Endlessly entertaining! Kenyans say about DCI describing crimes


Police deal with serious situations in their career everyday and reporting incidences to Kenyans to inform or educate gets very interesting.

Kenyans on Twitter have taken note of what they say is the hilarious way the social media accounts DCI Kenya describe crimes and how officers on the ground dealt with it.


Pendeni maisha yenu, is all I can tell you.

But really it is amusing how the DCI social media describe incidences.

From describing how they catch thieves red handed to approaching criminals to solve crimes, here are some hilarious reactions from KOT about the DCI comments.

DCI twitter admin be like “He ran as fast as a cheetah and as swift a deer but our officers pursued him like a rat on highway!”

Our boys, it’s always our boys!

“Our sleuths smoked out the perpetrators ” That’s blockbuster material right there

The most incompetent department of I must say
then they use hearsays to solve cases I don’t if I am the one watching a lot of movies hence putting a lot of expectations in them

Anaandika kama composition bana

“Our hawk-eyed sleuths”

“Our boys were too smart for them”.

If you aren’t following out, you are missing out on so much hilarious content.

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Apologize like a Kenyan man! 30 painfully accurate ways bae says sorry

People are sharing examples of how Kenyan men apologize and it’s funny for those of us who continue to experience it.

The answers were prompted by a question from Twitter user @wamuyu_ke who asked her followers to tell how they “apologize like a man.”

This was not hard to do as the men gladly shared what they say to their bae, when ish hits the fan.

1. @MwakitawaRonny
Sasa unataka kulia

2. @Pinchezkn
Pole , ni shaitani ameniniingia …..ata sikuwa nataka kulala na yy , ile tu makosa hutokea

3. @Iggy82011847

4. @mutangish
Leo mi ndio napika!!

5. @_o_tieno
Kam ivi mtaani

6. @Smarshmello2
Sawa imeisha,na haitaki makasiriko

7. @emmanuelxyze
lakini beb wewe ndio ulimtext wa kwanza na phone yangu

8. @EvansKe95777052
I’m sorry…nakaa utakikunisamee niambie

9. @StopSin3
Si unaniewa …wachanga za ovywo ….sa ni nn….si tuko fine. …

10. @Honmainanjenga
Sawa basi nimesema pole…tuta shinda kwa story moja..??

11. @FelixxAgolaa
Hautapata mwanaume kama Mimi

12. @JeffKaragu
Ati ile kiatu ulisema ni pesa ngapi?

13. @alexars254
Wewe nawe hutaki kunielewa,,si ukae

14. @Alekie72142248
Acha iyo risto ikae

15. @OkotsiCaleb
Am sorry, kelele sasa ni ya nini?

Ati ulisema shopping ni pesa ngapi

17. @gregwanjiru
Acha izo..unataka nini lunch?

18. @tonyeinstein6
“The devil made me do it”

19. @__ngatia_
Sawa nimeskia

20. @Itsdennohpap
Si imeisha

21. @mjbuguah
Ulisema unaenda salon when

22. @POKO_T_69
Okay nikubuyie nini nitume basi….

23. @_KariWayne
Wacha iyo iishie hapo

24. @Mourice57390340
Ni shetani tu tuache hizo

25. @kimotho_brian
Si uache ibaki story..

26. @TheEinsten
Na Btw mum amekusalimia

27. @Marlosteinfielt
Shida ni nini tena?

28. @mlevi_msexy
Babe hiyo ni story Mzee let’s focus on ourselves ndo tukue na future poa pliz

29. @kelvineleprints
Sasa utashindililia kitu moja

30. @RobertoNicholas
Iyo stori si tuimalize manze

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Queens worldwide taking over the internet with the Buss it challenge

A song from an American singer named Erica Banks dubbed Buss It, has inspired women worldwide to try out the Buss it challenge.

The beat in the song samples singer Nelly’s song ‘Hot In Herr’ in which he says “Girl, I think my bu*t getting big”.

