Angry woman yelling at cat turns into hilarious memes 


By now you muts have seen Kenyans posting or resharing meme’s of a woman seemingly yelling at a ct.

It’s funny as hell, for those with a sense of humor.

The viral photo is a mashup of a blonde woman yelling at a confused looking white cat sitting in front of a plate of vegetables.

Here is an explanation of the hilarious viral moments that will set the understanding for the meme I will share below.

The human half of the meme finds its origins from a 2011 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where then-cast member Taylor Armstrong found herself in an emotional confrontation with Camille Grammer, as fellow housewife Kyle Richards attempts to calm her down.

As for the other half of the meme starring the angry white cat, its origins began on Tumblr, when user deadbefordeath posted a photograph of a white cat with a bewildered expression sitting in a chair in front of a plate of vegetables. The caption back then was: “he no like vegetals.”

We share some memes we have found online:





catmeme2 catmeme4 catmeme6 catmeme7 catmeme8



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Maina and King’ang’i weigh in on Garissa women rep Subow’s abusive language


The obscene and foul language used by female Kenyan politicians has taken centre stage.

This is after Garissa woman rep Anab Subow called Raila Odinga uncircumcised.

In a video that has gone viral on Sunday, Subow is heard referring to Raila as a devil who is not circumcised.

Part of her speech reads

“Rebuke the devil….. this mzee called Baba and I don’t know whose baba he is. He is old but he is not circumcised. He might be baba but let him go to Bondo and be circumcised first. Whom does he think he is, why is he not getting old”.

Classic hosts Maina and Kingangi debated this on Tuesday morning conversation.

Maina was left speechless only managing to say ‘aki mdomo ya wanawake’, while Kingangi insisted that ‘they are showing their true colors’.

Kenyans have labelled the women leaders using verbal abuse as shameless.

The vicious slurs have been roundly condemned when listeners responded to Maina Kageni’s question if it is it the true representation of Kenyan women these days. Here are some views.

An upset man said,’ Can you imagine telling that woman to find your socks? huyo anawezakutafutia? But we are praying to God that all will be well, these career ladies have lost respect for men, they need to change because ile respect that was back in the day that is what we want.

A woman called and said, ‘huyu mwanamke amezaa? because there is no normal woman who can go to in public and talk like that. I think she needs a psyciatrist, coz no normal woman can talk trash like that in public, they are embarrassing women in Kenya,

another said,’ I am saddened by that woman’s comments’.

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Hilarious reactions to two nuns found pregnant after African trip


The Catholic Church has launched an investigation, after two Italian nuns who were on a missionary trip to Africa were discovered to be pregnant.

The story of the pregnancy is not the story here, the reaction from the internet is.screenshpt pf nuns


Literally everyone is making fun of the nuns, and under the hashtag #missionary, you can tell it’s going to crack ribs all day.

See some comments below:
That’s why doggy is better than missionary
Missionary style to receiving Holy CUMunion..
I would have told you the reason but it’s nun of my business, thank God they didn’t pull out of the missionary trip
Oh they had a MISSIONARY trip alright……..
What’s there to investigate tho, Pulling out is really hard during Missionary tbh
I wanted to say its very hard to pull out during missionary, but its nun of my business

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‘Vichwa ngumu’ men reveal reasons for not marrying Luo women


Comedian Jalango unveiled his lover for the first time this past weekend at their traditional wedding ceremony.

His ‘secret lover’ came as a shock to many who had no idea he was in a relationship.

7 reasons why Luhya women make the best wives and girlfriends

The comedian is under attack on social media, where many Luo women are alleging he has betrayed his community by marrying a woman from elsewhere. Really? Shouldn’t a man be with someone he loves, regardless?

This was the topic Maina and Kingangi discussed asking Luo women to call in and say why they are so upset with Jalango and other Luo men who marry elsewhere.

Here is his beautiful Taita born fiancee, gorgeous isn’t she?


Ladies you hang a man out to dry, why? Maina asked.

Men are you avoiding Luo women, he further asked.

Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay! Kenyans shout after Kikuyu dowry list goes viral

Men called in and detailed the reasons for not marrying Luo women.

