Nobody is ugly just broke: TBT photos of Kenyan celebs that will make your day(photos)

They say nobody is ugly, just broke. Most of these celebrities have really transformed and you cannot even recognize them unless someone pointed it out.

Here are some of the celebrity throwbacks,

1. Timothy Kimani aka Blessed Njung’ush


2. Lupita Nyongo with Nick Mutuma


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3. Kristoff Barton Namwaya aka Kristoff


4. Fena Gitu and Jay Take a Pic



5. Kagwe Mungai


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6. Vera Sidika


7. Bahati

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Did Kristoff flee the music scene because of baby mama drama?

A little over a year ago, rapper Kristoff dropped a new song (below), then shortly after we never heard from him.

During that same time, he was facing several allegations from women claiming to have sired children with him. He has never responded to the allegations until now.

In an interview on Kiss FM with Shaffie Weru, Kristoff has opened up about all that and more.

Journalist Tony Timase reacts after students accuses him of date rape

Kristoff popularly known as Mluyhia wa Busia, has come out to dispute the claims.

Several female celebrities have fought over him in public, but this hasn’t fazed him.

He admitted;’ I was busy working in studio, rumors are always rumors let rumors stay rumors, me I don’t focus on rumors coz at the end of the day will people talk about you..’

What about children. How many does he have? Let me tell you something, for real I like my life being private, I want people to continue talking.’

Former KTN str8up host Terro Mdee addresses rumors of stealing her husband while he was dating

So that’s settled right?

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