7 reasons why Luhya women make the best wives and girlfriends

Being in a relationship is a great thing. But it only matters who you’re with. Well, according to a sampled group opinion, Luhya women make the best wives and girlfriends compared to other Kenyan tribes.

The beauties from western Kenya always beat their counterparts from Nyanza, Central and even Eastern 10 nil when it comes to treating their men. From cooking the best meals, being loyal and hardworking, they indeed top the list of Kenyan tribes with the best women.

Below are the seven reasons why Luhya women make the best wives and girlfriends

  1. Best cooks

Luhya women are without a doubt the best cooks. They know how to prepare any food and never will you find mashakura in their kitchen. If you marry a Luhya woman, be guaranteed you will never sleep on an empty stomach.

2. Always clean

Unlike other women who are known to be ambassadors of dirtyness, luhya women are the cleanest. Their houses are always clean and rarely will you find dust or flies hovering around her house. That’s why many of them make good househelps and mama kufua.


3. Hardworking

Women from Mulembe nation are known to be hardworking compared to their counterparts from Nyanza, Central and other parts of Kenya. A Luhya woman will prefer to stay in shags and do farming or any other business than stay in the city. Unlike other women who party from Monday to Monday and apply heavy layers of makeup, Luhya women are simple. Dear men, buy her land somewhere far away from the city and see how she will transform it into millions.

In this photo taken on Thursday, June 16, 2016, a women rock-crusher hits rocks with a hammer in a quarry at Maroua, Cameroon. In a northern Cameroon town menaced by food insecurity and suicide bombers, women as old as 85 are spending long, grueling days crushing rocks into gravel to earn a living.(AP Photo/Joel Kouam)

4. Loyal

She will never cheat on you. Even if you go abroad for studies or work for over a decade, she will still wait for you.

Luhya women value relationships so much and rarely will they cheat. they know men are rare to find and when she gets one, she will be loyal to him. But woe unto you if you are a player. She will show you that she is a coach when it comes to the cheating game.

5. Beautiful

From the chest to the waist to the sitting apparatus down to the mazigwembe, Luhya women have the greatest figure. You will rarely find a Luhya woman who is shapeless with ‘yana tyres’ around her waist. Most men love well-endowed women. By the way, did you know that the most beautiful and heavily endowed socialite in Africa, Vera Sidika, is Luhya?

Vera Sidika

6. Low maintenance

Nafula or Nekesa will prefer to stay in the village or somewhere in Kawangware instead of staying in Runda, Kilimani or Westlands. She lives beyond today, unlike Luo women who live as if the world is ending today.

A Luhya woman would rather stay at home and drink numerous cups of tea than have you take her for an expensive dinner. Also, she would rather stay in the house the whole night watching Afrocinema than go out and choke on some cocktails. Dear men, when it comes to marriage, choose wisely!


7. And of course sex

Luhya women are said to be bedroom bullies and once you get one, you’ll never leave her. They are always on the top of the game.

9 rules Kenyan women should follow to maintain a healthy relationship

A woman has taken to social media to advice fellow women on the commandments they should follow to have a good marriage/relationship.

According to her following these rules will save many women from years of heart ache, ulcers and depression.
1) Stop going through his phones

For your health sake. You don’t want a man giving you high blood pressure.

If you know his password ask him to change it to what you don’t know so that even if he forgets his phone and you still can’t control the urge, you won’t be able to access it.

2) Get family planning 

Stop the whole abortion thing. If you can’t afford it then download the app called Flo. It helps you know your unsafe period.

3) Find out the cost of leaving him (house rent, feeding)

Start making money and start saving no matter how little it is. Open an account he won’t know of and credit every week.

It’s ok if you don’t want to leave him but you still need your own money.

4) Stop stressing yourself

Stop  doing something special for him eg like cooking. Trust me, his side chic does that already. If you must do something extra do it for yourself or your kids.

5) Make friends and make a life that does not revolve around him. It’s very important so you don’t lose yourself.

6) You can’t pray a man to change. Prayer only works if he’s willing to change. Rather pray that God gives you the grace to succeed in these things.

