‘I don’t cater to everything that has a heartbeat,’ Anto Neosoul rants

The “Chips Funga” sensation Anto Neosoul is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s finest vocalists who comes from a humble background, Anto as his close friends popularly know him, maintains that it is his grounded upbringing that has to lead him to live a humble life and have a soulful voice.

His life and love experiences inspire his music and writing.

Though being in the music scene for quite a long time, it seems Anto has not yet gotten a big break from his acclaimed lyrical journey as a Kenyan music artist.

Kenyans on Twitter went rogue and blasted the musician and if that wasn’t enough? They continued poking the fire asking who the artist makes music for and wondering who are even his fans.

One netizen, went ahead to comment asking him whether he still sings in prisons or he upgraded?

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The artist wasn’t having it after he got trolled Sunday evening, he decided to fire up claiming that he wasn’t angry but according to the tone of the message, the Sensimilia artist was offended and angry claiming that KOT should upgrade on their insults.


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He wrote, that he has been booked up to 2020, having being brought up in a humble background, he ought to be  have been humble and not boast about his achievements. He should have let his hard-earned work speak for itself and leave his “fans” second-guessing and yearning for new content from the musician.

Like that wasn’t enough to clear the air, he continued by writing how he does not cater to everything that has a heartbeat.

Clearly, Anto felt offended knowing how his music is not appreciated in Kenya, despite having a large following.


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Crazy Mzungu Shows Anto NeoSoul The Dark Side Of Nairobi (Photos)

Australian born philanthropist and motivational speaker Mike Flynn can take you to the darkest spots in Nairobi.

He walks freely in places that ordinary Nairobians wouldn’t even think of going and would be lucky to get out alive if they did.

One such place is Karioa slum in Ngara, a small and little known ghetto where Nairobi’s chokoras live.

It’s the kind of place you can get stubbed in broad daylight and people will walk over your body like you are sack of potatoes. Yet Mike Flynn roams the place like it’s his backyard.

Mike FlynnHe narrates:

“I started working in there 10 years ago, there was a huge pile of garbage that kids were playing in and getting sick. The first thing I did was make a deal with the community that if they would clean it up and load it into trucks I would hire the trucks and get it taken away. We did it and that’s was how I got to know the people in there.”

Mike is the founder of ‘Little Sports Organization’, an NGO that has created employment for hundreds of Kenyans. The organization has impacted over 12,000 children in 26 schools who do Sport & Life Skills development every week.

“When I brought Anto-Neosoul here he almost didn’t want to get of the car,” he explains. “However I assured him he is okay as long as he is with me. My friends worry about my security when I am here, but I feel at home here, no one can touch me when I am here.”

This week Mike is set to launch a 12 week mentor-ship program together with sport entrepreneur Cynthia Mambo, multi-talented performer Anto Neosoul, photo activist Boniface Mwangi and spoken word poet.

The Youth entrepreneurship mentoring academy will start in January and will not only equip participants with knowledge but give them access to ONE MILLION shillings capital.

The program will be launched on Thursday 5th October, at an event to be held at the Kenyatta University at 10am and another at All Saints Cathedral at 5:30Pm.

Young people will have a chance to sign up for this program during the two events. For Mike this program is a dream come true, an opportunity to impact the most neglected segment of society: the youth. He says:

“I grew up poor in a tough area of Sydney Australia and a school that was violent. I learned to run, be funny or fight when necessary. My successes have taken me into dialogue with big business people and leaders of countries. My passion now is to use my life as a gift to awaken the seeds of greatness inside everybody and to shine the light on your path to success.”

Here are the photos of the slum tour.

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn

4. Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn