‘I Don’t Care What People Think Or Say,’ Otile Brown To Vera Sidika

Otile Brown is madly in love with Vera Sidika.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

The two have been hanging out together from going on dates, spending time together in the studio to enjoying each other’s warmth and sharing a bed at Sidika’s place, it seems the socialite has found the right man and she has decided to settle down.

Could all this be publicity stunts?

Vera Sidika eating the new hot boy on the block Otile Brown

 Otile Brown has revealed to his followers that Vera Sidika’s a special woman.

“I love you, Woman. You’re just everything good and what got me more attracted to you is that you’re sooo damn smart 🙆🏽‍♂️a pure genius .. trust me, I have come across different kinds of women, decent, boujee, saved, in the corporate world, but they can’t match your IQ, you’re just special. Every sinner has a future and every Saint has a past. I have done things am not proud of but that does not define me, neither does your past define you, so I don’t care 🤷🏽‍♂️ what people think or say because I know the real you …and I believe You and I can take over the world!!!” read his message.

Let’s take you back to the times Otile Brown and Vera Sidika served us couple goals


Vera Sidika and Otile Brown


Vera Sidika and Otile Brown



Vera Sidika and Otile Brown



Vera Sidika and Otile Brown


Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

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Socialite Corazon Kwamboka’s undying love for her mzungu bae

Corazon Kwamboka has hips for days. The hips that can make you give your bank account details, even the one you have fichad from you bibi!

Corazon Kwamboka


The lady who was once the it socialite has been out of the limelight if publicity antics are the way to go. But she has kept a low-profile in terms of the craziness, enjoying herself with her Italian boyfriend.

Corazon Kwamboka

This man seems to be good for her as she looks splendid in the snaps she takes, a calm and joyful satisfaction emanates from the curvaceous beauty.

Corazon Kwamboka

From the time they started dating last year, Corazon has been careful in what she posts about her man, only showing them posing together. But it seems she has reached a place in her relationship with him that demands a public declaration of her love.

Corazon's bae

She wrote all this on her social media. She wrote:

“Happy birthday to my blonde papi, I would do anything for you. Thanks for being in my life and making me understand it’s totally okay to be myself. May your year be filled with laughter and success. Ti amo”
Corazon's bae
Corazon’s bae

She will do anything for him? Hahaha! Even if he goes broke?

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Kenyan Reality TV Actress Denies Offering Sex On Tinder (Screenshots)

Nairobi Diaries star Iptisam Ali was at pains to explain if she offers sex in exchange from money to men she meets on social dating websites.

Screenshots of her conversation with a man only identified as Peter Hopkins have been leaked on the interwebs and have gone viral.

The messages posted from the dating app Tinder follow a conversation between Ali and Hopkins in what looks like texts planning a sexual rendezvous.

“Wanted to say am going to be very simple,” Ali chats. Hopkins responds, ” Wear what’s okay with you.”

An impatient Hopkins then asks her in another chat, “Are you coming or not? Or I look for another girl?” Ali assuages his fears and tells him she in on her way.

Once she get to the hotel, she asks him for the room number and she is given a wrong room number. She later finds out it was a set-up because the hotel reception confirms to her that they have no such room number or guest by that name.

Ali said, “First of all, I did not hook up. The moment he gave me his room number I knew he is playing. Because there is no such room number at Kempinski. All rooms are four digits.”

Do you hook up with people you meet on these dating sites? “I don’t mind meeting new people from these sites. I have made friends from that site. So I don’t see anything wrong with that. So it’s not about what people are thinking.”

Ali said the screenshots getting leaked are the work of a “mama”, adding, “Aaargh! If she has decided to do that, it is all good and fine.”

Check out the screenshots…


Wololo! Kenyan Socialite Bridget Achieng Takes A HIV Test. The Results Totally Shocked Her (PHOTOS)

Kenyan socialite and reality TV show star Bridget Achieng has gone ahead to reveal her HIV status to the world.

The bootylicious lass is known for her dramatic and violent character on Nairobi Diaries, which also includes a lot of other female casts like rapper Notiflow, Risper Faith, Mishy Dora, Pendo and former Deux Vultures rapper, Mustafa.


Bridget Achieng was recently spotted with Vera Sidika’s ex-boyfriend Yommy Johnson in Dubai, where she had gone to celebrate her 28th birthday with other lady friends, and rumours started swirling around that she was sleeping with him.