  1. Vichwa Ngumu: One man said ‘we don’t marry them because ni vichwa ngumu, they are so proud even when you have nothing’…..
  2. Spendthrifts: They are unlike other women who want to buy plots and do farming. A man confessed to Maina that  ‘they are not development conscious, they want a flashy lifestyle, instead of buying a plot, they want to pay rent in Lavington, where rent is Sh200k and drive a Mercedes.’
  3. Stubborn: Another man by the name Felix said, ‘our Luo ladies are very stubborn more so when learned there is something that comes in them ata ukifukuza hawaendi, and that’s why you get us marrying from other tribes because they are simple to deal with unlike Luo ladies.’

Why do we take it personally? Maina Kageni asks about bad Kikuyu women jokes

Dear Classic 105 fam, what is your opinion of these allegations? Drop your comments we will share them.

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Who gossips the most? Men – shout KOT


Kenyan men are sharing your darkest secrets more than women.

What we believe about gossiping and who indulges in it has been debunked on Classic 105.

While many of us believe that Kenyan women are societies biggest gossipers, turns out this is false.

Maina Kageni asked listeners who is responsible for most moshene and there was consensus – it’s men.

Even Mwalimu Kingang’i shockingly agreed.

He said, ‘the rains started beating men when they began doing manicures and pedicures. ‘Ni umama’ he declared. Men used to die with their secrets but no more. Saa hii inaweza kuuwa, lazima useme, if you don’t say you will blow up like gas.


Here are the views expressed online even from some men who do not think they are:

Caller: ”There are men who gossip about women and their fellow men. They sit and discuss about affairs of other people as they pass by. Gossiping is now for the men and has made them useless!”
As a man how can you be known to be a rumour mill that’s a shame ❗️mend your leaking lips 🤣a man who is a source of grape vine is one idle creature who is not supposed to be in the male species 💯maturity is a gradual process ❗️ADAPT


Maina there things ppl shouldn’t share to anyone no matter how much you trust someone. My most sensitive secrets are only known to me and that’s what makes them a secret

I think nowadays mushene is something men can actually catch in the streets ni kama homa tu,they don’t even try to hid it.
its very sad that men are now the biggest gossipers they have even bitten women in that game,
Maina, it’s true…men are now the leading gossipers in town led by Miguna. Look for Ben Githae’s latest Kikuyu song, it’s about the current situation of wanaume na mushene!!!
Maina these men want us ladies to give them money ,sai wao Ndio number one kwa mucene tell me ain’t they becoming.. Empty debes.. This is a proof that they are becoming lazy and they know how to discuss women..

This men with mushene ndio wako na umama, wanatuangusha sanah #MainaAndKingangi


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19 hilarious things Kenyan mum’s say to their children

She is a phenomenal black mum, but sometimes her children get under her skin.

Kenyans on Twitter are sharing some hilarious but truthful responses they get from Kenyan mum’s whenever they ask something.

The responses are so quirky and creative it will have you nodding your head.

You know you have a Kenyan mum when she says this:

1. @muitunguvincent..
Me : Sitaki kuoga saa hii nacheza

Mum : mimi usiniletee aibu kwa nyumba yangu

dog terror tized by mum image
2. @Nivlake..
Ukieka vijiko mbili za shuge kwa cup… Mwaga Ata yote kwa kikombe si babako ndo manager wa Mumias sugar. 😂
3. @themalvin99..
Brings a friend with dreadlocks home

Mum: endelea tu kuonyesha wakora mkona tv. 😂😂

mummys boy
4 . @JemimahOdambe..
Eeeh kuleni yote nikama dunia inaisha usiku wa Leo na kesho mtataka kunikula

5. @OkumuKenleo..
Ever heard of “….. Kuna wakati mtanitafuta mnikose!” saa hyo umesahau tu kutoa sahani kwa meza.
6. @jaternreteeks..
Vunja vikombe vyote kwa hii nyumba,mkimaliza mnivunje roho Kama baba yenyu.😆

7. @ayshaj00..
Unajigonga kwa meza unalia

Mum: Kati ya wewe na meza ni nani ako na macho?
8. @mcjoker6..
*starts crying after a beating*

Mum: acha tulete mitungi ujaze machozi ata hakuna maji
9. @KuleiJuan..
Mum:umekula sukari sindio eeeh
Me:hapana mum
Mum: aaah hebu fungua mdomo ng’ombe hii

two mums
10. @harrisonthuo..
Me: (breaking cups)

Mum: Vunja tu hizo vikombe, nazihesabu, nitazikujia tu ukianza kufanya kazi!
11. @Ami92689210..
Me: naumwa tumbo mum
Mum: nashindanga nikikwambia utoke kwa hio simu ona sasa
12. @MikeyMzito..
Me: Mum mimi siendi na hizi nguo,hazikai poa

Mum: kwani unaenda kuolewa,utavaa hizo 😅

Single Mother Getting Kids Ready in the Morning.
Single Mother Getting Kids Ready in the Morning.