7) Virtually every one cheats just that some people manage theirs better. I repeat don’t let him give you high bp its not worth.

8) Mind your business and hopefully he won’t hit you again but if he still does. Then leave him before he kills you and makes his side chic wifey.

9) If you decide to cheat on him too, never send nvdes with your face in.

Video call’s aren’t safe because he can make screenshot.

You don’t want someone blackmailing you. Be sure you’re ready to walk out of your marriage before you go down this line though

Why Kenyan women can’t keep quiet after giving a man money (AUDIO)


A woman on Classic 105 stunned many when she proudly and openly declared she has built a home for her husband and ensures she deposits cash in his account regularly, with the biggest amount being Sh300,000.

It turns out that there is a problem women have and that has to do with giving men money. Why can’t women help a man out financially and not keep quiet about? KOT of course were on hand to give their take on the topic. check out some comments below.

Mwalimu Kingang’i says men help out all the time, but women have a problem doing so.

‘Show me one woman, yule amesaidia mwanume mpaka akafika mwisho, na hasemi. Hawawezi pita watatu. Literally dragged a man from the mad, akamsomesha, akapata kazi, he built an empire, na amenyamaza.’

Irene, was of the view that silence in a woman is the most painful thing, Shiku on the other hand was of the view that giving a man money is giving him a gate pass to irresponsibility. She went on to add that ‘I can help him out other ways but not financially’.

Another woman said ‘I can’t help a man financially, I will tell him to go get a job, even for mjengo’, Purity was of the opinion that unless he is sick I’ can’t help him’.

Another said, ‘If it were not for me bwanangu hangekuwa popote saa hii. Mimi namsaidia kila siku Everyday I wake up in the morning namwmbea, Mamabo yote namshugulikia, ile siku nitawacha itakuwa mwisho wake.’

Here are more comments from KOT to Maina Kageni.

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‘It’s been 48 hours after Valentine’s and I haven’t seen my girlfriend of 2 years,’ cries heartbroken man

A young man is heartbroken after his girlfriend of two years left him on Valentine’s day for another man.

According to this man, his girlfriend ran away with a Yahoo boy and three days later, she hasn’t come back yet.

“It’s been 48hours after Valentine’s  and I haven’t seen my girlfriend. She left me in mainland and followed another man (a Yahoo boy) to another city. It pains me so much. Is it a crime to be honest with your girl that yo can’t afford the luxury now due to your future plan?

I work am not broke, but it seems these Yahoo boys won’t let us enjoy life with our girlfriends.  I will quit my job and join Yahoo boys. I am in pain. Its not fair for our two years old relationship. Will I ever recover? I’m hurt. I am in my house alone and my girlfriend is out there being pounded like fufu in a Yahoo boy arms.What can I do to forget about her? This is a girl I have invested so much on but it seems contentment is not in most girls’ dictionary. This is the worst Valentine week ever. I resorted to drinking alcohol hoping I will forget her but nothing has changed. Love indeed sucks.”

Check out the reactions from social media:

Dollinanga: Love doesn’t suck, loving the wrong one does. Sorry you’re hurting, you’ll get through it. Some of us have gone thru worst ,yet we survived. Don’t become a bad person cos of someone who doesn’t deserve you, you’ll find better. Just don’t give up on love

Justhorpe: She just show you her real colours. My dear move on with your life

Ohmonzuha: The best revenge is to be successful in what you are doing. Get up tap ur back and say… You’re strong, you will overcome, and you will succeed.

Jedd: bro God just saved you from future problems. You would have heard one day your wife left your baby and traveled to meet a Yahoo boy.

Ttvirtuous: 1) Sorry about the hurt, 2) NOT all girls are vain and materialistic, 3) Instead of quitting your job, why not develop yourself and get a better job then pray for the right woman. Don’t go from frying pan to fire all because you are hurt.

Nkasanwa: Don’t turn bad because of one girl who isn’t worth your love, a million and one decent girls out there to build beautiful life with.

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Tricks Kenyan women use to trap men into marriage and having children

Girls, is it true that you check out a man and decide that whether he likes it or not, you will get pregnant for him?

