Ujinga haina tiba! Things Kenyans ignore that lands them in trouble

If there’s something you should be proud of, it’s being a Kenyan.

Kenyans are also referred to as vichwa ngumu (hardheaded) people. If it’s not following basic rules, we break the internet for the wrong reasons. With this said, there are things made for public use that Kenyans ignore to their peril.

1. Footbridges


Dear fellow Kenyan, in case you need classes to learn on how to use the foot bridge, please hit my line. Why is it hard to use them? We always have a way of running across the road recklessly like wild animals. The high number of pedestrians dying on the road can be blamed on us not making use of the footbridges. Can we all give a standing ovation to the few Kenyans who make use of these foot bridges.

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2. Pedestrian lanes

In Kenya, we don’t have the luxury of bicycle lanes. But you can use pedestrian lanes. Why do you have to make your way into the main road where matatus harass you?

walking lane

It’s obvious that a bicycle can navigate easily through traffic but that’s gambling with death. Swallow that pride and use the walking lane. But again, Kenyans are a busy lot for things that don’t add much value.

3. Parking lot

parking lot

The issue is how most of us don’t make use of the partitions. Ni kama hatukusoma Mazimatik. There will always be that guy who parks their car across two spots. My esteemed fellow Kenyans let’s be a bit civilized. Tunachoma picha aki!

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4. Zebra Crossing

It’s funny how a Kenyan will risk it all crossing a major road in undesignated areas yet a zebra crossing is a few meters away. We just can’t find the energy to walk to the zebra crossing area.

zebra crossing

Also to the drivers, slow down when you approach a zebra crossing. We too will buy ours soon. Heshima idumu!

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TOTALLY BLISSFUL! Gospel Artiste Princess Faridah Reveals The Secret To Her 13 Year HAPPY Marriage

Marriage is not as easy as some couples make it look and more so if it’s a celebrity marriage where all eyes are on you, with fans and the public having high expectations, but it’s not the case on all unions.

Coast-based gospel singer Princess Faridah real name Faridah Migwalla is one of the local artistes who’s happily married and has been able to keep her love life blissful for many years.

Princess Faridah started out as a young, energetic, secular artiste who was known as the ‘queen of chakacha’ back in the day before she decided to give her life to Christ as a born-again Christian.

priness -faridah-3

Faridah was famed for her explicit lyrics and chakacha dances, with her songs back then playing in almost all clubs and radio stations, not forgetting her steamy music videos.

But that’s a thing of the past as Princess Faridah converted to a God-fearing mature woman who has no regrets about the choice she made, despite the challenges she faced when she announced the crossover since she was Muslim.

The beautiful and gorgeous gospel songstress is now one of the biggest and most revered singers in the gospel industry.


She recently received 3 huge nominations for the recently concluded Groove Awards 2017; Female Artiste Of The Year and Coastal Song Of The Year, which was truly humbling for her.

Other than being a talented singer, Princess Faridah has been married to the love of her life for almost 13 years now and it keeps getting better for them. The couple is blessed with two adorable daughters.

The beauty decided to share her secret for having a successful and merry for that long; ”

Marriage is not a sprint but a Marathon, we Dont rush through it otherwise we will crush. Everyday is a learning experience. Be open to learn, discover, appreciate and celebrate each other.




Common Dating Mistakes Kenyan Women Make

Dating has evolved over the years and a lot has changed. Back in the day, it was mostly relatives who did the matchmaking. They looked for what they deemed suitable for their children and hooked them up with deserving mates.

Fast forward to the current situation where inter tribal/racial relationships/marriages are thriving as people make their own choices on who to date. That aside, many men have complained about how women behave during the dating period. Some of the habits they detest about SOME Kenyan women during dates include:

Bringing your friend/s to a date – When someone invites you over for a date it simply means that they want to spend time with you, to know you, understand what you’re about and maybe see how things will go forward. Tagging along your friends is not acceptable as it shows your lack of regard for the person who invited you and also shows your lack of interest in them for lack of a better term. Unless someone asks you to bring a friend or it’s a double date then go alone. Should you feel uncomfortable, meet the person in a public place and inform someone of your whereabouts.

