No one owes you anything – Khaligraph to Gengetone artistes

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has advised Gengetone artistes to plan their careers rather than blaming the industry.

Speaking to Classic105 online, on Saturday, the OG encouraged them to put discipline in their work so people can embrace their music.

“I tell artistes to step back and re-strategise because we all have problems, just that there are things I don’t talk about,” he said.

“Sit down and come up with a new plan and stop blaming people for your problems. You will not make any progress. No one owes you anything in the industry.”

Khaligraph’s response comes a few days after former Sailors Gang’s Qoco Juma said Kenyans underrated their music genre.

“People have been saying Gengetone music is dead. What I can say is that the people saying that are the same people fighting against our success,” he said.

Khaligraph also said the reason he did his dedication song to his mum was that he can handle the negativity.

“If I did ‘Maombi ya Mama’ song before I became rich, Kenyans would have trolled me,” he said. 

“I am now successful and at a point where I can handle the trolls and the hate. My story is relatable to many people and the problems I experienced back in the days and now becoming successful.”

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Khaligraph Jones team up with Nyashinski on a gospel song

Rapper Khaligraph Jones on Friday released his much-anticipated Gospel project dubbed ‘Sifu Bwana’ featuring fellow superstar Nyashinski.

Khaligraph was raised in a Christian background and his mother is a preacher up to date, and she supports his art.

Few years ago, when releasing his album ‘Testimony 1990’ he divulged how close he is to his mother in a video he shared of her praying with him towards the success of the album.

“Moms just passed by the studio to get her copy of the Testimony 1990 album, and she was really feeling track number 2 called Blessing. She also prayed for the album to be more successful,” he wrote at the time. 

In a previous interview with Word Is, the OG opened up on how he ventured into the Gospel scene before fully discovering his talent.

“I recorded my first song and it was a Gospel one in class 7. It was even played on the radio. It reached a point when I realized that I am an OG,” he said.

Khaligraph asks Deputy President William Ruto to help unlock the country

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has called upon Deputy President, William Ruto to help ‘unlock’ the country.

On his social media, Khaligraph told the DP that he would campaign for him in the coming elections for free on condition that the country is re-opened.

Hustler ,najua we utasoma Hii, Ma Husler Wanaumia Kwa ground, Watu wanalala Njaa, Nyumba zinafungwa, If you help us in This Situation, I will campaign for you for free in the coming Elections, Kindly help Unlock our Country.” 

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Khaligraph Jones in blue
Khaligraph Jones in blue

In another post, he also told the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to stop being silent when artistes are suffering because of the lockdown.

‘Baba Yawa, Kitambo Ulikua unatutetea Sana, sai Kenya Tunaangamizwa umenyamaza. Fanya Ile kitu uone Vile utaingia Statehouse haraka, wacha Kunyamaza Ivo. #respecttheogs.’