My hubby used to sneak out of the bed to sleep with the house help – Angry lady

An angry Kenyan woman is still fuming weeks after she discovered that she had been housing and actually feeding a ‘tick’ without her knowledge.

According to the lady, she discovered that her husband was sneaking out of their matrimonial bed just to smash their house help in the next room.

Speaking to a local radio station, all along, she thought her husband was going for a short call in the middle of the night with an erected p*nis, only to discover he was going for a quicky session.

She says she came to realize that the househelp would always sleep naked in the next room every night and that kept her husband going for more.

To make matters worse, the house help had become hard headed towards her since she knew she was getting ‘favors’ from the man of the house.

However, her joy ride did not last for long as the lady kicked her out of her house one morning after her husband left for work. She also quit her job so as to look after their children.

Read her ordeal below.

Bwanangu naye ana tabia mbaya mbaya zile hata hazieleweki, imagine mimi nimetoka na mtu anabaki na dem wa kazi.

Imagine usiku kama tumelala jamaa hawezi lala, ana lala aki roll usiku mzimu. Time to time anaenda choo na akienda choo bendera imesimama haitaki kuanguka.

Nashangaa huyu mtu kwani kunaendaje, kumbe madam naye huko amelala hana nguo.

Walikuwa wamezoea kufanya hivyo kwani ilifika mahali huyu jamaa kwa nyumba amenidharau na hata msichana haniskii, nikimuongelesha haniskizi kumbe anajua kikulacho ki nguoni mwako.

Kitu nilifanya nilimfukuza msichana saa kumi na mbili asubuhi, kama kazi ndio inaweza vunja ndoa yangu nalea watoto wangu sahii.

Bwanangu alirudi nyumbani jioni akaniuliza hawa watoto watakaa na nani. Nikamuuliza kwani huyo ndio mama yao?

‘I cannot take a shower without my husband’s permission,’ Kenyan woman cries

Early this year probably you heard of a story of one Taiwanese wife who was divorced for showering only once a year!

According to Taipei Times the lady thought she was doing her family a favor by saving water but ended up saving herself for some hot divorce papers, due to poor hygiene.

Fast forward to Kenya, a lady has complained that despite her efforts to be clean and tidy for her man, the husband only wants her to shower whenever he is around.

This, she says is because her insecure husband thinks she loiters around with other men only to clean herself up before he gets home in the evening.

The lady who called a popular radio station, shockingly revealed that she is nursing a toddler and she has to keep her hygiene in check, cries which fell into deaf ears.

She went on to reveal that she has never given her husband any reason to doubt her, despite the two being married for less than two years.

Read her narration below.

Ile kitu inanihosha kabisa kabisa na siwezi vumilia, ni eti siwezi oga before mwanaume wangu aingie atasema nilikuwa nimetoka, sijui nilikuwa na nani.

Yeye hufika saa kumi na mbili au saa moja. Saa zingine hubidi naoga na nina mtoto mdogo na na sweat. Akipata nimeoga anasema nina mwanaume na mimi sio faithful na sina hizo tabia.

Sijampa sababu yeyote ya kunishuku kwani tangu anioe tumeishi hivo tu, kunichunguza, kuchukua simu zangu kuangalia nani amenipigia, nikienda kazini alikuwa anakuja kunichungulia kama ninafanya kitu mbaya.

Isitoshe tumekuwa kwa ndoa kwa mwaka mmoja na nusu. Mimi nimechoka.


Read how this Kenyan woman went from rags to riches thanks to her mzungu lover

African women and men have of late been hooking up with white men and women. We have seen many succeed in their marriages while others suffer especially after being taken abroad, but that has not deterred Africans from testing the sweet waters from other parts of the world.

From Akothee to Nyota Ndogo, these women are living large thanks to their white baby daddies.

Well, a Kenyan woman who is married to a mzungu, recently took to social media to share her story of how she met her better half leaving many with hopes that one day, God will bless them with one as well.

The woman revealed that she was once struggling to work at a popular restaurant in Westlands when her current lover and another man walked in one day. She was interested in the older mzungu (her hubby). She went ahead to explain what happened from there and the rest is history.


The lucky woman is currently in New York City living a life many can only dream of. Here is her story

“OK. Before you judge me, consider the fact that I now live in New York City. One of the most expensive cities in the world.

It all started when two men entered the already frenzied restaurant where I used to work in Westlands. One was delightfully young with a full head of hair and striking stature. The second occupant was considerably older and definitely not as cute. But as luck would have it I ended up catching the eye of the latter, and that was how I became his willing mistress.