Asking for money – Unless it’s official that you are dating, it is not polite to ask for money; and even if you are dating PLEASE do not make it a habit. Your man is not De la Rue. Women with the habit of asking for money for airtime, salon, fare and other petty things are giving others a bad name. You are at liberty to decline a date/meeting if you do not have money to get there and back home and you are free to reschedule to a later date when you can afford the “fare”. Also, you need to remember that just because you’ve been invited for a date doesn’t mean you go with an empty pocket… Have some money for emergency.

Asking for expensive things – Just because someone is paying doesn’t mean that you should ask for the most expensive meal/drink on the menu. A rule of thumb is, “always ask for what you are used to and what you can afford”. There is a reason why you’ve heard of men bailing out on bills and leaving people embarrassed. If you are used to Guarana stick to that, don’t start asking for Johnie Walker Platinum yet you cannot afford it and even worse you chase the drink with fanta!!

Too much make up – Unless you are going to shoot a video please drop the goth, barbie doll and drag queen look!! The date is not about color schemes or make up shades. however, A little make up doesn’t hurt. On that note too many accessories are a turn off too.

Not dressing the part – If you are invited for a cocktail dinner for the love of God please don’t go dressed in tights or ripped jeans.. dress the part. Also there is a fine line between dressing sexy and dressing indecently .If you keep on pulling that dress down, or you have to keep adjusting it because you’re uncomfortable change the dress.

Random dates – Just because he works in town and you are around doesn’t mean he will be available for lunch or coffee all the time. If you’re in town sometimes just call and say hi and even offer to buy him lunch or something. Don’t always think he has money to spend on you always.

Drama – You go out for dinner then decide to go to the club for abit and he’s stopped by another female…You roll your eyes and catch feelings. The whole night will be about him trying to convince you that was his childhood friend or neighbour. Sometime jealousy might kick in but take it home not in public.

Looking at your phone – We all have phones but very many women are addicted to checking their phones even when its not necessary. Looking at snapchat, instagram, facebook, whatsapp among others is rude behaviour. When on a date it’s important to concentrate on the person who brought you there. Engage in conversation unless  you are both chatting via phone during the date. Did  I mention taking pics of the food?? that too is completely unnecessarily.

Do Kenyan Men Ever Propose Marriage?

Based on the conversations we’ve had this week during the morning show, its clear that Kenyan men never propose marriage to their women.

Does a Kenyan man go down on one knee and ask his woman to marry him or how does she end up in his house?

If he proposed how did he go about it? Was it at a fancy restaurant after dinner or did he do a surprise engagement party?

Those were some of the questions Maina wanted answers to and here is what people had to say:

What Is It About Congolese Men That Our Women Love?

In one of today’s dailies, there is an article on why Kenyan women love Congolese men.

The funny thing about this is that Congolese men don’t have money at all. Most of them are broke, yet women will still go to great lengths to take care of them.

These men are well taken care of, the women pay their bills, literally bank rolling their lives, bailing them out when they get arrested, buying them cars etc.

Maina says he  can understand why our women may love Nigerian men, but doesn’t seem to comprehend the Congolese men fad.

While Nigerian men are flamboyant and treat women like royalty, the same can’t be said for Congolese men.

The subject elicited quite a number of interesting reactions, with some giving shocking tales.

Here are some of the views:

President Obama’s Kenyan Family Tree

President Barack Obama’s family tree reaches from his father’s tiny Kenyan village to the White House in a single generation.

The president’s grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama was born in Kendu Bay, western Kenya, in 1895 (the family grave in the village of Kogelo says 1870).

Taking the name Hussein when he converted to Islam, he served as a porter in Britain’s colonial-era King’s African Rifles during World War I and as a cook for a British officer during World War II.

Obama’s father, Barack Obama Senior, was born in 1936, to Hussein’s second wife Akumu. Hussein’s third wife, Sarah Onyango Obama, is Obama’s oldest living relative, whom he calls “granny”.

Barack Senior came of age during Kenya’s independence and won a scholarship to study in Hawaii in 1959, where he met Obama’s mother Ann Dunham. The relationship did not last long and Obama, born in 1961, only got to know his estranged father when he was 10 years old and Barack Sr visited Hawaii for a month.

His father had returned to Kenya in 1964, just months after Kenya gained independence in 1963.

During his time in the United States, Barack Sr had also met and later married, then divorced, Ruth Baker. They had two sons together. Barack Sr had his last-born son, George, in Kenya with a woman called Jael Otieno just months before his death in a Nairobi car crash in 1982.

The president’s patrilineal line is disparate and convoluted, yet much of it remains anchored in Kenya.

The Kenyan Obamas, in Kenya

SARAH ONYANGO OBAMA – Step-grandmother.Born 1921. Third wife of Obama’s grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama and the president’s oldest living relative. Kenyans know her as ‘Mama Sarah’. Lives in Kogelo, western Kenya.

SAID OBAMA-Half-uncle,Born 1965. Son of Sarah and Hussein. Runs a supply business and cybercafe in Kisumu and has become the de facto spokesman for the Kenyan Obamas.Lives in Kisumu, western Kenya.

YUSUF OBAMA – Half-uncle,Born 1950s. Son of Sarah and Hussein. Little is known of his life and whereabouts.Thought to live in Kisumu.

MALIK OBAMA –Half-brother,Born 1958. Son of Kezia Obama, Barack Sr’s first wife. Established the Barack H. Obama Foundation in honour of his father. Made a failed bid for political office in Kenya in 2013. Lives in Kisumu.

AUMA OBAMA –Half-sister, Born 1960.Daughter of Kezia and Barack Sr. Runs a charity in Kenya and wrote a 2012 memoir called ‘And Then Life Happens’. Lives in Nairobi.

ABO OBAMA – Half-brother,Born 1968. Son of Kezia and Barack Sr, manages a shop.Lives in Nairobi.

BERNARD OBAMA – Half-brother,Born 1970. Son of Kezia and Barack Sr, runs a business. Lives in Nairobi.

GEORGE OBAMA – Half-brother, Born 1982. Son of Jael Otieno and Barack Obama Sr, born just months before his father’s death. In 2010 he published an autobiography called ‘Homeland: An Extraordinary Story of Hope and Survival’. Lives in western Kenya.

The Kenyan Obamas, elsewhere

KEZIA OBAMA – Stepmother ,Born c. 1940. Barack Sr’s first wife, mother of Malik and Auma, and later Abo and Bernard. She has lived in Britain for years and was granted British citizenship in 2011. Lives in Britain.

JAEL OTIENO – Stepmother, Birthdate unknown. Barack Sr’s fourth wife and mother of George. Lives in the US.


RUTH NDESANDJO – Stepmother, Born c. 1940. Barack Sr’s third wife whom he met while studying at Harvard after separating from Obama’s mother. Lives in Nairobi.

MARK NDESANDJO – Half-brother,Born 1966. Son of Ruth Ndesandjo and Barack Sr. A classical pianist who wrote a 2014 memoir called An Obama’s Journey: My Odyssey of Self-Discovery Across Three Cultures. Lives in China.

MAYA SOETORO-NG – Half-sister. Born 1970. Daughter of Obama’s mother Ann Dunham and his step-father Lolo Soetoro. Soetoro-Ng is a university teacher. Lives in Hawaii.

Photo Credits : AFP

Meet the Kenyan Man Who Helped Train Floyd Mayweather

Last week the whole world was abuzz with hype around the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight which the American won at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Most Kenyans keenly followed events leading to the fight and the fight itself but unknown to them, a Kenyan had a key role to play in Mayweather’s preparation for the biggest fight in recent history of boxing.

The Kenyan named Douglas Okola aka Al Capone is one of Mayweather’s sparring partners.

The former conductor on Nairobi’s number 23 matatus was spotted by Floyd’s team while in Russia for a boxing fight.

Douglas is also a boxer and has a 24-8 record meaning he has won 75% of his bouts.

Photo/ Douglas facebook
Photo/ Douglas facebook
Photo/ Douglas facebook
Capone 4
Photo/ Douglas facebook
Photo/ Douglas facebook

Credits :RadioJambo

Kenyan gets life for murder of US teacher in Qatar

A Kenyan security guard was sentenced to life in prison by a Qatari court on Tuesday for the murder of American teacher Jennifer Brown in 2012.

Alvine Moseti Anyona is expected to serve up to 20 years — a typical period for those sentenced to life in the Gulf state — and will then be immediately deported.

The court had offered Brown’s Pennsylvania-based family the option to choose the death penalty as a punishment but they declined, saying they were “not cruel”.

Brown, 40, was murdered in her company-provided home in November 2012.