Have you ever trapped a man, ladies, and why did you do it? Here are the tricks used to trap you guys.

She cooks for you. Yeah right, you are probably thinking you have landed wife material right? A man who never has a home cooked meal, will most likely end up bedding this crafty women, and she will end up pregnant.

Rich. If you have some cash, you my fellow men while end up a baby daddy. Some girl somewhere is checking you out and has her future children all planned out. She will chop your money.

Handsome. All girls, and trust me on this, want to have children by a good looking man. How else will she end up with gorgeous children. So if you have good genes, you are a target of some Kenyan woman.

Pregnancy. I have heard several women say they have asked their male friends to be their baby daddy’s, without hooking up. Fellas, she will promise you that all she wants is your sperm, and nothing else. She will move you to agree to this arrangement because she has said she doesn’t need financial assistance from you, so sadly when you find yourself in this trap, it’s a done deal.

This man called in to Maina Kageni’s show saying how he was trapped into this arrangement, but the woman somehow went to the children’s court and now his salary pays for the child’s upkeep.

Silently moving in. This one gets me all the time, whenever I hear some man fell for it. Kidogo kidogo you find she has left an extra t-shirt, jeans among other items. One day when you return home, she has moved in and it will be an uphill task to get her out, especially once the children come.

Read comments from social media users agreeing that these tricks do happen. Woe unto yourself

Douglas Kiplagat‏…..They all trap us, so long us you are handsome, your wallet is heavy uko mashakani…. Did you see all Kenyan ladies fallen in love with Chilobae? Utajua haujui @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi

sammiel mosioma‏….#MainaAndKingangi If a lady has a crush on a certain guy,trust you me she will get that man no matter what,burr again hii mtego ya wanawake hata pastor lazima ashikwe,now when a lady get paged hapo ndo tu hatuelewani na wao @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya

Purity Ng’ethe‏…@ItsMainaKageni ladies today lets be honest yes we do maina infact myself i have one in mind no apologies….when a lady sets her mind that she will get pregnant for you she will nothing can avoid her we are go getters @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi

Jacob Abere Matlala‏…. @Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni #MainaAndKingangi I am not a woman, their is a lady who confessed to me that she wanted me to page her and be father of his womb blessings and i had to change estate and work place.. thy mean [email protected] usicheze.

Lusava Alfred‏…[email protected] @Classic105Kenya I have a good friend, a lady to be precise she once told me when she wants a kid from a man she will get but is she doesn’t want u can’t make her paged #MainaAndKingangi

KAMJORO‏ @MkNJOROGE…….. @Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni @MwalimChurchill Hahaha Maina mwingine aliniambia bwana yake ako na sura mbaya sana anaharibu mbegu ya watoto akiiiyaoooh #MainaAndKingangi

Listen to the conversation below;

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Maina Kageni responds to Cyprian Nyakundi’s attack on Kenyan women (Audio)

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi is on a rampage on social media. The notorious and controversial blogger has been ranting on his social media accounts condemning Kenyan women and even taking on men who appear to defend the rights of women.

Nyakundi has attacked Classic 105’s Maina Kageni in a lengthy and disparaging statement, that has upset many Kenyans.

This is not the first time Cyprian has made outrageous comments about Kenyan women, and attacked Kiss FM’s Adelle Onyango, who responded to his distasteful rape comments.

Well, Maina has responded to the notorious blogger, with a heavily worded message.






Kenyan women are amongst the most obese in Africa

Ministry of Health head of the Nutrition and Dietetics Unit Gladys Mugambi during the launch of World Breastfeeding Week at the Panafric Hotel in Nairobi on August 3 / ISABEL WANJUI
Ministry of Health head of the Nutrition and Dietetics Unit Gladys Mugambi during the launch of World Breastfeeding Week at the Panafric Hotel in Nairobi on August 3 / ISABEL WANJUI

Kenyan women are among the most obese in Africa, a new report suggests.

Among the 36 African countries sampled, Kenyan women ranked ninth.

The report, Nutrition in the WHO African Region, was released last week by the World Health Organization.

It shows the most unhealthy weight gain is found among the Swazi and Lesotho women.