Some more lyrics used in the video include

“Drop it down low and pick it up, ayy/You know I don’t ever give a f**k, ayy/N*gga lookin’ at me in the club, ayy/He gon’ have to throw a couple dubs, ayy,”.

How it goes is that you’ll first see the woman dressed down in either home clothes like a bathrobe or tshirt. She fools around a bit, then drops it low to the lyrics where Nelly says “Girl, I think my but* getting big”  and she shows of her glitz look, twerking of course.

The kweens are blowing away our mind and the idea is to show off the best outfit and makeup and hair transformation and that also includes your best dance/twerk move.


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Body count back to zero! Jokes about 2021 that will amuse you


It’s back to reality for many of us Kenyans as schools resume and workers return to their offices after a long holiday break.

But we do envy those who are still sleeping.

Anyway Kenyans have already started sharing jokes and funny thoughts about 2021 and we are here for it.

To begin with many are saying since it’s a new year, the official body count – if you know you know- goes back to zero.

What was done in 2020, remains there. Are we together?

joke 1

2.joke 1(1)

3.joke 2(1)

4.joke 3(1)

5.joke 4(1)

Have an awesome day won’t you?

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“Tunaeka full tank leo ni ile siku” Fake Police account trolls Kenyans with New Years eve jokes


With hours before Kenyans rang in 2021, a fake Police account amused many of us with tales of how they will patrol the city.

The account impersonating the police was so hilarious that Kenyans engaged with it wholehertedly.

fake cop twitter

Here are some of the funniest tweets from the parody account interacting with KOT:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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Reverend Natasha shrugs off criticism and online trolls over her lifestyle


Just like other celebrities, Reverend Lucy Natasha is cyber bullied and has alot to say about it.

In an interview with MC Jessy, Rev Natasha said she doesn’t pay them any attention and that is why she doesn’t respond to haters.

She said

New levels come with new devils.  I’ve heard some people say as a pastor why are you so active on social media, but that is where our generation is and we need to understand that times and seasons have changed, and it’s true on one hand  social media is so good, let me start with the positive side of social media, then I go to how we handle these keyboard warriors, people that are haters, first and foremost I appreciate everybody. The first advantage is we are able to preach the gospel more, we are able to win more souls, right now you will find that we are able to reach more people globally.

The second challenge of social media is now the haters, you know the critics and sometimes the problem with that is that people crucify you on the court of public opinion from a point of misinformation, some of these people they will just come based on one post they start criticizing. Recently I was flying to an event in a helicopter and I decided to do a small clip just to encourage people about December and it blew it out of proportion, they were like why should the sermon be on a chopper, and I was like where should the sermon be? you can preach anywhere, you know when we are giving charity donations and then people will be asking why should you be giving and then posting pictures is it glorification? what are you looking for but one thing that people don’t understand and I really need to clarify this is that you cannot be able to give and then you hide, why should you hide and it’s a good thing and there are millions of people that follow us and we are supposed to be an example?

A leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way and even Jesus Christ who is our Lord and Saviour, he fed five thousand people and did it publicly and it was even documented in scriptures so that it could be a reference for us to know how to give. So if I give how will my spiritual sons and daughter know? but for me how I deal with haters is just ignore, because they are just one per cent. My focus is on people that understand my ministry and I’m not called for everybody. People should be able to know that everybody is called and anointed differently but those who are committed to misunderstanding me will always misunderstand .If there are people committed to misunderstanding you MC Jessy, no matter what you do, so for me I don’t explain myself to people that are committed to misunderstanding me there are people that will have a problem over everything yet they are doing nothing they have no results, so for me my focus is on those people that understand our our assignment our vision our mission and what we are doing.

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Uggh Please stop! Kenyans beg about ugly sculptures

Absolutely horrendous pictures of sculptures of our leaders have gone viral on social media.

If your ribs are not cracking after seeing those sculptures, log off please.

The pictures have drawn hilarious reactions, and if you have an opinion please feel free by commenting below this story.

@Cassidyolwal said

Haha,I would have ordered for his immediate arrest if I were one of them . Look at Museveni and Margaret Kenyatta
Lolmargarett kenyatta sculputre

Whoever is doing these art pieces should be stopped. If possible arrested….