But as luck would have it I ended up catching the eye of the latter, and that was how I became his willing mistress. He was everything I never imagined I would be committed to; older, married, and conceited. I was fascinated by the fact that he was crazy about me. He clearly didn’t have much respect for people of colour. Continue reading “Read how this Kenyan woman went from rags to riches thanks to her mzungu lover”

Kenyan woman who advertised for a husband on the streets reveals how many men have called her

Nairobi, the city of cool waters is known to be one of the tough places to find a good man on earth. A hardcore concrete jungle. It is widely believed that most men in Nairobi are f**kboys, stingy, dubious and Cate Gachara recently proved this.

The 27-year-old mother of three recently took to the streets in search of a white husband. Cate paraded herself along Kimathi Street last week holding a placard which served as her Curriculum Vitae.

“Marry Me please. looking for a white husband.

Cate Gachara – 27-years-old
God-fearing lady
Single mum of three (3)
Ready to be a good wife
Call me – O7…..


The single mother, who hails from Rongai, revealed that she ‘advertised’ herself after the father of two of her three kids abandoned her and married a mzungu woman in the USA.

“My former boyfriend went to school in India and I later heard that he relocated to the USA. I hear he is now leaving with a ‘Mzungu” (white lady). When I speak to his parents, they only say they are willing to take care of the kids. But I am not comfortable with that arrangement,” she said.

In a recent interview with Nation, Cate confessed that her phone has been ringing continuously after she ‘advertised’ herself.

“I have received several calls. I can say between 300-900 calls.”


Cate, an orphan, survives on menial jobs which don’t pay so well and she is hopeful that soon, the light of the Lord will shine upon her.

“I am looking for a man who can love me and support my kids. Life has been very tough for me.”

Cate Gachara’s ‘advertisement’ comes barely a month after another Kenyan woman Ms Nyambura took to the streets in search of a soulmate.

Kidnappers free businesswoman abducted in Ruai after seven days

A 28-year-old businesswoman is admitted at a Nairobi hospital, a day after she was released by her kidnappers.

Catherine Wambui was abandoned at Kayole junction on Sunday evening a week after she was reported kidnapped at Ruai police station.

Wambui, who specialises in fitting of water gutters, was forced into a vehicle at Ruai shopping centre last Sunday.

She was lured into the kidnappers dragnet by a caller who promised to help her land a contract at the home of a senior military officer in Ruai.

Wambui drove to Ruai in the company of a man said to be her boyfriend, who told the police that Wambui was last seen entering a Toyota NZE said to be of the workers of the military boss.

Police said the man reported to the police after the vehicle that Wambui boarded took off to an unknown destination and several attempts to reach her on phone were unsuccessful.

The attackers called Wambuis parents and demanded Sh4 million, but reduced the figure to Sh3.5 million by mid-week.

Yesterday, Nairobi DCI chief Ireri Kamwende confirmed the release of Wambui. He said Wambui was not hurt but was admitted in hospital.

The Star has established that investigators from the elite Special Crime Prevention Unit and Flying Squad have been deployed to track down the kidnappers.

The elite squads deal with such cases and violent robberies.

The teams were, however, instructed to take up the matter only three days ago after DCI officers from Ruai police, where the matter was reported, failed to report to their seniors this serious crime.

Courtesy Kamore Maina

Kenyan Woman Wins The Hearts Of The Whole Nation After A Photo Of Her Carrying An Elderly Lady On Her Back Went Viral

On Thursday, June 1 Kenya celebrated her 54th Madaraka Day and the celebrations were held at Kabiruini grounds in Nyeri County.

The young and old turned up for the event and apart from the dignitaries who attended, one woman stole the show. Nyaguthi, a lady from Kieni was pictured carrying a 107-year-old grandmother Gladys Kagure from Labura, Mweiga, Nyeri County on her back as they arrived for the Madaraka Day celebrations.

Many have been moved by the good samaritan’s action and a top government figure wants to meet her and appreciate her for a selfless act.

Madaraka Day Nyeri County

“Actions speak louder than words…Share widely…Am seeking your help in tracing this lady who I captured while carrying her elderly mother to Kabiru – ini showground for the Madaraka day celebrations on June 1, 2017…..

Someone in the government recognized her noble deed and would like to meet her urgently.

If you know her or someone who might assist in reaching her kindly call/text me on 0720274075 my name is Mose Sammy. Your help is highly appreciated in advance God Bless,” Mose Sammy the photographer who took the pic posted on Facebook.

Nyaguthi was eventually traced. Apparently, she is not related to the granny as many speculated. They are total strangers.