13. @ShyzloMike..
mum: sends me to look for something in the house
Me: shouting in the house ( mum sijaiona)
mum : wewe unaweza pata kitu kweli ukitumwa😓😓🤐🤐 na saa hiyo ndio anakishow place ameiweka😥😥😂
14. @justine_osiemo..
A spoon falls kwa floor

Mum:chukueni ata zile ziko kabati pasua yote si mama yenu anachuna pesa Kama matawi.
15. @KaiwaNzomo..
me: drops a spoon

mum:acha nikutolee vyombo zote kwa kabati uzimalize juu hivo utakua umenimaliza pia😂😂😂

16. @RSpartaz..
Ukiangusha glass accidentally:
Mum: chukua nyundo umalizie zenye umebakisha
17. @Its_WambuiG..
When you leave the door open.
Mum: unawacha mlango hivo kwani uko na mkia utafinya ukifunga?
18. @Rosal_awake9..
Ukiangusha vikombe na zivunjike anaanza
Mom:Vunjeni kabisa alafu mkuje mnivunje roho kama baba yenu😂
19. @WangetheP..
Me: tupike nini leo
Mum: kuna sufuria nimebeba ama? Mnaeza nikatakata mnikule 🙄


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RIP Kiswahili: KOT tickled by US Ambassadors message to Kipchoge



Yes, nothing gets past Kenyans on Twitter and more so broken English or Kiswahili.

The good US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter was among excited netizens who were cheering on athlete Eliud Kipchoge as he took on the INEOS challenge 159 in Vienna on Saturday.

McCarter wrote on Twitter that Kipchoge ‘anawesa’ and this Luopean style got the attention of Kenyans who mocked him mercilessly.


Here are the reactions:
nipe hio kazi ya kuhakisha kuwa. Maoni yako katika Lugha ya Kiswahili yanatiririka kwa njia iliyo mufti kabisa.
😂 😂 😂 Amewesa kuwesa sasa ni parte after parte 🎶
Pia wazungu hushema😂😂😂,Atawesa tena
It’s anaweza😅 oooh! Only People from Nyanza are allowed to say anawesa😂😂
sii unilipe nikufunze kiswahili ama ata lugha yetu ya mtaa mazeh
Kalenjin accent imewesa btw. Karibu resop
Si mtu atafutie hii jamaa social media manager! For heaven’s sake

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My husband thinks I want to kill him after KOT jokes on social media

Murdered Dutch Billionaire Tob Cohen had designated his siblings as the manager of his property upon his death.

Detectives shared details and pictures upon the discovery of his body on Friday afternoon — some 55 days after he was alleged by his wife Sarah Wairimu, to have flown to Bangkok, Thailand, to seek medical attention.

A friend to the late Cohen said it is a story she made up to cover her activities.

People Held Nothing Back When Size 8 Said She Is Bukusu And She Loves her Kikuyu Hubby

DCI Kinoti at the crime scene
DCI Kinoti at the crime scene

Kenyans on Twitter have been commenting about the wife’s role in his death, linking it to many stories about Kikuyu women.

One woman called in to the Classic 105 morning show where she confessed a heartbreaking story.

Why do we take it personally? Maina Kageni asks about bad Kikuyu women jokes

She has been affected by all the jokes, and memes about Kikuyu women.

She narrated

‘I’m also called Wairimu and I’m a very upset woman this morning because one, Sarah is a Wairimu and I am a Wairimu. As we speak my husband has been telling me I want to kill him. 

It is very serious and there are days he will come home drunk, he will insult me and even ends up fighting me eti alleging I am planning with the askari to kill him

coehn remians

So I ask him after killing him, what do I inherit from you? and let me tell you Maina it actually annoys me most because I’m a girl from Nyeri and I did not apply to be born in Nyeri. I did not apply to be born a Kikuyu. I just happened to find myself a Kikuyu and he tells me I will kill him simply because I’m from Nyeri.

I am a very upset woman 

‘A Kikuyu woman will treat you like a king as long as you have cash, but toss you like rotten mutura once you are broke,’ How truth is this?

How long has she been married to him?

5 years

Alot is said about Nyeri women online, especially after stories of them chopping off their husbands transformers.