South Africa is not listed — although it is known to have the worst cases of obesity.

Kenyan women are like mangoes who can be eaten raw or sweet, shout men to Classic 105’s Maina Kageni (Audio)

The least obese women are found in Ethiopia, Madagascar and Burundi —  nutritionists feel this largely has to do with malnutrition, rather than healthy living.

“Overweight or obesity in mothers increases the risk in their offspring of high birth weight and subsequent childhood overweight,” the report says.

According to the Ministry of Health, average overweight rate among Kenyan women is 33 per cent, which is attributed to poor nutrition.

Women in Nairobi and Kirinyaga counties are the most overweight.

Head of Nutrition and Dietics Unit Gladys Mugambi said about 47 per cent of women in these two counties are either obese or overweight. This is among the highest levels in Africa.

“Cases of overweight expose one to diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, which are very expensive for the county and the patient to treat,” Mugambi said last week during a meeting with health workers on capacity development for nutrition.

The WHO report says the percentage of women classified as overweight — including obesity — in Africa averages 23.8 per cent.

The range is from 5.7 per cent in Ethiopia to 50.6 per cent in Swaziland.

WHO said data for this indicator are available for 36 countries — as found in surveys dated between 2000 and 2015.

In all, 12 countries have a prevalence rate of more than 30 per cent, while Gabon, Ghana and Lesotho have more than 40 per cent.

Kenyan women with these names make the worst cooks

“We are getting wealthier. Unfortunately, we are not eating correctly and we have a big problem with physical activity. I wish Kenyans were more active and could eat better,” Deputy director of Medical Services Peter Cherutich said last Friday.

“We have a long way to go in improving our nutritional status and reducing our consumption of sugar, alcohol and other unhealthy substances.”

Lead author of the Report, Dr Adelheid Onyango, who is WHO Africa’s adviser on nutrition, says the obesity epidemic affects all age groups.

Battered Kenyan woman exposes husband after he heard this rumor about her

Cases of domestic violence have been rampant of late. Everyday, many report cases of women who have been abused by their husbands, relatives or even the public (matatu crew) but not all of them get justice.

Human rights activists and gender-based violence organizations have always been on the forefront working towards eradicating all forms of violence against women and girls in Kenya, but it seems violence against women is not going to end anytime soon.

A Kenyan woman, identified as Leah Wambui, is a victim of domestic violence and she has finally spoken out about it for the first time.

Leah Wambui

The young mother took to social media to share her story of how she was thoroughly battered by her husband, disfiguring her lips. According to Leah, this is not the first time she has been beaten by her husband. He is used to it.

“Domestic violence at its worst, some of us still suffer in silence but not anymore nimeamua kutoa sauti. Ongea usikike,” she wrote on her Facebook account

Wambui went ahead to reveal that her husband had heard some rumour that’s why he battered her. He then begged for forgiveness later on after confirming that there was nothing serious about the rumour he had heard. Wambui has fled her home and she is currently being housed by her friend and she is calling upon well-wishers to help her.

“Ladies, may this never happen to you in the name of love. I have learned it the hard way. Some men are evil and will never change. Don’t waste your time hoping its gonna get better ruuuuuun because it only gets worse. The guy tore my clothes before my kids after hitting me hard over a rumour he heard. Continue reading “Battered Kenyan woman exposes husband after he heard this rumor about her”

Here Are The 40 Dumbest Quotes Used By “Independent” Kenyan Women

We have Robert Mugabe quotes, Anne Kansiime quotes, Wavinya Ndeti proverbs and it seems Kenyan women also have their own quotes.

These are the quotes they use when you annoy them. I stumbled upon a conversation on Kenyan Talk forum of men sharing some of the quotes women use especially if you’re a broke man, you don’t treat her like a queen and of course if you are an average ‘performer’.

