I spend 87,000 a month on wigs to attract top notch men

Raise your hand if you have spent a pretty penny on a weave or wig.

Yass girl, me too.

‘Women should wear a weave for 1 week, mine is worth 76k’ Akothee brags

How much is too much to spend on a wig or weave?

Sometimes the finest of strands could cost you a pretty penny and one Kenyan women knows too well.

She started off the discussion on Classic 105 with a candid confession.

you attract what you look like, so if you want a good man you must spend

Now before you start judging her, she adds that

This money I spend is from my earnings, and the man I am going to meet has to match up otherwise we are not talking, that is why many Kenyan men are complaining,

She spends this much money to rock her weave as fiercely as she wants.

I spend four thousand shillings every two week on my nails so that is 8k a month, on my hair it will depend, i have one wig that cost 60k the other 27k , and whom I am meeting has to match up, If you look 60k you attract 100k, on a month I can spend whatever it takes, if it is what makes me look good, its like a business you have to invest to make something out of yourself. Hatuaki watu wa kayole.

‘We face pressure from friends wearing Sh80,000 wigs’, confesses woman

What’s the most you have ever paid or ever would pay for the weave of your dreams? Do you have rules on how much you’re willing to pay for a hairstyle? Would love to hear your hair weave sticker shock horror stories too.

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Kenyan women confess the financial sins they commit with loans


The overwhelming majority of Kenyans who owe money and are defaulting on mobile loan apps are women.

The details published in the Daily Nation, have created shock waves.

Ladies how deep in debt are you and where is the money going to? Maina Kageni asked women, as he recounted reading an article published in the Daily Nation that suggested women are the biggest loan defaulters on mobile apps.

‘My husband took a 1.5 million loan to go on vacation’ Cries woman

Its not a ladies wish to take a loan but when jobs lack and prices of food stuffs go up and business is low and u ve mouths to feed what r women supposed to do……women try their best to live without loans #MainaAndKingangi

Have a loan of ATLAS MARA LOAN 40K now they have added the interest up to 51k up to now.
I have another of mshwari of 16k.
I have KCB LOAN of 7k.
I had loan for branch 18k but I paid.
Am trying to clear everything before yr ends

Kenyan women using home electronics for quick loans with shylocks


I got a loan of 10000 which i used to pay for my delivery bill since then am not able to pay because I developed bleeding complications till now it has been 7months down the line
I borrowed to buy household items. When I was about to pay,someone told me,” mliandikiana wapi?,if I were you, siezi lipa” little did i know there is something called CRB. I am blacklisted now. I wanna pay mdogo mdogo though.


borrowing is like betting. Your husband doesn’t provide, you are jobless and have a kid to breastfeed. What do you do? Just borrow ukipata Kapesa unalipa tena unaomba loan #MainaAndKingangi

Financial confession: My wife’s Sh1million loan is ruining our lives

Woman caller: I’m in that trap. I’m a single parent I have loans all over, I don’t know how to come out of that. I owe if added together maybe 100k loan, I don’t know how to come out of it it’s so tricky it’s like a devil trap. I hate these apps, you have to survive like that imagine, and I have a small baby so for you to maintain that when you in such a situation you need money, so there is no way you can say you won’t borrow again. How can you stop borrowing, they call you and frustrate you, oh my god, help me out Maina give me a loan, give me half of it I wont borrow again,

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‘I’m the chairlady of CRB’ woman shouts about addiction to loans

The easy access to mobile app loans has created an addiction for many Kenyan women, as told on Classic 105.

An addiction that has seen them borrow from one app to repay another, creating a vicious cycle of debt. Sound familiar?

This women is living at the mercy of these mobile lending apps, and recounted her experience.

I don’t know sijui ni kama ni shetani or what, I don’t know what I’m going to  do about it, when I get kidogo I off set the other.


The woman under major debts and stress pleaded with Maina Kageni to help offset her mobile app loans that are threatening to overwhelm her.

sis wote tuna shida zote same. There is no Kenyan women who doesn’t have a mobile loan, I was introduced by one women and I then introduced another two, nimekopa kila mahali,

She is so stressed out with calls from people demanding payments

These apps have such high interest, we don’t care about interest, there is the fun part of taking loans. I owe 35k in total, if you can pay for me I will still borrow you now there is addiction, to be honest I will borrow again,


She is hooked to Mshwari as the answer to her money woes.

I install the app then uninstall, there is an addiction of till death do us part. I don’t know what to do, its a serious thing 

It’s threatening to push her to the breaking point.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what advice would you give to Kenyan women perpetually in debt over a lifestyle they want?


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1 in 3 Kenyan women go on dates just for FREE FOOD – Maina reacts to study


Wait just one minute! Does this mean that Kenyan girls who post Instagram pics of food while on a date are there for the food?

A study suggests that women go on dates just for the fee food.

The 30 percent women are not interested in the man just the FREE FOOD.

The researchers at the Azusa Pacific University tried understanding the concept of ‘foodie calls’ where an individual intentionally goes on a date to enjoy free food and is not romantically interested in the other person. In fact, it can happen when the person is broke or is simply tempted to try a new restaurant. This study was published in the ‘Society for Personality and Social Psychology’ journals and was done on two different groups of women.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni says the research is shocking.


Maina reacted saying

To me that’s crazy ladies, women you’ve been used of being extremely cheap, ati on the first date you will go to a room

Maina posed this question

Would go on a date just for free food?

