Marriage Goals! Rapper Jua Cali Flaunts His Beautiful And Curvy Wife (PHOTOS)

Veteran Kenyan rapper Jua Cali is known for his amazing Genge and Hip-Hop songs from back in the day. But one thing we have noticed is that over the years, he’s managed to keep his private life under wraps.

I can vividly remember a skinny version of himself, dressed up in baggy jeans and t-shirts, with his signature black Du-rag or cornrows in his music videos back in his hey days and he hasn’t aged a bit.

Jua Cali, real name, Paul Julius Nunda, has proved that hard work and determination does indeed pay off.


But away from all the work and hustle, Jua Cali is also a family man, married to a beautiful lady, Lilly Asigo and they are blessed with two adorable kids; Evans and Doreen.

The Eastlands born artiste recently sent tongues wagging when he shared a breathtaking photo with his wife and for many who had not seen the lovely lady before, this was a spectacle to behold.

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Jua Cali was attending a recent event, where his wife donned an elegant white dress, showing off her curves and stunning looks, with a warm smile while staring a the camera.


“Great night out @uhurugardens with my rib,” wrote Jua Cali alongside the adorable picture.

Fans could not help but compliment the lovebirds who looked very happy together;

justbladeapparel Hapo freshy
hfaisal26 Safsanaa. ..nafurahi kumuona mama yetuu @juacaligenge
jamiejemo safi sana
jose_rosetee_kenya Eeeeeeh …
johnasudi Harusi iko lini mtu wangu?
mzitoh_tha_stranger Hapo safsana Baba yao!
nmnetmedia Keep on rockin!

Check out their amazing photos below.






That’s a First! Lilian Muli Defends Khaligraph Jones On His Alleged Bleaching, Warns Fans Against Trolling Him

Top Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones is still trending after allegations that he had bleached his skin surfaced.

Khaligraph, real name Robert Brian Ouko, recently spoke on this issue, but he hasn’t really confirmed nor denied the allegations.

The Mazishi hitmaker decided to make good use of the publicity he’s getting by releasing a diss track where he attacks fellow rapper Octopizzo.


In the audio song dubbed Toa Tint (Mask Off), he also mentions bleaching queen Vera Sidika and controversial gospel act Willy Paul, who questioned him later on why he put him on the diss song.

Away from the beef, there are many fans and local celebrities and artistes who have been supporting Khaligraph Jones, and professing their love and support for his music, and one of those happens to be TV queen Lilian Muli.

The stunning Citizen TV’s news anchor is a lover of Kenyan songs and once in a while, she shares videos as she listens to some local music and having grown with brothers, she also likes Hip-Hop music.


So, it happens that she’s also a huge fan of Khaligraph Jones and with all the bleaching rumours going round, she couldn’t help but show her support for the music star, by sharing one of the photos where he seems to have bleached, with a caption of lyrics from one of his tracks.

Oops! Kenyans React After Finding Out Khaligraph’s ‘Bleaching’ Was a Public Stunt For a New Song (AUDIO)

Lilian Muli then ends the inspiring lyrics by telling fans to stop trolling people and encouraging Khaligraph Jones to do what pleases him; “Enough said keep doing you. “Respect the Ogs” stop trolling people.”

Here are the lyrics she shared from Khaligraph Jones song;

Nakumbuka Zile Siku nilikua nakula kwa vibanda. Ku doze tu kwenye simiti hata Sikua na kitanda. They told me niwache usanii ju apo Ni Kama na blunder. But hao ndio sasa hunisho, manze izo Ngoma zinabambaMan I wanna thank the fans. They told me that hate can never break a man. So all of this talk about this and that azinibabaiashi…”

Here are some of the comments fans put up after Lilian Muli showed support for Khaligraph Jones.

  • daureen_reborn254I thought I’m the only one positive,lf you dont put any meal on someones table y meddle, “yenye hikuhusu wachana nayo”@KHALIGRAPH_Jones be the king #sitambui 666
  • ladygoldchainsLol. He’s trolling for views. He looks kawaida in the video he shot today.
  • naomyboboI like his new look …..pilipili usioila yakuwashia nini? After all we lives once
  • rach_mbinyaDoes his shoes show us hw he transformed
  • kijanapatpaatCc @octopizzo kesho can’t wait ..u said 10 am???😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄



Oops! Kenyans React After Finding Out Khaligraph’s ‘Bleaching’ Was a Public Stunt For a New Song (AUDIO)

Rapper Khaligraph Jones, real name Brian Robert Ouko has been marred with skin-bleaching allegations in the last couple of days after photos emerged, where he appeared to have a lighter skin tone.

Khaligraph Jones didn’t comment on the bleaching rumors first when fans commented on the huge transformation of his looks from his social media pictures until he appeared on The Trend, where he had gone for an interview.

During the live show, Khaligraph Jones dismissed the rumours, saying that his skin only looks lighter because he’s doing well and a lot of money is streaming in now.