She had only arrived in energy-rich Qatar two months earlier to teach at the English Modern School in the city of Al-Wakrah.

Anyona, who is married and has a young daughter, confessed to the murder.

But a friend of the defendant who was in court on Tuesday and wished to remain anonymous said that the Kenyan would appeal the verdict.

“He told me he was beaten and he had to admit it. He confessed under duress,” said the friend.

Anyona was not in the courtroom to hear the verdict.

The case has moved slowly through the Qatari legal system and was adjourned several times.

It was one of two high-profile murder cases involving foreign teachers that have recently passed through the Qatari legal system.

Last month, Qatar’s Court of Appeal upheld a death sentence against a local man convicted of the 2013 murder of British school teacher Lauren Patterson.

Photo Credits : AFP

Successful Kenyan female celebrity moms who aren’t married

Sometimes pregnancy comes knocking way before the ring. Gone are the days when one had to get married to have a child.

Here is a list of a few Kenyan celebrity moms who had a child outside marriage for one reason or another but have really continued progressing… (Successful single mothers in other words.)

1. Brenda Wairimu


She tried keeping the news that she was pregnant from Kenyans for almost nine months. But since Kenyans are too sneaky, the news broke eventually. Whether the actress and her “baby daddy” will make their relationship official is something Kenyans are keen to find out.

2. Silvia Njoki 


She is the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl known as Lily. The successful fashion blogger and fashionista is a single mother, and a pretty good one for that matter.

3. Grace Msalame


Grace is one proud single mother to her beautiful twins. Are they not adorable.

4. Victoria Rubadiri


It came as a shock to many when the NTV news anchor revealed to the world that she got pregnant before all the fame while she was just a teenager…the beautiful and successful lass is a mother to a seven year old.

5. Catherine Kamau


Unlike Selina, the role she plays on the TV series Mother-In-Law, Cate is not married but has been blessed with a lovely son Leon.

6. Ciku Muiruri


The former classic 105 presenter is not shy to show the whole world her daughter. The two are inseparable.

7. Sage


It was big news when Sage got pregnant with rumors that popular rapper Rabbit was the father. The Dumbala singer gave birth to a beautiful baby girl but her relationship with Rabbit did not last. Rabbit then got married to another lass who also bore him a daughter.

8. Jackie Maribe


News of the Citizen TV political news reporter’s pregnancy broke out sometime last year. However no one knows who the father of Jackie’s baby really is.

Credits :Kiss

NCIS amnesty to Kenyan youth in Al-Shabaab

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission is drafting a policy for giving a six-month amnesty to youths who joined the al Shabaab but want to quit.

NCIC commissioner Roba Sharamo said the returning recruits must be integrated back into society immediately to prevent homegrown attacks.

“We have a national de-radicalisation strategy adopted by the cabinet which is guiding us. We also have had calls from the coastal political and religious leaders to have an amnesty so that the youths stranded in Somalia and fearing to come back can return to their homes,” Sharamo said.

He was speaking in Lamu county on Saturday during a peace meeting organised by the NCIC and the Supreme Council of Kenyan Muslims.

Sharamo said NCIC is working with the National Police Service, intelligence agencies and local leaders to put the systems in place.

“Only the President can grant such an amnesty. One of our mandates as NCIC is to advise the President directly and once all the systems have been put in place, we will approach him with the recommendations,” he said.

Sharamo noted that many of the youths joined the militia group to alleviate poverty, but are opting out because of disappointment.

“The Kenya Defense Forces has been dismantling the terror networks in Somalia and the situation has forced many of our youths to come back to the country,” he added.

Coast region Supkem chairman Sharif Khitamy said that the youths have adopted an ideology that can only be changed through dialogue and integration programs.

Khitamy said it is the duty of leaders, Imams, pastors and opinion leaders to rehabilitate them.

“Some of our youths have virgin minds and it our duty as leaders to train them on the right paths to follow or else terror groups like al Shabaab will take advantage of them,” he said.

Commissioner Adan Mohammed said the militia group took advantage of the youth.

“Somalia did not have a stable legal government for almost 20 years and the terrorists targeted and recruited the innocent youth,” Mohammed said.

He said they are at a critical stage and need proper guidance.

It is estimated that Kenyan youths make up 10 per cent of the al Shabaab and that 700 of them have returned to the Coastal region.

