How it went down at Oktobafest this past weekend

Kenya’s famous beer festival went down this past weekend at the Ngong Racecourse, and our photographer Moses Kiarie was there to capture all the moments.

Dancing, food, beer and of course adoring fans enjoying all the thrilling moments.

Go through his pictures and relive the moment.








oktob 3

crowd at oktob


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Sio nguvu tu! Khaligraph Jones uses big chest muscles to breastfeed

Khaligraph Jones has built up a hardnose reputation to his fans. The muscular rapper even has a hashtag that goes in explaining the way he sees himself. The hashtag reads, ‘The o.g will be respected’.

What is fascinating about Khaligraph is that he is a big softie when it comes to the daughter he and Georgina Muteti share.  Khaligraph becomes the doting and proud father when he is around the infant.

Proud Daddy: Khaligraph Jones resembles daughter in new photos

His wife recently posted an image on her Instastories of Khaligraph ‘breastfeeding’ his daughter.

Khaligraph with Georgina
Khaligraph with Georgina

The image showed the pumped Khaligraph aping the way lactating women normally feed their infants. Muteti was incredulous about what her man was doing. Even her caption was one of surprise and awe mixed in one. The screenshot is below;

Khaligraph breastfeeding
Khaligraph breastfeeding

Can men, even men who have big breasts like Khlaigraph breastfeed?

Yes, in theory, men can breastfeed. Male breasts have milk ducts, and some mammary tissue. They also have oxytocin and prolactin, the hormones responsible for milk production.

There have been reports of men who were able to produce milk through extensive breast and nipple stimulation, but no one knows whether the milk was of the same composition or quality as the kind women produce.

Using a pump, or a feeding tube (a small silicone tube attached to a plastic bottle filled with formula) at his breast, he might be able to get a baby to latch on and suckle, but how long it would take to produce even drops of milk is anyone’s guess.

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‘They are skinny!’ Khaligraph Jones starts beef with Sauti Sol

Khaligraph Jones went on the rampage for two days.

The reason?

The ‘peanuts’ Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) had sent him this past week, as royalty payments. They were a measly Sh 2530 for all the work he has done this past 2 years!

‘Thank you for the support’ Khaligraph Jones to his fans after bagging award for the Best Rap Act Africa during AFRIMMA 2018

The artiste went even so far as to tell pirates that they could sell his music and profit from it as he was fed up with the organisation. If you thought that that was far enough, you have no idea who the O.G really is, do you?

A henched Khaligraph Jones
The muscular rapper goes to great lengths for respect

He goes HAM.

In one hilarious dig, Khaligraph noted that MCSK was the reason that the Sauti Sol was so skinny, implying that the group were not paid enough for them to live on.

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

The image that accompanied the caption was even more humorous, with the artiste posting the picture of a hot cup of tea and a KDF.

His caption read;

Today is Payday, Lol, this is What Artists are Having for Dinner courtesy of MCSK alafu mnashindwa mbona wengine wamekonda, Sauti sol Sitawachokoza Tena, naelewa sasa.

The KDF image
The KDF image

For those in the know, Sauti Sol and Khaligraph Jone have a healthy and friendly back and forth and this dig is part and parcel of that. The two even collaborated on a song dubbed, ‘Rewind’ that was released last year.

Khaligraph Jones with Sauti Sol
Khaligraph Jones with Sauti Sol

He, later on, posted another rib-cracking video showing him spending the money and living large in Lagos.

He wrote,

Lagos Nigeria We here, Living my best life with my 2500 from MCSK but regardless, The OG shall push Boundaries, The OG shall Represent Kenya On That international Market, Some Sacrifices we make are For the greater good, The OG shall be respected.

The video is below;

MCSK paid a measly Sh2,500 to each of the 13,967 members. Following a social media backlash, the organisation said that the amounts are collections from public places for only two months.

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Khaligraph jokingly reveals dark thoughts about ‘Juju’

Khaligraph Jones got Kenyans all up in their feelings about MCSK on Wednesday after learning he earned peanuts for music royalties.

On IG, he lamented in a hard hitting message.

The Mazishi hit maker even went further to give authorization for his music to be pirated.

Proud Daddy: Khaligraph Jones resembles daughter in new photos

 Like that wasn’t enough, Wednesday evening the OG took to his Instagram once again claiming that he was on his way to Nigeria to seek “Juju Power,” that’s powerful than any other and by the time he returns MCSK ought to pay the over 13,000 Kenyan artists. He claims that the OG must be respected at all means.