Well, here is a compilation of dumbest quotes frequently used by ‘independent’ Kenyan women (slay queens). Go through;

 1. Am a girl of principles. One who doesn’t entertain nonsense but only strive to be successful

2. A relationship should only take you to an altar or bank if it’s only taking you to bed and the kitchen sweety say no to slavery

3. Do not chase happiness, let happiness chase you

4. If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best

5. If you don’t contribute anything to how I look and how I dress, you are not a man.

6. Behind every successful woman is herself

7. Ladies if you have ever accepted to go for a date in a fast food joint, get down on your knees and repent.

8. Don’t give these bad boys any time of your day. The quiet, almost aloof men are the keepers.

9. A man will make you feel valuable, so special, cherished, loved and confuses you with his sweet and so promising words and actions, this lasts for a day or hours. Later the dude will start acting like they were on a road test and realized it’s unroadworthy and even unload worth, jumps to another with the knowledge that women are created weak and does the same…

I feel cursed for them, dudes, they deserve the worst. I wish there was in a world somewhere with no men

10. Women Rule


12. A real man will accept a woman and her kid

13. Sapiosexual, Bibliophile, wanderlust, Everyone’s a queen, God’s daughter, Someone’s Salome

14.  I’m not saying that you’re stupid but I’m saying that you have a bad luck when it comes to understanding


16. Big-up step dads, we have no time for deadbeats




20. Ladies, a career will never cheat on you. Stay Woke.





25. I have seen foolish men but I’ve never seen a man who has the combination of foolishness and stupidity. You are one in a million!



28. I love deep/intelligent conversation


30. Dear mother in law, don’t teach me how to raise my kids. Am living with yours and he needs alot of improvement.

31. If we don’t vibrate on the same frequency, do not waste your time.


Kenyan Women quotes

33.My life is not CHECHE where your opinions count


35. Most men are single because of the sound they make while drinking tea


37. Don’t think I lost a gem while looking for stones, friend I was struck by lightning and had to drop it…



40. Don’t judge me if ur blood can’t wash away my sins

Dear Slay Queens DON’T DO THIS When You Go Out

You will always know when the weekend is approaching for the relaxed atmosphere that hits Nairobi. Everyone makes sure they find out what the ‘plan’ is just so that they can be ready to paint the town red.

From college girls to the busy working mum, here is some piece of advice that I think you should consider before stepping out.

You’re welcome:

1. Putting on short dresses

I think this depends on where you are hanging out. Will you for instance be able to dance when you hear despacito? Some Kenyan clubs are known to be frequented by perverts, and wearing a ka -mini may send the wrong signal. Although I do remember there was the street protests dubbed my dress my choice. We know those with yellow-yellow thighs want to show them off.



2. High Heels

Have you ever walked behind a girl with super high heels in town and seen how she struggles? Keep in mind that our pavements in town are uneven and you may trip and embarrass yourself. Flats, or those baby doll shoes common with Nairobi girls will do.


3.Too much makeup

This is not the opportunity to try on the huddah makeup you stocked up on girls. A lip gloss will do, and lay off the eyebrows, there are enough scary looking eyebrows walking the streets of Nairobi. Plus your dude will be too polite to tell you that you have done too much. You also could be dating a guy who prefers au naturale girls.

make up

4. Do not eat too much

Especially if it’s buffet, where it’s all you can eat. That little black dress you wore will surely burst, then again no one wants to see a bloated belly, girls. Also stay on your lane and eat what you’re familiar with, lest your tummy rumbles and you have to dash to the bathroom when things get thick.


5. Avoid drinking something you’re not used to

I’ve heard many stories where just because a dude is buying, you think it’s time to try those posh drinks you’ve never consumed. Shock on you when you get drunk and misbehave. Lesson here, ka lane yako. If you’re used to guarana, stick to it, otherwise you will be a mess and trust me it will be hard to land a second date with that dude, if ever you hoped for one.


6. Carrying big purses

Kwani umebeba nguo za kulala? Big bags are a no-no girls. Here’s why: you only need to carry a few items therefore ditch the cucu style bag.



‘Young Ladies Just Waste Their Time With SPONSORS For Money And Expect To Get Married When They’re Older’ Kenyan Man Cries Out (AUDIO)

Nowadays, there are a lot of ladies who are 35 years and above and have not settled down.

For some, it’s because they just don’t need a man in their lives, but for others, they claim that they haven’t found a man who meets their standards.