Phillip Murgor with his client
Phillip Murgor with his client, Sarah

Wairimu added that

and he is also a Kikuyu. Let me tell you something Maina, he has nothing to his name so what he does is sleep around the estate. He will come today, he will not come for three days or a whole week, then come home and give those women his phone to call me what they do, then he comes and tells me ‘you are from Nyeri, you will kill me’.

It has awaken in me all the pains I had in this marriage she concluded her rant to Maina.

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‘Love Is But A Dream’ Ciku Muiruri comments on Billionaire Cohens death


The death of billionaire Tob Cohen has really shocked the country with the details of its gruesome nature being revealed by the police.

Whenever there has been drama between spouses, media girl Ciku Muiruri has chosen to respond.

When Esther Arunga back in July admitted she knew her husband killed their child, she responded.

Ciku Muiruri, ‘Esther Arunga was always the problem’

The same thing happened when singer Adele divorced her husband.

One of the excerpts from her book suggests to couples that

“When the curtain comes down on your relationship, you should damn well walk away with something other than just tears and wounded pride.”

Ciku has once again responded to billionaire Cohens death and KOT are unhappy. They have blasted her for her comments

‘Love is but a dream’: Ciku Muiruri’s beautifully written novel about love

So,to you bonding with dogs and making them your friend is the most significant thing you can talk about here?, a life has been gruesomely lost,you can’t talk about that you telling us about dogs?,who bewitched these slsyqueens aki?
This tweet is distasteful and insensitive… Even by your standards this is really low
Sometimes it’s better to be silent and be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
And you wonder why only 7 people have bought your book


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Everyone starts somewhere KOT console man’s sad living room picture



Honestly, before we can all say we are living our best lives, we must start somewhere right?

Most probably from the bottom of the pit, as this one man shares pictures of his house.

We refer to it as bedsitter chronicles.

His living situation is a little too real for many Kenyans who have responded in  a heartwarming way to his pictures.

The assurances will give you hope that Kenyans are truly good people:

Boss.. Yani uliweza kuita gaidi kejani in this state?!… Manze naeza taka confidence in life, ka yako. 😁😁MUHAMMAD ONYANGO®..
Most of us started from here, a small mattress, Basin, stove, 2 jericans and before you realize you are a family man living in a nice neighborhood 😊😊😊mercy roghoi..d from some yeye hata nisonko ameweza kubuy carpet ya karatasi tulianza na cartons tukisonga 😀😀Keg Ambassador 🍻🇰🇪🇰🇪..
I have been here before. Actually twice. It comes to pass.Neok Kijomba (✍)..
This is me in Githurai 45, 9 years ago. I sold my bed to pay a debt. Now? Wacha Mungu aitwe Mungu.

The replies here warm my heart.
Almost every beginner’s story.
Work hard.
Hang in there brother.
God akubless tu sana.

Miss Abuje..
This reminds me of where i begun,and yes m somewhre now…and stil working hard to be where i wanna be in future..
God continue helping me out.🙏🙏

Nakumbuka nkiwa first year…3/4 of a decade ago…Its life mahn🙂🙂

Sammy Mohammed 🇰🇪..t somewhere, it’s a journey bro

kenyan born..
One trick, tafuta cartons uweke chini ya mattress usiskie baridi,

Simon Kaguru..
Uko poa hata umelalia high density mamen, nikianza na pillow case

Big ups man….. I started the same place. Still growing strong

This is the time to know if you have a TRUE n GENUINE yeng. Invite her there, if she comes more than once and makes boychild happy, marry her in future. Few, VERY few yengs can stomach this life. Aim the stars boychild! 💪

Umeanza poa sana. Now you have an opportunity to go out, work hard while assured of some place to shelter from the cold of the night. Nunua stove na unga sasa. Keep walking!!!

This was me in 2012. I was a happy man with new responsibilities

Patrick Makau..
Uko sawa ndume, ukishazoea utashangaa vile utatoboa hi life

The ‘Don’t date a woman richer than you’ thread every man must read


This thread about not marrying women earning more than husbands has ignited social media beef between women and men.

If you earn more money than your dude, girls you are in trouble.

