Top 5 Strangest Projects Launched By Kenyan politicians

Kenya easily passes as a hotbed of talent due to the wide range of gifts in sports discipline, but when it comes to most of our politicians then the country is easily identified as a hotbed of comedians. All thanks to their weirdest projects.
It’s only in Kenya where a majority of the politicians have attracted headlines for ironically inviting the media to let the whole world witness them launch the strangest of projects without realizing they are embarrassing themselves.
We take a look at a number of weirdest projects launched by some of these politicians.
Just the other day, Nandi Hills MP, Alfred Keter attracted online trolls after he was pictured launching water tanks worth Ksh. 35,000 after reportedly landing in a chopper in the area.
Former Bomet governor Isaac Ruto flew his helicopter to launch a cattle dip worth Sh5,000 back in 2016.
isaac ruto
Ex- Kirinyaga governor (note the trend) Joseph Ndathi was busy cutting ribbons as he infamously launched a foot bridge while everyone was focusing on Obama’s visit in 2015.
Another politician who possibly lost his seat thanks to his strange project is former Vihiga county governor, Moses Akaranga. Akaranga received a backlash from Kenyans after he was pictured commissioning a reconstructed mud house.

Love is in the air! Check out how Governor Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga are spending their Easter (photos)

Machakos county boss Aldred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga have not been left behind this Easter season and just like their counterparts the likes of Moses Kuria, the power couple is enjoying the holidays.

Just 10 photos of Machakos governor Alfred Mutua and his wife Lilian Nganga to inspire you

 Alfred Mutua and Lillian are spending some quality time at an undisclosed location on this continent and as usual, they shared photos just to give us a glimpse into their Easter holiday.

“I remember the words of the song by Louis Armstrong “A wonderful World” every day of my life. This Easter we are exploring another gem of our amazing African continent. I thank God for his blessings and for giving Lillian and I a sense of adventure,”  read Mutua’s post on Instagram.

In another post, the former government spokesman wrote:

“Build it and they will come, goes the saying. And yes, here we are. It is truly an amazing continent.”

The power couple is never afraid of displaying their affection for each other in public and the celebrated governor took to social media to applaud God’s creation, especially on mother continent Africa.

“A warm Easter evening, perfect for dinner and an amazing time. This African spot is astounding and illuminates God’s creation.”

Here are photos of how Alfred Mutua and his wife celebrated Easter, go through


Alfred Mutua


Alfred Mutua with wife


Alfred Mutua with wife Lillian

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Alfred Mutua with wife Lillian

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Awww! Mike Sonko’s wife and daughters pen sweet messages to him on 43rd birthday

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is a man of the people. The first time governor is known for his humor and understands the language of the local mwananchi at least according to his voters.

Well, just like his counterparts the likes of Alfred Mutua, Mike Sonko is married to a beautiful wife Primrose Mbuvi. The gorgeous first lady is a supportive woman to her husband and family.

Mike Sonko’s Wife And Children Steal The Show At President Uhuru’s Inauguration (PHOTOS)

Mike Sonko turned 43 years old a few days ago and his family led by the wife Mrs. Mbuvi, penned sweet messages to him describing the Governor as Heaven sent.

Mike Sonko


Here’s Mike Sonko’s message;

“Dear Darling, 

Know that you were formed by God’s hands,
Dreamed up in his heart, and placed in this world for a purpose, may today be a celebration of God’s wonderful plan for you! Happy birthday Our dear Sweet, heaven sent Dad Mike Sonko.”

Sonko’s firstborn Saumu’s message read: “Happy birthday to the most amazing father in the world. We love you dad”

Another daughter Janet Nyamu wrote:

“I am what I am today only because of the presence of a special someone in my life
On your birthday today
I fail to get enough words to express my gratitude and wishes for you
Let’s raise a toast and celebrate your life as a kind ,humble and generous father that you’ve been .
May God always shine generous amount of love on you
Just like the way you have Shone on us .
Wishing you a happy birthday dad.”

The governor celebrated his birthday in Mombasa.

