here’s the photo:
king kaka

Back in September, King Kaka said that he is doing all he can to raise the standards of the music industry in Kenya by helping launch new artistes.

The rapper blasted Sauti Sol and other artistes — including Prezzo and Nameless — for not helping nurture the industry.

“Who has Sauti Sol mentored? Nobody. You see,  for me I started Kaka Empire, and that has helped launch many new artistes’ careers. I am not saying they start an empire, but they should hold artistes hands and help them grow to be like them,” he said in a past interview.

Things have been good for him, given that he recently worked with Fena Gitu on a dope track dubbed “Run Ting”

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King Kaka Releases New Song Revealing How Artistes In Kenya Ignored Him Years Ago

Success never comes easy. That’s what King Kaka says in his latest song, “Angels” featuring newcomer Suzziah.

The emotional, inspirational and pwerful song reveals how the likes of Jimwat, Sauti Sol and Nameless blatantly refused to work with the rapper.

Others ignored him, never gave him interviews — he went through a lot as per this revelation.

King Kaka Finally Unveils His New Recording Studio

Look at where he is now, he is one of the top acts in Kenya. King Kaka has his own record stable, clothline and a lot of brand endorsements. He is living a lavish life and supporting other musicians, as opposed to what he went through.

Do you want to feel motivated for the new year? Listen to the jam:

Photo: Check Out King Kaka’s Lavish Holiday In Kisumu

Many know him as one of the artistes who has had a long career in the Kenyan music industry. He is one of the most prolific rappers the country has ever produced. Remember when King Kaka used to rock a woven durag? Well, those days are gone and he’s all about popping that money.

The lyricist, who has been flying high with his “Run Ting” collaboration with Fena is reaping the fruits he sowed this year.

Another Baby On The Way! King Kaka’s Baby Mama Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump (Photo)

He is having a good time and not joking about it. Kaka took to Instagram to share the moment of the day, much to the delight of his fans.

He quoted his mother from back in the 90’s.

king kaka

Tukikula pamoja we share love” – My Mom, 1998.

Having lunch with my Kisumu Family @mauriceryan31 @eddyphiaton @willthedjay
Cc @owago @jr_kakaempire

Joining him was comedian Owago and friends of Kaka Empire.

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Adorable: King Kaka’s Wife Shares Photo Of Her 3 Month Old Son

The wife to King Kaka, the gorgeous Nana Owiti is one of the most popular celebrity wives in Kenya. She is known for her sexiness and undying support for her rapper husband. The couple now has two kids, a son and a daughter.

Their daughter is called Gweth Ombima. He also has a daughter with singer Sage called Ayanna Ombima.

Another Baby On The Way! King Kaka’s Baby Mama Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump (Photo)

Contrary to hating each other, King Kaka has ensured that the two women never fight. In fact, back in March 2017, he thanked them both for taking care of his kids well.

Just recently Nana took to Instagram to share a photo of her all grown son, Prince Iroma. Here’s the beautiful caption and photo she put out:


Happy 3Months Young King and Happy Holidays from #PrinceIroma and his fam😘😘😘
Ps: Am out here giving @kdee_creations a run for his money with these photography gimmicks lol.

Isn’t that adorable? Here’s what her fans had to say:

kdee_creations Yes yes we for it..
aliciaahawo Merry Xmas 🤴 iroma lots of ❤️
kelvis_solingamusic_ Cutest

King Kaka Finally Unveils His New Recording Studio

King Kaka has been in the music industry for years now. He came to the limelight as Rabbit, then changed his name to Kaka Sungush and finally settled on King Kaka.

All these names represent him and he has not let his fans down in regards to the music he releases.

king kaka2

Well, a few years ago, he launched his first management company, Kaka Empire which has a number of artistes signed to it. He once signed Tanzanian superstar, Rich Mavoko, who later on left and is now signed to Wasafi Records (WCB) owned by Diamond Platnumz. He recently signed one of the most amazing singers, Pascal Tokodi, whom they have worked together before.

king kaka1

One thing about King Kaka is that he’s always full of surprises and his moves are quite sleek. The ‘Besha Shigana’ hitmaker has finally unveiled his new recording studio. This was bound to happen considering he’s been in the music industry for a while now and has signed the likes of Avril.

He took to social media to announce the news with a photo of th studios logo and asked his fans to make their bookings.

This move will clearly give his counterparts a run for their money.

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King Kaka Blessed With A Bouncing Baby Boy (Photo)

King Kaka and his wife have finally been blessed with a bouncing baby boy, Iroma. Before the birth, they had kept the news a secret, and only released photos from their maternity shoot not too long ago.

Nana Owiti took to social media to announce the birth of her prince, with a photo of his tiny feet.

king kaka's son

She said, “About a week ago week ago (singing). God blessed my family. Our Prince is growing steady. His name is #IROMA.”

King Kaka and Sauti Sol have been on each other’s necks for a while now. Sauti Sol during an interview said King Kaka is a lukewarm artiste, signing other lukewarm artistes and that he is trying to look for relevance.

King Kaka 2

But King Kaka is not about that life and basically responded with, “I’m being a man here. I’m saying to Sauti Sol, I’m a fan. They have gone to BET, MTV… Heck, I have even voted for them a couple of times, but what do they have to show apart from the trophies?”

Welcome To The World: King Kaka Finally Has A Bouncing Baby Boy!