Despite the mediocre, Papa Jones has claimed to still represent Kenya internationally regardless and to continue pushing boundaries nevertheless. He adds that some of the sacrifices he makes are for the greater good.

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‘Leave me alone’ Khaligraph Jones tells critics to unfollow him

Khaligraph Jones has had enough with the haters and critics alike.

The rapper, who has been on high in recent weeks with a new single and the birth of his firstborn daughter, is taking no prisoners.

He did so on his Instagram stories. According to Khaligraph, no one can tell him how to live his life or how to carry himself; therefore these haters should leave him alone or unfollow him if they don’t like what he is doing.

Khaligraph Jones holding his daughter
Khaligraph Jones holding his daughter

This has come after the rapper was criticised last week by some who felt that he was shaking his infant too much in a video he posted. He went on to bash the mothers telling him how to handle his baby and as of now, the rapper has made it clear that if he makes anyone uncomfortable with what he posts, then they can unfollow!

That wasn’t all, his wife was also attacked for dressing her daughter in blue by some oversensitive Instagram users. It seems like the birth of his child has been a stalking horse for people who have a problem with the rapper.’

A henched Khaligraph Jones in white
The henched rapper

In this world of social media use and increasingly diverse opinions, the rapper and his ilk have become cannon fodder for the trolls.

Khaligraph Jones holding his daughter
Khaligraph Jones with his wife

This isn’t unique to him as this comes with the territory for a public figure. Both David Beckham and his wife Victoria were criticised by some of their followers on their respective Instagram pages after they posted images of themselves kissing their daughter Harper on the lips.

Beckham kissing Harper
Beckham kissing Harper

Some felt that it wasn’t right for parents to kiss their children directly on the lips.

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Khaligraph Jones called out for his ‘terrible’ parenting by netizens

Khaligraph Jones is under attack despite his career and his personal life experiencing a purple patch. And what for? His parenting.

Khaligraph Jones
The OG

A section of Kenyans are unhappy that the rapper seemed to be holding his infant daughter in a video he shared on his Instagram page. In the video, the singer is seen celebrating his new song ‘Leave me alone’ while rocking his baby girl to sleep. The video is below;


The onslaught was started when a commentator going by the names of Binti.di castigated Khaligraph for shaking his daughter. while he held her.
binti.di; dont shake the baby till its brain is fully developed🙄😰😰kwani nyinyi ni wazazi wa wapi

Khaligraph Jones holding his daughter
Khaligraph Jones with his wife

That comment alone opened the floodgates with some others also agreeing with her. Their comments are below;

alesso.marie; @khaligraph_jones mtoto ni wa jamii @binti.di has a point Manzee just say cool
kathuremuia; @binti.di you spoke like a parent would ,I saw that too
nancyndekere; @binti.di @khaligraph_jones but she is right… Its called shaken baby syndrome. Their fragile brain moves back and forth inside the skull. This causes bruising, swelling and bleeding
rosemaryogambe: @khaligraph_jones sincerely speaking amekwambia ukweli usipuuze…. Katoi badokanakuwa usikatingishe hivyo….we love you and your baby to….. Nivyema kuskiza

A henched Khaligraph Jones in white
The henched rapper

hamfoh_; @binti.di People like omolo walitoroka shule, they don’t even understand brain development,
1dmcjacci; @khaligraph_jones no need of kuongea matope.. Na hata hujui uchungu WA kuzaa.. Nkts… The baby is not even a month old na unamtingisha Kama uji… Usipochunga utajua hujui….
remmykip; Wewe OG unaadvisiwa unafura kichwa. You’ll remember her comment.
kerubojessica; @binti.di don’t worry dear you were just concerned about the baby lakini ameamua kuleta maringo mingi na hata DNA haijafanya😂

Khaligraph took no prisoners in his response and was unapologetic responding to the Binti saying;

khaligraph_jones; @binti.di wewe mbona Hukua Shaken Ukiwa Mtoto lakini Ukiwa Mkubwa akili Imejaa Uji, Si uzae tu wako uwachana na wa wengine

A henched Khaligraph Jones
The rapper under attack

This is the second time this week that the Khaligraph and his wife are being attacked for their parenting technique. His wife Georgina was attacked by some followers for clothing her toddler in blue instead of blue.

Khaligraph Jones and Georgina Muteti, his wife
Khaligraph Jones and Georgina Muteti, his wife in a file photo

What do you think about the criticism? Valid or just nonsense?