Margaret Kenyatta anakaa villain wa Marvel

Kwani the sculptures by that Margaret Kenyatta artist are being released one by one like singlesraila sculputre

Margaret Kenyatta…I can’t
. Na sasa sculpt ya Uhuru Kenyatta inaka aje!?

museveni sculputre

Dear Classic 105 fam, are you chuckling and coincidentally, does this remind you of the lion sculpture we were treated to by the Nairobi County Governor?

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Aki Kenyans! 11 absolutely hilarious tweets that tickled our ribs

These hilarious jokes went viral and we can see why.

As we get closer to Christmas, there seems to be alot on the minds of Kenyans from activating the party mode, to traveling ushago and a general sherehe mood.

So we are being treated to all sorts of jokes and we love it. Here are 11 tweets that cracked our ribs the past few days.


joe 8(1)

2. joke 1(1)

3. joke 2(1)

4.joke 5(1)

5.joke 6(1)

6.joke 9(1)

7.joke 11(1)

8.joke 12(1)

9.joke 13(1)

10,.joke 14(1)

11.joke 15(1)

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Kachai to showing up late: Here are typical Kenyan traits

I’m a proud Kenyan, not for the good things the country has to offer but I’m part of the larger mass that are defined by their peculiar habits. As a patriotic Kenyan, you must possess the following traits:

Fascinating reasons why Kenyans don’t read widely

1. Kachai

Leave alone the kachai we give the cops. This one is different. We have a culture of dishing out “kitu kidogo when someone does us a favor regardless on how small it is. Money is a way of saying thank you.


The problem is giving a satisfactory amount to the recipient. How many times have you asked someone, “sasa unataka ngapi aki?” and they shyly said “niko tu sawa” but in their eyes you read otherwise.

2. Lateness

Most of us are guilty as charged. Kenyans have a difficult time observing time. We are busy doing nothing only to realize time is not on our side and rush to our planned destination.


Not once nor twice have I seen someone show up late with an unapologetic face. We are not bothered with this as it’s basically an African issue and aren’t we part of Africa?

3. Deadline rush

From filling taxes to attending to assignment at the 11th hour, this is another vice we are struggling with as a nation. Remember Huduma number? Matiangi had to add an extra week after cries from the public who had not yet registered. During voter registration exercise, the government is always forced to add extra days as Kenyans rush to beat the deadline. Are we too busy or are we just a reluctant lot?

Here are reasons why Kenyans still find it hard to hit the gym

4. Bargaining excessively

Wakenya na kubargain, Yawa! We bargain on everything. The rule of the game has it that when a Kenyan hears the price of a product, they divide it by two and start bargaining from there. This is one of the traits traders have to deal with. We are also known for trashing a product we have eyes on to avoid the seller from hiking its price once they know we have deep interest.

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Niaje Kiongos: Clever BUT Annoying ways Kenyans ask for money

We are telling you this ndio usigongwe.

They say in Kenya if you want to know what a person will say next, pay attention to how they greet you or initiate conversation.

Most recently Kenyans found ways to charm President Uhuru in a bid to get him to relax lockdown and curfew rules.

They called him mkubwa, kiongos, baba lao among other names to get him to soften prior to announcing his next move. Sadly it failed.

A twitter user asked Kenyans to say their encounters with Kenyans who want to beg for cash.

Did she secretly speak to Mama Diamond? Zari comes clean

How do Kenyans start conversations before wakuombe pesa !?

Here are resourceful ways people introduce the topic of a ka-loan.

Hii corona inakupeleka aje arguea-about-money

Siku hizi umetulia

Uko fiti bro..iko hivi…

“Next week Niko na doh mtu wangu.!! Hamtaniweza..!”…. Alert, is a scam.!

“Na Leo umewezawoman-giving-man-money

Oyaa cheki brooo…..