She Ain’t Playing! Vera Sidika Brags About Her KSh 520,000 Handbag As She Takes Shots At Her Ex And Female Haters

Yommy Johnson and Vera broke up about 4 months ago, and a few weeks later, he allegedly leaked her nude photos, claims he denied, and later on, Vera revealed that he was actually violent and insecure when they dated.


When asked whether they have a thing, Yommy insisted that they were just good friends with Bridget, adding that he’s currently dating Tanzanian socialite Lady Kaygee.

“So I cannot have friends just because?? Please let this girl enjoy her birthday in peace, there are so many people who came to my party it’s only yommi you people can see?GOD take control.nothing is always Good in human beings eyes ….I don’t know what is wrong with people here,” Bridget ranted as she denied claims about hooking up with Yommy.


The TV girl is now back to Kenya, and to start off, she decided to go and get a HIV test. Bridget would, later on, reveal the results to the world, with a caption alongside a video that read;Let’s get married already.”

“So I just did my HIV test. I’m so happy I’m done with this, I was so scared. I’m good, good, good. These are my results, I am negative. Yeah. So now I’m going to be a good girl, and wait for my husband until death do us part, yes,” she revealed in a video she posted.

Check out the photos of Bridget’s results below.




Wacha Movie Iendelee! Vera Sidika Savagely Attacks Her Nigerian Ex Boyfriend For Giving Out False Information About Her (PHOTOS)

It looks like Vera Sidika’s woes with her Nigerian ex-boyfriend, Yommy Johns, are not over, as the two are still going after each other’s necks.

This time around, the bootylicious socialite is accusing the former lover of trying to use her name for fame, after she was tipped off that he was trying to get an interview with a Kenyan journalist, to give dirt about her.


Vera Sidika has been globe trotting in the last couple of weeks, after she exposed the violent Nigerian man, accusing him of beating her up, claims he vehemently denied.

‘I Was NOT In Lagos With My Ex Boyfriend’ Vera Sidika Rubbishes Claims That She Hooked Up With VIOLENT Nigerian Ex (PHOTO)

This came about after Nude photos of Vera were leaked online and from her side of the story, Yommy was the only one who was in possession of the pictures, allegations he still denied, saying that he never had her nudes.

Well, a few weeks on, and the two are back at their drama. Recently, Yommy was spotted with another Kenyan socialite by the name Bridget Achieng, while she was in Dubai for her birthday.


The Nairobi Diaries cast however made it clear that there’s nothing going on between them, after fans came out to attack her for sleeping with Vera’s ex.

Now, Vera has come to take shots and insult her ex-boyfriend after she found out that he tried to give a scoop about her to a Kenyan media personality but her friends informed her in advance.

We all know you want fame so bad you gotta dig it out by all means possible. Carry on! Don’t worry 1 day you’ll have your own name instead of walking in someone else’s shadow, carry on, continue lying.


Vera was so pissed off and went on to blast the flamboyant man; “I swear I’m just at the mall laughing so hard at all these lies and media is my friend, they will definitely call me and tell me coz I’m their Kenyan sister. Fame desperation in s real. I’m out here living lavish, catching flights, not feelings.”

‘He Insisted I Should Abort The Baby’ Vera Sidika Emotionally Narrates How HEARTLESS Ex-Nigerian Boyfriend Was (SCREENSHOTS)

Check out the screenshots below as Vera goes in on her ex Nigerian boo.






From An Average Kenyan Girl To A RICH Diva: Vera Sidika Admits That MONEY Has Totally Transformed Her Life

Top Kenyan socialite and video vixen, Vera Sidika, is known for her lavish and expensive lifestyle and we all know that it doesn’t come cheap.

The popular entertainer has over the years made a name for herself in the African continent and is all about the hustle and making more money to meet her lifestyle.

Hustler For Who? Vera Sidika Flaunts a Ksh 500,000 Gold Bracelet As You Scramble For Sh 90 Maize Flour (PHOTO)

However, Vera Sidika was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth and started off from humble begging back in Mombasa before coming to Nairobi to study at Kenyatta University.


Vera’s dream was to make it big in life and her motivation began when she missed out on modeling deals just because of her curves and decided to use that to her advantage, and make money.

Little by little, the bootylicious lass started modeling as a plus size model and then a video vixen, after her debut on P-Unit’s song You Guy, and the rest is now history.

You’re Not Ugly, Just BROKE! These Photos Of Vera Sidika BEFORE The Bleaching And Her Big Behind Will Shock You!

Vera Sidika is now one of the most sought after socialites and video vixens around. There’s no doubt that she’s rolling with big shots. She recently launched her new business venture, where she’s selling a detox product for ladies.


