Avril’s sweet message to J blessing on his birthday

J Blessing and Avril have been rumored to be lovers for the longest time despite them denying. We know she is now heavily pregnant especially from her recent photoshoot she had of her baby bump and yes the first thought was it is J Blessing’s baby.

He celebrated his birthday during the weekend and the fact that he is a big deal in the music world, he got a lot of wishes. One particular wish caught our eye when Avril posted a picture of him with the caption:

Happy birthday, J … ❤️ …

Of course, the wish is very casual but the love heart emoji, everything changes. To make their situation even more suspicious, Avril edited her post hours after and removed the love heart emoji and left the post. If nothing was going on then she should have just let the caption be as intended.

Avril has been known to say she does not like associating herself with controversy but funny enough, she finds her self deep in it. She has denied being pregnant but it looks like she was tired if hiding it and finally decided to accept and show off her baby bump. One thing about pregnancy, you cannot hide it, it is a growing human that we will see with every step of the trimesters. We must say her photoshoot is beautiful though!

J Blessing took up the sweet post and reposted it on his page, let’s call it a sign of acknowledgment of their hidden love.