Man Shoots His Wife Dead Then Kills Himself

A man this week shot dead his wife before turning the gun on himself in a domestic brawl in Tena estate, Nairobi.

The bodies of the couple were found long after the incident had happened . They were discovered after a neighbour heard their baby crying and found the child lying next to the body of his mother.

Police say the man was a licensed gun holder and suspect that he may have killed the woman then shot himself in the head.

The two had apparently separated for long until last Friday when they started living together again in a rented house.

The bodies were later moved from the house and the child taken away by relatives. Police are investigating the incident.

Man hangs himself after killing his wife and chopping off her genitals

A man strangled his wife and chopped off her private parts before hanging himself in Kilifi county on Sunday morning.

Bakari Kayaa, 33, from Kadegeni village in Roka Maweni sub-location, killed his wife Santa Ngombo in their house.

Kayaa’s father, 65-year-old Kayaa Katsele, said he found him dangling from a tree outside the house when he woke up.

“When I went into his house I found his wife dead on the bed, naked, but her private parts had been chopped off. My son was not in good terms with the wife but on that fateful day we did not notice anything wrong between them or hear them quarrel,” said Katsele.

He said Ngombo, also 33, had three children from a previous marriage but none with Kayaa.

Kilifi police boss Justin Nyagah said Ngombo’s genitals were found several metres away.

Speaking to the press in his office on Monday, Nyagah confirmed that the incident was prompted by family wrangles.

“The two have been married for some years now but they have not been able to get children. That is the reason why they have been quarreling every now and then,” he said.

“We also suspect the husband was under the influence of drugs when he committed the murder.”

Nyagah said a third party may also have been involved.

“We believe there could be more than just the lack of children in the marriage. There could be a love triangle or something of the sort,” he said.

Matsangoni ward representative Hassan Mohamed said Kayaa and Ngombo had been married for about five years.

The bodies were taken to Kilifi County Hospital mortuary.

Man kills wife’s lover after finding them in bed

A 29-year-old man who was found making love with the wife of another man in Kivani village, Kitanga sub-location of Kathekakai location in Machakos County was killed by the wife’s husband on the eve of Boxing Day.

According to assistant inspector general of police (AP) in charge of Machakos County Joseph Keitany said the deceased, Mutinda Musyoka, has been having an illicit affair with the man’s wife for a long time resulting to a pregnancy.

Keitany said after neighbors alerted the husband about the affair he decided to trap them. The police boss said the husband told his wife he would not be coming home for Christmas since he was engaged at Athi River where he works.

Unsuspecting that their forty days had elapsed, the two decided to enjoy themselves on Christmas day. Since the husband had alerted his neighbors to keep a watch at the two, they alerted him when the man went into his house.

At midnight, the man armed with a panga stormed the house and found the two in the act. Without wasting time, the intruder was slashed severally with the panga dying instantly. During the ensuing confrontation the wife managed to pick her clothes and disappeared.

Keitany said that the suspect Patrick Mutuku Wambua together with his wife had been arrested and locked up at Machakos police station. The couple will appear in court on Monday. The deceased body had been removed to Machakos level 5 hospital mortuary.

-The Star

Woman kills colleague after fighting over a spoon

Police in Naivasha are closing in on a mother of two who stabbed and killed her colleague and escaped following a fight over a piece of spoon.

Residents of Kihoto estate were left in shock following the incident in the sprawling estate that is home to tens of flower farm workers.

Soon after stabbing the woman on the chest, the suspect left behind her two children as area residents tried to come to terms with the attack.

According to Lakeview MCA Simon Wanyoike, the two fell out over a dining spoon that one of them had assisted the other with.

Wanyoike said that the deceased was shifting to another house in the estate when the suspect approached demanding her spoon back.

“The suspect had incidentally assisted her neighbour with a spoon and she wanted it back before she could shift to another house,” he said.

An argument ensued and in the process the suspect dashed back to her house before emerging while brandishing a knife.

“She stabbed her once on the chest before fleeing and the victim was pronounced dead on arrival at a nearby health centre,” he said.