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‘She is my daughter!’ Khaligraph Jones’ wife Georgina to critics

Khaligraph Jones was blessed with a baby last month. The rapper’s wife has become a bigger fixture in the limelight after she gave birth.

And she is using her bigger status to shun critics who have a problem with the way she is raising her child. One of the issues some of her critics have with her is that she is dressing her baby girl in blue instead of the traditional pink.

Khaligraph Jones holding his daughter
Khaligraph Jones holding his daughter

She made it clear that she will dress her baby with whichever colors she likes and just because she gave birth to a girl does not mean she has to own pink clothes.

She wrote on her Instagram page;

Y’all for real gotta start minding your business for real, for real 🌚. Ati why do I dress my child in blue clothes🙄🙄! First of all, she is my daughter and she finna wear what I want her to wear! Two, she will wear every color ever invented. Three, who said blue should only be for boys🌚


She also refused to reveal whether she gave birth via CS or by normal pushing, saying that all deliveries are normal.

Georgina isn’t the first celeb to be attacked for how she is raising her child. It comes with the territory when you are a public figure.

Last year, people called out Kim Kardashian out for posing topless with her baby in her arms for a makeup campaign with some finding it unappealing that Kim used the image to share eyeshadow from her KKW Beauty line.

The photo that was criticised of Kim Kardashian
The photo that was criticised of Kim Kardashian

In 2013 Gisele Bündchen shared a photo of her then 8-month-old daughter, Vivian, showing that her ears had been pierced. Many blasted the model for piercing her baby’s ears at such a young age.

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Khaligraph Jones speaks about when his wife is giving birth (exclusive)

Khaligraph Jones has been in the news recently for all the right reasons with his song, ‘Superman’ ruling the Kenyan rap charts.

Another reason is that his wife Georgina Muteti is heavily pregnant, a fact that the rapper is very proud of.

Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan 1
Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan

We recently spoke to him about the pregnancy and his wife. We asked him why he had decided to finally show off the face of his wife, Georgina.

He quickly responded that he did not like speaking about his wife in media interviews. But we cajoled him. He refuted the claim that people could see her face and said that the image obscured her face well enough.

Khaligraph with his wife
Khaligraph with his wife

We also asked the rapper when his baby was due. He was cagey, saying that we would know it when Georgina gave birth. After some persuasion, he revealed that the due date was ‘any time from now’.

Khaligraph-Jones-with Georgina
Khaligraph-Jones-with Georgina

We also spoke to the rapper about his new song, ‘Superman’ and the impact it has had on his reputation. He insisted that any song that he releases does well, saying,

The song I released before Superman was with Masauti and it served its purpose. The same thing with ‘Superman’. We knew exactly what we wanted to achieve with it and we did. The positive aftermath is visible.

A henched Khaligraph Jones
The henched rapper

He added that he was going to America later on in the week for a couple of events, revealing that the reason for his success was the cumulative work that he had been putting in over the length of his career.

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Khaligraph Jones shares cute image of expectant wife Georgina

Khaligraph Jones shared an image of his pregnant girlfriend on his social media page yesterday. It showed a proud and muscular Khaligraph standing behind the mother of his soon to be child.

Khaligraph with his wife
Khaligraph with his wife

His caption also seemed to suggest the rangi ya thao was starting to notice the gains he had been making in the gym. Something he did not do was, however, reveal her name to the masses but us sleuths were able to unearth the rare gem of a woman who had got the heart of the buff rapper.

Georgina Muteti
Georgina Muteti

Khaligraph’s wife’s name is Georgina Muteti and the rapper confirmed that he was married to her in an exclusive interview on earlier in the year.

This is the second photo that the rapper has released showing that there was a baby on the way. The first images were hospital scans showing his wife’s uterus but no photos of Georgina herself.

Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan
Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan
Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan 1
Khaligraph Jones pregnant wife scan

This year has already been a great one for the rapper. His new song, ‘Superman’ has been doing very well on the charts with many seeing him as the arguably the face of Kenyan rap. (Yes, even despite King Kaka’s prestigious visit at Cannes).

King Kaka at Cannes Film Festival 2019
King Kaka at Cannes Film Festival 2019

Although one must not forget the ugly allegations that bedeviled him from ex-girlfriend Cashy about him being physically abusive towards her.


Cashy also went on several interviews to accuse Khaligraph of trying to steal her shine as she was also expectant and has since birthed a healthy baby.