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Pure truth! Boniface Mwangi talks about tribalism, says it’s killing us

Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi is never afraid of speaking out his mind. The politician, who unsuccessfully vied for the Starehe constituency parliamentary seat, in his latest article has talked about tribalism, corruption among other issues affecting Kenya.

Boniface Mwangi

Boniface Mwangi argues that as long as we still think and act along tribal lines, we’re not going to see any change soon.

Below is Boniface Mwangi’s letter to Kenyans you MUST read

“I was born a Kikuyu. I didn’t choose where to be born. My grandparents were freedom fighters. My grandfather was in Manyani prison for six years, while his wife was in a British internment camp. She used to cook for the Mau Mau and the British burnt down her house for it. My mother was circumcised. So, I can proudly say that I am as Gikuyu as Gikuyus come. I come from the same area as Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi and Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai. I speak fluent Gikuyu and I am circumcised. That’s what tribal Kikuyus use to claim superiority over others.

Boniface Mwangi slams Kenyan twitter bigwig calling him a disgrace after doing this

Kikuyus did fight for freedom, but they couldn’t have succeeded without the help of other communities. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga refused to become Kenya’s first Prime Minister and demanded that Jomo Kenyatta be released to lead Kenya.

I have consistently fought tribalism, and I am not my tribe. My first child was born in May 2007, before Kenya’s post-election violence and my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) and I, had agreed to give our children names from other communities. Three children later, we have kept that promise.

Mwangi Boniface

Some Kikuyus behave like Kenya is God’s gift to them, and them alone. Kenya belongs to all 44 tribes. I don’t speak Kikuyu in front of non-Kikuyus. I refused to ask for votes in Kikuyu as I campaigned for the Starehe MP’s seat — as long as there was one non-Kikuyu present. I refused to align with Uhuru. I also refused to align with Raila Odinga. I am tired of tribal alignments. Shallow people align tribally.

Today, some of the poorest people in Kenya are those whose sons have led this country. From Gatundu, where running water is a problem and unemployed youth drink cheap liquor, to Baringo where bandits and cattle rustlers reign supreme. Kambas have had a vice president, but running water is an issue in Ukambani as well. Luhyas had a vice president but are often referred to as the community where you get cooks and watchmen. Maasais had a vice president for a long time, but that didn’t stop them from losing their land. The bottom line is that tribalism is a creation of the elite for their personal benefit.

They incite you, they benefit. In terms of population, Kikuyus are the majority, and that has translated to more Kikuyus in slums, prisons, or as squatters, hawkers and prostitutes than any other community. So, Kikuyus may think they’re free and running Kenya, but it’s a lie. Uhuru Kenyatta’s family has large chunks of land, that they virtually acquired for a song.

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Kikuyus often boast about being in power. You and who? Unemployment, insecurity and bad governance will still affect you. The bank will not give you a cheaper loan simply because you’re Kikuyu. The cost of living doesn’t have a tribal discount. Transport and food won’t be cheaper because your fellow tribesman is the president. In the struggle for independence, 1.5 million Kikuyus were detained, according to historian Caroline Elkins, and over 100,000 were killed or died in detention. So, it’s a historical fact that Kikuyus paid the heaviest price in the fight for independence, but only a few have benefitted. Kikuyus, you’re being played by sons and daughters of homeguards. They say you’re in power, but you’re the ones squatting in other counties, living in fear of being evicted.


Kikuyu militia, be it the Nairobi Business Community, or the people who blocked the Nairobi-Nakuru highway earlier this week, are foolishly blind. Don’t start an economic war with other communities; you stand to lose more than any other community. The government has allowed you to protest against NASA, or the lorry that was burned in Kitui, but I dare you to protest about the Ndung’u Report on land grabbing, the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) report, grabbed playgrounds, or unemployment and you will quickly learn who is really in power. Human values have no class or tribe.

A Kikuyu child will still suffer from the effects of poor education, or healthcare, and in a few years’ time, they will pay for the sins of their parents who protect bad governance.”