Larry Asego recently revealed that he has a 35-year-old lady friend, who informed him that she hasn’t settled down because she hasn’t found a man who meets her standards.

Other than that, she went on to say that her family has been pressuring her to find a man to settle down with and start a family, something that’s totally bothering her because she doesn’t understand why they are pushing her so much.

Single Woman

“Is it such a big deal if a woman is 35 years and is not married?” asked Larry Asego, who didn’t get what the big deal is if a woman is not yet married at that age.

‘Stop Showing Off Your Cleavage,’ KTN’s Yvonne Okwara Gives Her CANDID Advice To Single Women On How To Attract a GOOD Men

Now, a regular listener called in and revealed that the reason women get to 35 and are not married, is because they waste their younger years with sponsors and when they get older, they realize it’s too late and no man wants to be with them.

He went on to add that; “What are they waiting for, as for me, I think hakuna right man for these ladies, as long as you have money.”

Listen to the full audio below as this irritated Kenyan man attacks women who are wasting their years with sponsors.


‘My Husband Just SLEEPS And Does Nothing The Whole Day’ Cries Out a Kenyan Lady Married To a JOBLESS Man For 7 Years (AUDIO)

Ladies, would agree to be the one footing the bills and waking up to go to work to fend for your husband and kids? And how long can you maintain a jobless man before you kick him to the curb?

This was the question Maina Kageni posed to listeners after a Kenyan lady revealed that her man has not had a job for 20 years and that she’s been footing all the bills, educating the kids and paying for insurance.

The conversation arose after women came out to defend themselves after men attacked and accused them of being ‘gold diggers’ and money lovers.

“I Left My Wife Because She Was OVERLY RELIGIOUS” Cries Out a Troubled Kenyan Man (AUDIO)

According to men, women make money and wealth a priority when it comes to relationships, and that when a man is broke, women don’t want anything to do with him, or when he runs out of money, she walks away from him.

rich woman/File

It was at this point that women decided to reveal that they also do support men who are jobless, refuting the claims that money comes first in a relationship and making it clear that it’s their duty to support their families.

One particular caller came out to confess that her husband doesn’t work nor does he even try to get a job, or support her in any way. She went on to add that she leaves him sleeping as she wakes up to go and toil.

“As we are talking, niko job and he is in the house, sleeping,” said the devastated woman, who revealed that he’s been jobless for the last 7 years and that he’s never given her even a coin.

Listen as she narrates her story in the audio below, as the Kenyan lady reveals how she’s the pillar of her family, but can’t leave the man, because of her son.





Ghai! Woman Confesses How Her Friend’s Husband CHEATED With Their Househelp DAYS After Getting MARRIED (AUDIO)

Unfaithfulness in marriages has really become a very big issue and things seem to be getting worse by the day, as more married men and women reveal shocking details.

This week, Maina Kageni started off by asking women why they believe that being someone’s wife will make them earn respect from people or make them important or relevant in the society.

The topic came about after Maina Kageni spoke with one of his lady friends who revealed something that really irked him.

The lady revealed to the top radio host how she has been in an unhappy marriage for four years, as the man started cheating on her even before they got married. He had an affair with one of her bridesmaids.


She went through so much pain and heartache but her mother advised her not to walk away because it would be embarrassing to the family, and also because she would loose respect from other families and friends.

This prompted Maina Kageni to ask women why they felt the need to stay in unhappy marriages just because of embarrassment or because they want to please their parents.

It was at this moment that a lady called in to reveal the heartaches women go through because of cheating men, revealing how her friend’s husband cheated on her with their house help.

Yes, he didn’t go too far, just there at their home, and get this, it happened just a few days after they had gotten married. Listen to the audio below to get all the details as ladies rant about their cheating husbands.



‘GOD Be With You My Love, Shine On Your Way Till We Meet Again,’ Kenyan Woman Pens Teary Letter To Her Late Criminal Lover Who Was Gunned Down By Police

Every day, we wake up to sad stories about young men who have been killed by the police.

Most of them are wanted criminals and members of gangs terrorizing city residents and the most shocking this is that most of them are between the ages of  16 – 25 years.

