Dirty Politics? Kilifi Woman Rep Accused Of Threatening To Kill a Man Who Ditched Her Camp

Kilifi Women Representative Aisha Jumwa was arrested on Tuesday, June 20, over claims that she had threatened to kill a member of the public by the name Ezra Bidii.

Aisha appeared before the Directorate of Criminal Investigations after the former supporter reported the MP when the two disagreed and fell out.

Malindi DCIO Anthony Sunguti, confirmed that the complaint filed the case, revealing that they had summoned Ms Jumwa and had launched investigations into the threats.

He also said that Jumwa had appeared before him and recorded a statement after being grilled for an hour.


Ezra Bidii was a staunch supporter of Aisha until recently when she fired him over work ethics, which happened after he went to work with a Member of Parliament Willy Mtego, an independent candidate.

According to Ezra, the Woman Rep had said she would ‘do away with him’ several times since then.

The Kilifi politician confirmed that she knew Ezra Bidii, but denied allegations of threatening to kill him and even challenged him to produce concrete evidence of the warnings to support the claims.

Jumwa also revealed that she had directed the DCIO to look into the threats by conducting a proper investigation to uncover the truth.

“People have individual rights to support whoever they want in politics and by leaving my camp does not mean that I must kill them to make it in politics,” Aisha Jumwa told Standard.


REST IN PEACE: Children Of Eldoret MCA Aspirant Found MURDERED After Missing For Days

Three children of a Kanu MCA aspirant in Eldoret have been found murdered and their bodies dumped in River Nzoia.

The children had gone missing last Saturday on their way to a church in Kapsoya area where their father James Ratemo is vying on a Kanu ticket.

The children were on their way to Eldovil Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kapsoya area, Uasin Gishu county.

The three children were Clifford Nyambane, six, Dan Nyamweya, five, and Glen Ongagi, three, who were heading to the church which is just 500 meters from their home.


Police have been searching for the children until the bodies were found on Thursday night

A relative of the family Peter Lukhoye confirmed that the three bodies had been recovered and taken to Kitale.

Their parents reported they had gone missing to Kapsoya Police Post on Saturday. May their souls rest in peace.


Here are more photos from the homestead with the family and friends in a somber mood:






OH NO! 60 Injured In a Road Accident While Travelling To a Political Rally In Samburu

Sixty people were on Saturday morning injured in a road accident at Nomotio area along Baragoi-Maralal road in Samburu central sub-county.

The victims were traveling in a lorry from Nomotio to Ng’ari area, about ten kilometers away for a political rally when the accident occurred.

Joseph Longu’on, a victim said the driver lost control when he approached a corner after driving for two kilometers from a place where they had boarded the vehicle.

“The vehicle was being driven at a high speed when we approached a sharp corner. The vehicle veered off the road and fell in a ditch after the driver failed to control the vehicle,” he said.

A number of passengers were rushed to Samburu County Referral hospital with serious injuries where they have been admitted in two wards and receiving treatment.

Joseph Lesilele, a resident of Nomotio said the morning journey caught residents by surprise in their homes.

“People were busy in their farms, they had to abandon what they were doing after a lorry approached abruptly asking them to attend a political rally,” he said.

Lesila said most victims of the accident victims are poor and don’t have NHIF cards urging his village mates to shun following politicians for handouts.

“Let politicians look for you at your homes because you are the ones who have votes,” he urged.

Efforts to reach police for a comment were in futile as Maralal OCPD Abagarro Guyo had traveled to Nairobi on official duties and County Police Commander Alfred Agengo was not responding to our phone calls.

5 Things Kenyans Can Learn From Party Nominations

With four months remaining before the next general election, Kenyans seem to be ready and come August 7, they will make history.

They are not going to repeat the same mistakes they have done over the past elections. We have seen many or rather current politicians representing their people in various positions sent packing in the ongoing party nominations and it’s without a doubt that they are ready to clean the mess.

Well, Kenyans seem to have finally understood the meaning of devolution and apart from that, here are the six things Kenyans can learn from party nominations.

  1. Politics is a difficult game


“There is this concept of politics as a dirty game. It’s a difficult game, but it doesn’t have to be dirty. I think this is what we need to bring to politics. I think politics around the world has very often been captured by big interests – ‘lobbies’ they call them in the States” – George Papandreou.

Politics is not for the faint-hearted.


2. Money is not everything

Many big names have fallen and this is a clear indication that people are no longer interested in being bought for a few coins to vote in these corrupt politicians. Kenyans are sober now and are not ready to make the same mistakes again. We have seen the likes of Buzeki, Kabogo and Esther Murugi floored in the party nominations.


3. Social media popularity doesn’t mean popularity on the ground

Never be carried away with such! Kenyans will support you on social media, campaign for you but when it comes to voting, they don’t turn the social media love into votes. Dear politicians, do not be lied to by social media numbers! What you should know is that social media people are just noisemakers. Pang’ang’a mingi na hakuna kitu.


4. Chama ina wenyewe

Whether you are the most vocal, popular on social media and Mr. moneybags just know that chama ina wenyewe. When it comes to an election, those who are loyal to the party will trounce you.


5. Remember Ayeiya!

The late comedian left Kenyans with this powerful message;