Otile Brown explains controversial album cover photo

Uliolewa nini, huonekani skuizi

cheki, fanya aaajeeee, na usikatae

Hey pal kwani tulikosana

Hii maishaaaaaa

niaje kiongos…

Person:Unaonaje maisha vile inatupeleka buana. Huku tunasurvivd tu
Me: Eeh ni ngumu tunapambana tu
Person: Na btw bro unaweza kua na kakitu uniokolee nitakurudishia.
Me: Si ungesema tu(silently)

Saumu Mbuvi reveals date set for wedding to baby daddy Senator Loitiptip

Chairman, sonko wangu

Haya , umeskia nani….. (Moshene ) ……(More Moshene) …….{ Pause } ……. ( Still some more moshene )…….. By the way, I was wondering kama unaeza niskumia kasoft loan


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MehMeh! President Uhuru tells Kenyans he has seen all your silly jokes about him


Saturday June 6th was a tense day for Kenyans as they awaited President Uhuru to announce he was lifting the lockdown and curfew.

KOT shared praise messages to the President in a bid to soften his heart, but sadly it ended in premium tears.

To this end, many memes trended online to express the excitement Kenyans were anticipating with that announcement.

But lo and behold, he disappointed many. He instead extended the lockdown for another 30 days.

In his speech Uhuru said he was aware Kenyans had created memes about him, leading many to speculate if he has a parody account since deleting his official social media handles.

He told Kenyans in a State House Press conference that

nimeona mehmeh mingi ambazo mume tuma huko sijui ati freedom day ati independence day. 

Here are some memes that are taking over the internet.






Here are more hilarious memes to crack your ribs:

uhur curfew meme 5

Disappointment tupu according to the person who shared this meme below

uhur curfew meme 4

KOT have jokes saying ‘Uhuru ametupanga ukweli’

uhur curfew 3

Try and calculate to understand this meme below

uhur curfew meme 2 uhur curfew meme 1

Dear Classic 105 fam, are you disappointed or feeling meh, about the extension? Drop your comments below.


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Kenyans mercilessly mock Tanzanians after beef over border shutdown (MEMES)

Hawaelewi kizungu (They can’t construct a simple English sentence) and have tactfully withdrawn from our online beef, are the confident words KOT declared after taking on Tanzanians with hilarious memes making fun of them, following the closure of borders between Kenya and Tanzania.

President Uhuru closed the borders with Somalia and Tanzania on Saturday because of increased cross-border infections, resulting in a sharp reaction from Tanzania.

The cross border conflict spilled to social media, where Kenyans are sharing memes making fun of Tanzanians.

The trending hashtag #KenyaVsTanzania is being used to share memes and other funny thoughts about this beef.

From comparisons of musicians like Khaligraph Jones and Diamond Platnumz, to Nadia Mukani and Nanady, no one has been spared not even socialites Vera Sidika has been voted as better than Hamisa Mobetto.

“You repeat boxers even when I give you clean ones!” Diana Marua shades Bahati

One social media user put it quite simply:
Tanzanians,don’t dare fight a loosing battle with Kenyans On Twitter. We will give you Stevo Simple Boy to bully you and still you won’t win…#KenyaVsTanzania is a very small match to us…in fact,we already won.

Do you agree? Have a look at the hilarious meme’s below

kenya vs tanzania 1


kenya vs tanzania


kenya vs tanzania 3

Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu spotted trying on clothes at a Nairobi stall 


kenya vs tanzania 4


kenya vs tanzania 6


kenya vs tanzania 8

He is still in hospital with Sh11 million bill, Babu only paid Sh5 million – Dad of DJ evolve

kenya vs tanzania 6


kenya vs tanzania 5

Photos emerge of Omar Lali’s alleged daughters (Inside)

kenya vs tanzania 7
kenya vs tanzania 5

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11 of the best ‘In Kenya we say….. And I think it’s beautiful’ tweets


Kenyans deserve an Oscar for getting things trending on social media. Whether positive or not, KOT have a way of catching the attention of netizens worldwide.

We also know that Kenyans have their wown jargon, and sometimes it’s hard for older folks to keep up.