Well, Kenyans are happy with the woman for helping the elderly woman and here are some of the heartwarming comments;

Wacu: This picture speaks a thousand words, for the many people out there in the world doing good expecting nothing in return. This may seem like a little act of kindness…not for those who get it.
Both Cucu and the lady carrying her are communicating different things to our world today. A so much needed care for each other as a people and the dire need to acknowledge who we are, as a country, where we’ve come from.

I speaketh a million rewards to you ladies!

Michael: He was short in stature and so was unable to see Jesus through the crowd. Zachaeus then ran ahead and climbed a sycamore tree along Jesus’ path. When Jesus reached the spot he looked up into the branches, and saith Zacchaeus come down. The crowd was shocked

Elizabeth: Such gestures are very rare nowadays where everyone is busy and minding their own business! This gives me hope in humanity. Such a lovely lady may God bless her abundantly!

Kimani: God bless her…hope we will get her and make her smile with a gift..

Susan: I think we should go back to our culture to be respecting our aged people like before. I salute the lady and may she be blessed


See the latest photo of Gladys Kamande the woman who was blind and surviving on oxygen cylinders

Last year a story broke out about a Kenya woman Gladys Kamande who had been ailing for some time. Gladys was reported as being blind, and couldn’t breathe on her own due to collapsed lungs, forcing her to rely on oxygen cylinders to breathe.

Her heart-breaking photo went viral after a street boy who approached her car to beg for money was instead seen reacting in shock to her condition. It is said the boy wept and prayed for her quick recovery. He won the hearts of many Kenyans, prompting a funds drive to help in her medical expenses.

The street boy John Thuo, narrated his story below;

siku moja baba alikuta mum amepika mchele akairusha nje ya nyumba na kuimwaga. Tulifukuzwa tukaenda kuishi kwa nyumba za kukomboa kambiti. Siku moja mwaka wa 2014 akiwa anaenda kuchukua vitu za soko, mum akagongwa na gari akafa. Nilikuwa Std 4.

Jioni baada ya mazishi shosho yangu akasema hataki kutuona huko kwake. Ndugu zangu wawili ambao ni wadogo wangu walichukuliwa na serikali, sijui walipelekwa wapi.


Mimi nikaenda kuajiriwa kazi ya kuchunga ngombe na mama anaitwa Charity au Mama Njoki. Nilikaa huko one year halafu siku moja nikiwa nimelala ngombe wakakula mahindi kwa shamba ya wenyewe. Nikafutwa kazi”.

See his picture below

john thuo street boy

Well God is great and below is the latest picture of Gladys Kamande who is doing really well.



Here is Senator Sonko’s heart-warming tribute to Gladys.”

“Last year November I shared the story of Gladys Kamande via Ndugu Nyoro, I explained her 10 years of hospital visits. She has had to be admitted as a patient 3 times at PCEA Kikuyu Hospital, 3 times at Kiambu General Hospital, 4 times at Thika level 5 Hospital and 2 times at KNH. 12 times in total. I mentioned her stay in ICU for 5 months, her 12 surgeries, her 5 miscarriages. I mentioned how she became BLIND in 2010 after one of the surgeries interfered with her optical nerve. I have explained how the doctor broke the news of her COLLAPSED LUNGS and how she has had to ‘generate’ her own oxygen to live. That was Last Year. Today 5 Months after, God has done a wonderful miracle in her life as you can see in the pictures. I thank you all who sacrificed your efforts to ensure Gladys’ life is back on track.”


Kenyan woman struck and killed by a train in the US

Authorities in Columbus, Ohio have released the identity of a Kenyan woman who was struck by a train in northern Franklin County early Thursday.

Franklin County Maj. Steve Tucker confirmed the victim’s identity as 22-year-old Victoria Muchiri. She was a Biology Major at the Ohio State University.

Law enforcement officers and medic personnel responded to the railroad tracks located in the area of Park Road and Station Street in Sharon Township at about 1:30 a.m.

The intersection was closed while crews investigated what had led to the crash. It was reopened by 9:45 a.m.

The train, which stretched approximately two miles, is owned by the Norfolk-Southern Rail Company. It was traveling southbound at approximately 50 mph when the incident occurred.

Muchiri’s death is currently being investigated as a suicide, according to the sheriff’s office.

The train conductor reported that he saw a woman standing in the middle of the tracks. He said the woman did not appear to make any effort to get off of the tracks, and he was unable to stop the train in time.

Investigators found what is believed to be Muchiri’s vehicle parked in an adjacent parking lot.

No other information was immediately available.

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