The thread begins followed by responses:


He goes on to add below that


Women making more money than men hurts marriages/relationships


He also goes on to add that women earning more than husbands is a bigger problem than you think


KOT responses:

Waigoko Kimengemenge.
my friend alikosana kidogo na yengs. Yengs alibeba zile curtains na sahani alinunua na kuenda nazo. Angekuwa analipia rent si ninja angerushwa nje akuwe homeless kama sungura


I know this one case, the woman was good and there was no cause for the dude to leave her cause of her big finances. She was hella respectful, she let the man run everything, and she always made her kids know all the money belonged to the father. She gave him everything.

Sugar Venom…

Hawa watu wa don’t date a woman richer than you are still the same ones who think paying Ubers for shawties is being used

Ma gwado….
Mimi siezi ogopa juu dem anaearn more kuniliko.. ntamcon
What do you think?
Dear Classic 105 fam, can a relationship survive if a woman is making more money than her husband/boyfriend?

*Insert Gasp*: Sh40m Bentley Bentayga wreckage spotted in Kisumu 


The Bentley officially came to the Kenyan market in 2017. The carmaker has caught the attention of many rich Kenyans who took the opportunity to own one,  for instance Jaguar, Chris Kirubi, Steve Mbogo, The Grand Mullah and Ali Hassan Joho.

One Bentley Bentayga was spotted in the lakeside city after the owner crashed it.

Seriously, who owns this beast?

bentley crushes in kisumu

The wreckage of the vehicle is so painful to KOT, who are wondering about its insurance.

A favorite in Kenya is the Bentley Bentayga, which coincidentally is the subject of this story.

A tweeter user shared the wreck that he claims was in Kisumu, and we are all wondering how the owner is feeling, considering this is not the second hand cars we are used to.

In 2018, data from the Kenya Motor Industry Association (KMI) showed that some 4,123 brand new vehicles have been sold locally.

The data shows that in the first five months of 2018, two Bentley Bentaygas were bought locally.

The starting price of such a vehicle, with an engine capacity of 6000CC, is $265,000 (Sh27.2 million), and could go up depending on customisation.


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Woman jumping rain puddle photoshopped into other hilarious scenes




A woman who was minding her business trying to jump a rain puddle has been photoshopped with hilarious consequences.

Of course KOT on seeing the original picture couldn’t help themselves but edit her into other images from around the world.

She has been edited into a football pitch, a basketball court, a movie cover picture etc.

The pictures are so hilarious it has been liked thousands of times.

See the rib cracking photos and have a blessed week ahead:

woman jumoing rain sphotoshop 6


woman jumpinf rain phtoshop 5 3woman jumpinf rain phtooshoped 4 4

woman jumping rain photoshopped 3 5

woman jumping rain photoshop 2 6

woman jumping phtoshop 1
Karanja Kimz… Wee najua mpaka hiyo maji kaachwa imeshangaa
Muzinah M. Tito ….Si huyu atapasua

Sarah Stanes …Hizi camera za wakikuyu kwani hukua everywhere
Archibold Otieno… Hahahaha..yaani hi picha isha fanywa hivi

Cindy Shan Titus… 😂😂😂😂😂shindwe,nani aliwaroga

Lorento Bint Mwinyi …Kenyans nini huwasumbua lakini😂

Mercy Mwaura Kibush …Lkn mbona mnashugulikaga na ya wengine…she is busy minding her bs 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Collie da Sparta …No wonder bhangi y kenya inatibu #Cancer🤣🤣

Tabby Angie Leah Doreen Ncabani,😂😂😂see what happens in Nairobi when u Try minding your own business ..then boom 💥 u become a meme😂

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10 thoughts on relationships KOT couldn’t stop thinking about all month


It is easy to get caught up in the routine of things that we each forget to focus on one thing…our relationships.

These collection of relationship challenges are so relatable you will chuckle, then reconsider your relationship and ask serious questions.

Can’t wait to see what September has in store for us.relations 21

Oh Really! Bahati threatens Diana’s ex boyfriend after revealing tell all


relation meme aut

relation meme augut

relation meme

Census: All the questions siblings/parents were hilariously unable to answer 

relation 8


relation 7

I forgave my wife for cheating because.. I’m ALSO GUILTY

relation 6 relation 4

relation 3

relation 1

‘Wamlambez’ Every Kenyan parent needs to know these sheng words

relaion 2


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Census: All the questions siblings/parents were hilariously unable to answer 


How bad is it that you don’t recall your siblings/spouses/parents birthday, age and you seriously have to take five minutes to think about it?

The Census exercise that ends today August 31, has exposed alot of things about Kenyan families.

And no it’s not about him having a second/third wife.