There is this millennial trend of adding ‘And I think it’s beautiful’ to the end of anything that signifies our Kenyanness (is that a word?).

Eunice Njeri’s sister who looks like Mercy Masika excites fans

The thought starts by expressing ‘In Kenya we don’t say _, we say ….’ and finishing with ‘And I think it’s beautiful’ to drive the point home.

Here are some of the best examples:
Maisha MadrugadaFlag of KenyaFlag of EthiopiaFlag of Germany
In Kenya we dont say “you’re tripping” we say “JIHESHIMU NANI” and I think that’s beautiful.

Sameer Bry Flag of KenyaFlag of KenyaFlag of Kenya
In Kenya, mamas don’t apologise when they’re wrong they ask “Babe unaskia kukula nini”
In Kenya we don’t say “have a good day” we say “wacha nikucall baadaye” sounds cool.

Maombi yalifika! Maina Kageni updates fans on his quick recovery weeks after falling ill

@Daniel NgangaFlag of Kenya
In KenyaFlag of Kenya we don’t ask for our balance in matatus, we say “nashukia hapo mbele” and I think that’s really beautiful
In Kenya we don’t say we are running late, we say “Ata niko karibu kufika, 5 mins” and it’s OK, even though the person is yet to leave the house Face with tears of joy
In Kenya we don’t say “You’re looking sharp” we say “Budah! Umeamua uwakunywe uwamalize “ and I think that’s beautiful.
Judie Ngari
In kenya we don’t say “you’re so funny” ,we say “ah taniua” and i think that’s really beautiful

A list of celebrities who have faced the terrible act of cyber-bullying in Kenya

KJ Muriu
In Kenya we don’t say “Please buy me lunch / a bottle of beer” we say “ Gavanaaa” and I think that’s mildly beautiful.
Lil bien II
In kenya we dont say, “I’ll see you later ” we say, “nanda ivi nikam” and I think its beautiful Kissing face with closed eyes
In Kenya we don’t call her beautiful when she goes by, we say “nani huthongotha hii mali?” and in its own way, its kinda beautiful..
In Kenya we don’t say “Bye bye” we say “Nitukwaria or Tutaongea “ and I think that’s amazing!

Can you think of some more? Tag us on Twitter @Classic105Kenya. We want to see what you come up with.

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19 hilarious things Kenyan mum’s say to their children

She is a phenomenal black mum, but sometimes her children get under her skin.

Kenyans on Twitter are sharing some hilarious but truthful responses they get from Kenyan mum’s whenever they ask something.

The responses are so quirky and creative it will have you nodding your head.

You know you have a Kenyan mum when she says this:

1. @muitunguvincent..
Me : Sitaki kuoga saa hii nacheza

Mum : mimi usiniletee aibu kwa nyumba yangu

dog terror tized by mum image
2. @Nivlake..
Ukieka vijiko mbili za shuge kwa cup… Mwaga Ata yote kwa kikombe si babako ndo manager wa Mumias sugar. 😂

3. @themalvin99..
Brings a friend with dreadlocks home

Mum: endelea tu kuonyesha wakora mkona tv. 😂😂

mummys boy
4 . @JemimahOdambe..
Eeeh kuleni yote nikama dunia inaisha usiku wa Leo na kesho mtataka kunikula

5. @OkumuKenleo..
Ever heard of “….. Kuna wakati mtanitafuta mnikose!” saa hyo umesahau tu kutoa sahani kwa meza.

6. @jaternreteeks..
Vunja vikombe vyote kwa hii nyumba,mkimaliza mnivunje roho Kama baba yenyu.😆

7. @ayshaj00..
Unajigonga kwa meza unalia

Mum: Kati ya wewe na meza ni nani ako na macho?

8. @mcjoker6..
*starts crying after a beating*

Mum: acha tulete mitungi ujaze machozi ata hakuna maji

9. @KuleiJuan..
Mum:umekula sukari sindio eeeh
Me:hapana mum
Mum: aaah hebu fungua mdomo ng’ombe hii

two mums
10. @harrisonthuo..
Me: (breaking cups)

Mum: Vunja tu hizo vikombe, nazihesabu, nitazikujia tu ukianza kufanya kazi!