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Masaibu! Female Political Aspirant DRUGGED In a Club In Mlolongo And All Her Valuables Stolen

As the election date draws nearer, more and more politicians are pushing their campaign even harder to make sure that they win in the August 8th polls.

But the truth of the matter is, it’s never easy and there are a lot of scandals and challenges along the way, and this is what has happened to a first-time political aspirant, whose drink was spiked during a night out.

The political aspirant happens to be a woman, though her identity has been withheld to protect her image privacy.

According to Crazy Monday, the female politician was found sleeping unconscious on Saturday morning, with no recollection of what had happened that previous night.


The lady was lying on the table of a club in Mlolongo looking despondent and alone before being woken up by the waiters, only to find out that her valuables, including her phone, were missing.

The political aspirant, who is said to have a big influence in her area of campaign, was shocked by the incident and sadly, none of the people or friends she had gone out with could be traced or reached for a comment since her phone had been stolen.

From the look of things from the club scene and her unconscious state for all those hours, it appears that the woman politician was likely drugged by someone who spiked her drink.







-Crazy Monday

Proud Family Man! MP Aspirant Babu Owino Gushes Over His Adorable DAUGHTER And Stunning WIFE (PHOTOS)

It looks like controversial University Of Nairobi (UON) student leader Babu Owino is not all about his flamboyant lifestyle and showing off stacks of money on social media.

Babu Owino real name, Paul Ongili Owino is known for his lavish life and when it comes to SONU elections in the top institution, he goes to great lengths to the point where he gives out money to students in the university.

Back in April 2016, he was declared the winner yet again in what was considered a hotly contested election which resulted in street protests, but now, Babu Owino is eyeing a top political seat.


The popular SONU leader revealed his interest in the Embakasi East MP seat and has been on full throttle on his campaigns, making sure that he woos voters in the area to vote for him during the August general elections.

Well, it looks like, despite his scandals and controversy, there’s actually a motivation behind his spirited campaigns and leadership. Back in August 2016, the MP aspirant revealed what many people didn’t know about him.

Apparently, Babu Owino, 28, is a father!

babu-daughter (1)

Yes, you read right. The lad is a father to an adorable baby girl and their uncanny resemblance is truly amazing.

Though he rarely shows off his daughter and beautiful wife, Babu was proud to share a photo of the cute baby girl during his recent campaign in Mihango ward.

“With my beautiful daughter campaigning in Mihang’o ward” he captioned the sweet photo.

Babu was also accompanied by the mother of the child and it looks like this is one happy family. “Church service with my family at Utawala SDA church”, he captioned another loving photo with the wife and daughter.

Check out their loving photos below.







A Mum’s Love Is Eternal! Mike Sonko Reveals His HEART-BREAKING Experience After LOSING His Mother

Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi ‘Sonko’ is one of the most popular politicians in Kenyan, not just for his philanthropic deeds but for his lavish lifestyle and wealth.

Sonko is in the race to become the next Governor of Nairobi County and besides his political career, the controversial Senator is also a family man.

The celebrated businessman is a doting father to four daughters and two adopted sons, Baby Satirn Osinya and his elder brother, Cyprian Osinya, whose mother passed away after a terror attack at a church in Mombasa.


Sonko is a loving husband to his wife too and recently, he got her a brand new Range Rover to appreciate her love and support, and for being a good mother to his children despite all the challenges.

FATHER’S LOVE: Mike Sonko Finally Speaks Up About His Daughter’s Unfaithful Baby Daddy, Cries While Talking About Her (VIDEO)

On Sunday, May 14, it was Mother’s Day and the rich politician took time to talk about his late mother, Saumu Mukami Mbuvi, who passed away when he was young: “I knew I had a friend and mentor who molded me into the man I am today and for that I will always cherish and honour her.”

Sadly, Mike Sonko’s father also died back in September 2015, which was also another sad and heart-breaking day for him, leaving him with no parents, but in all, he appreciated his late mother for what she taught him, saying that no one can replace her.