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Exclusive: Celebrity Thieves! KU students accuse Willy Paul of stealing their song ‘Bora Uhai’

Willy Paul has been accused of stealing his current song, Bora Uhai, by an upcoming group of artistes called Freelancers.

Freelancers released a song called Bora Uhai two weeks ago, while Willy Paul released his, featuring Khalighraph Jones, on Saturday morning. The group claim the song has the same beats and title as their song.


Group member Brian told Classic 105 FM,

“We started doing music as a dance group of three, and this is our first project we have done.”

Song producer Byron said he is the one who noticed their song was stolen. “After they (Willy Paul and Khaligraph) released the song.

“I listened to it and noticed the beats are the similar to ours, plus even the instrument progression is similar to our song.”

“I had to inform the rest of the group members to also listen. Everything is copied from our song. We decided to call him but he did not pick the phone. We decided to send him a message to which he responded, threatening to sue us, saying

“’Hahaa. Vijana, you don’t know who you are dealing with. I will sue you for defamation. Furthermore I am Pozze. I run this. Yes, I sampled your track. Mtafanya?”

Check out the screen shots;

Photo Document(1)


They had a message for Willy Paul.

“If God opened your way, then why don’t you give us the opportunity as young artistes to shine like you are doing?”

Classic 105 ’ calls and messages to Willy Paul went unanswered.



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Bawdy!!! A moment of appreciation for Khaligraph Jones’s arms.. have you seen them?

We can talk about Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones all day long. His raw talent is clear to all in the music he puts out. Everyone knows he’s a true star and one of our favorite rappers, ain’t that true mafisilets?

It’s no secret he is as handsome as he is talented. Going through his social media, one can’t help but notice how his fans praise his big body whenever he poses in tight t-shirts. Have you seen his arms, or his torso…weuh. Check out his smile and the way he flexes.

These photos are proof that a hug from the OG would make any woman weak in the knees.

‘Don’t compare me to these lazy b*tches,’ rap goddess Petra tells Khaligraph






He has just treated us to an inside look at his Sh3million mansion, and it ain’t too bad.

Click here to see

Weuh! Here’s an inside look at Khaligraph Jones’ Sh3Million house

Weuh! Here’s an inside look at Khaligraph Jones’ Sh3Million house

Papa Jones aka Mr Mazishi or we can call him the kawaida Khaligraph Jones amekuwa moto wa kuotea mbali. He had announced that he is yet to build a house that is worth 3 million Kenyan shillings and we all that aii!Khaligraph jones

Well, he took to his social media with a video of him enjoying the fruits of his labor in a posh house not fully furnished probably still in the works. He did his happy dance on top of the counter of the kitchen singing praises.

Have a look at the 3 bedroom mansion that Khaligraph Jones wants to build

Khaligraph Jones

The story of him building a 3 million house had raised questions and hatred among his trolls as some of them were saying he is living a fake life and to please his fans. Khaligraph Jones has worked hard to leave the rags where he lived in Kayoleand move to riches. He is set to release an album as he works on great rap music with fellow Kenyan artistes.

‘Don’t compare me to these lazy b*tches,’ rap goddess Petra tells Khaligraph

Rap goddess Petra has unleashed a hot jam together with Khaligraph Jones.

In the new jam titled Rider, Petra has come out to vent about “lazy bitches” in the industry.

It is not clear whom she is referring to but she addresses these rant on her new tune with controversial rapper Khaligraph Jones.

Shabana FC boss reacts savagely to questions that he is Lillian Muli’s baby daddy


The way Petra introduces herself after Khaligraph spits is sick.

She says, “…brain damage, I am causing panic, kill them with kindness.”

Her vibe in this song is strong and her flow and attitude just matched the whole song. But are both artistes dissing fellow rappers?

Ndugu Omollo a.k.a Khaligraph raps, “Half of the people that listen can’t even get what you rap about, hazard, handed me the blue print now I am calling you rappers out!” he continues, “KE is the place to be this sh*t is easy as ABC, if you ain’t ready to take the heat, I suggest that you take a seat.”

Kibaki’s Grandson Sean Andrew Spent Valentine’s Day Without A Girlfriend!

PetraPetra raps about the much talked about sex doll, Samantha saying, ”Hii ni ya wale mafisi kuringa lazima inabidi Samantha mwenyewe hafiki” sheadds, “How the hell would you compare me to these lazy b*tches?”