But why do they engage in criminal acts instead of working hard to enjoy their sweat?

Is this happening due to poverty, lack of a father public figure in their lives, poor parenting or just that some of the youth nowadays like quick money and infamy?

Man With Deep Head Panga Cuts Narrates His Horrifying Ordeal In The Hands Of City Thugs


A Kenyan woman by the name Ivana Bridgit has decided to help these criminals change through her fiction stories and yesterday, she took to one of the Facebook pages which exposes notorious criminals to share this story.

Read through;







If You Thought Online Dating Doesn’t Work, Think Again

Kenyan WomenWe have heard on countless occasions of people who visit different dating sites looking for love. Well, that is not necessarily the case, as some people just sign in to see what exactly the sites are all about or what they have to offer.

The world out here is cruel, and hearts have been broken. The next option that people feel will work for them is definitely the dating sites.


Gone are the days when one would wet their pillows with endless tears just because a guy or lady has left them.

At first, the whole dating site culture was more of a Western thing. Most of us learned about this from movies, although movies tend to exaggerate most parts of it.

Well, the dating sites are not only valued in Western countries, but in Kenya, too. Yes, we too are interested in finding the one that completes us.


Reports indicate that 14% of Kenyans are actually using different dating sites to find their true love. The reports continue to reveal that women are actually the biggest participants, with 8 out of 10 women finding the one they’ve been dreaming of.

The dating sites indeed do help individuals to find their lost soulmate, and if you are still doubting this, you need Jesus.

‘Someone Tell This Lady To Leave My Husband Alone!’ Begs Kenyan Woman

Dear men, if you have to cheat please make sure that you are a smart one. Always ensure that your main woman doesn’t know about your side chic in case you have one. Or else, they will embarrass you on social media. But why fight over a man?

Women need to mature up and let bygones be bygones. If he really loves you whether you have kids or not, he will come back, but if you aren’t meant for each other, he will never come back no matter what.

An angry married woman has exposed her husband’s mpango wa kando identified as Janet on Facebook. Apparently, Janet has been engaging in sex-capades with this woman’s husband and she finally gathered the courage to face her, but the alleged side piece denied the affair saying they are only business partners.

The stressed woman who wasn’t satisfied by Janet’s answer, went ahead to share the WhatsApp conversation screenshots online warning her to stay away from her husband.

“Someone tell this bitch so-called janet to leave my hubby alone!,” she posted.

Here are the screenshots













Going Out? Let’s Rock The Right Outfit (Photos)

We all know there’s nothing more relaxing than a proper outing during the weekday to let off some steam and just chill. It could be dinner or a night out with the girls. Never the less, we ladies for some reason always have the same issue when it comes to picking out an outfit. You are probably wondering what to wear it being a week day. Well, wonder no more. Here are a few looks that you can rock.

Now remember, you might want to keep it casual but sexy or just go for a simple classy look. You most definitely do not want to walk in to a place over dressed or even worse, under dressed. Appearance is your ticket. Look gorgeous and you just might get away with a lot tonight.

Going out to dinner? You do not want to look indecent but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look sexy. Try on the long sleeve bodycon elastic dress. This body flattering dress is not too short but shows a bit of skin covered in lace just enough to tease, so flaunt it if you have it.

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For those that prefer to wear dresses that do not outline your curves, you might want to opt for the chiffon causal dress. With the right accessories, clutch and shoes, this dress will transform your look to simple and classy. Nothing too flashy but definitely sexy.

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Partying with the girls and hanging out with friends is always fun. You will want to go for a look that is sexy, body flattering and yet still comfortable. If you are a jeans person, try on the faded jeans and throw on a sleeveless tank top or preferably a crop top. You can never go wrong with jeans if you know how to accessorize and have the right pair of shoes to go with it.

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For those that love wearing dresses, try on the sexy bodycon sleeveless dress that will make heads turn in awe.

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Going to a business dinner, try and keep it official. You do not want to send the wrong message or give mixed signals to whomever you are meeting. You might want to go for an outfit that is not revealing and yet still body flattering. Carry a purse and go for the pointy heels because they compliment the whole outfit.

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