A senior police officer who declined to be named confirmed the incident saying that they were making progress in their search for the woman.

“The body has been taken to the area mortuary and we are closing in on the suspect who fled from the scene after the incident,” said the officer.

Man kills niece because of loud music

A 16-year-old girl was gunned down by her uncle after she refused to turn down her loud music.

Rehana Bibi was killed in her home in the village of Matan Kallaan, in Punjab province, Pakistan, after defying her uncle’s demands to lower the volume on her tape-recorder.

‘Two bullets were fired at the girl. One hit her in the head while the other on her face. She died on the spot,’ a police official told local media.

It is believed that the uncle came home and found the girl playing loud music and then asked her to turn it down, she refused and it is believed that an arguement ensured afterwards before he shot her.

The girl’s body was found by her father upon returning home, to which he reported to the police.

The suspect is still at large as he fled and the police have launched a manhunt for him.

Source : Daily mail

Businessman kills a police officer

Mombasa businessman who allegedly involved in the murder of police officer and seriously wounding his colleague has been disarmed and transferred to Malaba Busia to face murder charges .

Police says the man murder a CID officer near the Malaba border on Tuesday night under unclear circumstance before he sped off in his vehicle towards Mombasa.

Busia police commander Halima Salat said he shot and killed a CID officer and seriously wounding his colleague who were on patrol after the officers impounded his two trucks at the border.

The man was arrested at Mariakani weighbridge last night.

Four die from drinking laced alcohol

Four people died on Saturday night at Lita market in Kathiani subcounty, Machakos after drinking spirits allegedly laced with methanol.

The four reportedly had bottles of Kingstone, Jadel and Golden.

Five others were admitted at Machakos Level 5 Hospital in critical condition but had stabilized by Monday.

“Two are still in a comatose but are stabilizing and we are not going to refer them elsewhere as we had earlier contemplated,” Naomi Mutie, county executive in charge of health, said.

Two others are reportedly still in a drunken and confused state while the fifth one will recover soon.

Doctors prescribed Vodka known to be the first course of treatment in such cases.

Administration police arrested two people, including the seller of the spirits, in connection with the incident in a crackdown conducted with health authorities.

The police and health officials also confiscated the spirits from the shop, and took samples to the government chemist for analysis.

Mutie told the Star that her ministry is proposing the total ban of plastic-bottle alcohol in Machakos, in a Bill drafted with the county tourism office, to be submitted to the assembly.

“It is common knowledge that some unscrupulous business people inject chemicals into the plastic-bottled alcohol then sell it to unsuspecting consumers” she said.

Three people in Mwala subcounty, Machakos died four months ago under similar circumstances.

– The Star

Meet the man who killed Osama Bin Laden

Robert James O’Neill,was among  one of the  dozens of U.S. special operators to storm bin Laden’s hideout on May 2, 2011, said he mentally prepared himself to face death from heavily armed gunmen or from the elaborate booby traps that would surely line the approaches to the al-Qaeda leader’s inner sanctum.

What he never expected was that he would secure a place in history that night, as the man who fired the bullet that ended Bin Laden’s life.

O’Neill confirmed to The Washington Post that he was the unnamed SEAL who was first to tumble through the doorway of bin Laden’s bedroom that night, taking aim at the terrorist leader as he stood in darkness behind his youngest wife.

In an account later confirmed by two other SEALs, the Montana native described firing the round that hit bin Laden squarely in the forehead, killing him instantly.

More than three years after the events, O’Neill agreed to publicly discuss his role for the first time, describing in unprecedented detail the mission to capture or kill the man behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

Source : Washingtonpost 

A woman kills a 8 month old baby

A woman who killed her baby girl and threw her corpse in a pit latrine has been arrested.

Police in Kikuyu nabbed her on Monday evening in Maguga village, Kiambaa.

Joyce wanjiku allegedly had  a disagreement an with her husband Daniel Njoroge and ran away for two days.

His neighbours informed him that his wife had killed their 8 month old  daughter and thrown her into the pit latrine.

He went on to check and found blood stains on the floor, he says he started crying and went straight to the police to report the issue.