After dropping the new hit, Khaligraph commented on his YouTube channel saying, ”Wale wasee wa kucatch feelings comment below, alafu wale wasee wana respect the OG waambieni mazishi ni ile ile.”

The beats have an old school type of vibe that gives the song a unique taste in this generation.

Not forgetting the language switch which makes the song even more interesting.

The background vocals are done by Sagini and the song was produced on February 12, 2018 by Motif at Blu ink Studios and the video was directed by Kevin Bosco Jnr.

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Khaligraph Jones Shocks Fans With His Entrance During A Concert (Photos)

Yesterday, all roads led to Uhuru Gardens for the much anticipated Jameson Connect concert that saw two international artistes, Ty Dolla $ign and Nasty C, thrill fans with their back to back hits.

Ty had promised Kenyans that he will deliver a good show and if you attended the event, you’ll bear me witness that he gave a killer performance. Nasty C also gave his fans what they paid to come witness, with the crowd singing along to his songs.

TY and Nasty
Ty Dolla $ign and Nasty C/ Instagram

Well, that aside, Khaligraph Jones decided to give Kenyans something totally different from what they are used to.

Most artistes just get to the stage, say hi to the crowd and start performing. But, nooooo. That’s not what Khaligraph did yesterday at the Jameson Concert.

He shocked fans after he got to stage in a coffin. Yes, Khali ni ule msee. The crowd was shocked with his entrance as they didn’t expect it as some thought it was creepy.

khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones/ Instagram

But Khaligraph is one unique guy who has always said that he wants to do his music differently from how other people do it.

Well, check out the photos of the event below;

Ezekiel Aming’a
Ezekiel Aming’a
Ezekiel Aming’a

Photos by Ezekiel Aming’a

More Khaligraph Jones Stories

Eric Omondi Claps Back At Khaligraph Jones After Stating His Range Rover Belongs To A Sugar Mummy

The beef season is clearly getting hotter by the day and Eric has joined the band wagon of beefing with artistes.

His beef with Khaligraph Jones seems to be getting hotter after screenshots of a conversation between Eric and an unknown person have been doing rounds. He claimed that the Range Rover Khaligraph Jones claims to own is not even his, but belongs to a woman from Hurlingham.


Our writer reached out to Eric for comment and he simply said, “Chorea hiyo story.” Khaligraph on the other hand, had a lot to say and was not about to entertain Eric’s shenanigans.

Embarrassing Screenshots Of Eric Omondi’s Texts Leak, Claiming Khaligraph’s Range Rover ‘Ni Ya Matha Wa Hurlingham!’

When contacted, Khali said, “I’m not one of those niggas wenye wanawekwa na wamama. I’m self made.Mimi ni OG, sipendangi ujinga. I hustle. Kama Eric anapatiwa gari zake na wamama, Its not the same for everybody out there. Aende Akule Anone. Yeye anang’ang’ana bado hana dooh bado. Aache kutafutana na wamama, atafute pesa yake.”

khaligraph skin2

Well Eric is not about to let it go that easy, as he too has decided to clap back at Papa Jones. He took to social media to put him in his place….well so he believes.

Here is his weak clap back:

😂😂😂😂 Negro mbona inakuuma sanaa😂😂😂😂😂 Nishaenda petrol station kuja nikuwekee fuel… Range Rover sio mchezo kama ujazoea @khaligraph_jones nimeskia umekimbia kwa Olla.”

eric and khali

Read the mixed reactions from fans:

troy: Eric camoon, that ni**er is way fly than you……what do you do more than doing some shi**y cover songs😂😂😂😂😂f**k your commas eyy

daima.mkenya: This is so cheap. jealousy will kill people. @khaligraph_jones keep winning. @ericomondi try disappoint your skinny body, wacha kuwa na akili ndogo Kama mwili

shop_with_kerry: @ericomondi this is so immature and lame kama unataka fame yako to be more ndio hiyo umepata wacha umama mind ur bsns stop gossip others celeb hata kama ako na mama as u say shida iko wapi? ama pia wewe u want them u are such a disappointed to some of ur fans @khaligraph_jones never mind what haters say keeping ur hustle hard grind and do you

ms_ngash: You two should shift to TZ hizi kelele we don’t need them in 🇰🇪

No One Is Ugly, Just Broke: Check This Photo Of Khaligraph Jones When He Was Young

Khaligraph Jones has always been open to talk about his life. He has on many occassions talked about his life and living in Kayole. When he came to the limelight, many people thought he was African-American because of his accent, but we came to terms with the fact that the accent is his signature.

khaligraph jones swagg

He recently released a new song dubbed ‘Gaza’, which has received so much attention as it’s a powerful song, although he shocked everyone before when he took to social media to post a video of himself in a casket.

