‘Alcohol ruined my chances of being an athlete’Nana Gecaga confesses

Nana Gecaga portrays an aura of a confident woman ,who has it all but behind that beautiful face is a strong woman who fought alcoholism at some point.

Speaking to Kiss FM’s Adelle Onyango, she said she dreamt of becoming an athlete but her hopes were dimmed after falling deep into alcoholism.

Nana Gecaga
Nana Gecaga

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She says

“The person you see here today has had many lives before who I am today. My passion was actually sports. I was a very big athlete back in the day, and I actually qualified for the ’96 Olympics.

“I used to love, soccer, football and basketball. At the same time, I also wanted to be a game changer and help people, because if you are in a position where you can help, just help because it doesn’t cost you anything.”

Nana’s love for alcohol started when she joined a university back in America,she says

“My first year at the university in America was very rocky, and that is where my everything fell apart. I was an addict of alcohol but I was able to go to rehab and from there, it’s been 19 years without drinking.”

“It definitely builds character because it takes a lot of strength to acknowledge that you have a problem, whatever it is. Getting out of it is something I am happy about because most people do not manage.”

Nana was among the lucky few who have been able to fight addiction,just yesterday local comedian Eric Omondi lost his brother Joseph Omondi who has been battling drug addiction since his high school days.

The laid back damsel has made something meaningful out of her life given the fact that she is currently supporting local artistes by giving them a chance to showcase their talent.


The initiative, dubbed ‘KICC Mini-Art Gallery’, will give upcoming artistes an opportunity to showcase their art including photographs, paintings, drawings, illustrations,  mosaics and sketches among others, providing them with access to guests, both domestic and international, attending meetings and conferences at the facility.

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