Other than that, Veras like to travel a lot and recently, she flew to Nigeria, where her new boyfriend resides. She even confirmed this with a photo where she was wearing her expensive bracelet and his Rolex watch, with this caption;

Loud in Lagos. His time piece & my Tiffany and Co bracelet make a perfect combo #RoseGold

The beauty then traveled to Los Angeles California, where her products are manufactured and during her trip, she revealed that she never thought she would be flying to different countries anyhow, admitting that money does indeed talk.

Was to fly back to Kenya but I decided to take myself on a proper vacation. Enyewe, money talks. 5 years ago I wouldn’t imagine waking up & randomly deciding to go on vacations. Back then my vacation trip was from KU to CBD on a Jav

Clearly, Vera is simply telling us that we should never give up on life.

Vera Sidika’s Driver Accused Of Hitting a Young Lady In Town With Her Expensive Range Rover (PHOTOS)



Hustler For Who? Vera Sidika Flaunts a Ksh 500,000 Gold Bracelet As You Scramble For Sh 90 Maize Flour (PHOTO)

Vera Sidika might be one of the wealthiest socialites in Africa, but she knows very well what it means to come from ‘rags to riches’.

The bootylicious and curvy video vixen has become one of the most sought after entertainers in the continent, mostly because of her stunning looks and skin colour.

Vera Sidika is also business minded and in her hustle, she has tried out venturing in her own business, with her first being a cosmetics shop where she sold human hair weaves and wigs, but sadly, she couldn’t keep up with the expenses and finally shut it down.


Now, the beauty has gone ahead to give it another try in the business world, but this time round, she decided to focus on detox products for women, which she launched a few days back in Nairobi, and it seems to be going well as she’s now selling them in other countries.

You’re Not Ugly, Just BROKE! These Photos Of Vera Sidika BEFORE The Bleaching And Her Big Behind Will Shock You!

Vera Sidika is also known for her lavish lifestyle, and in a recent interview on K24, she revealed that she does not get her money from men, but admitted that she has dated very rich men and tycoons, dismissing rumours that she sleeps with them for the cash.

She has a multi-million house in the suburb estates of Kitusuru and has a line of very expensive cars, including a Range Rover Vogue, and not forgetting her high-priced clothes, shoes, and hair.


But other than that, Vera Sidika is a big lover of jewelry, and I’m not talking about cheap jewels or fakes, she wears the real deal and spares nothing when she wants the best.

Vera Sidika’s Driver Accused Of Hitting a Young Lady In Town With Her Expensive Range Rover (PHOTOS)

Vera recently shared a photo of a gold-coated bracelet and what has shocked me is the price tag of the small piece of jewelry. According to Vera, the shiny gem goes for a total of $ 5,000 which is Ksh 516,250.

This amount of money can even buy you land or a car, but because money is nothing to her, she decided to gift herself with the pricey jewel. Check it out below.






Vera Sidika’s Driver Accused Of Hitting a Young Lady In Town With Her Expensive Range Rover (PHOTOS)

Socialite Vera Sidika has managed to stay out of controversy for the last few years, so that she can focus on her business and projects, but looks like one scandal has caught up with her.

The video vixen has been called out on social media to turn over one of her employees who allegedly hit a lady with her car in Nairobi’s CBD.

Has Vera Sidika Abandoned Her Close Buddy Zari As She Mourns Her Late Baby Daddy Ivan Don?

The lady who was apparently hit goes by the name Khakayi Mahero, and took to social media to shame the male driver who knocked her as she was walking on Kimathi street.
vera sidika cover

According to the Facebook user, the short stout man did not apologize after the incident and instead became arrogant without offering any help after hitting her with the Range Rover Vogue on a pedestrian pavement.

Mahero made sure she shared photos of the Range and the number plate, just to substantiate that it was indeed Vera’s vehicle that hit her. She also revealed that she had reported the matter to the police on May 30.


The victim’s friends on Facebook also helped her tag the National Transport and Safety Authority to her post to alert them, so that they can hopefully help in tracking down the driver.

Here’s the post from the user, Khakayi Mahero;

Miss Vera Sidika, please turn in your driver or whoever was driving your car that hit me yesterday evening as he was DRIVING DOWN A PEDESTRIAN PAVEMENT on Kimathi Street.
Short, dark, stout, shiny bald-headed man with a broad nose, a gap between his upper front teeth in a white shirt and enough arrogance to fuel the SGR train. #RoadHogAlert

Here’s a comparison of Vera’s car and the one involved in the incident.




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