A female caller response surprised Maina

It’s true. Kenyan women are the cheapest with 10k you can have as many women as you want. Ukiwa na 2k unabuy mzinga na pesa ya gari asubuhi ( With 2,000 bob you buy her alcohol and money for a ride the next day) 

A certain allegation was also made by a man who shared his story of meeting a girl on Facebook, and their first date. He said she agreed to go to a room after the date


Men responded that they believe Kenyan women go on dates for free food, and alcohol.

‘ I go on a date knowing I will take pictures for snapchat’ another woman confessed to Maina.

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This woman made Maina Kageni leave the studio for a drink

It’s been said countless times that Kenyan women keep their children away from their fathers out of anger and pettiness.

But this isn’t the experience for one Kenyan women who made Maina leave the studio citing the need for a drink.

She narrated how she was forced to give up her one-year-old daughter to avoid fights with her  baby daddy.

It happened that in-laws wakaleta shida na you know ma mummys boys don’t want to listen to their ladies. It happened I had a daughter and she was so attached to daddy, and there was a fight about her. She ended up with him.

Check out photos of Lillian Muli’s Ex-Husband in a new relationship

He was told by the parent to take the child and they will take care of her.

She is with him, who lives with his parents. He went back to shags and the father searched a job for him so he is raising our daughter right now. I don’t see her, it’s been a year since I saw my daughter because I don’t want anything to do with them. 

I do miss her and sometimes when I call him, they don’t pick my call, siewzi enda huko itakuwa balaa to talk to those parents, even if we meet in the corridor we can’t even say hi. And she is four years and a half, I am okay with that I just told God to give me that piece of mind.

‘It hurts to think that you are not here’ Ivan Semwanga’s son reminisces

A shocked Maina could not wrap his head around the fact that she gave up her year old baby, and doesn’t care to see her daughter anymore.

He stated

I need to get a drink

Dear Classic 105 fam, have you or anyone you know had such crazy family experiences? Talk to us.

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This photo has reignited debate over mistreatment of domestic workers by Kenya women


A photo of a women cutting a cake with her children while the house-help sits miserably in a corner, as if banned from joining the family, has elicited mixed reaction.

The maid seems to be unhappy as she sits on the floor in a corner watching as mother and children cut a birthday cake.

Kenyans on twitter are warning Kenyan women to stop harassing or mistreating domestic workers who are instrumental in taking care of their children while they are at work.

Read comments below:

Phanice Omari.. True huyu mama anacheza na amezaa atajua hajui

Becky Dova …Kwani kukaa chini ni kumistreatiwa? Was she the one to cut cake with the kids??? Ree

Laila Kassim ..Kwa hiyo mnataka na yeye akate keki ama?
Waithera Cyrah …I pity the employer

Ugaz Qn Dm …wengine wanapenda kujitenganisha tu wenyewe utadhani mwenye nyumba ni mbaya but si ivyo

Bto Blessed Beiyby.. Ndio maana wanakojolea sufuria lol ni upus kaama huyu kwani akikalia kiti atadu nkt

Gladys Induswe ..Huyo mama ako sawa, they like such treatment ukiwabembeleza ndio madharau kweli kweli. Usimpe hata piece

Moraa Clare …But tena shida yao when you treat them maids good they misbehave, ni poa kukaa bila

Moraa Clare …But tena shida yao when you treat them maids good they misbehave, ni poa kukaa bila

Vicky Njoki ..Treating your house manager that way wld be suicidal….

Florence Queengliness Wanyoike …This photo grates my nerves….you never ever dehumanise your helpers!!!

Isabel Gitau …Why do this and leave your kids with her?It seems she had even hates her own kids.It doesn’t add up .Be human let her go.

Joy G Muteti .How can you even tell your children to be kind to others yet your not I feel this lady so much. I wish I could get her .

Ruto Mercy Chero …This is so wrong! A housegirl/nanny is a human being too…it really doesn’t take much to treat them with some respect and dignity…..they are the ones we depend on to take care of our babies when we are off to work
Mercy John’s …Do all this sh*t to her and you expect your kids will be well treated that’s a big no atakulishwa ata matapiko akitapika

‘Hii kitu iko kwa damu’ women open up on why they get jealous over other women’s success

Speaker of Nairobi Count Assembly Beatrice Elachi caused a storm recently after stating that she only travels first class due to a medical condition.

Well the biggest issue in all this is that among those who were celebrating her eviction from City Hall were her fellow women which leaves the question as to whether women are their own worst enemies.


During the morning show, Maina Kageni gave his fans a chance to contribute on why women don’t support their fellow women especially when they are doing better than them.

One says

“Even kwa plot hapo ndo chuki huanzia ,from what you cook,what you wear, the clothes line how you treat your children.This people do exist na ni balaa.”

A male fan says that most women are envious of each others men and that is why they can’t enjoy each others success.

“Their minds revolve around snatching each others husbands and boyfriends and that is where this problems arise from.”


Another says

“It’ s  a good thing they are not united,look at it this way if women were united we would be finished completely, so don’t encourage them to come together.”

A male caller narrates how women in his church are always in conflict, questioning even the tiniest of details such as why the other person was not selected and not them.

Kirk Franklin forgives his father years after his parents gave him up for adoption

Another says

“Hii ni kitu iko kwa damu,you can just look at your fellow woman and just hate them without any particular reason.

Even on social media sometimes you just look at someones profile and just hate them you can’t even imagine following them so you just block them before they even send you a friend request.


Sometimes when I call customer care services and hear a woman’s voice on the other end I just disconnect and try calling until I get through to a male attendant.”

Listen to more on the audio below

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