11. @Ami92689210..
Me: naumwa tumbo mum
Mum: nashindanga nikikwambia utoke kwa hio simu ona sasa

12. @MikeyMzito..
Me: Mum mimi siendi na hizi nguo,hazikai poa

Mum: kwani unaenda kuolewa,utavaa hizo 😅

Single Mother Getting Kids Ready in the Morning.
Single Mother Getting Kids Ready in the Morning.

13. @ShyzloMike..
mum: sends me to look for something in the house
Me: shouting in the house ( mum sijaiona)
mum : wewe unaweza pata kitu kweli ukitumwa😓😓🤐🤐 na saa hiyo ndio anakishow place ameiweka😥😥😂

14. @justine_osiemo..
A spoon falls kwa floor

Mum:chukueni ata zile ziko kabati pasua yote si mama yenu anachuna pesa Kama matawi.
15. @KaiwaNzomo..
me: drops a spoon

mum:acha nikutolee vyombo zote kwa kabati uzimalize juu hivo utakua umenimaliza pia😂😂😂

16. @RSpartaz..
Ukiangusha glass accidentally:
Mum: chukua nyundo umalizie zenye umebakisha

17. @Its_WambuiG..
When you leave the door open.
Mum: unawacha mlango hivo kwani uko na mkia utafinya ukifunga?

18. @Rosal_awake9..
Ukiangusha vikombe na zivunjike anaanza
Mom:Vunjeni kabisa alafu mkuje mnivunje roho kama baba yenu😂

19. @WangetheP..
Me: tupike nini leo
Mum: kuna sufuria nimebeba ama? Mnaeza nikatakata mnikule 🙄


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‘My mother would take my life’ Mike Mondo and Kingangi react to drunk youths in ambulance


Kenyans are upset over citizens who are breaking curfew and lockdown rules saying it makes it harder for the Government to fight the spread of covid – 19.

Over the weekend, a group of people caused a fracas online when it was revealed that they had defied lockdown orders, and traveled up country with an empty coffin.

The driver used a private vehicle to transport eight people from Nairobi to Homa Bay, pretending the passengers were mourners. The government is yet to respond to allegations that this is a ‘fake’ story.

Diamond’s ex, Wema Sepetu, hosts former mentee and nemesis Harmonize

Others are breaking the dusk to dawn curfew and locking themselves in bars to drink, or attending parties in estates.

The latest is a group of youth who recorded themselves drunk in a an ambulance that was taking them home after they broke the curfew rule.

The youth did not appear to feel remorseful for their action, and KOT condemned them.

The behaviour of the youth and the parent responsible for calling an emergency vehicle were slammed on Classic 105 during the morning conversation with Mike Mondo and Mwalimu Kingangi.

Many are of the opinion that the youth these days are not being disciplined like back in the day, hence their ‘don’t care’ behaviour.

Fake man! Tanasha throws shade at Diamond for supporting Zuchu

Mwalimu recounted how his mother used to discipline him and would not tolerate such behaviour from him.

Mike Mondo also recalled the harsh punishment his mother meted out on him when he was a youth.

He told how his mother would punish him if he called her drunk asking to be rescued for disobeying curfew rules.

‘My mother would take my life and that would be the end of me,’.

People would laugh at my brothers telling them I was funny-looking – Mulamwah narrates

Callers were of the opinion that the behaviour of youth in Kenyan should be blamed on poor parenting. That todays parents are soft on their children, and that spanking needs to be brought back.

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree with these views? Let us know int he comments section.

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Here are ways Chinese bosses discipline their employees worldwide


Violent “discipline” meted out by Chinese supervisors in Kenya formed the basis of the Classic 105 debate on Monday morning February 10.

Cases of Chinese bosses smacking their employees for ‘failing’ is not news, according to the horrifying accounts of many callers.

In Kenya this past weekend, K24 news shared a video of a Chinese restaurant owner giving his Kenyan employee a gruesome beating with a wire, for showing up late to work.