Here’s the touching message Sonko jotted down about losing his mother and how he misses her;

A mother is a priceless and the most rarest jewel that we can ever possess. From her came out life ,tender love, care and guidance on how to adapt into this crazy world. For those who lost their mothers, though it’s normal part of life you will agree with me “mama anaweza chukua nafasi ya wengine lakini nafasi yake haiwezi chukuliwa na yeyote yule”
The emptiness that my late mother Saumu Mukami Mbuvi left is still hard to comprehend. I knew I had a friend and mentor who moulded me into the man i am today and for that I will always cherish and honour her. Watu wangu, always love and respect women, especially the elderly. I would like to wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the strong women out there, know that we love and appreciate you everyday. Kama Mungu hakuwaleta nyinyi sisi tusingekuwa Duniani leo.Happy Mother’s Day!!!

May they both rest in peace.




RIP: Senator David Musila Loses His Mother

Kitui Senator David Musila’s mother Alice Kavwea Musila, 95, is dead.

His dear mother, Mama Kavwea passed on early Sunday, May 14 morning at the Nairobi hospital.

Senator Musila’s son Aron said his grandmother had been ailing for a while.

“She was around 95 years old and was suffering from complications related to old age. She was admitted to the hospital about four weeks ago,” Aron told The Star on phone.

Only in April, Musila ditched Kalonzo Musyoka’s party after he was floored in the Kitui governor’s race.


Musila lost to incumbent Julius Malombe in the results announced on Wednesday.

Malombe garnered 88,382 votes while the latter got 74,308.

“I regret that I find my position as chair untenable. I have tendered my resignation as the chair,” Musila said.

He went ahead to declare that he was not going to support Kalonzo, who he accused of interfering with the Kitui politics.

He claims that he got 81,234 votes against his rival’s 70,899 during the Tuesday primaries.

May his loving mother rest in eternal peace.





The Star

‘Forever My Eagle’, Ababu Namwamba showers wife with love messages on her birthday

Budalangi member of parliament Ababu Namwamba and his wife Priscah Mwalo are never shy of showing off their affection in public.

Unlike most of the politicians who do not want to be seen in public with their wives, because they could be having other side dishes or prospecting for a kampango, Ababu is different.

He has once gain taken to social media to heap praises on his spouse on her born day. He wrote;

“FOREVER MY EAGLE…Happy Birthday Priscah Mwaro Ababu, Love of my life..

She’s been there, God knows, she’s been there
She has seen and done it all
She’s a woman, she know how to
Dish it out or take it all
Her heart’s as soft as feathers
Still she weathers stormy skies
And she’s a sparrow when she’s broken
But she’s an eagle when she flies

Ababu Namwamba

A kaleidoscope of colors
You can toss her around and round
You can keep her in you vision
But you’ll never keep her down
She’s a lover, she’s a mother
She’s a friend and she’s a wife
And she’s a sparrow when she’s broken
But she’s an eagle when she flies

Gentle as the sweet magnolia
Strong as steel, her faith and pride
She’s an everlasting shoulder
She’s the leaning post of life
She hurts deep and when she weeps
She’s just as fragile as a child
And she’s a sparrow when she’s broken
But she’s an eagle when she flies

She’s a sparrow when she’s broken
But she’s an eagle when she flies
Oh, bless her, Lord
She’s an eagle when she flies

He contnued;

YES, you are simply the best, CheekStar! The best moments of my life are those shared with you. The best gifts are you and what you have brought into my life. May you live long, may we share more beautiful days together…”

REVEALED! Raila Odinga’s Daughter Rosemary Set To Undergo Brain Surgery

Kibra MP aspirant and Raila Odinga’s daughter, Rosemary Odinga has a brain tumor but it is non-cancerous, a source within the hospital has told the Star.

Rosemary, was admitted at Agha Khan University Hospital on Friday with a headache and moved to Nairobi Hospital on Sunday, February 19th.

The source said she had been in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit before she was moved back to Aga Khan on Monday morning.

PRAY FOR HER! Raila Odinga’s Daughter Rosemary Admitted In ICU

A doctor at The Aga Khan, spoke to the Star in confidence, saying that Rosemary has a meningioma, a brain tumor that applies pressure to the brain.


