‘He’s someone’s husband’ Keri Hilson warned after note to Rotimi 


Singer/actor Rotimi turned 33 years old on November 29.

He jetted off to France with fiancée Vanessa Mdee and their son Seven.

Showing off videos and photos of their happy moments, Vanessa dedicated a message to her bae.

She wrote ‘Happy birthday to my best friend, my life partner, my baby daddy ( oooooh I can actually say that 🤣), you make it ALLLLL make sense. Lifing with you is the greatest gift of all. GOD BLESS YOU. Happy birthday baby 🎈 Welcome to your JESUS year.’

Now his friends are wishing him well, including his on screen wife Keri Hilson.

She penned a message that got many upset, telling her to chose a better picture and more appropriate message.

Keri Hilson wrote ‘Help me wish a Happy Birthday to my steamy scene partner, @rotimi! 🌹 “For The Love Of Money”


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Reactions include
Nah I don’t approve 😡 lol

Now miss girl you know you could’ve posted a better caption being that he is about to married. #messy
I love u sis but I’m sure y’all had a normal picture together you could have post outta respect to his wife this picture wasn’t it even if it’s jus a movie scene

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Keri Hilson throws challenge at men who want a submissive woman


RnB singer Keri Hilson is imparting some much needed advise to men who want their woman to be submissive,

The US singer says

“Men who provide emotional security & display wise leadership will get the softest, most feminine, relaxed, trusting, “guard down,” submissive, nurturing version of their woman,” she tweeted.

Adding that “Even successful, strong women want to feel safe enough to be soft. That is our true nature,” she wrote insisting that, “The man who makes me feel safe will have the world.”

Keri regularly writes her thoughts about relationships on social media, and is currently single but searching.


“I want who God wants for me, but am I wrong for hoping my soulmate is a black man? He don’t even have to be American, I’ve dated 3 non-American black men. But I want to love a black man. Or a man of color …” kerihilsonatkenyaconcert

She added, “And if he’s neither, he’d have to have a deep understanding & genuine support of my pro-blackness,” alongside a black heart emoji.


Dear fellas, will you be taking her advise?

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RIP: Keri Hilson mourns death of father in emotional tribute


American singer Keri Hilsons father has passed away aged 71.

The singer wrote a tribute on Instagram

I wasn’t ready. I don’t wanna do this. But I want to honor you in as many ways as I can. Forever…
Dad was the coolest, the countriest, the funniest, the smartest. And I am so much of him. My eloquence, my love of words & writing, my cynical sense of humor, my rapid-fire nature, my whistling, my optimism, my eyes, my love for singing, gold jewelry, sports, horses, even painting…turns out, I’m just a “‘SKIP’ off the old block.” So proud to carry so much of this man in my being.

Keri shared several photos of her late dad, revealing all the favorite things about him,

Most were natural, but others were developed from a daughter’s admiration. But I simply was not ready to say goodbye yesterday morning. I feel like a lost little girl right now. The 7th video would be his last birthday…71. So happy I could be there, as “celebrity” would have me absent for many cherished moments. The next 2 were this past Christmas Eve, when Mom turned 69.


He was so happy. It would be their last photo together. A few days after that on Dec 27th, they celebrated 40 years of marriage. The last image was the very last photo I’d ever take with him…the last time I’d hug him & show him my appreciation w/ some new Ohio State gear…our last Christmas. I never got to give him the final surprise—Ohio State sneakers & an Ohio State watch…they delivered late. I’m truly going to miss you Dad. I already do. So many wishes left in my heart. I hope you visit me in my dreams so they can come true…I’ll take it. 💭 Say hi to Grandma & Granddad. 🙏🏾 I love you more than you could know. REST IN HEAVEN, Dad. Til’ we meet again...

So sorry and sending prayers to Keri and her family as they grieve the loss of a loved one.

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Mental Health: Keri Hilson reveals battle with depression


In a sit down on Thursday October 10, singer songwriter Keri Hilson revealed she fought a battle with depression for seven years.

October 10th marks World Mental Health day and the US singer joined hundreds to speak out about the condition that continues to affect millions of families.

She shared her struggle saying she went on a music hiatus in those seven years to deal with the challenge.

Former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams checks into a mental health facility for depression

A year ago she disclosed on youtube that

 I was bearing the weight of some personal and professional mistakes and they just weighed so so so heavy on my spirit, and I was just not myself,


I was at the pinnacle, you know? I was severely unhappy and then add to that, this is when I decide to jump out of an eleven-year relationship. Bad decision, bad timing,” Keri added.

Keri also took to Instagram to post an emotional yet encouraging message to her fans and followers:

Today is World Mental Health Day. I opened up about my battle with severe depression in January 2018 & continue to do work with @silencetheshame, @kerihilsonfoundation, & other organizations I’m compelled to lend my story for awareness & healing. I endured a lot of trying years, but like the last slide, I’m smiling BIG now (inside too). I am proud to say that although I still have healthy stresses to manage, I AM HEALED, and I did so without medication. 💊


Taking selfies is a REAL GENUINE mental disorder. See how you score

If you’re like me, you’ve encountered your own set of circumstances or traumatic events that lead you down a dark road. I’m here to tell you—you don’t have to succumb to a life of darkness. There is a way out. I’m writing a book on overcoming depression for you, and I hope it helps you and many others. ☀️ 🦋


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