Maina Kageni asked listeners to give their take on what went through their minds, watching the clip.

‘In the video, the Chinese guy is telling the guy to kaa vizuri, and apparently that is normal practice at that restaurant,’ Maina added.

Kenyans were outraged, calling for the arrest and deportation of the man. The Chinese individual it turns out did not have a work permit, and was swiftly carried away with three other Chines men working as chefs, without legal documents.

Four Chinese nationals arrested after viral video of beating of Kenyan man 

Here is a list of terrible and humiliating things Chinese bosses have put workers through:
1. In October 2015, employees were forced to crawl on their hands and knees around a lake after missing their sales targets.

Employees were told to finish a lap around Ruyi Lake, a 23-acre lagoon in the city’s central business district, by crawling.

According to eyewitnesses, nearly everyone’s shirts and trousers were torn during the humiliating punishment.

I am not giving birth again, Kate Actress tells husband

2. A video in 2016, emerged on Chinese social network Weibo of a group of employees from Changzhi Rural Commercial Bank being publicly spanked for poor work performance in Shanxi, China.

According to reports, the video shows the boss of Shanxi Changzhi Zhangze Agricultural and Commercial Bank hitting eight employees – four men and four women – while other colleagues are seated at tables.

Users reacted angrily to the video, expressing their disgust with this action.

Footage showed the boss beating some employees with a stick, and according to reports, the employees had not been ‘working hard enough’.

The man speaks with them on stage before he begins the attack with what appears to be a giant stick.

Did Papa Dennis foresee his death? Read his last conversations on social media

3. Boss slaps a lineup of ‘bad’ employees in 2016.

In 2016, a video of a chines employer slapping his workers for performing poorly went viral.

4. Chinese bosses beat up employee for refusing to use own phone for work in Zimbabwe

In 2018, a Zimbabwean man sustained a fractured rib when two Chinese national employers punished him after he refused an order to use his personal money in topping up airtime meant for work related calls.

The suspects were said to be the owners of Empress Gold Mine in Mashava. One of the Chinese reportedly ordered the African employee to recharge his mobile phone using his own money to make work-related calls, but the latter refused.

The Chinese bosses punched him several times on the chest using his fists. Another Chinese also joined in the beating, resulting in the African employee fracturing a rib.

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Because Why Not? Man lands chopper to take a quick swim

We all know that feeling, it’s hot and you make a decision to go swimming to cool off.

But what if your job involves flying a helicopter? No problem, just make a quick emergency landing and swim.

A photo of a man enjoying swimming next to his chopper has elicited comments about being goals.

The photo according to many was taken somewhere in Laikipia.

This however remains unconfirmed, the awesomeness of the aerial picture is distracting us.

One man responding to the awesomeness of the picture noted that ‘the photography is on another level’.

Here are more comments:
Hellen Adhiambo… The life you choose

Good Joe… Photography is on another level.

Goddy Elisha… What do people really want in life?

Elah Santosh Irene Wanjiru …hii ndio mnaitanga adventure. Let’s go to my shags its more adventurous

Jolly Joice …Anakaa amedrown

Ken Kahuthu …Wow rich life enjoyable

Juliet Nyawira…. Nani alimpiga picha

Ben Musesi …This Kenya akona right ya kujienjoy

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‘I balanced my tears’ Kenyans recall parents skipping visiting day in boarding school


Kenyans are reliving their terrible boarding school memories in a thread on Twitter.

The discussion centres around visiting day when parents would come carrying tons of food, to see their son or daughter who has been away from home for a while.

Most say their parents never bothered visiting them.

5 traumatic secondary school memories you will never forget

From fathers showing up with a newspaper to see only the teacher to facing the humiliation of other parents pitying you, many say they held back tears until they got to the dorms.

Read a collection of experiences KOT went through on those days when they should have been happy to see their folks.