It turns out that families know or remember very little about their loved ones. From the stories shared, we have a problem remembering birth dates of spouses/siblings/parents were born, where they went to school and so on. Really guys!!

KOT have been sharing what funny experiences they have since the exercise kicked off on the 24th of August.

This guy was asked something by his wife, and avoided the question

census 2019 1

This prompted others to respond below:

J M.The Main..
My friends wife called him to ask his DOB and What job He does and where He was born
Census person asks me whether I have difficulty in hearing.. Difficulty in communicating.. and there was my wife in the corner rolling her eyes as I said no 😅

census 2019 2
I got 3 missed calls from my Dad n when I called back he said the census guys wanted my info so he wanted to know which year I was born, na walikuwa pamoja na Mom, both had no clue
My bro called to ask which course i did in uni😐😐 like he has another sister to think about 😒

cnensus funny
Onyango Churchill..

My girlfriend called to ask for my real names😂😂

census funny 2

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Why we fake it on social media – KOT tell Maina their secrets

We are all familiar with the phrase that you fake it till you make it.

But are Kenyans taking things a little too far.

Classic 105 host Maina Kageni posed this question to KOT, who responded with their thoughts and personal experience.

Maina sought to know how long do you intend to keep up the lie on social media?

Maina added his thoughts that he believes we are all hiding behind screens saying

Are you always happy on social media, do you look like your profile picture.

Is that how you inspire yourself?

Kenyans on Twitter spoke out below:
@Classic105Kenya maina we have to fake it until we make it. It’s the name of the game.

Village Elder™..
Men also pose with V8s that does not belong to them to woo women. Guys, we are living a lie. “Sacrifice and commit to the end, there is nothing like fake it till you make it” said

charles maina…
@Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni maina, Some women are very beautiful in social media but when you meet them face to face,,my brother you will give your life to Christ! #mainaandkingangi
Athman Melly..
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya Social media became a platform of LIKES and COMMENTS. the number of likes and and comments determine your beauty. So people will lie to earn comments. #MainaAndKingangi

@ItsMainaKageni people are living a lie nowadays.. Photography is the booming hustle in Kenya,shoots kila weekend
Ng’ash Kung’u 🇰🇪..
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya I act rich on social media and if u know me in real life…please keep quiet 😐😐😐 I can’t be poor offline and online😁😁😁😋😋😋 #MainaAndKingangi


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Ugali: KOT react to report linking maize to cancer cases


The relationship between maize consumption and the risk of cancer is causing alarm and rightfully so.

Ugali is a staple food loved by all Kenyans and the report conducted on women at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) in Eldoret suggests consumption of aflatoxin in food increases the risk of cervical cancer.

The new study published last Thursday in the journal Open Forum Infectious Diseases, found women with high aflatoxin concentrations in their blood were also likely to have cancer causing HPV strains.

Numerous reports have linked aflotoxin to our favorite meal, and KOT are up in arms about it. Back in 2012, a similar report linked GMO maize strain to cancer with scientists urging authorities to be serious.

KOT are now questioning what they should or shouldn’t eat. Read some comments from Twitter.



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G.O.A.T: KOT honor first Kenyan to own a car


Back in 2017 a man by the name Gerald Gikonyo Kanyira grabbed attention when he was honored by President Uhuru and then Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero with the keys to the city.

The photo has resurfaced only and KOT stan the pioneer businessman.

He is the remaining founder of the multi-billion shilling Rwathia Investment Group that has employed more than 100,000 Kenyans across the country.

He also owns half of downtown including the likes of Sabina Joy. His first salary was four bob.

gerald gikonyo with uhur

Gikonyo, 103, still supervises several businesses in the sprawling enterprise that is a household name in various cities and towns in the country.

Here are comments from KOT:
He also owns the famous Sabina Joy and he lives along Ronald Ngala

Gerald Gikonyo Kanyuira was the first man in Kenya to buy a car. Together with his friend , whose name has not been recorded anywhere, the two contributed each 150 ksh to buy a sh300 Austin A30 which made them join a class of the wealthy.

The oldest profession known to man has crazy returns. Mans is the real OG.
This old Kikuyu money from Murang’a owns like 80% of Rifa Rori and Kirinyaga Road.
Eureka, Njugu-ini, Timboroa .. some of the notable buildings! Legend!

The man, the myth, the legend…

Rich geng!
Legend huyo! The 🐐

‘You guy my guy’ of his time

He still got swag….he feels like yeah no big deal


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