– The Star

Forbes list : Kenyan billionaires

Forbes magazine  released its 2014 list of 50 richest Africans, as many would expect prominent Kenyans always  feature on the list. However this time many will be surprised to find the rather familiar  names missing.

Two lists were released one by Ventures Africa and the latest one by Forbes and both  have Nigerian Aliko Dangote as the richest man from the Africa. The  57 year old business magnate has a fortune of $21.6B (Sh 1.946 trillion) this amount could cover Kenya’s annual budget.

The list had afew Kenyans on it  Bhimji Depar Shah who’s ranked at number 33. The 82 year old  businessman is the founder of Bidco group of companies including Bidco Oil Refineries, the largest manufacturer of edible oils in East and Central Africa.

Bhimji  is the father to Vimal Shah (Bidco CEO) is said to be worth $700M (Sh63 billion) as at November this year. His sons Vamal and Tarun are co-owners of the vast business empire.

The only other Kenyan name on the list is Naurshad Merali the founder of the Sameer Group. The Kenyan conglomerate has interests in agriculture, construction, information technology, property and finance.

The 63 year old  business man is  ranked at number 46 on the list by Forbes is said to be worth $550M (Sh 49.5B). He stepped down as chairman of Bharti Airtel Kenya but still keeps a 5% shareholding in the mobile phone network. Merali has been selling off assets.

In January 2013, he sold a 49% stake in Kenyan Internet service provider Swift Global to UK-based Liquid Telecom. He is currently working to sell a 51% controlling stake he owns in Equatorial Commercial Bank to a Kenyan Savings & Credit Society.

The list  has 27 dollar billionaires Nigerians lead with 13 people  South Africa follows with  11 people, Morocco and Egypt also have heavy representation.

Source: Forbes

MORE Than Sport raising funds for family of deceased Kenyan cyclist

MORE Than Sport is partnering with the Kenyan Riders team to fundraise in an effort to provide tangible and long-term support to John Njoroge Muya’s family — his wife and one-year-old son.

Njoroge, 30, of Kenya died from injuries suffered in a crash during Stage 3 of the Tour of Matabungkay in the Philippines in October.

Wearing the yellow leader’s jersey after Stages 1 and 2 of the tour, he was in the lead group when he crashed. Though he received nearly immediate medical attention, his injuries were too severe for his life to be saved.

News of this tragedy shocked not only his teammates and coaches at the race, but all of the riders participating, along with the organizers and staff. Donations were taken, and over  sh 160,000 was raised that weekend alone.

The fundraising campaign endeavors to collect 18-24 months worth of Njoroge’s salary to cover his family’s living expenses, invest into a savings account for his son’s education, provide job and technical skills training to Njoroge’s wife, and if possible, establish the John Njoroge Muya Scholarship Fund. The fund would assist in providing education for a number of promising young Kenyan cyclists while they train with the Kenyan Riders team.
Source: velonews.competitor.com

Kenyan troops kill six at the naval base

Kenya’s military said Sunday that they shot dead six assailants attempting to forcefully enter a Navy camp in the coastal city of Mombasa.

Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) spokesman David Obonyo said about 15 machete-wielding attackers engaged in the pre-dawn assault at the heavily-guarded 17 Kenya Rifles barracks in the Nyali area.

“An unknown attacker armed with a machete had first approached the sentry, and before the soldier could interrogate him, other attackers emerged from the nearby forest prompting the soldiers to open fire,” Obonyo told Xinhua by phone.

The soldiers on duty shot dead five attackers on the spot and killed another during the pursuit after the rest of the gang fled into the forest, he said, adding that one soldier was wounded.

Source : Shangai daily 

Commonwealth Games kick off tomorrow

The Commonwealth:
The commonwealth Games kick off tomorrow in Glasgow with the opening ceremony taking place at the Celtic Park. Kenyan athletes will be in action on Thursday in the men 5000 meters final as well as the Men and Women marathon races.
Kenya’s National Sevens Rugby Team will open its campaign at the Games with a match against Cook Islands on Saturday.



The match will kick off at 1.16pm. Kenya will later take on Trinidad and Tobago at 9.52pm and then South Africa at 12.10am on Sunday.
Eleven athletes including men marathon defending champion John Ekilu and 800 meters runner Ferguson Rotich have not been able to travel with the rest of the team to Glasgow after they failed to get the required accreditation.