A day ago, Khaligraph Jones decided to talk about the allegations, telling off people, especially rappers who joined in the bleaching debate, revealing that he had a little make over because he was appearing on TV for the first time with a blazer.

Mkimaliza kuyap juu ya izo bleaching allegations, sana sana Nyinyi Rappers,murudi kwa Kiwanja Muendelee kupata ile Kichapo mmezoea kupewa na theOG,,Kwani mara yangu ya kwanza Kuvaa Blazer mlikua mnataka nikae na suraimeparara kwa National TV, next interview Mtaona msee wa green apo mfikirieni hulk

But now, it happens that after all that talk and people attacking him for bleaching, Khaligraph was doing all this as part of a publicity stunt to drop a new song by the name Toa Tint (Mask Off).

After Fans Attacked Him For ‘Bleaching’, Rapper Khaligraph Treats His Girlfriend To a Romantic Birthday Dinner (PHOTOS)

In the song, he talks about how he doesn’t care about what people think even if he bleached because his goal is to make it huge in the music industry in Kenya and beyond.


He takes shots at some rappers and mentions several celebrities like Vera Sidika and Willy Paul and top artistes like Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide, and even Vybz Kartel. Check out some of the positive and negative comments fans made on social media.

kevinowango @khaligraph_jones when they have nothing to say they look for things to say…Keep grinding bruuh.. Respect

villes_the_guy Ume murder hyo beat…..pia mm nta bleach ..ndo waongelee😁😁😁

antoruchiez What is this honestly? And Kenya still asks why other countries are making it in the African music scene?…well 😂call me a hater but wtf?

iam_paps Buda uko chini. From an O.G to a Sissy.

kariwokkid Nice one @khaligraph_jones but sielewi msee, uligenga studio ukaeka producer ndio Bado muibe beats??

joeheho Respect the OGS…..kaligraph is one of the best guys by the way

chrismark_kagiri 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮…. accept the way you are blackish never crack! O respek’

ruthay90 @octopizzo ushaiiona vumbi ya kayole 📢📢📢ndio hii hapa haswa @khaligraph_jones amevuka na wewe!!!

vanessamurrey I still didn’t have an opinion on the bleaching but why lie, I am so looking forward to this track. It’s sick!

hames_jaye Enough with covers. Stretch your limits same way you stretched your skin color.

Listen to the audio below from Khaligraph Jones, dubbed Toa Tint (Mask Off). 


Aspiring Mombasa MCA And Rapper Cannibal Caught Pants Down Misbehaving At A Night Club (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

Drug abuse will kill Kenyan celebrities! If they are not flossing photos of them smoking marijuana commonly referred to as weed, they are guzzling alcohol. Most of them, tend to take too many for the road leaving them drunk and high.

If they are not flossing photos of them smoking marijuana commonly referred to as weed, they are guzzling alcohol. Most of them, tend to take too many for the road leaving them drunk and obnoxious.

Some end up in sewage trenches, others are involved in accidents and others along the roadside where they spend the whole night before dusting themselves up and heading home, in shame. Many Kenyans get stoned and drink a lot without thinking about the consequences.


A video of Mombasa-based hip-hop artiste Cannibal intoxicated has surfaced online and you will pity him after watching it. In the video, Cannibal can be seen showing off his middle finger and moments after that, a lady puts one of her fingers in the rapper’s mouth who licks it as revelers watch and laugh at him. 

In the video, Cannibal can be seen showing off his middle finger to the person recording the video and moments after that, a lady puts one of her fingers in the rapper’s mouth who licks it as revelers watch and egg him on. 

Cannibal is one of the hundreds of politicians vying for Mombasa wards MCA positions. He is vying on a Jubilee ticket.

Here is the video of rapper Cannibal heavily intoxicated at a popular night club in Mombasa, watch it.

BLESSINGS GALORE! Kenyan Rapper Big Pin Is A Proud Uncle, Welcomes a Baby Girl (PHOTO)

You may probably remember him from his hit songs like Natafuta, Tera Moss, Big Pin and East from the Beast, but this veteran rapper has been off the limelight for a while now.

Big Pin, real name Chrispin Mwagale was one of the biggest rappers back in the day, and though he may have taken a musical hiatus, he still remains one of the most respected artistes in the country.


The rapper-cum-singer was signed to Ogopa Deejays and in December 2004, Big Pin won the KORA Award for Best Male Artiste in East Africa for his smash hit song Natafuta.

Well, after leaving the music industry to focus on other endeavors, little is known about what Big Pin’s been upto, but word on the street is that he’s doing well after settling down.

What we do know is that Big Pin is officially an uncle after he revealed that he had been blessed with a cute niece, a baby girl by the name Erica.

The Nairobi Party hitmaker took to his social media to show off the newborn, expressing his joy and excitement at finally being a father, as he cuddles her in his arms and lovingly gazes at her;

Now this deserves color welcome to the world baby 👶 #Erica

Congratulations to the rapper and his family. We hope he will share more photos of the little angel soon.