A meningioma can cause blindness, problems with movement and multiple other complications as it grows and presses into the brain.

Rosemary is under the care of two surgeons.


We wish her a quick recovery.

PRAY FOR HER! Raila Odinga’s Daughter Rosemary Admitted In ICU

Cord leader Raila Odinga’s daughter Rosemary Odinga has been admitted in ICU at the Nairobi Hospital, according to the Star.

It is not yet clear what she is suffering from but sources close to the family say she was admitted at the Agha Khan hospital on Friday, February 17, after she complained of a headache.


Rosemary, who is seeking an elective seat in Kibra constituency, was later transferred to Nairobi Hospital on Sunday 19th.

The sources said only immediate family members are being allowed visits.

Keep Rosemary and the family in your prayers.

More to details to follow as soon as the story develops.


AWW! DP William Ruto’s Message To His Wife Leave Many Wowed

They say that behind every successful man, there is a powerful woman and I agree with that. These men in power (politicians) are always flanked by beautiful wives. The bible says in Proverbs 18:22 that “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favour from the Lord. And deputy President William Ruto is one of the few lucky men.

Ruto is married to a beautiful woman Rachel Chebet with whom they are blessed to have six beautiful children together. She is a strong woman and a great supporter of the DP despite the hatred from several Kenyans. Just like his counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta who is never afraid of displaying his affection to the first lady in public, William Ruto is also a romantic and loving man.

Yesterday, he left Kenyans wowed after he penned a heartwarming message congratulating his wife Rachel Chebet Ruto for her achievement and thanked her for being the best wife and mother for his their children.

“My dear wife and best friend congratulations on your graduation with MA .You are GOD’S BEST gift to me & the kids.”

Kenyan Men Reveal Shocking Details Of How They Have Commanding Wives/Mistresses

There was a recent survey that was conducted and released by the Maendeleo Ya Wanaume revealing that male politicians in Kenya are harassed and abused by their women. This is about 11 governors, 13 senators, 97 MPs and 346 MCAs, abused physically and emotionally. Read about it HERE.

This prompted Maina Kageni to bring up a discussion about women who are commanding, controlling and who want a say in every decision and even dictate rules their men should live by, which makes men prefer to be away from home.

Maina asked married men if they have such kind of wives or girlfriends and how they cope with such drama. He also decided to hear out what women had to say about the allegations and whether it’s true they do abuse their men.

Listen to the interesting conversation as men reveal the hardships they go through with commanding and domineering wives.


New Survey Reveals That 11 Governors, 13 Senators, 97 MPs Are Abused By Wives And Mistresses In Kenya

According to a new survey, about 11 governors, 13 senators, 97 MPs and 346 MCAs in Kenya are abused physically, emotionally and economically by their wives and mistresses on a daily basis.

The report by Maendeleo Ya Wanaume revealed that most male politicians are traumatized and spend most of their time in bars and other social centers to avoid confrontation and frustration.

MAWE chairman Nderitu Njoka noted the “shocking revelation” that 95 per cent of the public officials salaries’ are deducted and sent to divorced wives and mistresses for child upkeep.

The survey also stated that exorbitant child maintenance fees leaves two senators, four governors, 15 MPs and 39 MCAs with almost no money at the end of the month. Njoka released the report in Nyeri town and also revealed that 75 per cent of male political leaders abuse alcohol while 10 per cent abuse drugs.

“The research further revealed that 60 per cent of the wives of male politicians have two or three extra-marital relationships,” the report said.

The research stated that women are the major cause of the rise in drug, alcohol and substance abuse amongst men. Apparently, many male politicians said they were hooked to the habits because of frustrations, physical and emotional abuse from their wives and mistresses.

Njoka said physical abuse includes battering and inflicting bodily harm. The other types of abuse the violation of the male genders’ property rights and faking child upkeep expenses and redress.

The research was carried out in January in all 47 counties. It involved a random sample of 700 people from each county, including 60 per cent political leaders. Among those interviewed were victims and the leaders’ relatives.


The Star