‘The Only Thing You’re Blessed With Is Silicon Implants’ Khaligraph Jones Claps Back At Vera Sidika After Throwing Shade (Video)

Well, we all start from somewhere and we just don’t wake up and find ourselves rich. Work has to be done to achieve what we want.

Khaligraph Jones Coke2

Many people don’t like showing off photos of their younger selves, because most of us look really different. Well, Khaligraph is not shy to show us how the real OG looked like when he was young.

He took to social media to share a photo of young Khali. Check it out below:

khaligraph young

‘The Only Thing You’re Blessed With Is Silicon Implants’ Khaligraph Jones Claps Back At Vera Sidika After Throwing Shade (Video)

Khaligraph Jones has been trending for weeks now and he seems to like it considering his name is on everyone’s mouth. He recently posted an old photo of him and Vera Sidika, talking about toa tint, lol. Well, it’s true, they both bleached their skin so at least they speak the same language.


Vera was not pleased with what he did and she decided to slam him for thinking they are on the same level.

‘What Kind Of A Man Bleaches?’ – Vera Sidika Throws Major Shade At Khaligraph After He Posted A Photo of Them Together

She said, “Everyone has been sending me screenshots of this boy posting a photoshopped pic claiming “tulitoa tint pamoja” first things first; My dear hujatoa tint bado! TINT yako bado imeacha ma traces nyuma coz ulitoa manually badala ya automatically 🙄
what kind of man bleaches!???? Bleaching and skin lighting is for women. Not men. Cause it’s like make up. Men don’t apply make up 😒
Oh plus we ain’t the same bro! Skin lightening and bleaching are two totally different things…Stay on your lane Prissss!


Vera messed with the wrong one. She should have stayed in her mansion sipping some champagne. But noooo, she decided to jump right into the fire.

Khaligraph has clapped back at her with a diss track, and I must say, this will hurt real bad. He went ahead to point out that there are things people don’t know about her, but it is rumoured that Vera used to be a MAN. Ouch!

Watch the video below;

King King King, # #respectheogs💯💯💯 #respectthesillicon. #oppoF3 #newClassic

A post shared by Khaligraph jones (@khaligraph_jones) on

After Fans Attacked Him For ‘Bleaching’, Rapper Khaligraph Treats His Girlfriend To a Romantic Birthday Dinner (PHOTOS)

Kenyan Hip-Hop star Brian Ouko Omollo popularly known by his stage name Khaligraph Jones has been the talk of the town for a week now, but it’s not been for a good reason.

The Kayole-born artiste shocked a lot of fans recently when he spotted in photos looking noticeably lighter in complexion, leading to skin bleaching rumors that he has chosen to ignore.

Khaligraph did nothing to address the accusations when he appeared on The Trend last Friday, where he was hosted by Larry Madowo. His face appeared much lighter, as if he had removed ‘tint’ on the face compared to the rest of his body.


However the speculations about his bleaching were too much to the point he decided to speak out, defending himself to his fans.

Brown Man Walking: Khaligraph Jones Responds To Bleaching Rumours

Khaligraph aka Papa Jones revealed that he had applied some makeup to look good since he was on national TV, telling off fellow rappers who are also insinuating that he wants to become light-skin.

Mkimaliza kuyap juu ya izo bleaching allegations, sana sana Nyinyi Rappers, murudi kwa Kiwanja Muendelee kupata ile Kichapo mmezoea kupewa na the OG,,Kwani mara yangu ya kwanza Kuvaa Blazer mlikua mnataka nikae na sura imeparara kwa National TV, next interview Mtaona msee wa green apo mfikirie ni hulk,,

But despite all the drama and hullaballoo about his skin tone, Khaligraph did not let that get in the way of celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday, writing a warm-hearted and sweet post for her on her big day;

Its Le Wife’s Birthday already, Kindly help me wish her a Happy Birthday as well,
Thank You for always Having My Back and supporting me Through out the best And the worst times My Queen, You will Mosdef live to see many more Cause I will always take Good care of you, Happy Birthday @miss.cashy 


Other than that, he treated the love of his life to a romantic and passionate dinner for two and later on, they joined their friends for another in-house party where they popped champagne for her.

Check out photos from the lovely dinner below.