Btw shou out to kariuki mwangi penye ako.msee umenilisha na tumepeana nguvu when tumelishwa blueticks na mzazi.we’ve shared kile ameletewa na mzazi pia.nice chap that one

Mimi sikuwa navisitiwa but i have this one friend mpaka leo we are close buddies…alikuwa ananininvite na hadi maparents wake wananijua mpaka leo. I think that’s the best person i’ve ever.

Mum made sure she came every visiting day…and i mean every visiting day without a miss. She had taught me a culture of sharing as early as primo where id carry excess lunch box for kids without. My heart goes out to guys who never felt such warmth

My mum used to visit me all the times and I would specifically invite a pal of mine called Andrew and he would enjoy it. One day last year I met up with Andrew and he gave me 35k for being kind to him when he didn’t have anyone to stand with him. I cried on the road.

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This was the time you knew who your real friends were. Wale wasee mliniokolea chapos thanks Sana 👊 it really meant alot

This was me on Prayers Day in Form 4. I was the only one in the entire school who wasn’t visited. Cried so so hard.

Sorry aki…that was the usual for me…..no one ever showed up…….only class 8 and 4th form Prayers Day

Lol .. In high school besides academic clinics i was legit never visited. Nilikuwa naenda class najifanya nasoma nikingoja wazazi wa wenyewe waende ndio niende kuomba chapati

I remember this one time my mum akikuja alianguka na http://gari.it rolled severally btw,she twisted mguu rather a tendon so she had a limp.the medic she is akameza pain killers called mech wake na juu dish za food bado ziliwa sawa akaletewa gari na his bro-inlaw …..

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He said “uko sawa?gari imeharibika sana?inakaa kutumia how much kuunda?after majibu akasema ni sawa tutaongea nyumbani.😂😂apparently mathe alijikaza ivo koz a week before l had called her and complained dad akikuja yuleta chipo moja,gazeti na soda takeaway and haikua fiti koz..

Visiting days used to be my most depressing times in school, i don’t even wanna talk about it. 🚶🏾😔

I went to boarding school from the time I was born.

I was born and started reading the hospital charts in a bed away from my mother.

The nurses thought I was crying, kumbe I was shouting out their name tags.

🤣🤣🤣 That used to be my worst time especially when dudes later in the evening avoid supper and find yourself in the dining hall alone…I feel the pain to date

One time my mum alikosa kuja Soni called her akasema alidhani visiting iko Feb 30th?!!??!? Tangu lini Feb ikue na 30 days 😂😂

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I remember waiting at the gate for almost a whole day because I was so sure someone was coming. No one came. That was form 1. Nilicatch. And from then on visiting days became games day. So everytime someone showed up it was such a nice surprise.

My parents had the right idea for taking me to boarding school at an early age to escape the eastlands gang menace. Really grateful they religiously came for all visiting days, even if it meant late in the evening. 🙏🏾
My mum used to cook up a storm. Would feed half the dorm if it was up to her. My dad and mum never missed a single VD. I asked them to stop at A Level. Never felt abandoned. Bless them.

I went to boarding skul in class 5. Mum visited all through till she passed when in form 1 and no one ever visited. All parents day and visiting day i was always alone. Even prayer day nobody came. Hurts…lets just say my kids will never have to feel that way

This one visiting day in form 3…only one student was visited in our dorm…so he goes to his parents and tells them about it…and guess what…the family forego their part of the food so that we could all get a bite…Aki Jeff mahali uko..Na family yako…mbarikiwe mparare

I was the guy who knew n never expected to be visited. One day my mum came.
😂😂 I was called n refused to go, that isnt me.
5 times I sent back every guy who was sent to call me with a question. Tell her to give u my full names. Its the teacher on duty who came for me.

Wow. This still hurts so bad … I got visited only once in 4 years in high school and just for 15-20 minutes …

My 1st visiting day in Primary boarding, at class 7, my Grandpa came and gave the school accountant 50bob for my soda and bread and left without even seeing me. I cried so hard.
But thank God that changed, by the time I was in High school the whole fam was coming for Visitations

My dad told me the day he took me to high school in form 1 that I should expect him during the prayers day in form 4. He kept his word and showed up 4 years later with a news paper and Nyama choma.

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