So cute! Anerlisa shares best photos of her with hubby Ben Pol (Photos)

Anerlisa Muigai is a happy woman based on the cute videos and photos she keeps sharing of good moments with her Tanzanian hubby Ben Pol.

The two got married in a traditional wedding last year and later had a white wedding this year that was so private that it was attended by only close family and friends.

She has been teasing her fans with photos from her wedding and recently she shared two of her best photos with Ben Pol.

One was taken during her engagement day at the coast.

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She wrote;

“This is one of the best pictures of my hubby and me.”

She also posted a video of her bloated midsection on Instagram and captioned;

“Laying here thinking what I can do with my bloated stomach”


“Any natural recommendations? Its really uncomfortable”

Check out the photos;

Ben Pol with Anerlisa Muigai
Ben Pol with Anerlisa

Anerlisa Muigai’s Instagram account hacked

Anerlisa Muigai is going through a rough and tough period this week. Please pray for her. And what might be bothering the Keroche heiress and is she still in a smiling mood?

Anerlisa Muigai

Her precious Instagram account was hacked. Cue the sad memes.

Sad meme
Sad meme
Sad meme
Sad meme

But take heart people. The Nero Water CEO has a a plan. A plan to get her precious account back. She made the announcement using her Facebook account. Anerlisa wrote:

 “Good morning. Unfortunately somebody hacked my Instagram account. I will try my best to get it back. Happy New Month.”

She also opened another one and wrote:

“Hi! Someone hacked my account I will be using this before I try fixing the other one keep following for more surprise. Consistency is the key. 

Anerlisa is one of the few celebrities who interact with their fans. At the time of the hacking the account had over 500, 000 followers. A great figure especially if you are looking to monetize or become a social media influencer.

Anerlisa Muigai

A month ago popular female DJ Pierra Makena lost her account to Tanzanian-based hackers. The gorgeous disk jockey disclosed that she lost a multi-million deal because her account was hacked.

Makena divulged that a Hollywood based agency contacted her and they wanted to see her Instagram profile but they couldn’t because she did not have her account anymore.



It isn’t only Kenyan celebs like Shaffie Weru and Vera Sidika that have had their accounts hacked. International celebs have also had their accounts stolen.

Katy Perry might have the most Twitter followers on the internet, but even she isn’t immune to hacking. In May 2016, a Romanian hacker with the eye of the tiger hijacked Perry’s Twitter handle, @katyperry.

After leaking an unreleased song, the scammer flooded Perry’s feed with racial slurs, emojis, and gibberish.

The hackers posts
The hackers posts


Even tech great Mark Zuckerberg has not been spared.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg


The Facebook CEO has been hacked multiple times.

Facebook hack
Facebook hack

How embarrassing!

5 outfits of heiress Anerlisa Muigai that prove money is a good thing

Anerlisa Muigai is the heiress to the Keroche fortune.

The gorgeous lass, has won the hearts of many social media fans who admire her good looks and lavish lifestyle.

Anerlisa for pretty much of 2017 has been on a weight loss mission that she documents on her social media accounts. She has lost lots of weight, revealing she was 124 kilos but is now around 66 kg’s.

Her jet setting lifestyle has seen her acquire designer clothes and shoes not forgetting handbags that many of her female fans DM, inquiring where they too can buy the items.

From international designer Carolina Herera, to Salvatore Fellagamo, to shoes by MalonoBlahnik, here are five looks that Anerlisa has rocked in 2017 that has made her the envy of many.

This is a blue dress she bought from international designer Carolina Herera
A ball gown from Exquisite designs
Another look from Carolina Herera
Her enviable shoe collection from Manolo Blahniks


All shades of blue seems to be her favorite color
Anerlisa Muigai looking stunning

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