Kenyan Rapper King Kaka and his wife Nana were expecting their second child as revealed by the lady through her social media pages where she shared a  photos flaunting her humongous baby bump.

The couple have a 2-year-old baby girl.

This time round King Kaka and Nana welcomed a baby boy as he already has two daughters. The other daughter was sired with singer Sage

King Kaka has finally shared a photo of his third born child with a caption to show that he actually was expecting a baby boy.


Here is the photo;



The rapper captioned the photo, “A few Days ago. God answers prayers and one of my prayers this year, a son. A King Is Born, Iroma”

The proud mother also posted a picture of their new born and captioned it;

“About a week ago week ago (singing) God blessed my family. Our Prince is growing steady. His name is #IROMA.”

Here are congratulatory messages from the celebrity’s fans;

Christian Warriah: Hongera, Rabbit King Kaka… And karibu to the club! Is his name Iroma!? That’s quite unique!

Magarah: kumbe ata wewe hufanya tabia mbaya bila nini?!?! eheheheh.. congats king.. welcome prince Iroma.

Carol Zuena: Sasa unaficha USO ya nini na tunajua anakufanana.

Willsmith Mwangi: uko mbele Rabbit fainly umepata king.

Sharon Nyakachiel: Congratulations King, and blessings to the prince.

Another Baby On The Way! King Kaka’s Baby Mama Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump (Photo)

King Kaka’s family is getting bigger by the day, after his baby mama posted a photo of her growing baby bump.

King Kaka

Nana will soon be a mother of two. Kaka has another daughter with singer Sage.

They have not yet revealed the gender of the child but since he already two daughters, a little prince wouldn’t be a bad idea.

King Kaka


Nana took to social media to share a photo of her and King Kaka in what looked like a maternity photoshoot.


Check out the beautiful photo below:



Her fans took the message politely saying:

Pookyness: Lovely my girl, lovely lakini kingkaka kuja polepole bro 😁

Terry: Blessing galore… Congratulations 😍😘😇

Rowzie: Am so happy for you darling….. Congratulations are in order nininanaowiti

Antony: And the prince was born the rolay family just getting bigger congratulation you two are just an inspiration to this generation in every simple way Congratulation

Amina: Aaaaaww..congratulations to you both 🤗🤗🤗🤗😎😎😊😊😉😉.. all the best n i wish you grace n blessings

Njeri: gwethjeezy daddy @thekingkaka naeza pata msister mdogo 🐃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 nanaowiti unatesa mummy

Not Getting Profit: King Kaka Pulls His Songs From Music Streaming Sites

King Kaka is a big artiste in Kenya and we can all agree to disagree, but that’s just the plain truth. His music has been well received ever since we knew him as Rabbit/Kaka Sunguch.

Over time he built an empire, Kaka Empire, which has signed some of the greatest artistes in the 254.

King Kaka 2

It was pretty easy to find his music on a number of streaming sights, that is if you don’t want to use YouTube. But of late it has become quite a hustle. With many searching for his songs on Mdundo, it has proven to be hard and his songs can’t be found.

Well, there’s a reason for all that. King Kaka apparently pulled his songs from Mdundo and Wabeeh, which were some of the streaming sights many used to download his music.

He took to twitter to explain why he took that move, making it clear that he was not getting the profits he deserved.

King Kaka 1

He said, “Announcement! My music is no longer on Waabeh and Mdundo. Asanteni for the continued support. Niko kwingine kwote. Not getting the much profit we deserve.”

Mdundo responded to Kaka’s statement in the most polite way saying, “Thank you for great times when your music was on Mdundo @RabbitTheKing. You’re welcome back any time.”

‘You Are The One I Would Rather Fight With ‘ – King Kaka’s Baby Mama Pens Down A Beautiful Message On His Birthday

King Kaka turns a year older today. He doesn’t even age and we would all love to know the secret. When it comes to giving, King Kaka is very generous at that. A few weeks ago, his mother turned a year older and he took her to Mombasa to have fun and just explore a different scenery.

king kaka

Well, today his Baby Mama, Nana was not going to let this time pass without pouring her heart out. She took to social media to express how much he means to her and to wish him nothing but the best in this new chapter.

King Kaka shares the most important lesson his mother taught him that he will never forget

She wrote, “Today is a special day.. It is when a part of me was created outside my body. I remember the first time I met you, our first date and the first words you said to me.. Time hasn’t erased the memory and I pray we make many more special ones like asking me to help you sing along to a song you were writing when I was in labor!!! Lol The song saw the light of day and it is funny to me(am not saying which one).”

King Kaka

She continued, “You have taught me so much..the zeal for whatever you have passion for, hardwork, being unstoppable and achieving whatever goal you set at whatever cost.. Hell, you have taught me to be that ‘Sawa’ know, accepting whatever outcome and not worrying about what you cant change(am still a student here since am that chronic overthinker) we argue,we love and hold but at the end of the day,you are the one that I would rather fight with.”

king and Nana

She ended with this beautiful message writing, “As you celebrate your birthday..May God bless you with love,health,wealth,wisdom and the knowledge to tackle whatever the world throws at you with a smile,strength and victory. Above all may you always Reign my King @thekingkaka ♚ ♚. Happy Birthday to the one I lost my rib to. I love you!!!

Happy Birthday King Kaka.